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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

SWAT team to help control Fairfax deer (Actual headline)

Posted at 09:29 AM ET, 08/09/2011

SWAT team to help control Fairfax deer

but first we need to teach the deer to gamble and then arm them with cell phones, you know, make it a fair fight and all that.

Idiots at work

  • Attleboro MA police sued by father & daughter alleging brutality, repeated harassment & false arrests [3] http://ow.ly/1vllfM

    • Bethlehem PA cop gets probation in reduced charge plea deal for destroying video evidence in brutality case [0] http://ow.ly/1vkwWe
    • Baltimore MD police notified of ACLU intent to sue for arresting man & deleting videos of arrest from his phone [4] http://ow.ly/1vlgQF
    • Marysville PA cop already serving 10yrs for molesting 12+ girls pleads no contest to repeatedly molesting another [0] http://ow.ly/1vkuCX
    • Grainger Co TN deputy pleads guilty to fed enticement charges for enticing 13 & 16yr-old girls to have sex w/him [0] http://ow.ly/1vlD0t
    • Tucson AZ police lt fired after 9mo investigation into allegations he had sexually explicit chats w/minors online [1] http://ow.ly/1vlllB
    • Baton Rouge LA cop arrested on allegations he broke into home of woman used to date & assaulted her 2x while on duty [0] http://ow.ly/1vlHW5
    • Kalamazoo MI police officer suspended after arrested on suspicion of domestic violence following wife’s 911 call [1] http://ow.ly/1vkv8x
    • Los Angeles Co CA deputy fired after video contradicted his version of why he fired shots at car while off duty [2] http://ow.ly/1vlmJd
    • Laredo TX cop sentenced to 6.5yrs prison for helping drug trafficker protect and move cocaine shipment [0] http://ow.ly/1vlmSJ
    • Pharr TX cop sentenced to 12yrs on federal charges for protecting cocaine & gun shipments for drug cartel [0] http://ow.ly/1vkQdT
    • Bluff City TN police chief suspended while investigated for possible improper handling of confiscated vehicles [0] http://ow.ly/1vl1FY
    • Homer MI police chief & an officer subject of search warrants in criminal probe involving salvage titles [1] http://ow.ly/1vl6j2
    • Union City NJ police chief ($209k/yr) accused of claiming $45k/yr pay for hours not worked as school security detail [3] http://ow.ly/1vl28d
    • Los Angeles CA police dpt sued by 10 officers alleging retaliation for refusal to meet illegal traffic ticket quotas [3] http://ow.ly/1vls7x
    • Rapides Parish LA sheriff accused of nixing dog shooting probe vs pal, whistleblower allegedly fired for animal porn [0] http://ow.ly/1vkYOS
    • Renton WA police convince prosecutor & judge to get cyberstalking warrant to find out who made cartoons mocking cops [3] http://ow.ly/1vkPYm
    • North Corwall PA cop suspended 2days for unspecified police act violation a month after other cop fired for same [3] http://ow.ly/1vlw2X

    Idiots at work

  • 5 New Orleans LA cops found guilty on all 25 counts for fatal Danziger Bridge shootings & cover-up [0] http://ow.ly/1vmLc4

    • Brea CA police sued by family of man suspected of robbery who was unarmed when fatally shot by cop armed with a rifle [2] http://ow.ly/1vmUWg
    • Oakland CA police lose lawsuit for $200k to 2 black men strip searched in public during unwarranted traffic stop [3] http://ow.ly/1vmDhH
    • South Burlington VT cop sued by woman falsely convicted on drug charge & man illegally detained & strip searched [3] http://ow.ly/1vmFvE
    • Boynton Beach FL cop arrested after video shows he lied about arrest & planted gun on suspect, 3rd this week [0] http://ow.ly/1vmELJ
    • Los Angeles CA Airport police officer suspended while investigated for alleged sexual assault of woman while on duty [0] http://ow.ly/1vnvFw
    • Salt Lake Co UT sheriff’s dept sued by ACLU for man detained 39days after court ordered release & ICE hold dropped [3] http://ow.ly/1vnz4j
    • US drug test used by US DEA & law enforcement agencies across US called into question by judges in DC & Colorado [0] http://ow.ly/1vnGx5
    • 4 Washington DC cops accused of ignoring hate crimes by refusing to take report from 5 lesbians assaulted by 2 men [0] http://ow.ly/1vnuXE
    • Centreville IL cop arrested on felony child abuse charges for allegedly injuring 2yr-old boy w/blow to the head [0] http://ow.ly/1vn7t0
    • Edinburg TX cop gets probation for single felony misuse of police database in plea deal dropping pages of charges [0] http://ow.ly/1vnuqp
    • Renton WA cops accused of shopping cyberstalking case to prosecutors to retaliate against cartoonist critical of cops[3] http://ow.ly/1vnOSB
    • Plantation FL cop suspended 2days w/o pay for texting domestic violence victim that her toenail polish turned him on [0] http://ow.ly/1vn0cf
    • Broward Co FL deputy transferred to all-male jail and “counseled” after claims of sexual misconduct at woman’s jail [0] http://ow.ly/1vnBEQ
    • Gary IN cop accused of sex w/suspect assigned to motor pool after prosecutor says he won’t take cases from him [1] http://ow.ly/1vnOv8
    • Belton MO cop shown grabbing teen’s butt on Quik-Trip store surveillance video in legal claim filed against city [3] http://ow.ly/1vnTIn
    • Franklin Co NC sheriff reportedly admits to embezzling over $90k from drug fund & charity for kids, but not charged [0] http://ow.ly/1vnyS7
    • Washington DC cop arrested on felony car theft charges for allegedly failing to return car he rented in 2009 [0] http://ow.ly/1vnxjd
    • Orlando FL cop reprimanded for using unsterilized swab to test man’s mouth for drugs during stop w/o cause or consent[0] http://ow.ly/1vmWBR
    • Brockport NY police lose defamation suit against newspaper in attempt to discover names of anonymous commenters [0] http://ow.ly/1vmVcH
    • Luzerne Co PA deputy charged w/assault, burglary & harassment sfor allegedly attacking her ex-girlfriend’s girlfriend [0] http://ow.ly/1vmPJb
    • 2 New Orleans LA cops, mom & son, plead guilty to multiple charges for attacking a bouncer at bar while off duty [0] http://ow.ly/1vmJzB
    • Coventry RI cop fired by Law Enforcement Bill of Rights Panel 9mo after convicted of masturbating in front of 2 women[0] http://ow.ly/1vmFIY
    • Bluffton SC settles suit for $86k to ex-police lt claiming she was wrongly fired for complaining about misconduct [4] http://ow.ly/1vmJzh
    • El Paso Co CO deputy w/2 reckless driving convictions investigated after causing fatal crash by running red light [0] http://ow.ly/1vmJxX
    • West Virginia state trooper subject of suit by flagger claiming he fell asleep at wheel when he hit her with cruiser [0] http://ow.ly/1vmDDh
    • California Hwy Patrol officer arrested on multiple domestic abuse charges then a week later for violating order [0] http://ow.ly/1vmDp5

    Idiots at work

  • Westerly RI police accused of excessive force a man officers hit with a baton & peppersprayed died 16 hours after arrested for disorderly conduct. [3] http://ow.ly/1vpX7X

    • Norway SC police refuse to disclose information about why an officer fatally shot a minister to death after an alleged chase that only lasted a couple of minutes. [3] http://ow.ly/1vpk3R
    • Toronto ON cops are under investigation after a mute man who was well-liked by neighbors died when he was thrown to the ground and cuffed for unknown reasons. [4] http://ow.ly/1vpe1X
    • New York NY police are being sued by a man who survived anywhere from 15 to 27 gunshot wounds when several officers unleashed a volley of gunfire that left 1 dead & 6 injured while he was struggling with a man who pulled a gun. [3] http://ow.ly/1vpAcM
    • Toronto ON police are the subject of an SIU investigation but neither agency will say why undercover cops attempted to stop a car, why the driver was shot in the arm, or what he was charged with along with his passenger after the incident. [4] http://ow.ly/1vsoUg
    • Fort Dodge IA cop arrested on sexual abuse & extortion charges after accused of sexually assaulting woman in April [1] http://ow.ly/1vpfrB
    • Henrico County VA deputy was arrested on possession & production of child porn charges after his home raided back in May [1] http://ow.ly/1vpeR7
    • Juneau AK cop gets deal dropping sexual abuse of a minor charges in exchange for a plea to an interference charge [0] http://ow.ly/1vqmfe
    • New York NY cops owe $1,000,000 in unpaid tickets according to a report on parking placard abuses, cops blame finance dept [0] http://ow.ly/1vpsxs
    • Indianapolis IN police car was videotaped by a motorist doing over 100mph on a highway without it’s lights or sirens on [0] http://ow.ly/1vsnOA
    • New York NY police sgt suspended 30days w/o pay after arrested on DUI charge when stopped for running red light [0] http://ow.ly/1vrR4J
    • Winooski VT cop charged w/drunk driving after found slumped over steering wheel in highway median while off duty [0] http://ow.ly/1vpktD

    Its a government not a social club

    The Fairfax County Police take in over $200,000,000 (Its actually about $225,000 a day) a year and use a portion of it to finance a 40 person honor guard...40 people.....honor guard....think about......

    ......wouldn't it be great if parts of the media didn't report this sort of thing as a cuddly feature piece and looked at the deeper issue that perhaps we have too many cops with nothing else to do?

    We need to hire a board of supervisors who aren't cowed by the cops. There's an election coming...vote for anyone but the people already in office and let's make a change.