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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Idiots at work

                               Child Molestation, an all-time cop favorite
Tacoma WA cop sentenced to 14yrs and 5mo in prison after he was convicted for molesting a young female relative [0] bit.ly/reJfNa

Bedford Co VA deputy working as a high school resource officer was arrested on 12 counts of indecent liberties with a juvenile [0] bit.ly/oJK5DN

Chambers Co TX sheriff disciplined 2 deputies saying they mishandled an investigation into a sheriff’s sergeant accused of sexually assaulting a young child. This came after he was accused of ignoring the allegations that lingered for a year and a half until Texas Rangers stepped in and investigated the case. [4] bit.ly/nkJ5Xh

Los Angeles County CA deputy turned himself in on the urging of the special victims unit for 3 felony charges on allegations he molested a 15yr-old girl he met while on duty. [0] bit.ly/qTnbsd

Cops and kids, it makes the cops feel important and deal with all of the failures they had in high school
Douglas Co GA sheriff’s dept sued by 4 of 60 teens who were held in prisoner bus for hours to be interrogated in murder case [0] http://bit.ly/rf6QdY
Irvington NJ cop arrested on allegations he helped two women assault and rob a 17yr-old girl at gunpoint then drove them both away afterward. [0] bit.ly/nUDmZP

Riviera Beach FL cop was charged with assault for allegedly pushing a 12yr-old boy and threatening to taser him at camp [0] sunsent.nl/qZeN7n

Animal murder…what the hell is it with these cops and killing animals?
North Braddock PA settles suit for $25k to woman after cop fatally shot her dog as she tried to catch it after telling him it was her’s when it got loose. [0] bit.ly/nRCR4G

East Grand Rapids MI police are being sued by the family of a man who died after tasered 19 times while he was suffering from a psychotic episode [0] bit.ly/qco2Oo

A Wisconsin state appeals court has ruled that Forest County WI can’t be held liable for hiring a cop who had psychiatric problems who killed 6 people in a shooting rampage. bit.ly/nDaXct
US Border Patrol agent charged w/intox assault may face manslaughter charge in now-fatal 3-car DUI crash [0] bit.ly/oPDB66

Oakland CA settles a wrongful death excessive force lawsuit for $1.7 million to the family of a man who died after beaten by 5 officers in 2000. The suite wasn’t filed until 2009 when the investigative reports concerning the case were leaked to the press. [3] bit.ly/pSoPOT

Cops and women….a strange, strange relationship
Washington DC police sgt was sentenced to 4ys for grabbing a female friend by throat & threatening her by pointing a gun to her head. [0] wj.la/ooPFvK

Yellowstone Co MT sheriff’s sergeant placed on leave while investigated on allegations of sexual harassment [1] bit.ly/qdrMZZ
Vancouver BC police accused by research study of a pattern of forcing prostitutes to provide sexual favors to avoid arrests [3] bit.ly/n6ITYD

4 Atlanta GA cops investigated after woman spends 53 days in jail after arrested in case of mistaken identity [1] bit.ly/oMlw1S
Roswell GA cop is accused of detaining a man for 15 minutes to write him a ticket when he was stopped for speeding while rushing his ill wife, suffering from deadly blod clots, to the emergency room. When the man told the officer the cop demanded proof that the woman was sick. [3] bit.ly/pL0QLY

Pekin IL police sgt gets probation after pleading to solicitation charge, retired after investigation started [0] bit.ly/qLgcHl

Beating unarmed citizens while hiding behind the law
  An East St Louis IL police captain and sergeant are being investigated after a video, above, posted on YouTube showed them stand by & watch while an unidentified man beat and peppersprayed a handcuffed man while he was laying in the street. [1] bit.ly/nT98Zx

The federal investigation into Los Angeles County CA jail brutality claims has been expanded to include an allegation that deputies beat and peppersprayed a visitor after handcuffing and detaining him for bringing a cellphone into the jail, and act that may have violated policy, but wasn’t an arrestable offense. [0] lat.ms/plxOuw
A report by the NYCLU claims Syracuse, Albany, Glens Falls, Greece, Guilderland, Nassau Co, Rochester and Saratoga Springs NY police misuse and overuse tasers [0] bit.ly/o1SIAo

Parkersburg WV cop was suspended pending an investigation into an alleged unspecified altercation with detainee at jail [2] bit.ly/oE1zwM

Pittsburgh PA settles suit for $6k to man convicted for bank robbery claiming cops used excessive force when they arrested him after a chase. [0] bit.ly/pZpjzS

Chicago IL police sued by gang member driven to rival gang territory by 2 cops who let gang threaten him on video [0] http://bit.ly/quydlc

Readstown WI cop suspended after month-long investigation by sheriff into unspecified misconduct in office allegations. [3] bit.ly/rv4PnJ

Hanford CA settles suit for a confidential amount to a man claiming 3 cops used excessive force when they peppersprayed & beat him while 2 other officers watched. [3] bit.ly/ptkdzg

Denver CO settles an excessive force suit for $38,500 while also settling two other police lawsuits including $38k to 2 pedestrians hit by a police cruiser & $6k for a car accident caused by a police cruiser. [0] bit.ly/oqZ5Dq

An anonymous New York NY police source has leaked allegations that the police deputy inspector who peppersprayed two groups of people on video during OccupyWallStreet protests was found to have violated departmental policy and was disciplined with the loss of 10 vacation days. [1] wapo.st/q7inGs

Dumb enough to be a regular cop

San Bernardino CA school district cop discharges firearm while cleaning it inside district police department bldg [0] bit.ly/oYhRim

Green Bay WI settles suit for $50k to a bystander who was accidentally shot by cops who fatally shot suspect. [0] bit.ly/oA1w1T

Drunk/Drugs and other lower income white trash behavior

Chicago IL cop investigated after detained by US Coast Guard for allegedly firing guns on boat while drinking, while he won’t be charged, he is now under investigation over the incident. [1] trib.in/rdQ018

Orange Co CA deputy w/previous DUI conviction charged w/DUI after stopped for driving on wrong side of road [0] lat.ms/pTSUDz

New York NY cop pleads guilty to attempted burglary & conspiracy for attempting to steal $900k in drug money he believed was hidden in an apartment [0] bit.ly/pOf9Nq

Aliquippa PA cop sentenced to probation for stealing shotgun he confiscated from man during drug arrest [0] bit.ly/r3Go9Q

Mangum OK police chief arrested for assault & battery after allegedly attacking a rodeo organizer and his wife while drunk because his stepdaughter didn’t win the rodeo princess title. [0] bit.ly/oz3fdK

Webb Co TX deputy resigns after he and his son are arrested for possession of heroin [0] bit.ly/oGRFvh

Calcasieu Parish LA deputy sentenced to 5yrs & $30k restitution for malfeasance, drug pos & theft from evidence [0] bit.ly/nEExea

Minnesota State trooper arrested on drunk driving charges after an alleged off-duty hit & run property damage crash [0] bit.ly/oXtZRc

US ICE officer arrested for role in pot smuggling scheme, fled police while tossing pot out of unmarked ICE truck [0] bit.ly/pqfGoC

Hidalgo Co TX deputy convicted on conspiracy charge for a plot to steal 354lbs of marijuana along with another officer [0] bit.ly/puGiSG

Houston TX cop charged w/drunk driving & unlawful carry after rollover crash when he ran red light [0] bit.ly/owdQcl


New York NY officials ask for fed probe into controversial police stop & frisk policies after an officer was arrested for an alleged racially-motivated false arrest during a stop & frisk. The mayor dismissed such incidents as “minor complaints”. [3] bit.ly/qPqFUe

Wrongfully arrest/conviction

Warren MI settles suit for $2.8 million to a man who spent 12yrs in prison after wrongfully convicted of rape based on questionable “bite mark expert” testimony and a questionable police investigation. [0] bit.ly/nD04Hn

St George UT cop loses suit for $5k for violating man’s rights by arresting him for trying to get lost phone back [0] bit.ly/puAM1f

Frazer PA police sued by ACLU alleging false arrest of 9 legal resident Mexican workers. They were allegedly arrested merely because police received a report that a group of unidentified Mexicans were passing counterfeit bills in a neighboring county. [0] bit.ly/pHlmCl

2 Gilbert WV cops are the subject of a suit alleging they falsely arrested a motorist for refusing to sign a traffic ticket, which isn’t an arrestable offense. [3] bit.ly/q4tva2

 Bethlehem PA settles suit for $63k to a man who spent 7mos in jail before found not guilty of a firearms charge over a gun that didn’t belong to him. [0] bit.ly/pTvyCg


Talbotton GA ex-police chief charged w/false statements for allegedly lying to feds during corruption probe [0] bit.ly/pCaJKp


Perry UT cop charged w/bribery for attempting to pay off trooper to fix ticket for ex-Ogden UT cop pal also charged [0] bit.ly/qtLdtt

Smack’n the wife around

Murfreesboro TN police detective arrested on his 2nd DV charge in 3yrs after allegedly hitting ex-wife in the face [0] bit.ly/q4LItx

Threats of violence

Muskogee OK cop arrested on allegations that he made violent threats against a fellow officer after that officer questioned his duties. [0] bit.ly/pRY4yg

 Woodville MS police chief on unpaid leave while investigated over unspecified complaint by visiting court worker [2] http://bit.ly/mTuC18

Denver CO police are accused of harassing legal observers and making other questionable arrests at Occupy Denver protests. [3] bit.ly/o7BZba

Langston OK police chief & asst police chief suspended while investigated over various issues including his refusal to sign an agreement to gain access to the state police database. [0] bit.ly/qMjIZb

Bonneville Co ID deputy arrested on allegations he used county credit card to buy gas for personal car [0] bit.ly/mPoEme

DeKalb Co GA cop sentenced to 1yr for lying to feds and using his position to help others hide a stolen vehicle [0] bit.ly/oenJ8S

Ontario Provincial police officer arrested on theft charge after allegedly caught shoplifting by store security [0] bit.ly/p5eSMl

Albermarle County VA settles suit for undisclosed sum to a man who was in a wheelchair when he was struck by a police cruiser [3] bit.ly/rfe7NT

 Detroit MI cop was charged with multiple felonies on allegations he falsified paperwork in order to get paid for work he didn’t do [0] bit.ly/pLGXMZ

Look at this SOB macing the kid, bastard

Interview with Police Chief David Midget Rohrer.....what did you think the M stood for?

FPAI. Chief, one of your officers has filed a suit against you…wadda think about that?
Rohrer: Well, it’s not a suit. I went down to the courtroom all, like, really excited and everything because like, it’s a new suit, I was hoping for a white one, you know like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever because a lot of people say I look like him.
FPAI. Like who? What people?

Rohrer: Are you talking to me?

FPAI. There are only two of us here.
Rohrer: You could have been talking to yourself.

FPAI. That would be abnormal.
Rohrer: Yeah, says you.

FPAI. Who says you look like John Travolta? Name one person, and A REAL PERSON
Rohrer: Well, okay, that little man who lives inside my head and whispers things to me, not the evil one who makes me do things to dogs, the other one… he said it. That’s one.   

FPAI. You don’t look anything like John Travolta
Rohrer: Do too.

FPAI. No, I….
Rohrer: If I was three feet taller and didn’t have this gay guy mustache thing and weighed, like, two hundred pounds less and had smaller ears and hair, I would be the spitting image of John Travolta…….so there.

FPAI. Yeah, alright whatever, go on about the suit.
Rohrer: Well the suit wasn’t no suit at all, it was just like papers and stuff that said things on them…and not a single picture or cartoon or anything. That Bugs Bunny, biy I'll tell ya... 

FPAI.  The officer claims you retaliated against a female police captain who disagreed with how you  handled an unrelated sexual harassment investigation.
Rohrer: Now you look here! How I handle my sexual what-do-you-call-it is none of her business, and a lot of guys and can’t find dates do that.

FPAI. What?
Rohrer: Are you talking about the five knuckle shuffle?

Rohrer: Beating the Bishop?

FPAI. No, all right lets change….
Rohrer: Buttering your corn?

FPAI. Alright, stop it.
Rohrer: The ole one man tug a war.

FPAI. Stop it!. The officer accuses you of, among other things, of using emails to defame her .
Rohrer: She was never famous to begin with!.

FPAI. What?  That isn’t what defame means.
Rohrer: Oh…well, in that case yeah, I defamed her. I’ve defamed lots of broads, but lots of them wear white at their weddings anyway.

FPAI. What are you talking…..
Rohrer: You know how this got started? That Hugh Jackman guy at the Washington Post. He tells everybody everything.

FPAI. But isn’t that his job?.
Rohrer: Look, he should decide to be one of two things, an actor, a wolverine or a guy who tells people everything, you can’t be all four.

FPAI. What?.
Rohrer: Well, that’s not exactly true, you can be a wolverine and like a regular person, if you get bite by a wolf but not a regular wolf…….you know he can jump over a car?.

FPAI. All right, let’s move along.
Rohrer: I tried it once. Didn't make it. Fuck'n volkswagons.

FPAI You’ll be represented by County Attorney Karen Gibbons.
Rohrer: It hurt.

FPAI Do you feel that’s right, for the taxpayer to defend you in this case?
Rohrer: That’s cause I don’t know have no wolverine powers

FPAI Why does the County Attorney do everything you tell them to do?
Rohrer: Three words…Sal Culosi. Accidents happen all the time. Even to County Attorney’s.

FPAI. So basically you threaten to murder them?
Rohrer: Not at all. I have photographs, I’d use those first. Ask Horan. Look, all this is being handled by Internal Affairs.

FPAI. But Internal Affairs is referred to within your department  as “The white boys who handle the white wash” .
Rohrer: Now you just hold on! They are not all white, one of them is one of those…whadda call those ones?

FPAI. I don’t know.
Rohrer: You know, the urine colored ones. Real short people. Smell funny.

FPAI I don’t know.
Rohrer: I heard they eat dogs…supposed to be good at math. Like Jews.

FPAI. I don’t know.
Rohrer: Cept Jews don’t eat dogs. You know that if the sun shine son them on Saturday they’ll explode? That’s true.

FPAI. Okay, moving along.
Rohrer: Or they don’t eat dogs on Saturday maybe, because they’ll explode,  I forget.

FPAI. Let’s discuss Major Shawn Barrett, the commander of FCPD's Criminal Investigations Bureau
Rohrer: You know the ones I’m talking about? They always look like the wind is blowing in their faces? Cute little buggers but very devious.    

FPAI. Let’s discuss Major Shawn Barrett, the commander of FCPD's Criminal Investigations Bureau
Rohrer: Then we got that colored guy up there too. Talk about black. Lean him against the White House he would look like an alley way, you know what I mean?

FPAI. Let’s discuss Major Shawn Barrett, the commander of FCPD's Criminal Investigations Bureau
Rohrer: He’s on medical leave right now.

FPAI. Let’s discuss Major …
Rohrer: He’s on medical leave right now.

FPAI. Okay, fine. Why is he on medical leave?
Rohrer: He was eating a Tootsie Roll, bit his finger off by mistake.

FPAI. Okay, fine.
Rohrer: Get it?

FPAI. Yeah.
Rohrer: Tootsie Roll.

FPAI. Yeah.
Rohrer: Cause he’s a colored guy.

FPAI. Major Barrett called the officer to warn her that she was being unfairly railroaded.
Rohrer: Too bad for her, she should drive to work like everybody else!

FPAI. I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t hear that. Anyway, you unfairly focused on her execution of a new procedure for….
Rohrer: You stop right there! We do not execute! That crazy guy tried to pull away…..  

FPAI. I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t hear that….
Rohrer: Plant thieve. One thing I WILL NOT tolerate in this county is a crazy guy who steals plants.  You let one steal a plant, next thing you know..............

FPAI. Anyway, she is seeking $1 million from the anonymous accuser…..
Rohrer: I’m all in favor of people stopping drinking.

FPAI. What?
Rohrer: AA

FPAI. AA does not stand for anonymous accuser.
Rohrer: Are you sure? Shit, I'm gonna stop go'n in that case

FPAI. Anyway, Victor Glasberg, the officer’s attorney, said, when asked whether he thought the writer had a vendetta against the officer  "Does the sun rise in the east?"
Rohrer: Finish saying what Glasbeg said.

FPAI. Does the sun rise in the east?
Rohrer: What has that got to do with it? Finish saying what Glasbeg said first.

FPAI. First?
Rohrer: Who’s on first?

FPAI. What?
Rohrer: No… who….I don’t know, my eyebrows hurt. That ever happen to you? Talk aboout hurt...I pulled my zipper up fast this one time cause a car went by...

FPAI. He was speaking rhetorically
Rohrer: Then he should speak English so English people can understand him! You hire a foreign lawyer that’s what you get. Rectal speaking....I was in mcDonald the other day, I had to "Hamburger" five times....

FPAI. You know what? You’re a fucking idiot

Fairfax police captain files defamation suit against chief

....and the reason we don't fire this clown is.......I give up....what is the reason?

By , Published: October 20

Chief of the Fairfax County Police David M. Rohrer, dressed as a large black women, with his lawyer, address the issue of the suit  

The Fairfax County police captain in charge of major investigations has filed a defamation lawsuit against Chief David M. Rohrer for e-mails he sent this past spring criticizing the captain and for other actions Rohrer took in response to an anonymous letter alleging internal corruption.
Capt. Denise L. Hopson, 42, oversees the major crimes division of the Fairfax police, including the homicide, robbery and sex crimes detective squads. For a sitting police commander to sue her chief is extremely unusual. Hopson’s attorney, Victor M. Glasberg, advised her not to comment, but he said Hopson did not take the step into court lightly.

“It’s very rough,” Glasberg said. “Denise is in the very rough and uncomfortable position of having to sue her chief and wishes she wasn’t there. She is a loyal and dedicated Fairfax cop. She understands and respects the chain of command, and her professional obligations, and she will abide by them.”
Rohrer and other Fairfax police officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The county typically does not discuss pending litigation, police spokeswoman Mary Ann Jennings said.
The chain of events was set off by an anonymous letter that was sent to Rohrer on Jan. 6 and also sent to The Washington Post. The letter claimed to be from “a group of Fairfax County Police Officers who are outraged about the recent process used to select future detectives for the Major Crimes Division.”
Hopson had recently revised the promotion process, her lawsuit says, because the prior system was thought to be unfair. Hopson’s process, including a new written essay requirement, received praise from her commanders, according to the suit.
But the anonymous letter alleged that Hopson manipulated the process to allow a friend to make the list of “highly qualified” candidates for promotion to detective while excluding others with better résumés. In January, lower-level supervisors promoted two officers from the new list to the detective bureau.
Rohrer referred the anonymous letter to internal affairs. Hopson cooperated with the investigation, provided documentation to explain how the process had worked and believed she would soon be cleared, her lawsuit says.
In March, Rohrer decided to invalidate the process and return those already promoted to their previous jobs and said he would transfer Hopson to the police training academy, the chief announced at a command staff meeting, according to the lawsuit and sources familiar with the case. Hopson ultimately was allowed to stay in her job.
On March 7, the chief sent an e-mail to senior commanders saying that the “selection process was unfair and flawed” and that he was going to address it in an e-mail to the entire department. Rohrer added that “the problems primarily center on flawed/poor judgment on the part of the commander running the process.”
Later that day, Rohrer sent a department-wide e-mail announcing the invalidation of the process and the demotion of the two detectives as a result of “clearly a flawed process from a fundamental fairness perspective.”
The internal affairs investigation was still in progress. Hopson alleges in the suit that Rohrer was “willing to take unconsidered, premature and excessive action” toward her because she once complained that he had failed to order a thorough investigation into a male supervisor’s alleged sexual harassment of a female officer.
“Chief Rohrer has never forgiven Capt. Hopson for her challenge to his authority and decision in that case,” the suit says.
Hopson’s suit, filed in Fairfax County Circuit Court, indicates that she also might sue a deputy chief, Maggie DeBoard, because she thinks DeBoard urged Rohrer to act quickly on the anonymous complaint even though the internal affairs investigation was still underway.
In April, the internal affairs probe concluded that the allegations were “not sustained,” the suit says. But Rohrer has declined to sign that finding, the suit alleges.

With trouble brewing within the police department, the chief calls in his brother for support