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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

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Yet in Fairfax County, we have no police oversight

Winnfield LA police chief convicted on obstruction charge for interfering w/arrest of woman by federal agents [0] http://bit.ly/huby1D

Tallassee AL asst police chief arrested on 40 felony counts for misuse of police data & ethics violations [1] http://bit.ly/eB5OOn

Euclid OH idiot cop fatally shoots self before questioned about failure to cooperate w/missing evidence probe [0] http://bit.ly/ibY2uF

Temple GA cop arrested for sexual battery & child cruelty after allegedly sexually battering woman in front of child [0] http://bit.ly/gwiS9R

Alexandria VA idiot cop arrested on fraud charges over allegations he sold salvaged vehicle to unwitting buyer [0] http://bit.ly/g7InsL

Macomb County MI sheriff’s sgt charged w/improper use of state police database after unspecified investigation [1] http://bit.ly/gkcFID

2 Birmingham AL cops subject of suit by man shown on video being kicked & beaten while trying to comply w/commands [3] http://bit.ly/fI7C3B

2 Huntington Beach CA cops sued by man who called cops about stray dogs & was choked out by responding officers [3] http://bit.ly/eQnfCb

Lynchburg VA settles suit for $250k to family of man who died while lawfully resisting arrest during home search [0] http://bit.ly/i2WXNm

Smithfield NC police patrol cmdr found guilty of passing stopped school bus & suspended 5 days w/o pay [0] http://bit.ly/ej7xjg

Chicago IL idiot cop convicted of attempting to bilk 90yr-old of his $500k home & $400k in investments [0] http://bit.ly/dTs3fU

San Diego CA cop on desk duty while under investigation on unspecified allegations of criminal misconduct [2] http://bit.ly/hb8ZvZ

Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police found to have misused $5mil in federal anti-terrorism grant funds [0] http://bit.ly/efJiRf

3 Glendale CA cops no longer work for dept after probe into joyride to Vegas, dept won’t say if fired or quit [1] http://tinyurl.com/3w4bvk5

Sullivan City TX police chief sentenced to 10yrs after pleading to helping traffickers move 2 tons of pot thru town [0] http://bit.ly/i1yhso

6 Bridgeton MO cops subject of suit & a possible FBI probe over allegations that one of them needlessly beat & tasered a man in holding area in an incident caught on video which appears to contradict the police reports. The others appear to be accused of either covering up the incident and/or failing to assist the victim. [3] http://ow.ly/1sBNT5

A Pleasantville NY cop is being sued by the family of a Pace college football player who was shot to death by the officer as he was driving away as allegedly directed to do by another officer. The suit comes just one week after the officer was awarded as idiot cop of the year by his police union over the incident. [0] http://ow.ly/1sB7xT

A US DOD idiot cop pleads guilty to crossing state lines to engage in illicit sexual conduct & child enticement. [0] http://ow.ly/1sBQm0

A Broward County FL deputy was charged w/vehicular homicide over high-speed on duty crash that killed a 14yr-old girl [0] http://ow.ly/1sBI0L

An Ontario Provincial swat team raided a wrong apartment, dragged an innocent man from his bed while naked and at gunpoint, then declared the mission a success after realizing they had the wrong door and arrested a man in an apartment on the floor below for possession of an illegal weapon and marijuana. [3] http://ow.ly/1sBIEl

A Philadelphia PA cop was arrested along w/several others over an alleged insurance fraud scheme that allegedly netted the accused parties millions. [0] http://ow.ly/1sBQ5S

A 3rd of 4 Chicago IL cops who were part of the now-disbanded SOS unit pled guilty to a civil rights charge for a false arrest in 2004. [0] http://ow.ly/1sBmkp

Santa Clara CA & Campbell CA sued by 54yr-old woman claiming cops falsely arrested her & searched home w/o warrant or permission while the cops claimed they were looking for the woman’s daughter who didn’t live there. [3] http://ow.ly/1sBM1t

Orange County FL deputy arrested for battery, robbery w/a firearm & aggravated assault w/a firearm for allegedly entering a man’s home with another person then stealing his gun and then allegedly threatening him with his own gun. The second suspect in this case is still at large. [0] http://ow.ly/1sBIXI

A Memphis TN cop is accused of overreacting in a video showing him dragging female motorist from moving car which then continued moving as the officer carried the woman away by her pants. A bystander was eventually able to stop the vehicle and witnesses apparently contradicted the officer’s version of events. [2] http://ow.ly/1sBIpP

Rio Grande TX police chief & city manager suspended after sued by female employee for sexual harassment & retaliation [3] http://ow.ly/1sBMdb

A Los Angeles County CA deputy won a $900k settlement on allegations that his supervisor sexually harassed him then threatened him to keep him from reporting it. [0] http://ow.ly/1sBIbh

Harvard Univ MA police are being sued by an officer claiming racial discrimination & racial bias among superior officers. [0] http://ow.ly/1sBK9W

2 Indiana State cops resigned on allegations of sleeping on job & rummaging through belongings at the governor’s residence, the other officer apparently was his supervisor. [0] http://ow.ly/1sB8JZ

Richmond CA cop resigns while investigated for hiring teen explorers for his unauth private security company [0] http://ow.ly/1sB7q4

Albuquerque NM police sgt investigated for allowing wife to pick up Bernalillo cop instead of booking him for DUI [0] http://ow.ly/1sBRti

Merced County CA deputy arrested on drunk driving charges after allegedly hitting own cruiser w/SUV while off duty [0] http://ow.ly/1sBOhb

Lee County AL deputy accused of shooting family’s dog after told it doesn’t bite then wouldn’t let them help it [3] http://ow.ly/1sANNC

2nd of 4 Chicago IL cops w/disbanded SOS unit pleads guilty to civil rights & tax charges for robbing people of $40k [0] http://ow.ly/1sABvI

Niles MI cop pleads guilty to criminal sexual miscodnuct for molesting 19yr-old male detainee at police dept [0] http://ow.ly/1sAcj3

Methuen MA settles suit for $120k to cop claiming retaliation for cooperating w/fed probe of mayor & police capt [3] http://ow.ly/1sAMUM

2 Washington County KY deputies plead guilty to federal possession of marijuana with intent to distribute charges [0] http://ow.ly/1sANYf

Wilson County TN deputy arrested for obstruction on allegations he sold info about fed probe to drug dealers [0] http://ow.ly/1sAH1m

Portland OR sued by woman who wasn’t allowed to cover up when arrested w/o pants by cop convicted of sex misconduct [3] http://ow.ly/1sAHb5

Hawaii DPS Sheriff’s deputy arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse over allegations he choked his wife [0] http://ow.ly/1sANqq

Americus GA idiot cop resigns before turning himself in on DV and cruelty to children charges [0] http://ow.ly/1sABIL

South Burlington VT cop suspended indefinitely w/pay after found liable for $100k in damages over raid on clergyman [3] http://ow.ly/1sAA1C

RCMP organized crime unit officer in BC arrested on allegations he stole $400 from a casino [0] http://ow.ly/1sAzeP

Rosebud TX cop who confronted residents about speed trap warning signs is fired for working outside city limits [1] http://ow.ly/1sAbuY

Conyers GA cop resigns after suspended 5 days for trying to show nude cellphone pics of woman to teen explorer [0] http://ow.ly/1sAJJN

Park County CO sheriff’s sgt demoted for allowing minor to consume alcohol at a party he hosted [0] http://ow.ly/1sAzDu

DeSoto County MS deputy resigns after arrested on drunk driving charges for refusing DUI test during traffic stop [0] http://ow.ly/1sAAZZ

Atlanta GA cop to face disciplinary action after caught by reporter parked in handicap spot while buying milkshake [0] http://ow.ly/1sAJtG

2 Nassau County NY cops subject of lawsuit alleging they used excessive force on a 90yr-old man in nursing home during a medical assistance call. [3] http://ow.ly/1szAPr

A Paw Paw MI idiot cop was sentenced to probation in a plea deal for steroid possession. He was fired while he was under investigation for it. [0] http://ow.ly/1szvdd

An Atlanta GA idiot cop was exonerated by internal affairs while the review board found that he falsely arrested a man who startled him in a stairwell. [4] http://ow.ly/1sztBM

A New Haven CT idiot cop pled no contest to assault & evading charges for breaking a 14-year-old girl’s legs in a hit & run accident. [0] http://ow.ly/1szlOR

A San Antonio Park TX idiot cop was arrested on drunk driving charge after stopped for allegedly running a stop sign. [0] http://ow.ly/1sziWA

A Halifax NS idiot cop was charged with breach of trust, threats & witness intimidation involving a drunk driving case. [1] http://ow.ly/1sziv3

At least three Camden NJ idiot cops are accused of overreacting when they fired 33 rounds at an 8-month-old bull terrier that got off it’s leash, damaging cars and homes in the process. [3] http://ow.ly/1szhln

A Chicago IL idiot cop who was part of the infamous disbanded SOS unit pled guilty to a misdemeanor civil rights violation charge involving his false testimony in a drug case. [0] http://ow.ly/1szhcK

A Seattle WA police sergeant was arrested on his second DUI charge in the last 6 years. He was also recently acquitted in a DV case where he was accused of cutting his wife. [0] http://ow.ly/1szgU4

A Memphis TN idiot cop was caught on video pulling a female motorist from a moving car then carrying her away before slamming her to the ground to arrest her after she allegedly hit him with her car. That car can be seen in the background continuing to move after she was removed, but a bystander was able to eventually stop it.

In an update to a story we first tracked on the 12th, information apparently leaked to the press indicate that the ticket fixing scandal in New York NY may include up to 400 idiot cops and that 40 additional officers are the subject of a grand jury investigation into bribery allegations as well. For those who are curious, 440 officers would be about 1.25% of the over 35,000 sworn law enforcement officers employed by the NYPD. [3] http://ow.ly/1sytTl

Latimore Twp PA police are being sued by a family claiming that police illegally raided their home without a warrant based on a phone call alleging marijuana and guns were in their home and, in the process, that police used excessive force when they broke a man’s neck during the raid. [3] http://ow.ly/1sxvJr

Two San Carlos CA idiot cops are the subject of a settled lawsuit for $150,000 to a man who was falsely arrested when the officers illegally broke into his home over a minor suspected DUI accident. [0] http://ow.ly/1sxvVi

A Eureka CA idiot cop has resigned after being arrested for theft and drug possession. Moreover, the officer was already the subject of a warrant for his arrest in a domestic violence case when he was hired five months ago. [0] http://ow.ly/1sxwAW

A Houston TX idiot cop was arrested on drunk driving charges stemming from an off-duty traffic stop. [0] http://ow.ly/1syD46

A Greenwood SC idiot cop was placed on leave after being arrested on drunk driving charges stemming from a traffic stop. [0] http://ow.ly/1sxU3k

A Bernalillo NM police detective was arrested on drunk driving charges after refusing to take an alcohol test when stopped at a DUI checkpoint. [0] http://ow.ly/1sxTPB

Rohrer nor the Fairfax County police did little to lower crime rates

Neither David Rohrer nor the Fairfax County police are solely responsible for lower crime rates in the county. Crime is down all over the nation and in most first and second world nations as well.  In the US, technology, community outreach by local government, demographics (Fewer young people, the leading criminal offenders) higher and longer benefits to the poor and unemployed, public awareness, severe sentencing, and general rising of living standards are largely responsible for lower crime rates.