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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Idiots at work

Grayson Co TX deputy was fired and may face charges as he’s being investigated on allegations that he stole firearms from evidence. [0] http://bit.ly/uz9VpT

Jacksonville FL cops are accused of detaining a college student at gunpoint for 45 minutes without ever telling him why he was being treated like a criminal. He only found out that he was mistaken for a robbery suspect when he asked campus police about the incident after he was released without charge. [0] fcnews.tv/rNwqsI

Altamonte Springs FL cop demoted & suspended for 36 hours for interfering with a battery investigation against a friend. [0] bit.ly/rtYGq2


Pamlico Co NC deputy sentenced to 27mo for illegal home searches & illegal search of motorist who was undercover cop[0] bit.ly/tXT2aR

We call that a double standard...can you say double standard? Sure you can

Pinellas Co FL deputies accused of performing unconstitutional surveillance on a gardening supply shop & then issuing false statements on warrant applications to justify drug raids [3] bit.ly/uvV5Hq

Nashville TN police allegedly grabbed journalist from behind as he was recording #OccupyNashville protesters detained him for 30 minutes without charge. [3] tnne.ws/ueAgGs

Why? He was right.

Denver CO police apologize over text messages refering to #OccupyDenver protesters as “turds”, among other things. [0] bit.ly/sAle92

Our kinda cop

Pasco County FL deputy resigns after arrested for telling a detainee that his jail cell was bugged. [0] bit.ly/uJQsCI

racial profiling

Denver CO settles racial profiling suit for $30k involving a man who was arrested after presenting a valid ID to cops who insisted it was fake anyway. [0] bit.ly/tNnEcW

Several New York NY cops allegedly posted racist and offensive messages about the West Indian Day parade on a Facebook group. [1] nyti.ms/s6HGMy

Milwaukee WI police are alleged to have worst record of racial disparity in traffic stops & searches than other agencies of similar size, at least according to an investigative report from the Journal Sentinal there. [1] bit.ly/ttYC8t

Oh, for God sakes, its not like it never occured to you too....

Rhorerer-er family album

Unlike most folks, chef Rhorererer-er hd three sets of grandparents, the sorta Asiany one here, Chin and Chang....their dream was to play pro ball in the US but, you know, short arms... 

Greatgrand father Frederick Rhorerer-er-ur couldn't have children, but his wife did give birth to this fine chair  

and of course, grand ma and grandpa Dex

A fun night at the Rhorererer house, midget tossing and black guy hurling

The Officer Jeffrey Hand Award for Creative Income Production. Fairfax County Police

US ATF agent sentenced to 21mo prison in plea deal involving Tulsa OK police corruption scandal [0] bit.ly/tKsMWZ

Platteville CO police chief pleads guilty to embezzlement for using city gas card to get gas for personal vehicles [0] bit.ly/u0f4hD

Virginia Beach VA cop arrested on 2 counts petit larceny for alleged theft of property at police precinct [1] bit.ly/spQThl

Dalhart TX cop to face charges after investigation into allegations he stole over $500 from crimestoppers fund [0] bit.ly/uSb5ZC

Ogden UT police chief ruled to have violated Hatch Act, feds say city risks fed funding if they don’t fire him [0] bit.ly/tEdq0l

Shreveport LA police officer on paid leave while subject of investigation into unspecified misconduct [3] bit.ly/tGrebd

Portales NM deputy police chief was suspended while subject of unspecified criminal investigation involving traffic citations. [2] bit.ly/w1UflO

The officer Walter R. Fasci/ Sean McGlone award for sober living. Fairfax County Police

Hollywood FL cop who was caught on dashcam saying he was going to “Walt Disney the truth” in an effort to cover for a cop in a DUI crash has been convicted of falsifying records in that case. [0] bit.ly/w4S7cq

Tulsa OK cop sentenced to 10yrs for theft during drug sting & conspiracy to sell methamphetamine [0] bit.ly/sDXkA3

2 Tulsa OK cops sentenced, 1 for 42mo for civil rights violations & perjury, other gets 4mo for stealing drug money [0] bit.ly/vq9Y6u

Orleans County NY deputy was suspended and arrested on multiple charges alleging that he smuggled drugs into jail. [0] bit.ly/scyf3s

Ma Rhorerer out on the town last new year's

If Walmart would just hire these people, we wouldn't have a national police problem

Santa Ana CA settles suit for $100k to suspect run over by police cruiser driven by same cop in other settlement. [0] bit.ly/sn0hyx

Slappin the ole wife around

Terrebonne Parish LA sheriff’s sergeant was arrested on domestic battery charge for allegedly punching his wife in the leg in front of their 4-year-old daughter. [0] bit.ly/v3Wi6D
Yazoo Co MS deputy arrested for allegedly brutally beating his estranged wife & her brother in a dispute over who was going to take their pet dog. [0] bit.ly/t5u0mS

This week’s candidates for the Brian Sonnenberg Peaceful Resolution to Conflict Center Award. Fairfax County Police

Mosby KS police chief was arrested on aggravated assault charge involving unspecified allegations. [2] http://bit.ly/sXfwj1
RCMP officer Red Deer AB charged with obstruction over his testimony during a $600k excessive force civil trial against him [0] bit.ly/vBLnti
Kansas City MO cop is the subject of an excessive force suit over a videotaped traffic stop take down, it’s this officer’s 3rd brutality suit in 14 months, one of which has already been settled. [1] bit.ly/sCiItO
Seattle WA police department human resources mistake has allowed a cop who was found to have used excessive force when he punched an elderly handcuffed jaywalker in the face to avoid any disciplinary action because the mistake violated the police union-mandated 180-day rule which nullifies any disciplinary action that the city attempts to impose on an officer after a 180 day deadline passes from the time an investigation is started….. [0] bit.ly/v3JZPj
Portland OR police are accused of using excessive force during their latest raid on #OccupyPortland, while there were alot of reports of officers using batons, I’ve only seen one piece of photographic evidence that might back that up, being this image of a teen claiming he was hit in the face. [3] bit.ly/rUgo3y
US Bureau of Land Management ranger is accused of excessive force by tasering a transgender woman twice on video, including once in the crotch while she was down, While I’ve actually seen parts of this video, the site linked here seems to have had some technical difficulties embedding the video. [1] bit.ly/vX2YPo
Palm Beach FL State Atty is being accused of dropping a criminal case against two officers who were videotaped beating and kicking a suspect, allegedly in an attempt to get the coveted endorsement of the police union for the upcoming election. [5] bit.ly/w3kOk9
Frisco CO cop suspended while investigated after summons for misd assault over alleged excessive force incident [0] bit.ly/trNi2j
McKees Rocks PA & Stowe PA settle suit for $5k to man alleging cops used excessive force after a chase for speeding. [0] bit.ly/rHKxTb
Richmond VA deputy was suspended and arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge for allegedly beating an inmate at a jail after they got into a verbal dispute. [0] bit.ly/rZoOgZ
Los Angeles CA police face more claims of excessive force during the #OccupyLA raid which was touted as “LAPD’s finest moment”, this time coming from a writer from the “Family Guy” animated show who describes everything in pretty convincing detail. [3] bit.ly/rBSwZ5

The officer Walter R. Fasci/ Sean McGlone award for sober living. Fairfax County Police

Philadelphia PA cop gets 1-2yrs prison after pleading guilty to aggravated vehicular assault while intoxicated in an accident that injured 2 troopers & a tow driver. [0] bit.ly/rMvZET
Milwaukee WI police detective arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after an accident on a freeway [1] bit.ly/tA4WGb
Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC police officer arrested on drunk driving charge while off duty [0] bit.ly/sxlexK
Bakersfield CA cop arrested on multiple drug charges including possession & transport of controlled substances. [1] bit.ly/rvb91m
Thomasville NC police officer is on admin leave after arrested on drunk driving charges [1] bit.ly/swg7lF
Salisbury MA police chief who is already facing theft charges may face some more serious charges possibly involving the allegations that he traded sex for drugs, which is what got him fired. [1] bit.ly/rCSInm
US Border Patrol agent has been sentenced to 6 months in a halfway house for harboring a fugitive illegal immigrant drug dealer who happened to be his dad. [0] bit.ly/tyvejj
Fort Lauderdale FL cop was arrested on drug delivery & possession charges after he was allegedly caught making a drug deal while on duty and in uniform [0] bit.ly/suG2sx
Greenwood IN police officer was suspended after arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. [0] bit.ly/s0MArG

This week’s candidates for the Chief David Rhorer-er Idiot in Action Award

Baltimore Co MD deputy investigated after accidentally shooting a Baltimore MD cop in the arm during a drug raid [0] bsun.md/uAcBjx

Sevier Co TN deputy suspended 18hrs, must pay to replace monitor hit by accidental discharge of his .40cal in store [0] bit.ly/t3XVOq
3 San Diego County CA deputies are the subject of a lawsuit by by a 77-year-old juror who was tackled & arrested for shouting when a stole took his belonging  as he was being searched at a courthouse checkpoint. [3] bit.ly/uYpDrS

Rape and sexual assualt by your local police. Fairfax County Police

Robbins NC cop arrested on rape, sexual battery, crimes against nature, obstruction, identity theft and other charges that spanned his work at two different agencies, Robbins NC and Carthage NC. [1] bit.ly/uJd9Ds

Cottonwood UT cop is the subject of a lawsuit alleging he forcibly raped a woman after he drover her to a motel following a domestic dispute call. The suit also alleges the officer gave her an STD. [3] bit.ly/tf2j8Q

Worth Co MO sheriff sentenced to 18mo fed prison for violating the rights of 8 women he photographed after coercing them into exposing selves under color of law. [0] bit.ly/t31i7A

New York NY & Nassau Co NY sued by woman falsely arrested in a scheme to stop her from moving forward with a criminal case against a police informant who raped her. Allegedly she wasn’t the first victim of that tactic. [0] bit.ly/sxt5Fk

Henderson Co NC sheriff says he’s been hearing voices, suffering from manic depression and is seeking treatment while he’s being questioned about rumors of sexual harassment lawsuit settlements. [1] http://avlne.ws/vBwAi2

New York NY police lieutenant is the subject of a sexual harassment and retaliation complaint by 2 female cops who claim the department did nothing to stop it. [4] cbsloc.al/tRpqXi

Run Children! Run! The police man IS NOT your friend

Virginia Beach VA police officer was arrested on aggravated sexual battery of a child charges for sexually assaulting a minor over a period of 3 years. [1] bit.ly/vaaxrO

Boulder Co CO deputy charged w/sexual exploitation of minors and child luring over alleged internet chats he had with underage girls on his cruiser laptop. [0] bit.ly/twHhPC

Norwich CT cop arrested on allegations he sexually assaulted a minor. He resigned while he was under investigation. [1] bit.ly/sx13jP

2 RCMP officers in Manitoba have been sentenced for assaulting a 19-year-old. The first received a 4-month jail sentence and the other got a 4 month conditional sentence. [2] bit.ly/rFsgY9

Jacksonville FL police resource officer was pulled from school duty while he’s being investigated for failing to report a threat a student received via text message 2 weeks before he was shot. [0] bit.ly/tDzh69

Kinston NC cop under investigation after shooting his 18yr-old daughter in the leg at home after mistaking her for an intruder. [0] bit.ly/u2i1If

Jefferson Co TX deputy was arrested for aggravated sexual assault of his teen step-daughter. He already resigned while he was under investigation. [0] bit.ly/vi0vaD

Baldwin Co AL entered into a secretive settlement deal with a teen who alleged he was raped in jail by a career criminal while being held on a shoplifting charge. The teen says this happened after he alerted deputies to threats he received and that detectives discouraged him from trying to file a criminal complaint over the rape. The rapist wasn’t charged. [3] bit.ly/ujHTzZ

Maricopa County AZ sheriff’s dept is being accused of botching over 400 sexual crimes cases, at least 32 of which involved kids. [3] bit.ly/uE9caK

Cuyahoga Co OH deputy was convicted of menacing for following teens around a park. He’s still facing trial for masturbating in that same park. [0] bit.ly/vJmaKv

With each other or with the horses?

2 Baltimore MD female cops in the mounted patrol unit have been suspended while investigated on unspecified allegations of public sex that were reported by another officer. [1] cbsloc.al/rW77E5

Killed by the cops

Goodyear AZ police sgt suspended 8hrs for interfering w/probe into cop’s fatal hit&run, other still faces discipline[0] bit.ly/ugDKlV

Slappin the old wife around. Fairfax County Police

San Juan TX cop was suspended w/o pay after arrested on suspicion of domestic violence involving his girlfriend. [0] http://bit.ly/uIajqL

Texas City TX cop fired after arrested on trespassing & assault charges, allegedly attacked female cop at her home in what appears to be a domestic incident. [0] bit.ly/vSDeej

New Mexico state police officer charged w/battery, assault, trespass & unlawful use of phone in domestic incident [0] bit.ly/uviZcb

Winston-Salem NC cop was arrested on assault & false imprisonment charges in an apparent domestic incident with a woman he lives with [0] bit.ly/uuir7l

You kinda wonder what he was going to do with the lube

A Beaverton OR police lieutenant is on leave after arrested on a shoplifting charge involving a $7.99 bottle of lube. [0] bit.ly/sJxQsd

This week’s candidates for the Chief David Rhorer-er Idiot in Action Award

Indianapolis IN cop arrested on official misconduct & patronizing charges for on-duty sex with prostitute at club [0] bit.ly/rX3V54

Children, the policeman IS NOT your friend

Memphis TN cop arrests 12yr-old on trespassing charge for not wearing a helmet at a skatepark, this despite there being no law requiring he use of a helmet while skating. [3] bit.ly/rZRlrk

The Officer David Scott Ziants Award for Citizen Motivation. Fairfax County Police

6 North Chicago IL cops suspended during probe, accused of pattern of abuse by family of man who died after allegedly beaten and tasered. [3] bit.ly/sAoRY0

Santa Ana CA settles suit for $2.45mil to family of woman fatally shot by cop during chase while her baby was in the back seat. [0] bit.ly/s5anod

Officer Mohammed Oluwa declares Jihad on Fairfax County

In an unusual defense against charges that he beat an unarmed citizen, Fairfax County Police Officer Mohammed “Call me Moe or I’ll kidnap you” Oluwa says that he did not beat citizen James Darden as Darden walked to church in 2010, but rather, that he had committed a “Holy Jihad” on the janitor ,and, in fact, he has declared a Jihad against the whole of Fairfax County.
When asked why he had declared a Jihad on the people of Fairfax, Officer Oluwa, who does not speak English and let’s take a moment and pause in a prayer of thanks for that, said “Jihad!”   
When asked what color the sky is, Oluwa also responded “Jihad!” because that’s exactly what this country needs, another imported psychopath.  
“He is one crazy, fuck” says Police Chief Rhoererererer says with a smile” But you know, I ain’t all there either but the little man who lives inside my head said to tell you he’s sane as shit…anyway, yeah ole, Moe…he’s a piss riot….I’ll tell ya, the entertainment value alone in hiring these little brown bastards makes it all worth while"
Oluwa’s lawyer Baucom with the Fairfax County Attorney’s Office was unavailable for comment because she was frantically trying to get out another resume before the 5:00.

The Mohammed Oluwa Family Scrapbook

The Aunts with Uncle Fatwa at the national Death to America picnic 

We are a very spirtual people and always prayer before killing people at random, no exceptions

Oh! I remember this one! This was taken at the annual Death to America Kids Jamboree

Fairfax County Police spokeswoman Lucy Caldwell goes to work