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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Again, they have to much time and their are too many of these idiots on the payroll

County's Honor Guard Will Take Old American Flags
The Fairfax County Police Department's Honor Guard is collecting old flags in bins in district stations

The Fairfax County Police Department Honor Guard is now accepting unwanted flags at each of the FCPD's district police stations. The Honor Guard has bins inside the front lobby of each of the county's district stations.  The Honor Guard and the Fairfax County Fire Department will dispose of the collected flags in accordance with Federal law.

Fairfax police inspect commercial trucks, buses and cars for messy glove compartments

Fairfax County Police, in a bid to break the boredom of their jobs, will be stopping cars throughout the county to inspect glove compartments. The Fairfax County Police excel at traffic stops and lying before a grand jury. Car owners with messy or unkempt glove compartments will be shot when the inspecting officers mistake their turn signal switch for a switchblade. On the upside the following bogus case building to defend the murder will keep the whole $200,000,000 a year force busy.....

"Its a good way to kill a couple of hours,a couple of citizens and spend a couple of hundred grand" barked Police spokes "Woman" officer Ima Putz  "Its not our money, Fairfax County cops don't live here"

Idiots at work

  • Bountiful City UT settles suit for undisclosed sum to man tasered 6-10 times on video in stop for crooked plates [3] http://bit.ly/iB5rnn

  • 2 Los Angeles Co CA deputies investigated by FBI over claims by ACLU observer that she saw them beat limp detainee [3] http://lat.ms/kZDK7K

  • Lake County CA sheriff under investigation by DA on allegations he beat cuffed detainee on way to jail [2] http://bit.ly/k8vdp4

  • Middletown CT police & school sued by mom of teen tasered 5x for putting extra beef patty on his tray at lunch [0] http://bit.ly/jTSthP

  • Brentwood MD cop resigns after charged w/assault for stopping a family & threatening them while off duty & possibly drunk [0] http://bit.ly/kSMTrc

  • Texas DPS trooper investigated for allegedly pulling gun on 2 16yr-olds in off-duty road rage incident [0] http://bit.ly/muV1d3

  • Winkler Co TX sheriff convicted on 6counts for retaliating against 2 nurses who filed complaint against his Dr pal [0] http://bit.ly/mkYkH3

  • Mooresville IN cop sentenced to 108days jail in plea deal for lying about testing drugs that ended up being fake [0] http://bit.ly/kZXpzs

  • Laurel MD cop pleads to child porn charge, hid camera in girl’s closet & possessed explicit videos of children [0] http://bit.ly/mo9ZZ0

  • Illinois State Trooper sentenced to 60days after pleading guilty to watching child porn on his police car laptop [0] http://trib.in/kAbqUz

  • Sardis GA cop who was hired despite being fired from another dept for sexual misconduct has been fired again over sexual comments made to 2 young females at store [1] http://bit.ly/iGmd0M

  • Mobile AL cop accused of trying to beat light in crash that injured 5 while police insist he was responding to a call. Sadly, 2 of the people suffered serious brain injuries and that state’s laws limit what you can sue local governments for to $100k which won’t even come close to covering their bills, even if they are able to sue. [3] http://bit.ly/k7fE46

  • Washington DC police sgt arrested on theft charge alleging she scammed an 85yr-old woman she was assigned to help [0] http://bit.ly/iErqQ8

  • Ontario Provincial Police officer in Coburg ON charged w/bribery, breach of trust & obstruction [0] http://bit.ly/joB6IQ

  • Elkhart IN cop suspended 8days for failing to follow procedure & driving too fast during 2 police chases [0] http://bit.ly/m3KQef

  • West Carrollton OH cop sentenced to 1wk home detention for shoplifting from Walmart, resigned after arrest [0] http://bit.ly/lEzlou

  • Bernalillo Co NM deputy suspended & faces charges for harassing ex-girlfriend cop via text messages [0] http://bit.ly/iWPlAk

  • McLean Co IL deputy suspended 60days for using position to date woman he met on call & sexting her while on duty [0] http://bit.ly/jaAxX9

  • Saratoga Springs NY police chief suspended after admitting to sending explicit text messages to woman after she asked him to stop [1] http://bit.ly/iPou0A

  • Citronelle AL cop suspended while under investigation for unspecified allegations of misconduct [2] http://bit.ly/lOOjcl

  • Hernando Co FL deputy suspended 3days for using badge to get out of ticket, now subject of another investigation [0] http://bit.ly/loS8Gu

  • East Rochester NY cop charged w/misdemeanor DUI after crashing into van while off duty, injuring 3 teens [0] http://bit.ly/ld2BzP