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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Court testimoney

and that figure there of the little guy with the stick hit'n the that other cartoon fella, that's me. That 's says "Ya all's under a-rest", now you write that down in regular words fer me.  

Generic Asian Officers new Book "Asian recipes you rove"

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Hey kids! Lets play FIND THE GAY GUY!

Hey kids! Lets play....Find the gay guy!

and now a word from our generic Asian officer

Herow: I’m a generic Asian guy and I want all of you to know that I WAS NOT given this promotion because of my racial background. In fact, that charge is ri-dick-a-ris. All across the globe when people think police they think Asian. When they think drunken police, they think Irish.  Ask Sean McGlone, if sober, he tell you I right.  

My son, Ping ding wing ping, we never after I dropped fork

my wife, she say "That good name"

In fact there have been many famous Asian police officers like….ah….Charlie Chan…yeah, that’s one…. and, and that fat guy on the original Hawaii 5-O, the one who never had any lines and then there was the little Chinese guy who did the karate stuff on The Green Hornet Show…..he was kinda like a cop except he beat people up instead of obeying the raw……okay he was exactree like a cop.

Unlawful arrest by your local police. Fairfax County Police.

Medford MA police sued by man claiming police wrongfully arrested and detained him twice on same recalled warrant [3] bit.ly/v1kJXB

Toronto ON settles suit for unspecified sum to man unlawfully detained 28hrs & strip searched during G20 [3] bit.ly/ulzf1p

Makes sense to us. Fairfax County Police

Orleans Parish LA deputy arrested on several charges for smuggling cell phones into the jail for inmates [0] bit.ly/uL11b6

A lying cop? Get the fuck otta here. Fairfax County Police

Cape Coral FL cop who resigned over fake GED may have also lied about military service & medals, may face charges [0] http://newspr.es/rJ6au9

Common thief. Fairfax County Police

Platteville CO police chief arrested on felony identity theft & embezzlement of public property charges [1] on9news.tv/s3jTpe

It’s not a cop. Cops can’t don’t know how to write. Fairfax County Police

Philadelphia PA man claiming to be cop has been posting menacing messages to #OccupyPhiladelphia’s Facebook page, which would be a violation of departmental policy if it is a cop doing it. [3] bit.ly/sKnI0s

Broward Co FL deputy under investigation after posting questionable comments on news channel’s Facebook page [0] bit.ly/rP0goi

Cops fear evidence, ironic ain’t it? Fairfax County Police

Biloxi MS cop investigated for using vulgarity on video before apparently arresting a man for talking back. Police say no policy appears to have been violated aside from rules about using vulgarity, but allegations that the officer and others were dropping a cuffed and passed out suspect on his face repeatedly before the video started appear as though they are being ignored. [4] bit.ly/uyaQKs

Washington DC police chief apologizes to videographer threatened by police while recording carjacking rescue [0] bit.ly/uGTiOL

Concord CA police captain voids police lieutenant’s traffic accident citation “in the interest of justice” [4] bit.ly/tPWQ2L

St Lucie Co FL deputy arrested a man for filming a traffic stop, alleging that the cop watcher was verbally abusive. [5] sunsent.nl/rXXiiQ

Slappin the old wife around. Fairfax County Police

Craig CO police officer arrested on suspicion of domestic violence & harassment in unspecified incident [1] bit.ly/vj5Dux

This week’s candidates for the Brian Sonnenberg Peaceful Resolution to Conflict Center Award. Fairfax County Police

Seymour IN cop accused of using excessive force on a 120lb 63yr-old man who says he will lose an eye from injuries caused by the officer repeatedly slamming his head against a police cruiser hood and the pavement outside his home. The cops say he fled a traffic stop for running a stop sign. [3] bit.ly/rMIXj0

RCMP cop pleads guilty to assault for hitting man in the face w/flashlight while responding to a noise complaint call at the wrong house. [0] bit.ly/t3OT0y

Las Vegas NV settles suit for $83k to tourist who suffered broken leg when arrested by cops for breaking up fight [0] bit.ly/txWCe7

Raeford NC police chief says his resignation has nothing to do with an excessive force suit against him and four other officers from when he led the Coats NC PD [3] bit.ly/uxOijV

Charlotte NC cop was arrested on assault & battery with a dangerous weapon charges for smashing a beer bottle over a man’s head while playing poker on Thanksgiving. [0] bit.ly/sdjMFO

Sarasota FL settles suit for $40k to man in videotaped excessive force case that led to officer & chief resigning [0] http://bit.ly/u26Fkc

Lincoln Co GA sheriff’s sergeant suspended while subject of investigation into unspecified citizen complaint [2] http://bit.ly/tBNeXK

This week’s candidates for the Officer Sean McGlone Award for sober living. Fairfax County Police

North Charleston SC cop arrested on 3rd deg assault charge for allegedly punching man at bar while off duty. He was already facing charges over an apparent domestic incident from earlier this year. [0] bit.ly/uee7RQ

Lake Stevens WA police officer was allegedly quietly convicted on a DUI charge but not disciplined despite other alleged complaints, all this came from an opinion piece from a reader to a local paper asking why it wasn’t being covered. [3] bit.ly/tjQSD3

 Los Angeles Co CA deputy faces felony charges for DUI crash that caused injuries, tested almost 2x limit [0] bit.ly/tF3Zol

Standard creepy cop behavior. Fairfax County Police

Athens Co OH deputy takes plea deal that will likely result in probation for coercing sex from female drug defendants. The deal also removes any charges involving a sex crime. [0] bit.ly/vmfrzy

The cops are always shooting dogs, why didn’t they shoot this one? Fairfax County Police

Campbell OH police dog attacked an 8yr-old boy after apparently mistaking him playing in grandmother’s yard for the kind of behavior it’s trained to attack, namely a suspect running. The boy’s parents say the officer walking the dog should have had it under control. [0] bit.ly/sk2Hzk

Lakeside WA police sued by man whose legs were severely injured by police dog when police responded to a domestic dispute call that resulted in no charges [3] bit.ly/uoZBp1

Good, serves him right. They should have fired him. Fairfax County Police

Atlanta GA police major suspended 15 days for letting mayor’s brother go at traffic stop despite suspended license [0] bit.ly/vCB6cS

Attempted Murder by your local police. Fairfax County Police

Paterson NJ settles suit for $10k to man shot by his ex-girlfriend a police officer [0] bit.ly/vN17R8

Murder by your local police. Fairfax County Police

San Jose CA police sergeant allegedly murdered his wife before fatally shooting himself in murder-suicide incident [0] bit.ly/vH31I1

This week’s child molestation report by your local Police. Fairfax County Police

Carrabassett Valley ME now-former police officer was sentenced to an actual total of 10 years prison for repeatedly sexually abusing a girl under the age of 12 for a period of over 4 years. While he claims the sexual abuse stopped a month or so before he became an officer, he was accused of intimidating the girl into keeping quiet about it during that time. [0] bit.ly/vepkos

Cleveland TN police chief is accused of knowing about statutory rape & drug abuse allegations against his officers but refused to investigate them, they were eventually charged and convicted. [4] bit.ly/tYpmzk

Ontario Provincial Police constable found guilty on 3 counts of sexual misconduct involving a female 17yr-old dept employee. [0] bit.ly/taaVCz

Windsor ON police officer is under investigation on unspecified allegations of sexual assault [3] bit.ly/tOqvDk

The CHief David Rhorerer Idiot in Action Award

Adams Co CO sued by deaf man held 25 days without access to sign language interpreter after a questionable domestic violence arrest when police responded to a disturbance call and heard the deaf couple verbalizing. [3] cbsloc.al/tvaHOb

Starr Co TX deputy arrested on illegal gaming charge after using county vehicle to spotlight animals [1] bit.ly/rQjM7R

Fullerton California, where the cops run wild. Fairfax County Police

Fullerton CA police sued by woman claiming 2 warrantless raids on her home then harassment over complaint [5] bit.ly/rGaVHe

Fullerton CA cop destroyed his personal audio recorder after detainee found hanged in cell after having exchange with cop [5] bit.ly/rGaVHe

Fullerton CA police accused of mass detention of minorities at park while responding to alleged weapon complaint, none found [5] bit.ly/rGaVHe