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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

this week’s candidates for the Brian Sonnenberg Peaceful Resolution to Conflict Center Award. Fairfax County Police. police brutality

3 West Reading PA cops fired, 1 resigned and one was suspended for 30 days for unspecified misconduct. Though apparently one of the fired officers had illegally used his taser on his dad and on a fellow officer. [4] bit.ly/zB4ULi

The Fairfax County Police Officer Jeffrey Hand Award for Creative Income Production. Fairfax County Police. Police Brutality

Memphis TN cop suspended after arrested on allegations she tried to shoplift $700 worth of merchandise from a Macy’s store. [0] bit.ly/zlosPd

and the word were looking for is "Nazi"

Seattle WA police seem to have an ace in the hole in their effort to stop the DOJ from forcing them to stop committing civil rights abuses in the form of a fellow Seattle police officer in the state legislature. That officer has crafted a bill that will make it illegal for the DOJ to force police agencies to comply with the US Constitution. If people doubt this bill will make it far, Washington state has the lowest combined prosecution & conviction rate against bad cops in the nation thanks to state laws especially crafted to make it nearly impossible to convict police officers of misconduct in the course of duty. If this bill passes it could very well be a license for police to commit any abuses they want without repercussion. [5] bit.ly/zrmJse

Fairfax County Police Officer “Crazy Moe” Mohammed Oluwa Jihad on your ass. Fairfax County Police. Police Brutality

Vancouver BC police apologized after several officers beat and kicked a 51yr-old man who was merely taking out his garbage. They apparently mistook him for a bank robber in a case where there was no robbery. [0] bit.ly/yaFuAA

Miami FL cop was fired over alleged road rage incident where he peppersprayed a taxi driver during off-duty dispute. [0] bit.ly/w4Mrov

Montgomery Co MD cop accused by a former Secret Service agent of grabbing his teen by the throat and slamming his head against a police car while he was bound hand and foot without cause. [3] http://on.wusa9.com/AgC8KO

3 Clayton Co GA cops were fired for using excessive force & conducting a strip search on a drug suspect that violated policy. [0] bit.ly/AsRcBB

The Fairfax County Police officer Walter R. Fasci/ Sean McGlone award for sober living. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Bridgeton NJ cop was arrested when he reported for duty on possession & distribution of illegal steroids charges. [0] on.cpsj.com/ArOBZA

US Border Patrol officer in AZ arrested w/corrections officer on conspiracy to possess & distribute meth charges. [0] bit.ly/zTIoaD

Erie Co NY deputy suspended after charged with drunk driving after crashing his car into a house while off duty. [0] bit.ly/yBbdGU

Keith Co NE deputy arrested for suspicion of drunk driving after stopped by troopers for speeding [0] bit.ly/A7a3EC

 Milwaukee WI tentatively settled suit for $2,000,000 to a man who was badly beaten & abused by several drunk cops outside of their cop party [0] bit.ly/zKI2wM

This week’s child molestation by your local police. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Harrodsburg KY DARE cop pleads guilty to 140 counts of rape, sodomy & sexual abuse on a 14yr-old girl… he will only face 3 years in prison thanks to that deal. [0] bit.ly/ygF3n7
California State trooper arrested on 10 counts lewd & lascivious acts w/child involving 10 & 13yr-old children who weren’t related to him. [0] cbsloc.al/wzms07

Wisconsin State Trooper sentenced to 35yrs for sexually assaulting a female 15yr-old foster child placed in his care. [0] trib.in/xk7xQa

Hanover Twp NJ cop’s proposed promotion to sergeant unveiled the city’s effort to keep that officer’s alleged affair with a minor a secret. Apparently a concerned resident who knew about the case started leafleting details about a secret settlement deal concerning that case in an effort to stop the promotion. [3] bit.ly/xOcIgU

Now here's a surprise, Rhoererer handing out ANOTHER FUCKING AWARD....does this guy EVER work?

The Fairfax County Police Officer Jeffrey Hand Award for Creative Income Production.

Washington DC Metro Transit police officer arrested w/metro employee for allegedly stealing over $150k from meters [0] bit.ly/yBLbro

East St Louis IL police chief pleads guilty to stealing X-Box systems FBI planted in sting operation [0] bit.ly/wBG6l3

West Helena AR cop pleads guilty to extortion charge in deal dropping several drug trafficking charges [0] bit.ly/xRwlYS

St Louis MO police sgt arrested for allegedly stealing drugs he “seized” then selling them with his brother [0] bit.ly/xcQ7tG

Hastings WI cop who was already facing charges for allegedly stealing a corkscrew from a restaurant is in trouble again for passing a stopped school bus & sleeping on duty [1] bit.ly/ymbWiy

Creepy cop behavior Fairfax County Police . Police brutality

Bristol PA police, mayor & city sued by cop alleging retaliation for investigating cop who coerced woman into sex [5] bit.ly/wHIpyS

Idiots at work

2 Santa Barbara Co CA deputies investigated on allegations they threw away sleeping bags from homeless people [0] bit.ly/wbDbEP

Oakland CA court-ordered police monitors say department’s actions during #OWS protests show hasn’t reformed [0] bit.ly/yk8Xkw

Berkeley CA settles suit for $170k to woman hit by police cruiser while driving her scooter, cop retired later [0] bit.ly/zUHrdv

this week’s candidates for the Brian Sonnenberg Peaceful Resolution to Conflict Center Award. Fairfax County Police. police brutality

Indianapolis IN cop arrested for allegedly beating pregnant wife to force miscarrage after told she was pregnant [0] bit.ly/zUCz7k

Memphis TN cop suspended after arrested on allegations he was following and harassing his estranged wife [0] bit.ly/xeVFtM

Washington DC cop arrested on assault charges for allegedly attacking a female bartender he used to date [0] on.wusa9.com/AB2kk9

Run Children! Run! The Police man is NOT your friend

Chicago IL settles suit for $525k to family of an autistic boy who was chased by cops and beaten with a baton without cause inside his family’s restaurant. [0] trib.in/y9L8G0

King City CA cop investigated for alleged excessive force when he broke a teen’s ankle with a leg sweep caught on video while booking him [3] bit.ly/wMFvWj

Canton GA police chief resigns after scathing report details how dept mishandled missing girl case, girl killed [0] fxn.ws/w4fQvr

Carpentersville IL police under investigation for conducting drug sting resulting in gunfire near school [0] bit.ly/xIfSFD
 Mathis TX police sgt gets probation for driving while intoxicated w/unrestrained 3yr-old daughter in car [0] bit.ly/wZCGF1

The officer Christian Chamberlain Award for “Fuck you, I’ll get away with it anyway” Fairfax County police . Police brutality

Merced Co CA deputy is the subject of a lawsuit for breaking a 68yr-old woman’s arm because she couldn’t get out of her car w/o a leg brace during a traffic stop. [3] bit.ly/y7tiJa

2 Lee Co FL deputies accused of excessive force against gay bar patrons, including allegations they tasered a disabled man. [3] bit.ly/yIcnuB

Des Moines IA cop pleads guilty to submitting a false report and violating the rights of a black couple he beat with a baton during a traffic stop [0] dmreg.co/xCP8Bp

Murdered by your local police. Fairfax COunty Police. Police brutality

Las Vegas NV police are set to settle suit for $1.7mil to the family of an unarmed man fatally shot during a drug raid that went bad before police even got the warrant. [0] bit.ly/wMSQF6

Cops are afraid of the evidence, ironic ain't it?

Boston MA cop with a history was fired for dishonesty & use of excessive force on a man who refused to stop filming cops [0] b.globe.com/AknaIb

This week's child molestations by your local police. Fairfax County Police

Pierce Co WA deputy suspended while under investigation for alleged unspecified sex crimes against a female child [3] bit.ly/AiKkkt

Killeen TX cop arrested after investigation into allegations he had sex with a 16yr-old girl at a motel [0] bit.ly/z0qSfs

Volusia County FL Beach Patrol Capt convicted of soliciting perjury by telling teen not to testify about sex w/cop [0] http://bit.ly/Aos7rT

Ex-state trooper sentenced for molesting foster child

GREEN COUNTY, WI (WTAQ) - A former state trooper will spend 20 years in prison for molesting a teenage foster child.

49-year-old James Norquay of Juda must also spend 15 years under extended supervision when he’s no longer behind bars.

A Green County jury convicted Norquay last November on 3 felony counts of child sexual assault by a foster parent, two counts of incest, and a charge of second-degree child sex assault.

State investigators said the incidents occurred at Norquay’s former home in the town of Clarno, where the girl was placed for foster care in late 2008 when she was 15.

The man adopted the girl a year later.

Officials said the molestation continued until January of last year, when the child was removed from the home following a state investigation.