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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

More Gay couples opt for marriage in Fairfax County

Photo above: Two Fairfax County cops doing nothing on the taxpayers dime

As for Sean Corcoran, the President of the police union, he is a clown

From letter sent to the Washington Post

I really thought the chief was getting it. He needs to be fired if this culture of public deceit is ever going to change.
 The chief declines consent???
His consent is not required!

As for Sean Corcoran, the President of the police union, he is a clown. He was a commissioner and was also on the subcommittee that wrote the proposal that included a civilian review panel. He voted FOR all the recommendations including the civilian panel. It should also be noted that Sean Corcoran was also the one that said he finds it "UNBELIEVABLE" that an officer could be charged with murder while in the commission of his duties. I wonder where the Geer case would be today if a detective like Corcoran was in charge of the Geer investigation. After all, he would have ruled out murder even before he arrived at the scene. 

Open Letter Calling For Fairfax Police Union To Respect Human Rights

October 15, 2015

Fairfax Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 77
10513 Judicial Drive, Suite 102
Fairfax, VA 22030
Officer Bradley Carruthers

Subject: Open Letter Calling for Fairfax Police Union to Respect Human Rights

Mr. Carruthers –
My name is Jeffrey Imm, with the volunteer human rights organization, Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.).
I also have my own background working in law enforcement, and was a proud member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), when I was younger. I have great respect for law enforcement and the Constitution of the United States of America, which is the basis for all of our American law, as well as our universal human rights which are the fundamental building blocks for all law in America and around the world.
Those who respect the law should inherently respect the human rights that are the basis for such law – including respect for the lives of people of all genders, nationalities, religions, identity groups, and of course, all races. Especially in the United States of America, and certainly in former slave states, such as Virginia, this would certainly demand that anyone credible in the justice community would have a special respect for the rights and lives of African-Americans as well, who have been specifically and historically wronged by this nation, and who patriots in America have sought to rectify those wrongs over the years.
I find it necessary to speak out to those who would abuse our law and the Constitution of the United States. I have seen too much of such abuse defended by misguided police union leaders, and unfortunately by too many members of the Fairfax, Virginia law enforcement community over the past several months. I am not going to write on the details of these unfortunate incidents, as they are publicly well documented, including the sad cases of John Geer, Natasha McKenna, and others who lost their lives at the hands of officers of the law in Fairfax County. It is disturbing, and I would hope that those who respect the law would share such concerns.
I have been in direct contact with the U.S. Department of Justice on their investigation of the death of Natasha McKenna, and I have been assured there will be a thorough investigation into her rights. I know there is an ongoing criminal investigation into the death of John Geer and FCPD Officer Adam Torres has been charged with second degree murder. However, it was just two months ago that Fairfax County Police Union leader of the Fairfax Coalition of Police, Local 5000, International Union of Police Associations’ President Sean Corcoran defended FCPD Officer Adam Torres, charged with murder of John Geer, and provided such a defense by saying to all of the FCPD that “we could all be Adam Torres.” Given that Mr. Torres was charged with murder, the American people certainly should hope not.
Especially in these times and under these circumstances, responsible members of the law enforcement community should know that now is the time for circumspect and measured public statements.
But Mr. Carruthers, instead of such circumspect and measured focus on important matters, it seems that you and too many other leaders of police unions would rather go out and try to pick a fight with the Washington DC metropolitan and the American people.
I don’t see the merit and value in this, especially in your own efforts this week, to use your authority and your position within law enforcement to target (of all things) a Northern Virginia pumpkin patch, because a private residence nearby has a sign reading “Black Lives Matter” in the window. I would think that you might have more important things to do than harass a pumpkin patch farm.
However, in the charged environment that our nation finds itself today, where in a dozen states we have seen law enforcement members being denied service or access even to restaurants, you have decided it should be the business of the Fairfax County police union to petition the public to boycott to Cox Farm pumpkin patch, because some people seek to respect the lives of historically persecuted racial minorities. You seem to think this position is beneficial to the public relationship with law enforcement in our communities.
I am writing to tell you that your position is misguided and counterproductive to law enforcement, its relationship with the public, and a consistent and productive stance on the law and our shared human rights. In our support for our shared universal human rights and respect for the law, we offer an outstretched hand to all, including those with whom we disagree, to promote and defend these rights and responsibilities.
But such responsibilities also include the obligation to challenge words and actions, which we believe will have the result in undermining and denying such freedom. We have read your response, as well as the comments by Cox Farms. What R.E.A.L. truly finds “disturbing and disappointing” is the ongoing abuse of authority, and the politicization of our law enforcement.
Our law enforcement is better than this, and our law enforcement is more important than this. The idea that you believe a police authority can and should be seeking to lead a boycott of a pumpkin farm, because there is a sign which recognizes that “Black Lives Matter,” is deeply offensive to our American values of justice and freedom. It is something that the American people should not expect to see from the law enforcement whose judgment they MUST TRUST.
We don’t give the law enforcement authority to the brave men and women in our justice system to represent OUR SHARED LAW because we are weak, because we are cowards, or because we don’t care about justice. In fact, it is completely the opposite. It is because we care so passionately about all of these that we have sought to have mature, sober, responsible, and professional individuals in our justice system, who we give badges and authority to represent the American people to responsibly enforce our shared law and protect our shared rights.
Furthermore, in the Washington DC metropolitan area, we have one of the most unique bodies of constituents in America, with likely the single largest concentration of those who have sworn to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic. Those who have sworn such a sacred oath are a very large portion of the constituency that the FCPD represents in Fairfax County in terms of law enforcement. Speaking as one who swore this oath myself, while employed with the F.B.I., I can tell you there are no caveats to this oath, and we don’t seek to defend the Constitution just for people of some races, some identity groups, and only in some circumstance. That is NOT what we swore to, Mr. Carruthers, and I urge you, the Fairfax County FOP, and the FCPD and law enforcement community to recognize exactly who you are dealing with here.
Let me perfectly clear and candid, sir. The people in Fairfax County and the Washington D.C. metropolitan area who swore to defend the Constitution of the United States of America have absolutely no intention of surrendering on that solemn vow to those who believe they can misuse their authority to bully and harass people in our community on issues of our shared rights and freedoms.
Of all the places in this great nation, the one place you don’t want to pick a fight against the rights and freedoms of the people is in the metropolitan area of our Nation’s Capital.
Our law and our Constitution are shared with the people in Fairfax County and the American people. It does not belong to simply one or two of us, and it certainly is not owned by the Fairfax County Police or their police union. If you want to pick a fight with Cox Farms’ pumpkin patch over the rights of African-Americans lives to have an equal measure with all other Americans, believe me, your fight is not with Cox Farms, your fight is not with African-Americans, and your fight is not with people in Fairfax County. If you want to fight with people on this issue, you need to understand you are picking a fight not just with them, but with the AMERICAN PEOPLE, including all of us who swore that OATH to defend the Constitution.
Those who want to attack those who seek equal justice and respect for the lives of African-Americans are not simply seeking a quarrel with certain groups, but are actually seeking to challenge all those who are RESPONSIBLE for equality and liberty.
Including me.
I don’t know what country you think you live in, Mr. Carruthers. But in case you have forgotten, let me remind you. This is not some totalitarian or fascist police state, where those in “authority” can use power like a whip to force their views on others and deny their fellow citizens’ fundamental freedoms.
You are in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, sir. In this great nation, when someone seeks to bully and attack the rights of equality for some, they attack the rights of equality for all. Because in this great nation, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
That, Mr. Carruthers, is why Black Lives Matter.
If you don’t understand those truths that we hold self-evident, sir, then you don’t understand the basis for this great nation, and I am sorry, you don’t understand the basis for OUR LAW. If you cannot understand our law, then sir, I am sorry, but you really do not belong in a position in LAW ENFORCEMENT.
I would urge you to reconsider your position on attacking Cox Farms, not simply to delete your inflammatory Twitter message seeking to abuse and politicize your authority within law enforcement to attack their business because someone there has the conscience of the truths we hold self-evident as a nation.
I am asking you to publicly retract and apologize regarding your statement on Cox Farms, and I am asking you to make peace with the community on this issue. We don’t want a fight with leaders in our law enforcement community. Trust me, sir, the leaders in our local law enforcement community don’t want a fight with those who have sworn an oath to defend the freedoms and laws of the United States of America.
Especially in the Washington DC metropolitan area, where so many have committed their lives to the freedoms our nation is based on, we take our vows to defend those freedoms and the LAW on which it is based very seriously and very personally. It is not simply some political idea or theory to many of us here; it is a fundamental definition as to who we are. The millions here who this is a core part of our identity are as unyielding on this, as the marble towers of the Lincoln Memorial overlooking the great statue of the defender of our Union, President Abraham Lincoln, and the marble statue of the defender of nation’s Conscience, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
We are a solid ROCK on this issue, and we will not be moved.
Under the circumstances, Mr. Carruthers, it would be in the best interests of the FCPD and your union to clarify your position on this matter expeditiously.
Now would be a good time. It is always a good day to be responsible for equality and liberty.

Sincerely, with Fidelity – Bravery – Integrity
to our Nation, Law, and Shared Human Rights,

 Jeffrey Imm
Founder, Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.)


Fairfax Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 77
Officer Bradley Carruthers, President
Comments Regarding “Black Lives Matter” Sign Near Cox Farms

 Fairfax FOP Lodge 77 Twitter Message Attacking Cox Farms for "Black Lives Matters" (Source: Twitter)

Fairfax FOP Lodge 77 Twitter Message Attacking Cox Farms for “Black Lives Matters” (Source: Twitter)