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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

A step in the right direction: Fairfax police fire gunman in the David Masters killing

 David Scott Ziants, 28, the Fairfax County cop who shot and killed David Masters in 2009 has been fired for improper use of deadly force.  This is the first time a Fairfax County cop has been charged in an on-duty shooting. The action does give hope that the police department could be changing for the better.

    There are no winners or losers in this thing, one young man is dead and another, Ziants, has lost his career over a tragic mistake made in a moment’s overreaction and it’s wrong to say that a cop should not use deadly force until he knows with absolute certainty that his or her life, or the life of a citizen, is in danger. To pin the cops down to such a narrow interpretation is dangerous and would only result in dead cops. We want change, not dead police officers.

   It is also wrong to say that Officer Ziants should have been treated the same way anybody else would have been treated who shot and killed someone.   It’s awful that Mr. Masters was killed. But before he is anointed to Sainthood, he needs to be placed in proper perspective. The cops had due cause to stop Masters. He was accused of blatantly stealing flowers from a planter. While flower stealing evokes smirks, a thief is a thief is a thief. 

    The day before the shooting Master was ordered by police to pull his car over due to a driving infraction.  Masters decided he would evade the police for a while and drive on before he elected to stop.  That he did this in a “slow and not particularly dangerous manner” and that he had mental health issues misses the point.  No one likes being stopped by the cops but when the cops tell you to stop and pull over, we have to do it. It’s a common sense law we all agreed to when we took our driving test. 

    There was also a misunderstanding about Masters driving a stolen car.

    The circumstances of the shooting were far different from the facts that usually surround a fatal shooting.  Ziants didn’t fire in anger or out of revenge or even carelessness. 

     No, Ziants isn’t guilty of any of those things.  Ziants is guilty of carrying around the thug- mentality that permeates the Fairfax County Police Department. And that’s what we need to get rid of, not the young man who bought into the department condoned Zeitgeist of “Us-them” but the obnoxious punk mentality that is the Fairfax County Police.

   In that, firing Ziants was right, but right for the wrong reasons. There is a growing tide of resentment against the very expensive Fairfax County Police Department, the brass sees it and offered up Ziants as an appeasement.    

  However, as unfortunate as it is, the firing of Ziants the sacrificial lamb, shows that in a very small way that the department is finally starting to get it.  There might be, I stress the words might be, a glimmer of hope that the department wide mindset that the citizens are a nuisance to be tolerated could be ending and with it the attitude that no matter how badly a Fairfax County cop behaves, they’ll get away with it.   

    A very large part of the “they can’t touch us” mentality is Fairfax County Commonwealth Attorney Raymond Morrogh who filed no charges in this case, or for that matter, has ever really done anything to rein in the cops.  Firing Morrogh or cutting him out of all police cases will go a very long way in fixing the relentless, deadly and expensive social problem that is the Fairfax County Police.


   The current chief of police should also be shown the door along with his good friend Raymond Morrogh.  It isn’t that the chief has done a good job or a bad job.  It’s that we are at an impasse because the chief is stuck in a position that despite the evidence against the police, everyone is wrong about the cops and no change is needed.  Perhaps we should bring in a chief who wasn’t born and raised in the Fairfax County Police Department and might be able to see with better clarity where the problems are and how to fix them.   But instead of change, we get a massive public relations campaign by the police wherein they give each other awards on what seems to be a bi-weekly basis.

   Aside from the “the citizens are the enemy mentality” and the punk-arrogance attitude that affects some of the police on the force, the most pressing case against the police is their odd, scary ultra-secret no transparency mentality which is nothing more than an extension of the arrogance that killed David Masters.    

    The Fairfax County cops simply fail to understand two things; that they are little more than government workers who are not exempt from examination by the media, by citizens or by the government that pays them so very, very well and that Freedom of information requests are not the enemy. 

    The police should have released the dash-cam video of the Masters shooting, the police and witness interviews and the internal report.  But they didn’t and that has only added to the case against them and for decades to come writers will write about how the cops suppressed information to protect their department and may the public be damned.  It doesn’t matter if it’s true, that’s what the ages will report and eventually, that legacy will cost another cop his career and a few years in prison.


    What will help end the punk-arrogant attitude in the future is for the police to release the names of officers involved in shootings, beatings and other stupid behavior.  That way, the small part of the media that actually covers this sort of thing will be able to report on the officer’s prior disciplinary measures or citizen complaints against him and allow us to know that the cops are in fact watching the cops and taking actions to rid the department of the loons that tend to slip into jobs like this.

   The media, especially the electronic media, carries a great deal of the blame in bizarre “secret agent” mentality.  While the Washington Post has been aggressive, consistent and professional in unveiling all those details the cops don’t want the public to know, the rest of the media is generally nowhere to be found when it comes to looking into issues the cops would rather have kept out of the news.   In fairness, most of the media has been very much up to snuff on reporting on God-help-us-yet-another-another -cop-to- cop award and let’s not forget those death defying ride along feature stories….you can never really have enough of those.

    As long as the cops don’t have to worry about the media, they can pretty much do whatever the hell they want……and, generally, they do.  Oversight won’t cure that ill.

    Citizens, no matter how good their argument is, will never beat the cops on the cop’s home turf, and their home turf  is the Fairfax County Government building.  Citizens with a weak argument against the cops are lucky to get into the building at all but a few nights ago a group of people with a poor argument to reform the police through the formation of a citizens oversight committee did in fact, make their way into the building and then proceeded to shoot themselves in the foot.  

  Citizens, untrained and perhaps with an agenda, reviewing police complaints by fellow citizens against what is, admittedly, a dangerous and hostile police force, is a bad idea, almost as bad an idea as not having any citizen input into oversight  police misconduct.

   That the Fairfax County Police are essentially a group of roving thugs can’t be disputed but tossing together a bunch of folks with an axe to grind against the cops and calling it oversight isn’t the answer.  It borders on vigilantism.  Do that and your no better than the cops.

    Conversely, leaving the decision on how to rein in the cops in the greedy little hands  of the unscrupulous air head County Chairman Sharon Bulova is another bad idea.  A very bad idea.  Bulova, whose family lives off the public dole, takes campaign contributions from law enforcement lobby groups and in this matter lacks the ethics and the distance to make a decision that is in the best interest of the county.

   The plan that county government workers in the Board of Supervisors have come up with to review the practices of other country government workers in the police department is to bring in another county government employee to look into the situation.

    Take a wild scientific-ass guess what his conclusion will be…….go ahead guess.

   Here’s what’s going to happen.  The good ole boy auditor will first find out if there is a problem, identify what the problem is and then give the cops time to lie about how the problem doesn’t really exist.  Then the good ole boys auditor will examine police management practices and look over the system handling complaints against the cop’s  that is currently in place but not before giving the cops time to perform disappearing magic tricks with all the evidence against them .  When he’s finished the county supervisors will table a decision to do anything to fix the problem because the results of the finding are “in dispute” and nothing will change.

    The cops win again, the people lose.

    If we absolutely must go through this silliness, then the  best way to handle this is to bring in an outside auditor.  If we can afford to give the cops a navy and an air force and almost $200,000,000 and sweetheart retirement deals,  we can sure as all hell afford an outside auditor, someone who isn’t a member of the ole Dixie crowd from Fairfax.          

   As bad as this suggestion is, it’s still far better than bringing another good ole boy from Fairfax to examine the system and tell us nothing is wrong. You know that’s gonna happen and I know that’s what’s gonna happen, so why are we doing this?

    Currently, the police department handles complaints internally with no option for appeal.  The lack of an appeal "is the only gap we have," said Police Chief Rohrer proving how dense and out to lunch this guy is.

    Nothing at all will change within the Fairfax County Police force until two things happen; the very invested angry people who are demanding police oversight smarten up and build a political platform to replace the pro-police abuse members of the board of supervisors and Chief Rohrer is released with a nice pension.  Of course this could all be done in one swoop by firing the pro-police abuse members of the board of supervisors.

   You want change?  Stop working from the bottom up.  Work from the top down.  Form a voting block and fire the bastards who hire the cops because trying to effect change by forming a committee of five or six people and fighting the cops on their own turf is just plain stupid.  For the cops and their political hack friends this isn’t about right or wrong, this is about power.  The way they see it, you want their power and they are not going to give it to you.

   You want change?  Expose the cops for what they are.  Create a media list and open web sites.  Six months ago 2 people looked at this blog spot for less than a minute.  Last month and this month, 3,700 people read it for an average of five minutes or long.  In six months those figures will be tripled.  

  You want change?  Take your argument to the people and go door to door for two hours a day, seven days a week.  One field worker can cover ten houses with leaflets in 15 minutes.  Five people can reach 75 homes in 15 minutes.  That’s about 3100 a week who will hear your argument.

  Since there seems to be some sort of election every two and half weeks in Fairfax county, draft candidates and appoint people to work in districts to make sure police misconduct is a political issue in this county.

    One answer to improve things is to force the cops to live here.  The Fairfax County affordable housing program needs to be expanded and not ripped apart as “subsidized luxury.”  There are two reasons for this.   One is that not all of us are fortune’s son.  Our fathers didn’t hand us careers and a plush house in the suburbs.  But they did teach us to give a man a fair chance and to have compassion for those in our society who can least afford to withstand a misguided assault by ner-do well’s.

   We are not doing enough to insure that our teachers and cops and fire fighters can afford to live here, one of the most expensive places in the country.  We need to set aside  more subsidized units in new, well-located and desirable settings not less.

   The second reason is that the overwhelming majority of the cops on the Fairfax County Police Force live outside the county because they can’t afford to live here, and those are the senior members of the force.  The newer cops who are on the low end of the payroll are forced to live further and further away from the  place where they work and serve a vital role in the very likely event of an act of terrorism or other national emergency….we are a stone’s throw from the White House after all.  But more than that, if the cops lived here perhaps they’d drop their occupying force mentality and be less apprehensive and hostile to the people who pay them.


Cops hold YET ANOTHER award ceremony this one in the middle of an auction

Just because this um...portly...police officer looks that way doesn't mean his mentally unbalanced and has issues with his father.

National Police Misconduct report

  • BART CA settled a portion of a lawsuit for $1.3mil to the mother of Oscar Grant who was fatally shot in the back while he was restrained on a train station floor by a BART police officer. [0] http://bit.ly/koUlTE

    • Fairfax County VA cop was fired after an 18 month long probe for improper use of deadly force when he fatally shot an unarmed motorist when his truck started slowly rolling forward. The officer wasn’t charged by is still the subject of a federal civil rights investigation. [1] http://wapo.st/kcbqDx
    • Albuquerque NM settles suit for $950k to family of man fatally shot in the back by cop who was later fired for lying about what happened. [0] http://bit.ly/mRFfMu
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    Police misconduct

  • 5 Louisville KY cops sued alleging they beat man suffering from heat stroke while responding to pal’s call for help [3] http://bit.ly/kUc8bB

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    Idiots at work

  • Detroit MI cops accused of abusing man in wheelchair, pushed him w/cruiser, then arrested veteran who complained [4] http://bit.ly/mzlRlr

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    • Orleans MA cop disciplined after detained, but not arrested, by state trooper on suspicion of DUI & erratic driving [1] http://bit.ly/jv5niY
    • Massachusetts state trooper under investigation for detaining Orleans MA cop but not charging him in DUI incident [2] http://bit.ly/jv5niY
    • 4 RCMP mounties in BC face breach of trust & obstruction charges after probe into improper affair w/murder witness [1] http://bit.ly/ky2Jso
    • Philadelphia PA cop already facing brutality suit under investigation over her questionable MySpace pic in cop cap [0] http://bit.ly/lIKa54 Sure, I know, this is a very minor case of misconduct but it should be interesting to see if the dept disciplines her for this instead of the brutality complaint.

    Introducing the latest edition of the Fairfax County Air Force...no joke, they actually have an air force..we need ESL teachers and they have an airforce

    Good! Now this is progress

    Fairfax police train for mental health situations

    Well done, good work

    Fairfax officers pull woman from burning car

    Fairfax County Police Unveil New Bathrooms, electronic media outraged they can't go for a ride along

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    GET "CATCH-A-COP". !!!!!!!!!!




    Idiots at work. The Fairfax County Police

  • Meriden CT police subject of 2 different excessive force suits involving officer who is police chief’s son [4] http://bit.ly/jmBvBa

    • Craven Co NC deputy arrested after investigation showed he lied about fatal 100mph patrol car accident [0] http://bit.ly/inmhYm
    • Albany NY settles suit for $250k to family of man killed in crash w/police cruiser that ran red light while responding to call [0] http://bit.ly/jZ6bO2
    • Knoxville TN police sued by 70yr-old woman who lost use of arm after mauled by police dog that got loose [0] http://bit.ly/mSR1kz
    • New Orleans LA cop accused by humane society probe of excessive force in fatal shooting of 3-legged pit bull [3] http://bit.ly/klOxyL
    • US Park police arrest 2 reporters in DC at public taxi commission meeting, one was arrested for taking pictures [3] http://bit.ly/jDA69a
    • South Burlington VT cop sued alleging he illegally searched woman for drugs 2x in 6mo, including a forced x-ray and a strip search in a public restroom [3] http://bit.ly/jZWSGc
    • 2 Talbot Co GA deputies & a Talbotton GA cop arrested on unspecified charges in federal drug corruption probe [1] http://bit.ly/j3azKg
    • Hamtramck MI cop pleads guilty to informing motorcycle club that the FBI was investigating & wiretapping them [0] http://bit.ly/mhRUsY
    • Columbus OH police sgt charged w/felony & misd sexual imposition involving caretaker while he was on sick leave [1] http://bit.ly/lmQcrc
    • Harlandale TX ISD police officer fired after allegedly pulling gun during argument with man in a bar [1] http://bit.ly/k99fsG
    • 4 Alton IL cops sued by man claiming they falsely arrested him, DA dismissed charges citing lack of probable cause [3] http://bit.ly/l7RLLm
    • Raleigh NC cop allegedly fired as part of probe into a number of officers accused of having sex w/prostitute [2] http://bit.ly/mjBrp4
    • Niagara Falls NY cop sentenced to probation, treatment & community service on domestic violence conviction [0] http://bit.ly/ms1b7g
    • Bartlesville OK police & police union sued by 2nd officer claiming harassment, discrimination & retaliation [3] http://bit.ly/kaPvZw
    • Philadelphia PA police institute reforms in settlement w/black cop’s assoc over racial internet comments by cops [0] http://bit.ly/joS89A
    • Albany Co NY settles suit for $85k to clerk claiming the sheriff did nothing to stop harassment by undersheriff [0] http://bit.ly/moWZ1Z
    • Smith Co TX deputy fired for unspecified reasons weeks after another deputy forced to resign after DUI arrest [2] http://bit.ly/inEk8H
    • Solon OH cop sentenced to $1000 fine, 3 days jail & 3 days treatment in plea to DUI charge for crashing into tree [0] http://bit.ly/jJHj03
  • A Hampton VA police drug raid on a 69yr-old man’s home based on an alleged informant’s tip accusing him of selling prescription pain pills is being questioned by neighbors & witnesses who appear to suggest police broke down his door without warning after several home invasions in the area which may have prompted the man to shoot before he was shot to death. [3] http://t.co/TfJRcGJ

    • An Orange County VA drug task force deputy has been charged w/indecent liberties w/a child under 15 & giving false reports to cops [2] http://bit.ly/jj649l
    • Hickman Co TN deputy pleads guilty to civil rights charges for taking nude pics of DV victims by telling them he needed them for his investigation when they were for his own personal gratification instead. [0] http://bit.ly/kCQTGU
    • A Scottsbluff NE cop resigned before arrested on 10 possession of child porn charges after images were found on his computer by a relative who was fixing it. [0] http://bit.ly/jbc7Rd
    • Rochester NY police are promising to review the arrest of a woman for videotaping police who were conducting a traffic stop in front of her home. [3] http://bit.ly/knU5hh
    • New York NY police are being sued by 2 men alleging that stickers on cabs that grant police the right to stop cabbies to ask if they are being robbed do not justify police to conduct invasive searches that they were subjected to just for riding in those cabs. [3] http://nyti.ms/jQKAWq
    • Madison Co KY deputy is being sued alleging he made up false charges against a man in order to illegally search his home. [3] http://bit.ly/jMpYdx
    • Myrtle Beach SC & Horry Co SC are being sued by a family claiming cops were negligent for arresting their teen son for crimes he didn’t commit based on descriptions he didn’t match. [3] http://bit.ly/jwWzAq
    • Caledonia WI cop resigned as part of a deal that dismissed charges against him for pointing a gun at a fellow officer while on duty [2] http://bit.ly/kuA87o
    • St Charles Parish LA sheriff’s lieutenant & his wife pled guilty to filing $800k in false tax returns by using IDs he stole from inmates in the parish jail. [0] http://bit.ly/ijpbNI
    • The 2nd of 17 Baltimore MD police officers who are charged with extortion involving a tow truck kickback corruption scandal has pled guilty to those charges. [0] http://bsun.md/kc8AtU
    • The Columbus GA Metro Airport police chief was arrested after witnesses reported seeing him break into a car at a movie theater parking lot. [1] http://bit.ly/m2YLl9
    • 2 Easton NY cops were arrested on drunk & disorderly charges in an unspecified off duty incident at an out-of-town hotel [1] http://bit.ly/jjsmRQ
    • And finally, the Dallas TX police department is investigating to determine if any of their officers, and how many, may have urinated in a fellow officers police car and on his uniform. [0] dallasne.ws/l01BBA

    Fairfax County Policeman found randomly stopping people to help him remember where he lives

    Yet ANOTHER AWARD The annual "I'm a waiter and feel you deserve this award"

    Bored Fairfax County Police hold "Flash picnic"

    Okay, once again...they have to much time on their hands, to much money, are bloated in their number and don't have enough to do

    Fairfax County Police worried that new gun law might make it a fair fight for citizens

    Virginia gun-rights group urges Fairfax County to embrace BB guns as supervisors ease rules on pneumatic guns

    The Virginia Citizen Defense League, whose members are well-known for their aggressive lobbying on behalf of the right to carry firearms almost anywhere in the Commonwealth, showed up Tuesday at the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors meeting to make their case for the right to keep and bear BB guns.
    With their round, fluorescent orange “Guns Save Lives stickers a-blazin’, VCDL president Philip Van Cleave and about a dozen other members spoke in favor of a new state law that bars local jurisdictions, such as Fairfax, from prohibiting people from shooting pneumatic guns on private property as long as the shooting is done safely. The new law becomes effective July 1.
    (They were also on alert for crybabies, at least according to the summons issued by Van Cleave in advance of the meeting:
    “We need to be at this hearing in numbers to express our SUPPORT for the new law, so Fairfax can’t go crying to the General Assembly about how most people they heard from hated this new law,” Van Cleave said in an alert to VCDL members Monday.)
    Until now, the county restricted BB guns to more open areas of the county and required their owners to register them with police. But the new state law, sponsored by Sen. Roscoe Reynolds (R-Martinsville), trumps local ordinances.
    So after lengthy debate, the board, as expected, voted to align its county code with the state law, although its members did not seem happy about it. At the urging of Supervisor Jeffrey C. McKay (D-Lee), the board did retain a provision in the local code that would allow the county to forbid people from bringing BB guns or pellet guns to schools.
    “We believe this is an excellent law for a lot of good reasons, and should be embraced,” Van Cleave told the board. “It’s got a good balance of freedom versus responsibility.”
    Thomas Pike, of Centreville, who represented the NOVA Sharpshooters’ junior rifle club, listed several young people whose prowess with air rifles won them college scholarships. (He also mentioned that athletic directors love rifle team kids because they also tend to be good students who raise the overall GPA average of student athletes.)
    In his testimony, Van Cleave also allowed a peek at his childhood, saying he grew up toting a BB gun in Chicago.
    “It’s a very American way of doing things, and it’s a lot of fun,” Van Cleave said.
    Supervisor Gerald W. Hyland (D-Mount Vernon) expressed amazement that Van Cleave fired BB guns in Chicago. He expressed more amazement that Van Cleave fired BB’s in his house.
    “You fired BB guns inside the home?” Hyland asked.
    “You bet,” Van Cleave replied.

    Idiots at work

  • Winnebago Co IL deputy suspended 6mo for 2006 100mph crash w/o lights or siren that killed 2 & cost county $17mil [0] http://bit.ly/jeCdvg

    • Long Beach CA police face lawsuit by couple claiming cops fired 30 shots into home w/o cause, hitting unarmed man 2x[0] http://bit.ly/ioSoJk
    • Cleveland OH police union subject of suit alleging union enforces code of silence on officers in brutality cases [3] http://bit.ly/kbWsQs
    • Philadelphia PA settles suit w/ACLU by promising to change policies about stop & frisk detentions [1] http://bit.ly/kHhqDK
    • Mesquite TX narc cop sentenced to 15mo for stealing $2k in drug bust sting by judge tired of cops getting probation [0] dallasne.ws/mqOjfE
    • Detroit MI police sgt suspended on allegations she stole $10k-$14k from fund meant to buy flowers for fallen cops [0] http://bit.ly/ifFtkF
    • Superior WI cop gets suspended sentence, ordered to treatment, in plea deal for punching girlfriend in the face [0] bit.ly/m8T9Tr
    • Metra IL police officer charged w/battery for allegedly attacking man at bar while drunk [0] http://bit.ly/kgwwxH
    • Hudson Co NJ deputy charged w/forging a doctor’s prescription in order to obtain pain killers [0] http://bit.ly/k7Bcfm
    • Tigard OR cop ticketed for drunk driving after off duty motorcycle crash that resulted in serious injuries [0] http://bit.ly/mOtjTs
    • Franklin Co IL deputy cited for DUI & reckless driving after Dept of Natural Resources cop saw him crash into ditch [0] http://bit.ly/lg8KwM
    • Jackson TN cop arrested for open container & possession of gun while drunk after found passed out halfway in car [0] http://bit.ly/j7Zm67

    $200,000,000 a year to the Fairfax County Police to combat the crime scene on our many lakes

    Give me the calendar or I'll shoot you. I'm a Fairfax County cop, I'll get away with it

    Fairfax County Police Officer Sarah Hunt Voted "Hottest Chick on the Force"

    Idiots at work

  • Granite City IL police are being sued on an excessive force claim in an incident that was caught on camera. However, while both sides insist that the video in question supports their case, the police filed a suit to prevent that video from getting into the hands of the press and released to the public. [5] http://bit.ly/kk1f7x

    • A Dubuque IA cop is the subject of a lawsuit by 3 people alleging excessive force over his use of his police dog in three different incidents. (the link is to a subscription site) [3] http://bit.ly/lMedHR
    • RCMP mounties in BC are being sued by 2 fellow mounties claiming that the officer beat their teen son while he was cuffed then taped his mouth shut while taunting him for an extended period of time. [3] http://bit.ly/l4JRNx
    • 6 New York NY police are being sued alleging they profiled a retired cop’s 13yr-old son who was frisked & cuffed for 6hrs then taunted for crying, but never charged. The suit comes after the ex-cop and his wife were acquitted on allegations that the assaulted an officer when they went to pick their son up at the department and, instead, say they were attacked by police as well. [3] nydn.us/iFZdrR
    • The infamous Chicago IL ex-police lieutenant Jon Burge & other former city officials are being sued by one of Burge’s alleged torture victims… though not for the torture itself since the statute of limitations expired for those claims, but for covering up the torture since Burge was convicted for lying about the torture recently. [0] http://trib.in/mlQ167
    • A Saltville VA cop already subject of 2 false arrest lawsuits is now being sued by a man arrested for public intoxication in his own driveway & obstruction after he called the police to report a prowler he believed stole one of his guns from an outbuilding on his property. [3] http://bit.ly/iBK0WW
    • A Mount Vernon NY cop is being sued by a bouncer claiming the officer has continually threatened him whenever the officer has been drinking and that, on one occation, the officer smashed a badge into his head. [3] http://bit.ly/kuMfZi
    • Princeton NJ lost a $525k suit to an ex-cop claiming he was retaliated against when he filed a racial discrimination complaint. However, the police department insists the officer didn’t file the complaint until he found out he was under investigation on misconduct allegations. [0] http://bit.ly/itq54Q

    What's wrong with this picture?

    Idiots at work

  • Overland MO cop sentenced to 3yrs in plea to manslaughter for fatally pushing man down stairs then leaving [0] http://bit.ly/lFQ8ur

    • Plano TX cop sued by woman w/cerebral palsy claiming he used excessive force while dragging her out of car [3] http://bit.ly/iQYCF2
    • Harris Co TX precinct 4 constables accused of excessive force for unleashing K9 on man in response to false report [0] http://bit.ly/mjZCwq
    • Isabella Co MI settles suit for $65k to ex-cop claiming he was tasered while cuffed because stroke affected speech [0] http://bit.ly/jYVLvB
    • Los Angeles Co CA deputy to pay $6k of $586k jury award to apartment manager beaten by deputy while cuffed [3] http://bit.ly/mxhZ81
    • San Diego Co CA sued by 17yr-old boy claiming he was beaten, choked & falsely arrested by deputy, alleges coverup [4] http://bit.ly/knaOGF
    • College Park GA cops accused of excessive force when they tasered man w/mind of 2yr-old for not showing his hands [0] http://bit.ly/jopG1F
    • Redwood City CA cops found to have violated rights in $217k jury award to bodybuilder beaten during diabetic episode [0] bit.ly/iqI9sS
    • Toledo OH cop reprimanded for pulling gun on man while pulling him over for reckless driving while off duty [0] http://bit.ly/jGyqXY
    • Cathedral City CA cop gets probation for stripping & jumping into pool then sexually battering woman while on duty [0] http://bit.ly/ldL5tT
    • Anville PA police chief charged w/record tampering for submitting falsified time sheets to get taxpayer funding [0] http://bit.ly/kfeVBQ
    • Chicago IL cop sentenced to probation & $36k fine for swindling elderly man w/alzheimers out of $1mil [0] http://trib.in/jGfda0
    • Albuquerque NM cop who called self “human waste disposal” on MySpace probed for tweeting about pistol whippings [0] http://wapo.st/lGamYt
    • Bell CA police union under investigation for allegedly using officers in uniform in campaign ads against state law [0] http://lat.ms/lGffop
    • Fort Myers FL cop suspended 80hrs & must take random breath tests after showing up to work while intoxicated [0] http://bit.ly/lxamxv
    • Lakeland FL police school resource officer arrested on stalking charges including harassing calls from school [0] http://bit.ly/kHvovP

    "and that's Fairfax County, if you go there the cops will arrest you for DWB, driving while black"

    chief gets and or gives yet ANOTHER AWARD from a tall guy

    Fairfax County Police Woman holds impromptu press conference to deny she is the bear recently spotted in Great Falls

    Chief hands out the Big fuck'n check award" to celebrate bilking the county out of another $200,000,000

    Chief awards "The Stupid White Trash Award to cop who most wants to look either like, me, the chief, or the lead singer from Queen award"

    The officer placed second in the Really long, kind of circus-like head award"

    Chief threatens to arrest garden club for not letting him join

    I am not short, its just that they make these speaker things bigger now days, like, ah,like TV sets...you know? Cause like there all bigger and ....um

    chief announces second annual The 3rd Big Fuck'n Plate Award Ceremony

    "We don't have much else to do and shit, its not our money, so why not?"

    Fairfax County Police SWAT team annouce new "Eye doctor hunting season"

    Black guy and his white girlfriend spotted in county, Fairfax County Police give chase

    Chief Roarerer gives maitre d award for getting him a table

    "He got me a table within minutes" says Fairfax County Police chief Roarer in handing out his 112 award for something this year "and he's don't even talk inside of English of nothin" added the chief "I mean I don't know that fer sure but based on his name......... maitre d  ......I figure he's either one of them Mexican-ie types or a rapper"

    Fairfax County Police Fire starters...on sale now

    "We've got your money to burn"

    Fairfax County Police Fire starters are sure to work every time! And if they don't we'll.....naw, we're not gonna give you your money back, what are you nuts?....
    each fire starter is carefully rollled by a Fairfax County Cop with nothing else to do....yeah, that's means the entire force......well, except for that police "woman" who has like those bear claw things instead of fingers, jesus chrsitmas why don't we get rid of her? She creeps me out...anyway, this sale of winter products goes on all summer because we're idiots....so call today!


    Hi, are you an eye doctor and thinking about killing yourself?

    Well, by gosh don't do it!

    Instead, move to Fairfax County and the Cops will kill you for free!

    Collect on that life insurance and give a Fairfax County Cop that masturbatory fantasy he longs for! The one about shooting the swells, not the one about the school boy and the screw driver. 

    Worried about messy investigations for insurance fraud? Well don't!

    We're the police and we absolutely guarantee that we'll find ourselves innocent in the investigation and for no extra charge we'll darken your name and reputation so badly, the insurance companies are sure to pay off!   

    Where do I sign up, you ask?

    That's the beauty of Death by Fairfax County Cop....you don't sign up! You just move here, have one of those ethnic names and we'll kill you without signing anything! 

    So call us today! Grown men who still have issues with their father's are standing by to take your call!  

    Fairfax County Police Navy arrests fish for swimming upstream

    The Fairfax Police Navy...we're not joking, they actually have a navy....arrested a dozen fish in the Potomac for swimming upstream in a down stream river.

    "Why?" I asked police chief rorerer said at yet another fucking awards ceremony "We have a very good reason, that's why...but like its secret and I hope you report that we released all the fish...fishes...fish-i...that are still in school...get it?...school...anyway, we got almost $200,000,000 to spend in a bedroom community with a low crime rate due to high incomes...I got 1,500 people plus support staff with nothing to do inspect glove compartments and shoot gamblers who insist on being paid when they win....so like
    either you people need to start making less money or we go after the deer next"

    Idiots at work

  • A Kane County IL deputy is being investigated after allegedly pulling gun on a man who was in a car accident while off duty & threatening to shoot him in the head. [2] http://bit.ly/jhENHt

    • Warrensburg IL cop took a plea deal where he will be sentenced to 10 years in prison on federal child porn charges and will face 10 more years in state prison on sexual assault charges involving a girl under the age of 12. [0] http://bit.ly/kXPdGV
    • 2 Philadelphia PA cops sentenced to 10-15yrs in plea deal for robbery, kidnapping, oppression & possession w/intent to distribute. [0] http://bit.ly/kXbZIl
    • West Deer PA police sued by 53yr-old woman claiming she was injured when cops burst thru her door in search for son even though she offered to let them in after she got her dog under control. [3] http://bit.ly/lk5KV0
    • Fruitland Park FL settles suit for $75k to 60yr-old claiming cop arrested & injured him for beeping at him because his cruiser was blocking traffic. [0] http://bit.ly/ke4l5B
    • Winnsboro SC cop investigated for alleged confrontation & harassment of a man who filed a complaint about damages to his car during a traffic stop when the officer busted his window when he wanted to search his car for drugs but failed to find any. [4] http://bit.ly/inqPqo
    • Scranton PA cop charged w/oppression, assault, terroristic threats & other charges in an off-duty bar fight w/bouncer who refused to let him and his friends in while they were carrying alcohol and were too intoxicated. [0] http://bit.ly/jdbSuC
    • Hartford CT sued by woman badly injured in crash w/car chased by cop who ignored orders to stop pursuit [0] http://bit.ly/mMmXif
    • Peel ON regional police officers accused of fabricating evidence by judge who dismissed prostitution case [3] http://bit.ly/kopqpB
    • East Washington PA settles suit for $9k to man claiming cuffs were too tight when he was arrested w/o cause [0] http://bit.ly/ldGwCi
    • Pinelawn MO cop suspended while investigated for firing at car in chase despite allegedly knowing a baby was in the car. [0] http://bit.ly/lhdHGR
    • 2 Norfolk VA cops on desk duty while subject of probe related to arrest of cop on pot & steroids dealing charges [0] http://bit.ly/kMMwWe
    • Belle WV cop jailed for violating bond conditions by continuing to contact wife after DV no-contact order [0] http://bit.ly/j2mVkP
    • High Springs FL cop fired for altering doctor’s excuse, filed suit alleging retaliation for whistleblowing [0] http://bit.ly/ltRJcA
    • Waltham MA cop faces disciplinary action for helping council president with his landlord tenant dispute [1] http://bo.st/kkMt2r
    • Bartlesville OK police & police union sued by female cop claiming sexual harassment & discrimination [2] http://bit.ly/mjCB28
    • A Canton IL cop was charged with theft on allegations that he shoplifted some over-the-counter male enhancement pills from Walmart. [0] http://bit.ly/lRcXO7