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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

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  • The national police problem

    In Helena, Arkansas, five Helena-West Helena police officers were arrested Tuesday as part of a major drug trafficking crackdown that also involved public corruption. More than 800 federal and local police took part in mass arrests that targeted 70 people on federal charges. The police action, code named Operation Delta Blues, targeted crack cocaine sale and money laundering, but also swept up the Helena-West Helena police on corruption charges. The officers arrested are Helena-West Helena Police Department officer Herman Eaton, 46; Helena-West Helena officer Robert “Bam Bam” Rogers, 35; Helena-West Helena Sgt. Marlene Kalb, 48; Marvell police officer Robert Wahls, 42; and former Phillips County Deputy Sheriff Winston Dean Jackson, 44, who’s now a Helena-West Helena police officer. They face a variety of drug trafficking and other charges.

    In Caruthersville, Missouri, the Caruthersville police chief and an officer were arrested October 6 and charged with forgery and theft. Chief Chris Riggs and Officer Marcus Hopkins each face multiple counts of forgery, while Riggs also faces one count of theft. Their exact misdeeds have not been revealed, but the investigation was conducted by the Missouri Highway Patrol Drugs and Crime Division. Both men are free on $200,000 bonds. Riggs remains police chief.

    In Bayou La Batre, Alabama, a former Bayou La Batre police officer was arrested October 7 after a months-long investigation into missing drug money by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation. Former officer Jason Edwards had been in charge of confiscated drug money when some turned up missing in March. He resigned over the summer. At last report, Edwards was out on bail pending trial.

    In St. Martinsville, Louisiana, a St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office jail guard was arrested October 5 for allegedly smuggling contraband into the St. Martin Parish Correctional II Facility. Officer Freddie Abraham, 20, is charged with malfeasance in office, criminal conspiracy, attempted introduction of contraband in penal institutions, and possession with intent to distribute marijuana. He was last reported in jail trying to make a $30,000 bond.

    In Blacksburg, South Carolina, a former Cherokee County sheriff’s department narcotics officer was arrested October 5 for engaging in sex acts with a confidential informant who had pending charges. Albert Phillips, 41, is charged with misconduct in office for the acts, which took place between December 2008 and January 2009. He resigned in January 2009.

    In Petaluma, California, a guard at San Quentin state prison was arrested October 6 for selling drugs at the prison and accepting bribes. Robert Alioto, 48, was booked on suspicion of requesting or receiving a bribe, possession of marijuana for sale, sales or transportation of marijuana, conspiracy and selling drugs to a person in custody. Officials had few details. Alioto is free on $50,000 bail.

    The national police problem

    To our amazement, the police haven’t been charged with child molestation since last week

    Today’s murder charge
    Utah County UT sheriff’s dept is part of a lawsuit filed by a couple claiming false arrest & malicious prosecution for the murder of their dad in a case where they claim they were kidnapped as well. [2] bit.ly/pjJ72U

     Cops have a deep need to humiliate woman…..think about….they work with mostly men…don’t like women….just say’n that’s all
    Seattle WA police sergeant with that department’s domestic violence unit was arrested on an assault charge after police spotted him dragging his girlfriend through a parking lot at Octoberfest in a domestic dispute over drink tickets. [0] bit.ly/oxDUAW

    Lake Hallie WI cop resigns after charged with misdemeanor battery related to the harassment of an unspecified woman [1] bit.ly/nBFfJL
    A judge has ruled that 2 Minneapolis MN cops violated the rights of a man who they strip searched in public in front of others on a video captured by a security guard working at a nearby building. Rulings like this are rare and the jury award phase of that civil case will start in December. [3] bit.ly/rnDt5w

    Farmington NM cop suspended after arrested on allegations he beat his girlfriend while on vacation in Michigan [0] bit.ly/pAaVLw
    Baltimore MD cop already convicted for extortion now charged with assault for allegedly attacking his wife [0] bit.ly/nL95iZ

    9th Circuit court has ruled that Seattle WA police used excessive force when they tasered a pregnant woman in her car for refusing to sign a traffic ticket, which is a non-arrestable offense. However, the court ruled that the officers have immunity to the suit because taser guidelines were not well defined at the time of the incident. bit.ly/qwTEwt

    Standard creepy cop behavior
    2 Los Angeles Co CA deputies reassigned while investigated on allegations that one of the deputies had sex with a female inmate while the other stayed nearby. [0] http://lat.ms/pq9twv

    Drunk/ Drugs
    Miami Beach FL police lieutenant already facing demotion over his role in a cop’s drunken ATV crash into tourists is now accused of fudging his timesheets. [0] bit.ly/paMbSG

    Truro MA police chief has been suspended after arrested for allegedly crashing his police cruiser while intoxicated [0] bo.st/nc17LI
    Owyhee Co ID sheriff asked to resign while in the midst of unspecified investigation by Attorney General’s Office [3] bit.ly/qFHZNq

    Warren OH cop charged w/DUI after crashing into other car, arrested last year for DV incident that injured 2yr-old [1] http://bit.ly/rm1YU2

    Yakima WA cop suspended 1mo for false info on drug warrant, 2 suspended 1wk for buying beer w/city credit card [0]

    Abbotsford BC police constable charged w/obstruction after investigation into his possible DUI cruiser crash [0] bit.ly/opTezc bit.ly/qqWj61

    Yeah, he was pretending……….
    Cresskill NJ cop given unspecified discipline for gag photo showing him in uniform pretending to smoke a joint [2] bit.ly/nd8frR

    Common thief
    Superior WI cop charged with theft for stealing at least $2,000 from dept’s informal fitness center fund [0] bit.ly/oLNop6

    Philadelphia PA cop arrested on theft charges after internal investigation into unspecified allegations [1] bit.ly/oMHJti

    Beating unarmed citizens
    New York NY cop was charged with falsely arresting a man for insulting him after an allegedly racially-motivated stop-and-frisk incident. The report claims the officer called a woman he knew after the incident and told her he “fried another n—–”. He was also charged with extortion on allegations he beat a man he believed had stolen his truck then demanded $5,000 from him. [0] on.wsj.com/qbPV9S

    New York NY police tactics are being questioned after a video shows a mounted officer apparently spurring his horse into a crowd of trapped OccupyWallStreet protesters who were so packed together that they had nowhere to go. The horse appears to drop to it’s knees in panic. [2] http://t.co/NprSoXji
    New York NY police deputy inspector is now under investigation for punching OccupyWallStreet protester on video and for another video apparently showing him drag a woman through an orange net barrier to arrest her. [0] bit.ly/oxXhO2

    2 Detroit MI cops are the subject of a lawsuit alleging excessive force at a casino, the third such case involving police at that casino in fact. This suit comes after an investigation found they used “inappropriate behavior” during the incident even though that finding never resulted in disciplinary action. [1] bit.ly/nwl4lY
    9th Circuit Court also ruled similarly in a case involving Maui HI police who tasered a woman while she was trying to calm her husband down during a confrontation between him and the cops who were responding to a domestic complaint. Again, the court granted immunity to the officers even though they found the action excessive. bit.ly/oIYZVV

    A Southaven MS police lieutenant and 6 other officers are the subject of a lawsuit alleging they forced a family out of their home at gunpoint after they received but didn’t properly investigate a questionable burglary tip from a caller who based his suspicion on seeing a garage door opened. [3] bit.ly/ppKTtG

    A New York NY police deputy inspector who appeared in our news feed on Friday punching a protester in the face on video is apparently the same white-shirted officer who was shown, in the video above, in some questionable use of force incidents on a photographer and a woman right before his fellow officer peppersprayed a group of women for no apparent reason. [3] bit.ly/pFoWFV

    Unicoi County TN sheriff faces indictment on official misconduct, aggravated assault, theft & evidence tampering charges [1] bit.ly/n4KJYA

    San Diego CA police officer in the above video used some questionable tactics on Occupy San Diego protesters by apparently applying a choke hold to at least one protester then spraying several others, including the person taking the video. It appears, from this video at least, that he was the only one using force and pepperspray on the protesters during this incident. [3] bit.ly/pDCWCe

    New York NY police on this video appear to tell an Occupy Wall Street protester that he can walk through a police line and promise him they won’t arrest him if he does, then arresting him for doing it. [3] bit.ly/qlUsZw

    New York NY police in this video above make some highly questionable arrests outside and inside a Citibank branch where Occupy Wall Street protesters were trying to close their accounts. The really questionable one is where a woman, claiming to be a customer, is grabbed by a man in plain clothes then dragged inside to be arrested. This is really disturbing because the official statement is that the people arrested at that incident were charged with trespassing for refusing to go outside when the manager told them to. [3] bit.ly/qI6xyn

    Alorton IL police chief who was in the running for chief of East St Louis PD was decertified as an officer after a probe finds he had a felony record [1] bit.ly/nMhPCv

    Failure to signal
    Franklin Co OH settles suit for $4,317 to father of daughter who’s car was hit by deputy changed lanes w/o caution [0] bit.ly/qmystX

    Violation of 1st Amendment rights

    Cincinatti OH is being sued by Occupy Cincinatti protesters claiming citations police gave them for protesting at a park after 10pm are a violation of their 1st Amendment rights to free speech and free assembly. [0] bit.ly/qLM7f7

    Refusal to divulge tracking records

    Wilmington DE is being sued by the ACLU after police cited terrorism laws in their refusal to divulge taser and cell phone tracking records [3] bit.ly/pNRxon

    Neglect of duty

    Upper Providence PA board votes to fire cop for unspecified neglect of duty and conduct unbecoming an officer [2] http://bit.ly/nDa3G0

    When idiots gather...........................

    Police chase ends in crash on I-395

    An accident that is causing ongoing morning delays around the Edsall Road exit on I-395 is the result of a police chase, officials said Tuesday.
    At about 4 a.m., a Fairfax County police officer tried to flag down a car on I-95 North near Fairfax County Parkway. Instead of pulling over, the driver fled.
    The officer, soon backed up by additional cruisers, pursued the car.
    The chase ended with a collision that resulted in the civilian car being pinned against the guardrail by one of the police cruisers near the Edsall Road exit, police said.
    The driver and one officer suffered minor injuries. The right lane, right shoulder and exit 2A on I-395 North are blocked.
    The pursuit and the crash are under investigation.

    Hello, I’m Sharon Bulova. Show me the money because when I get bought, I stay bought.

    Hello, I’m Sharon Bulova. Show me the money because when I get bought, I stay bought.
     The cops gave me $5,000.00 and handed my son an additional $100.00 and when the time came to vote against police oversight, I was there for them, voting against, just like the cops told me too.

     Sure, it sent the wrong message and endangered the lives of the people I’m supposed to protect and serve….but money is money and a deal is a deal.   

    I’m Sharon Bulova. Show me the money because when I get bought, I stay bought. Just ask the cops.