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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Its true what they say, you get your best news from the papers.

Its true what they say, you get your best news from the papers.

According to the lawsuit, a citizen named James Darden was worked over…that means beaten, by two Fairfax County cops named Christian Chamberlain and Mohammed Oluwa.
The local Fairfax County print media has once again done a fine job in reporting this story and other weasel behavior by the Fairfax County Police and once again the local electronic media is nowhere to be found.

We’re willing to bet that if this story of police brutality included a pleasant “Ride along” angle, by jeepers, the electronic media would be right on it.  

TV people here’s a hint; get off your ass, get some courage, do your job and don’t leave the news that matters to the real reporters.

Idiots at work. Fairfax County Police

Un-fucking believable
Dallas TX cop is suing Taser Inc after he was badly injured by a taser when one was used on him during training. But, before you feel too bad for him, he says tasers are too dangerous to use on cops but they are just fine to use on you. [0] bit.ly/ulqVmo

This week’s Murder Charge
US Customs & Border Protection officer in Texas has been sentenced to 25 yrs in prison after convicted for murder when he shot a bar owner to death after he was kicked out of a bar. [0] bit.ly/vba2mD

Refugio County TX sheriff and 2 deputies are the subject of a lawsuit alleging a man with a seizure disorder died in jail due to a denial of medical care. [3] bit.ly/rOLsh5

Damn near murder
Lauderhill FL cop charged with attempted murder for shooting at an on-duty officer who apparently was his girlfriend that he was having a dispute with. He was later arrested by a SWAT team at a pizza shop. [1] bit.ly/uee6pz

Ontario County NY deputy shot an unarmed woman in the shoulder as she rushed to answer door when deputies knocked while looking for a suspect. [0] bit.ly/vsZ8ov

                                      Drunk/ Drugs and drug dealing
Houston TX cop was convicted on federal corruption charges for using his police cruiser to escort what he believed was a shipment containing 7kg of cocaine [0] ow.ly/1ArgHU

Honolulu HI police major who is already facing extortion charges has now been charged with the distribution of meth after his home raided by the feds [0] ow.ly/1ArgW6
An audit into Utah Transit Authority’s handling of an investigation into a police sergeant who was allegedly drunk while working at the Obama inauguration in Washington DC reveals problems with the internal investigation practices of that department. [0] bit.ly/tjO3fG

Newark NJ reserve police officer resigns after he didn’t inform the department about his DUI arrest. He was was later convicted of a reduced failure to control charge. [0] ohne.ws/tcMnhD

1 Fort Wayne IN cop was suspended 180 days for showing up to work drunk while another was suspended 5 days after stopped for DUI. A captain may be disciplined for not telling officers to detain him and test him. [0] bit.ly/s7w7K1

Panama City FL cop who resigned on allegations he sought favoritism at DUI stop has charges dropped, no prosecutor [0] bit.ly/rC45UO

Lowell MA cop on leave while under investigation on allegations he showed up for work while intoxicated [0] bit.ly/sCkL6r

………….but we’re special
Fort Lauderdale FL police accountability methods are being questioned after that city’s toothless citizens review board canceled 5 monthly meetings in a row because the department didn’t bother to forward any police misconduct cases to them for review. [4] bit.ly/uTsJFY

Abbotsford BC cop investigated for investment fraud in an alleged scheme that began before he retired & cost investors that included fellow officers over $6mil [0] ow.ly/1ArgbG

Toronto ON cop told his testimony was unreliable, possibly fabricated by judge dropping fraud charges against 4 men [3] bit.ly/ucLoTj

Sexual assault
Evansville WY is being sued by a woman claiming a cop sexually assaulted her and that her son was traumatized when he witnessed the attack. [3] bit.ly/tt3pij

Good, they should fire more of them
Oceanside CA sued by an ex-cop claiming that his being fired on sex harassment allegations was trumped up in an effort to cover up a recording he made that he says is evidence of an attempt to cover for a cop who was caught driving while intoxicated. [3] ow.ly/1ArhKQ

Actually…I don’t blame him
Perry County AR deputy resigns after cited for deer hunting out of season… while in uniform… on duty… from the side of a road. [0] bit.ly/snDgFI

Just  another common thief
Joplin MO police officer pleads guilty to using a police database to perform identity theft in order to take out $13k in student loans [0] ow.ly/1Araad

US Treasury police office pleads guilty to receiving over $500k in unreported income while he was on disability leave [0] ow.ly/1AraES

La Marque ISD TX now-former police chief is the subject of a criminal investigation into theft allegations where there was allegedly some video involved [1] bit.ly/teRpoF

Because he was too stupid to graduate from High School
Cape Coral FL cop resigns after an internal investigation determined that his GED certificate was a fake [0] http://ow.ly/1ArKJp

Gun dealing
Camden Co NC deputy pleads to charges related to the illegal purchase of automatic weapons as an officer with the intent to deliver them to the former Blackwater group. [0] ow.ly/1Ar01Y

Sexual assault
Levy County FL sheriff’s lieutenant arrested on an armed sexual battery charge in an unspecified incident. He was apparently tasered while allegedly resisting arrest as well. [0] bit.ly/uB8I0o

Slappin the old wife around

Pittsburgh PA police sergeant was arrested on simple battery charge during domestic dispute with her husband over a laptop. [0] bit.ly/sZ95jI

Broward Co FL deputy charged w/domestic violence for allegedly head-butting then punching & choking girlfriend [0] bit.ly/udaDtt

Mail fraud
Cumberland Co NC deputy pleads guilty to mail fraud charges for bilking money from insurance companies under the guise of being donations to the police. [0] ow.ly/1Ar4F2

Cops are afraid of the evidence…ironic ain’t it?
 So far the credible reports include allegations that the police forcibly removed press credentials from reporters in or near the park prior to the action and arrested at least one reporter. Additionally, there were also reports that police told protesters they could remove their belongings from the park but then apparently went back on their word and locked it down, then destroyed everything inside. There were also reports that a city councilman was injured by police but this hasn’t been confirmed by any credible sources. An LRAD was videotaped at the park but no indication it was used. The situation is ongoing and I’m trying to track as best I can, I only have one video found so far alleging excessive force but it’s difficult to make out exactly what’s happening in the one shown above… I’ll update with links as I find them… (pending links)

New York NY police arrested at least 7 journalists during the crackdown on Occupy Wall Street, Additionally, questions are being asked about why the press was kept away from documenting the police action so aggressively. [5] nyti.ms/uL6EPm (UPDATE: Make that 10, at least according to Carlos Miller’s count)

Accounts of police forcibly removing the press from the area appears to be true as several journalists are detailing rough treatment and detentions at the hands of police. One reporter alleges police told them they aren’t reporters tonight and another claims a journalist was put into a choke hold. (latest update indicates at least 4 reporters arrested) [5] http://t.co/XcvVlie6

Chapel Hill NC police SWAT team allegedly detained 2 journalists during a heavily armed raid on what was initially reported as #OccupyChapelHill squatters at an abandoned car dealership. 8 unarmed people were arrested on misdemeanor charges during that armed raid on people that police now say consisted of “dangerous anarchists”. [3] bit.ly/rrUutx

Denver CO police are accused of arresting a photojournalist who was not associated with the #OccupyDenver protests during their crackdown on that group. [3] bit.ly/sex4Ps

Civil Rights Violation

US 4th Distict Court of Appeals is trying to overturn a US Supreme Court precedent by allowing officers to raid homes without a warrant by claiming they suspect the residents were driving while intoxicated. The appeal was filed by an officer trying to save his job because he faced firing over the incident since it was the second civil rights case sustained against him. http://bit.ly/sfByvc

Assaulting unarmed citizens and then hiding behind the law. Fairfax County Police

2 Fairfax Co VA cops sued by a man claiming they beat & tasered him during a fruitless Terry stop search for drugs when he was stopped while walking to his job at a church. [3] bit.ly/vBzLCL

Los Angeles Co CA jail brutality issues that have garnered a federal investigation are now being blamed on the practice of assigning deputies with disciplinary problems to the jails as a way to keep them away from the public they were accused of abusing. [1] lat.ms/vPLVpr

Country Club Hills IL cop charged w/battery for shoving his police chief when confronted with excessive force allegations but he was not charged over the allegations that he beat a man right before that. [2] bit.ly/v4GSIj

Bozeman MT police are being accused of altering evidence, including the erasure of portions of taser recordings, after an excessive force lawsuit was filed over an incident that left a man with permanent brain injuries. [5] bit.ly/vroZ15

Lubbock TX are being forced by an arbitrator to rehire cop who was fired for needlessly kicking a suspect in the stomach then accidentally tasering a fellow officer during the same traffic stop incident. No reason was given for the arbitrator’s reasons for thinking this was a good idea. [0] bit.ly/urMcWx

Bryan County OK sheriff’s lieutenant has been indicted on federal deprivation of rights charges over three excessive force incidents, one where he tasered a woman tasering woman 2x & 2 men in diff cases [0] ow.ly/1AriOy

4 Scottsboro AL police officers suspended 3-4 days w/o pay after investigation into unspecified misconduct [2] ow.ly/1AqJdK

London ON police lost a civil suit for $144k to a man who suffered broken leg in police van. The police tried to blame it on the detainee saying he injured himself by kicking at the doors but doctors testified the break was the type that occurs when the leg is twisted. [3] ow.ly/1Ar9Xi

Covington LA unspecified number of cops are being investigated after several witnesses say they beat, tasered & arrested 2 men they picked out at random while responding to an alleged bar fight. [4] bit.ly/v6EQGi

UC Berkeley CA police are also being sued by over a dozen student protesters on allegations of excessive force against #OccupyCal protesters as well. [3] bit.ly/vJVBFn

Edmonton AB cop convicted of using excessive force on suspect during arrest, this is his second excessive force conviction [0] bit.ly/rI2hsp

New Haven CT cop accused of beating & kicking man who refused to be searched by the cop he agreed to go with after asked to ID man at traffic stop [3] bit.ly/vZVujw

New York NY settled a lawsuit for $4,000 to woman who was detained 17hrs in cell with a broken toilet without charge after a police raid on a beauty shop. She alleges she wouldn’t let her leave until she cleaned the sewage off the cell floor. [3] bit.ly/sACgX5

Wheeling IL cop was fired for unspecified misconduct after he allegedly violated his last chance agreement that involved more unspecified misconduct. [4] bit.ly/uFzcyp

Oakland CA police are being sued by the ACLU & other groups over tactics used and allegations of excessive force used against #OccupyOakland protesters. [3] bit.ly/vFwPHj

New York NY city councilman was injured when arrested on resisting & obstruction charges when he was apparently tying to observe the NYPD raid on Zuccatti Park. It seems a bit disturbing that the police weren’t content to stop the media from reporting on their activities, but that they also prevented their own government’s officials from practicing some oversight as well. [5] ow.ly/1Ar8LU

Victoria BC police are being accused of clearing cops of excessive force allegations despite graphic video evidence of that excessive force, reinforcing calls to establish an external review process. [4] bit.ly/vw5hci

San Diego CA police are accused of using excessive force in a video showing an officer putting a man in a choke hold until it appeared his faced turned blue after he was confronted by officers for being inside  sleeping bag at #OccupySanDiego [0] bit.ly/sqipCy

UC Berkeley CA police are being accused of excessive force again in yet another video showing cops dragging female protesters by hair during the same crackdown that resulted in a video showing them striking non-violent male and female students with batons. The university says they are looking into that to see if it was excessive and that they preferred batons since they feel they are less risky than chemical agents… yet oddly say they are considering using those for the next crackdown. [3] bit.ly/rzh4ke

UC Berkeley CA police are accused of telling a protester who suffered cracked ribs from a baton blow that he had no rights when he asked questions after his arrest. [3] bit.ly/sFmv8l

2 Newark NJ cops were disciplined for not taking an assault report from an injured woman and then referring to the apartment building where she lived in a derogatory manner. [0] ohne.ws/tcMnhD

Dangerous Idiot of the week. Fairfax County Police..the more times we use your name, the more hits we get

Licking County NJ deputy was suspended 20 days for pulling a gun on 3 people he mistakenly thought were involved in a domestic violence incident, including the woman he thought was the victim. [0] ohne.ws/tcMnhD

This weeks child molestation charge...brought to you by the Fairfax County Police

This week’s child molestation charge…run children, run! The police man is not your friend!

Richmond VA cop was charged with indecent liberties with a 15yr-old girl after he allegedly took her to a fast food restaurant with his son after a band event then asked to see nude pics of herself that she apparently had on her cell phone. [0] bit.ly/sSjTHP
Virginia Commonwealth University VA police sergeant was suspended after arrested on distribution of child pornography charges [0] bit.ly/thBhCn

Iberia Parish LA deputy was arrested on 100 counts of possession of child pornography after a multi-agency investigation. [0] ow.ly/1AqIAr

The Rhorerer family album

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My brother, Oscar and his...ah...his horse............................all right, its his wife. The fuck'n idiot married the horse, wadda want from me? Notice the big hat....its a family thing.

Fairfax County Police charged again with brutality

An Alexandria man is suing two Fairfax County officers on claims of police brutality during an incident in 2010.

James Darden, 57, claims Officers Christian Chamberlain and Mohammed Oluwa violated his rights under the Fourth Amendment and Title 42 of the Civil Rights Act and used excessive force when they handcuffed and detained him on June 16, 2010. It is not clear from the lawsuit, filed Aug. 5 in federal district court, where the incident took place. But Darden says in the complaint it occurred as he was walking to Rising Hope United Methodist Mission Church, located off Richmond Highway between Hybla Valley and Mount Vernon.

Maj. Gen Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen Dubai Police

Mohammed Oluwa

                                                  Christian Chamberlain

Initially, Darden also sued Fairfax County and Fairfax County Police Chief David Rohrer. A judge dismissed them as defendants in the case Oct. 7.

Darden could not be located for comment. The attorney for the officers, Kimberly Baucom with the Fairfax County Attorney’s Office, said she could not comment on the case. Darden’s attorney, Joseph Creed Kelly, did not return a phone call seeking comment.

In his lawsuit, Darden says he was walking to the church, where he worked as a janitor, when officers Chamberlain and Oluwa stopped him. They asked him for identification, which he supplied.

Darden claims the officers then asked if they could search him and that when he asked why, they told him he was under arrest and handcuffed him with his arms behind his back. They then searched him.

According to Darden’s complaint, Chamberlain claimed he saw crack cocaine in Darden’s mouth and searched but found nothing. Darden alleges the officers then threw him to the ground and onto his stomach and that Oluwa rammed him knee in his back as Chamberlain choked him. Chamberlain then shocked Darden with a Taser approximately three times, Darden claims.

Darden alleges the officers then made him sit inside a hot police car while they searched the ground around the vehicle for drugs. A third officer eventually came to the scene and spoke with Chamberlain and Oluwa, then told Darden he could leave, according to the lawsuit. Darden was not charged with any crime.

Darden claims he reported the incident the same day to the police department and that police recorded a statement from him and photographed the injuries on his back from the Taser. The next day, Darden then sought medical attention for the burns from the Taser and received treatment for shoulder muscle strain and a rotator cuff injury. He continues to have shoulder pain, requiring him to take prescription painkillers daily, according to the lawsuit.

The county, in court papers, has denied any wrongdoing. The officers said they ask Darden for identification and consent to search and that Darden denied them that permission. They also claimed they saw crack cocaine in Darden’s mouth.

Darden is asking for $150,000 in compensatory damages and an unspecified amount in punitive damages.