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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

From the like realy, super cool secret diary of Chief roarererer-er

I’m in the closet but I’m thinking about coming out of the closet.

I lost my alibi weapon and I think it might be in my other uniform that’s here in the closet. But I can’t find it.

So the phone rings and its Officer Terry Hudgins, our spokesperson. You can’t say spokesman anymore which is too bad because nobody is sure what Terry is, a man or a woman. Of course there are tell tale signs, broad shoulders, muscular frame, thick legs, arm hair......you know, all the things that tells you it’s a female member of the force. But still, we’re not sure what we got here.

Once, in an effort to find out what Terry is, I asked, “So what did you used to do?” and Terry goes “Pro golfer”

I said, “Terry has anyone in the department ever talked to you about being ambiguous?”and Terry goes “I don’t discuss religion on the job Chief”

I gotta remember to look up ambiguous, maybe that’s the one that means you can use two hands instead of favoring one....no, wait... that word is bisexual.....oh! I remember now, ambiguous mean living under the ocean. So I said, “Well, I’m asking Terry, because I really like fish”

There was this really, really long silence so I go “What’s up Terry?”

And Terry goes “Barbered wire, search lights, machine gun torrents”

I felt myself getting aroused “And leather....we’ll need handcuff, but I have some.....I’ll have to go back in the closet” I added with a throaty hiss

“Leather?” Terry asked “Why? You can’t build a barricade with leather”

“Barricade?” I asked “Oh yeah, Barricade...well we can’t put all that around the police station” and Terry said, “No, I want to put it the our northern border of the county”

And I goes “Why?” becuase I wanted to know why and Terry said “Three words, Chief........D.C.”

I wasn’t listening. My little twisted mind was far away on my second favorite subject behind shooting people, talking about leather, and ballet.....that’s right....redesigning the police department....I had always thought that headquarters would look just scrumptious in a California inspired light mauve with torques trim. I’m also partial to playful pinks and for years, I’ve thought that our uniforms would be vastly improved with playful animal prints in vivid colors, according to season of course. And girlfriend, don’t even get me started on what I would do with our squad cars. I really need to get back into that closet.

“Naw” I said “We can’t do it Terry...I’ll tell you what, why don’t you set up a road block, stop and one thousand cars, tie up traffic, burn precious fuels, cost people time and money and make a 1% arrest rate for DUI.”

“One percent?” Terry said indignantly “Hell, we can get 25% by just testing our own guys in squad cars...we could make a year’s quota on the speed pills alone, those guys carry”

“I know, I know” I told him...her.....I told Terry... with a smirk “But if we don’t spend every penny in the budget they might take it away and give it to the school system so they don’t have to fire a teacher ”

“People just have all the wrong priorities” Terry said.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-24-10

Cost to citizens this week for cop behavior $50,000, cost for the month of November 2010 about $96,000,000 (On the record settlements)

Its time for America to have a national conversation about the national police problem

A Wayne County MI deputy has been sentenced to 9-15 years in prison to be served after an additional to 2 year sentence for a firearm enhancement for beating, choking and raping a female relative at gunpoint. (aggression and violence, woman involved)

Just regular stupid behavior
Chicago IL police are being sued by the family of a man who was shot to death by a man who threatened to kill him in front of a number of officers but was never detained.

.......and of course, good old fasioned creepy cop behavior
New London CT police have been forced by an arbitrator to rehire a cop who was fired for taking photos of a dead body with his cell phone and sharing the photos with his friends.

Standard weasel behavior
An Edinburg TX cop is being accused of releasing a woman from jail in exchange for sex. Officials are saying that the officer is already on administrative leave but insist that it’s unrelated to those allegations

Double standard
The police chief of Farmington NM is under investigation after accused of showing up to a SWAT incident with alcohol on his breath. Officials don’t know if he was technically under the influence since officers at the scene didn’t give him a breathalyzer even though he drove there.

High Point NC police say they will discipline one of their cops internally instead of ticketing her for rear-ending a truck while on-duty. Though the department refuses to say exactly what kind of disciplinary action is planned.

San Francisco CA has settled a lawsuit for $50,000 to a man who was seen on video being shoved by a cop who is now facing battery charges over the incident.

A Fond du Lac WI cop has been suspended for three days without pay for injuring a handcuffed detainee by slamming him into a table on video at jail.

A Palm Beach Gardens FL cop has been charged with sexual battery, official misconduct & evidence tampering on allegations that he improperly performed a vaginal search of a female suspect. (aggression and violence, woman involved)

Miami FL police and prosecutors had indicated they were not going to charge a man who was shown in a video being beaten by cops on Halloween but then decided to charge him with resisting arrest without violence for trying to cover his head while an officer repeated punched him until he blacked out.

An Indiana State Police “master trooper detective” has been suspended for 2 days over an altercation he had with an Indianapolis police commander in his office.

Domestic violence
The police chief of Burden KS has been placed on paid leave after arrested on unspecified domestic battery allegations.

A Lawrence County IN deputy has been arrested on battery of a minor and domestic battery in presence of a minor charges on allegations that he beat his wife and his 14-year-old son during a domestic dispute. (aggression and violence, woman and children involved)

Civil rights violation
The Buffalo NY police department, along with the city of Buffalo and Erie County, have been named in a lawsuit filed by a woman who spent 14 years in prison after wrongfully convicted of murdering her own daughter until she was finally released and exonerated. (aggression and violence, woman involved)

New York NY police are being sued by a woman who was 7 months pregnant when she claims she was wrongfully arrested when she accidentally walked in on a drug bust operation at an apartment building and was strip searched and jailed for 3 days. (aggression and violence, woman involved)

A judge has ruled that a search warrant served by the Roosevelt County MT sheriff’s department had violated the rights of the Poplar Montana police chief who was arrested after marijuana plants were found on his property that were being grown for a medical marijuana patient.

Four Okalossa County FL deputies have been disciplined with reprimands, one of which was suspended for 3 days, over the false arrest of a 66-year-old man on a drug possession charge after his heart medication was mistaken for cocaine.

Jackson MS narcotics officers who were recently accused of falsely arresting store owners while recorded on surveillance video are now being accused of harassing a family, including entering their home without a warrant, after the family claimed they recognized the officers from the video.

Las Vegas NV police lieutenant has been suspended while he’s under investigation on allegations that he misappropriated funds from the police union he served as chairman for.

The Santa Fe County NM sheriff has issued a public apology, resigned and turned himself in after admitting to selling off old police equipment to pay off his own debt.

A Maywood IL cop has been charged with theft after stealing $240 from an FBI agent during a sting operation that was carried out after complaints were made that he was stealing money from suspects.

An Indiana State Excise cop has been arrested for theft and official misconduct for allegedly stealing from evidence.

A Maryland State trooper has been charged with misconduct in office on allegations he claimed $5,500 in overtime that he didn’t earn via timesheet fraud.

A Henrico County VA cop has been sentenced to 5 days in jail and a $250 fine after pleading no contest to a DUI charge.

A Denver CO cop has been arrested on a drunk driving charge while off-duty after a motorist reported him to police.

A New York NY cop has been arrested on DUI charges after he repeatedly hit a truck with his car while off-duty:. When police responded to the complaint the officer told them he was “on the job”.

County Police Department Replaces Crashed Helicopter

November 18, 1993

After receiving no opposition from county supervisors who had initially voiced doubts about the purchase, the Fairfax County Police Department has gone ahead with plans to replace a $ 1.5 million helicopter that crashed last summer.
The helicopter crashed moments after takeoff Aug. 24 because its pilot and co-pilot forgot to unplug it from a battery unit on the ground.
Board Chairman Thomas M. Davis III (R) and Supervisor Ernest J. Berger (R-Dranesville) questioned last month whether the helicopter, one of three in the police fleet, needed to be replaced. Fairfax County is the only area jurisdiction in Virginia with its own police helicopters.
"If a kid asks for a glass of Coke, and you give it to him and he drops it, do you give him another one? Of course not," Davis said at the time. He contended that some of the 18 officers in the helicopter unit could be reassigned to understaffed police units. But neither Davis nor Berger made any attempt to stop the purchase when it was described to the Board of Supervisors at its meeting this week.


Washington Times

August 28, 1991, Wednesday, Final Edition

Car 54, where are you?


If you thought Fairfax County's four-chopper air cavalry division was a good story, get a load of yet another little item, this one uncovered by Thomas Heath of The Washington Post: "More than $1 million worth of brand new Fairfax County police cars are sitting unused on a fenced grassy lot, their batteries disconnected, purchased because officials wrongly believed the big sedans they favor would no longer be manufactured."

Naturally, piecing together a story that lays blame for wasting a million dollars is a tough job, but Mr. Heath seems to have uncovered all the taxpayers need to know.

* At a cost of $3.2 million, the county bought twice as many cars as it needed, which will continue depreciating and deteriorating until the police can use them.

* Like many of the decisions that went into buying the elaborate furnishings of the government center, including $4 million worth of new furniture, this one was made because county officials simply didn't know what they were doing. When county officials found out the Ford Crown Victoria they purchase for police duty would undergo a design change and be unavailable in the near future, they asked Chevrolet what it could offer. County officials claim that Chevrolet said it was downsizing its police model, so they decided to buy twice as many Fords. Chevrolet says the company never had plans to downsize its car, which costs $530 less than the Ford. * "No analysis was done to determine the cost of maintaining the cars or how much money the county would lose by not earning interest on more than $1 million." As the Republican nominee for county supervisor, Tom Davis, noted, "This is just another example of lack of appropriate oversight by elected officials and the delegation to county staff of wide spending discretion." Whether Mr. Davis is including himself in that group we don't know, but his point is well taken. A helicopter fleet costing $4,000 a day. Millions in new furniture costs. Granite flooring and mahogany paneling in the government center. A fitness room with thousands of dollars worth of equipment. A $96,000 television system. A $37,000 granite conference table. Exotic pine trees costing $4,000 apiece. All of which cost more than $100 million (the lion's share of it going to the new government center), a figure that approximates the deficit the county faces next year. With the approval of the Board of Supervisors, Fairfax County's top-level bureaucrats have spent the Moore years building an empire with taxpayer money. Come November, the taxpayers should act accordingly.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-23-10

With the settlement of the Kwethluk Alaska case (below) Police misconduct has, cost taxpayers about $98,000,000 (ninety eight million) dollars in the month of November and the month ain’t over. That figure comes from known settlements. Out of court settlements, conservatively, is at least $10,000,000 more.

America needs to have a national discussion about the national police problem

Kwethluk Alaska has lost a civil suit for over $23,000,000 in a jury award to a man who was left a quadriplegic when a Kwethluk police officer and a tribal officer arrested and dragged him to an ATV despite his suffering a head injury and broken neck.

Two Rochester NY cops are under investigation after a local pastor accused the officers of using excessive force when they broke his son’s nose.

A Laurens County SC deputy has been arrested on an assault and battery charge for allegedly assaulting a detainee in jail last year.

Nut job
The police chief of Zionsville IN is the subject of a state investigation over allegations that he stole a television and gun from evidence and that he drew a cocked and loaded firearm out on his officers during a meeting when he felt that officers weren’t paying attention to him.

A Yakima County WA sheriff’s sergeant is under investigation on allegations that he refused to dispatch assistance to a police officer who took part in the arrest of a fellow Yakima deputy who has been charged with raping a woman at gunpoint.

The police chief of Greenwood IN is also under investigation on allegations that he ordered officers to transport an officer to his home after he was detained on allegations that he pulled a gun on a man who confronted him about leaving his baby in his car. Responding officers said they smelled alcohol on the officer’s breath but refused a breathalyzer. The chief allegedly offered the officer a drink at his home after that, essentially making it impossible to discipline or charge the officer.

A Morehouse Parish LA deputy has resigned after an audit found discrepancies in accounts containing funds deposited by inmates for buying necessities from the jail commissary.

Typical Cop Weasel behavior
The West Virginia State Police are being sued by a newspaper claiming that the agency has been refusing to comply with FOIA requests seeking internal affairs reports related to closed investigations.

And of course, the standard creepy cop behavior
A Bosque Farms NM cop has resigned after an investigation into allegations that he had videotaped himself having sex with two different women, one while on-duty inside a city official’s office, and then uploaded the videos to a departmental computer where they were later discovered.

Cops and Kids: Run Children! Run!

The now-former sheriff of Park County MT has been sentenced to five years in prison after he accepted a plea deal that reduced several charges down to a singly intimidation charge in relation to allegations that he sexually assaulted a teen girl on multiple occasions and threatened to have her arrested if she didn’t keep quiet.

Cops and animals, a strange, strange relationship

A North Las Vegas NV cop has been accused of needlessly shooting a family’s pet dog to death while off-duty. The officer and her police officer husband claim that she shot the dog when it got loose and threatened him but the family and several neighbors say the dog was friendly and the woman walking the dog says that the dog was just being playful and came back when called the dog. she also claims she had hold of the leash when the officer shot it in the street.

A NC State trooper has been ordered to be rehired by a judge who ruled that videos showing the idiot officer pick his police dog up off the ground and kick it were not outrageous, but instead was an acceptable training method for police dogs. The judge claimed to have made the decision because he believes police dogs should be considered as weapons, not animals.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Monday, November 22, 2010:


A Kern County CA deputy has been placed on paid leave after he was arrested on two charges of spousal abuse.

Sexual assaults.

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC police officer has lost his court battle to keep his disciplinary record secret after he was fired and arrested for at least two alleged sexual assaults.


A California State Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement officer has been arrested for grand theft, false reporting, and embezzlement after he was allegedly caught stealing $33,000 in a DOJ sting operation.

A Galesburg IL police officer has pled guilty to a felony theft charge for stealing money from his own department in a deal that dropped other charges related to the theft.


A Columbus IN police officer has pled guilty to illegal possession of prescription pain killers in a plea deal that dropped five other charges.

Disorderly conduct

A Yellowstone County MT deputy received a deferred sentence and a fine in exchange for his plea to a reduced disorderly conduct charge for his role in a bar fight.


A Felicity OH police captain received probation and he has been ordered to resign as part of his plea deal for confiscating drugs but failing to turn them over to evidence or file charges.

A now-retired Chicago IL police officer was arrested on a number of charges including kidnapping and drug-related charges for his alleged role in a criminal organization. While most of the alleged activities were after he retired, an obstruction charge related to allegations of false testimony during a trial while he was still an officer were part of those charges, which qualifies this report for the news feed.

Regular stupid behavior

Columbus GA police are being accused of falsely arresting a news crew from Russia Today on video while the reporter and her cameraman were doing a report on a protest at Fort Benning. Apparently, a journalist with the Columbus Ledger was also threatened with arrest as well for covering the event.

Police misconduct November 20-21, 2010:

Cost to citizens today for stupid behavior $550,000, almost $80,000,000 for the month...no joke...$80,000,000. Its time for a national conversation about the national police problem

Thug behavior
Santa Rosa County FL has settled a lawsuit for $55,000 and has expunged the record for a retired Air Force colonel who was wrongfully arrested by deputies in the wake of hurricane Ivan. Apparently he and a neighbor came out with guns when they saw the deputies walking around the neighbor’s home thinking they were looters. The deputies then attacked the neighbor, beating & tasering him then tackling his wife before arresting the victim on attempted murder charges because he fired his shotgun into the ground before he knew the officers were deputies, one of which was later convicted for excessive force.

General dumb behavior
A Monroe County TN deputy has been fired after police allegedly found him in street holding a club after an altercation while the police were responding to call about someone with a gun. The same deputy was recently cleared by an investigation into the mysterious death of a county election commissioner who was found shot to death hin the trunk of his burning car. (Aggresive behavior with violence)

A Washington DC assistant police chief has been suspended while under investigation over allegations that she helped her command officers cheat on tests.

Assult with intent
A Taos County NM deputy is the subject of a lawsuit alleging he caused a man to suffer a brain injury by tasering him after an auto accident then allegedly beating with either his hands or a flashlight. (aggressive behavior with violence)

A San Juan County CO deputy has been suspended while under investigation over allegations involving an altercation he had with a fireman for refusing to stay on scene and direct traffic for him that led to the deputy allegedly swerving towards him on the road while the firefighter was riding his motorcycle sometime after the incident. (aggressive behavior with violence)

A Pittsburgh PA police officer has been arrested over an alleged domestic violence incident inside his car that left his girlfriend with minor injuries. (aggresive behavior involving violence on women)

Mann Act
An Erie County NY deputy has pled guilty to misprison of a felony in a plea deal for transporting about half a dozen prostitutes across the Canadian border for a fraternal organization’s meeting that apparently consisted of other law enforcement officers.

Creepy beavior
Polk County FL deputy has resigned while under investigation over two sexual misconduct claims filed by women including one who claims that he began touching himself while driving her to jail after telling her she was sexy and asking to see her tattoos and the other who claimed he asked for a hug during a traffic stop then followed her home, asking to come inside. (aggresive behavior involving violence on women)

A Monroe County FL deputy has been fired after being arrested on a drunk driving charge involving property damage charges.

An Ohio state trooper has received a suspended sentence after pleading guilty to a drunk driving charge. The plea deal came after his first trial on the charge resulted in a hung jury.

Civil rights violation
The Put-In-Bay OH police department is being accused of violating state public records laws by refusing to release police reports when requested by media.

Cops and animals, a strange, strange relationship

Frederick County MD deputy is the subject of a lawsuit alleging that he unnecessarily shot a family’s pet Labrador impulsively and that a second deputy laughed about it in front of their daughter while the deputies visited the family’s home trying to find their son for unspecified reasons.

Oak Grove KY police are being sued by a soldier who claims he was attacked by a police dog when he was getting out of his car as ordered by police who were responding to a call about him creating a disturbance at a truck stop. Video taken of the incident allegedly supports his version of events.

The problem with putting people on salary is they don't understand the cost of money

Sobriety Checkpoint Results In Mason Police District

Fairfax County police officers from around the county conducted a sobriety checkpoint to deter and apprehend intoxicated drivers on Friday, November 12 (2010) from 11:30 p.m. until 2:30 a.m. Saturday. All motorists were stopped and drivers were evaluated to assure that their abilities to drive had not been impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Approximately 720 motorists were stopped in the westbound lanes of Arlington Boulevard near the intersection of Annandale Road. Four arrests were made for DWI and three summonses were issued for traffic offenses.



Sobriety checkpoints conducted in 2009: 34 (About one every two weeks)

Citizens "Screened" at checkpoints: 16,000

DWI arrests as a result of sobriety checkpoints: 45 (out of 16,000 citizens "screened")

Do you believe this shit? And yet, they have the balls to conduct sobriety test on us

WASHINGTON — Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar’s wife got a 30-day suspended sentence, was fined $250 and faces driving restrictions for a year after pleading guilty to a November drunken-driving incident. A charge of hitting a parked car and leaving the scene was dropped Friday, according to Fairfax County court records. Charlene Lugar, 77, was arrested Nov. 18 after hitting a parked car in the suburban Virginia neighborhood where the Lugars live. An officer stopped Lugar after noticing damage to the front of her 2003 Buick Rendezvous and smoke coming from the engine. No one was injured.

A breath test taken about three hours after she was stopped registered a score of 0.11 percent alcohol content. The legal limit is 0.08 percent.Fairfax County police spokesman Bud Walker said three hours is not an unusual amount of time between a stop and when a breath test is administered.

Walker said a person’s score could go up or down in three hours, depending on various factors including how recently alcohol had been ingested before the arrest.Lugar would have faced automatic jail time if her reading had been 0.15 percent or higher. Instead, she received a suspended sentence and a $250 fine. She can use her driver’s license for limited purposes for a year, including to attend a mandated alcohol education program and to go to Unity Club of Falls Church, a meeting place for members of Alcoholics Anonymous and other recovery groups. A hearing had been scheduled for June 11, but Lugar entered a guilty plea last week to a charge of driving while intoxicated. At the time of Charlene Lugar’s arrest, Sen. Lugar issued a statement saying the family was “deeply sorry and embarrassed that this accident has occurred.”

Man Says Sleepy Cop Got Him Shot. The Fairfax Police are not inherently stupid.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010Last Update: 9:06 AM PT
Court House News Service
Man Says Sleepy Cop Got Him Shot

FAIRFAX, Va. (CN) - A man who tried to report an assault in the parking lot of a Fairfax County police station says he was shot five times after the front desk cop, who "appeared to be sleeping," told him to go back outside. As he lay bleeding in the cops' parking lot, he says, he had to use his own cell phone to call an ambulance.

Najib Gerdak accuses Fairfax County and the "indifferent" Jane Doe officer at the Franconia District Police Station of gross and wanton negligence, in Fairfax County Court.

Gerdak says the shooting occurred in the early morning of Feb. 2, 2008, when he noticed a car following him, prompting him to drive to the Franconia District Police Station. He says a taxicab pulled into the parking lot, followed by a speeding SUV that repeatedly rammed the cab.

Gerdak says he ran into the station, and as he approached the officer at the front desk, "he noticed that her eyes were closed, her feet were propped up on the desk, and she appeared to be sleeping."

Gerdak says he woke her up to alert her of the situation taking place just outside the station, but the officer appeared "indifferent" and "refused to render assistance."

He says the officer told him to tell the cab driver to call his dispatcher to report the incident.

Gerdak says that when he went outside to do that, the driver of the SUV shot him five times.

"While on the ground injured and bleeding, Gerdak called for his own ambulance using his personal cellular phone," he says in his complaint.

Then, Gerdak says, he waited for 20 minutes for an ambulance to reach him.

Gerdak claims he suffered permanent nerve damage from the shooting, and required emergency surgery to repair his "eviscerated colon."

He demands $10 million in compensatory damages, and punitive damages, for gross negligence, willful and wanton negligence, failure to protect, and other charges.

He is represented by Katherine Martell of Falls Church.


A Fairfax County man who was shot five times by an assailant in the parking lot of a Fairfax County police station is suing the county for $10 million, claiming he was told by a police officer -- whom he allegedly had woken up fro m a dead sleep -- to go back outside the station after going inside to report an assault on another man by the same assailant.

Najib Gerdak,28, of Springfield claims in the suit -- filed April 27 in Fairfax County Circuit Court -- that after being shot five times in the abdomen, groin, leg and shoulder outside the Franconia District police station, no police officers came outside to help him nor did anyone inside the police station call for an ambulance.

The suit further claims that while Gerdak lay on the ground bleeding from the gunshot wounds, he was forced to call for an ambulance on his own cell phone in an effort to save his life. The incident occurred on Feb. 2, 2008.

The assailant was later identified as Jeffrey Scott Koger, 40, who at the time lived in Herndon and was the former chief financial officer of the Koger Management Group in Fairfax.

Koger was convicted of attempted capital murder of a police officer stemming from the same event that day, and is serving a 66-year term in prison.

According to court records and testimony, the sequence of events on Feb. 2, 2008, began at 2:59 a.m., when a 35-year-old taxi driver was shot in the chest with a .38 caliber handgun by Koger, who was driving a dark-colored SUV.

Koger then followed another cab, which pulled into the Franconia police station.

According to the suit, Gerdak claims that the same morning around 3 a.m., he noticed that he was being followed by an unidentified vehicle. Instead of continuing home, he drove to the nearby Franconia police station, where he exited his car and began talking to the person in the unidentified vehicle.

It was then that the taxi cab being pursued by Koger pulled up at high speed .

Koger then rammed the taxi cab several times with his own vehicle. Gerdak claims in the suit that the taxi driver rolled down his window and called for help. Gerdak says in the suit that he then entered the police station where he found a woman who appeared to be a police officer asleep at the front desk, "her feet propped up on the desk."

After telling the alleged officer -- who the suit refers to as "Jane Doe" -- about the situation outside in the parking lot, he claims he was told to go back outside. When he did, he was shot repeatedly by Koger and called for medical help on his cell phone.

"Fairfax County police failed to protect this man, who was acting as a good Samaritan," said Gerdak's attorney, Katherine Martell. The suit charges the county with both gross negligence and willful and wanton negligence.

Martell said Gerdak still has a bullet lodged in his groin that causes him great pain. "This is a young man, 28 years old, that may not be able to have children and is in need of expensive corrective surgery," she said. Martell said the name of the sleeping woman has not been divulged by police, but said she thinks it can be obtained through the discovery portion of the trial.

Martell said Gerdak originally retained another attorney who agreed to a protective order disallowing surveillance video and police radio chatter to be used as evidence in his case.

"I am hopeful that I can have that order removed," she said Monday. "Currently, we are awaiting the county to file its paperwork in the case before proceeding to trial."

It is the policy of Fairfax County not to comment on pending litigation

The Fairfax Police are not inherently stupid. And that's our story and we're stick'n to it.

State forced to drop charges

Most charges against three burglary suspects thrown out in Fairfax

By Tom Jackman

Washington Post Staff Writer

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Fairfax County woman said she heard a loud noise in her house one morning in June, stepped outside her bathroom and came face-to-face with an unknown man walking up her stairs. "Hello," she said to him. He turned and ran. Five months later, the man, his wife and another man, all from New York City, were arrested and charged with burglarizing Fairfax and Loudoun homes owned by South Asians, specifically snatching pure gold pieces and ignoring other valuables. But the cases against two of the three defendants have been dismissed in Fairfax, and only the attempted burglary charge heard in Fairfax County General District Court on Wednesday remained.

The case against Dagoberto Soto-Ramirez was sent to a Circuit Court grand jury by General District Court Judge Ian M. O'Flaherty. But all remaining charges in Fairfax against Soto-Ramirez's wife, Melinda Soto, and co-defendant Francisco Gray were dismissed after Fairfax Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Katherine E. Stott dropped the attempted burglary case against them Wednesday. Last month, O'Flaherty threw out 10 counts apiece that had been filed against the three, after finding that police had not conclusively linked them to incriminating evidence found in their rental car and hotel room. Earlier this month, a Loudoun judge threw out an additional six counts against Gray. He faces no criminal charges, but he is being held on an immigration detainer, Stott said. Soto-Ramirez and Soto have a preliminary hearing set in Loudoun for next week on the same counts.

"We're very frustrated," said Raman Kumar, one of about two dozen homeowners in Fairfax and Loudoun whose homes were robbed last summer and fall. The burglars apparently knew that Indian and South Asian families keep 22-karat gold items in their homes and pass them from generation to generation. No more, Kumar said. "Most South Asians are not keeping gold in their houses anymore," said Kumar, who has organized a group of South Asian families to communicate about crime and the pending cases. He said residents have begun joining neighborhood watch groups and are more willing to keep their valuables in banks. In a 4 1/2 -hour hearing last month, Fairfax police officers testified that they found a police scanner, a cellphone with a 718 area code, some large screwdrivers and binoculars -- but no stolen gold -- in a rented Ford Escape when the three New Yorkers were arrested driving around the Clifton area in November.

O'Flaherty did not find that any of that constituted evidence of a burglary. Fairfax Detective Tim Cook testified that in the defendants' Alexandria hotel room, there were lists of Fairfax County addresses with phone numbers and the word "Indio" written after some of them, Spanish for "Indian." Also found were lists of Fairfax police frequencies and Fairfax police districts. But police hadn't located the room for more than a week after the arrests, by which time maids had cleaned it out and placed the evidence in a lost-and-found room. The chain of custody was broken, O'Flaherty ruled, and he threw out all the evidence and all but one charge, which was heard Wednesday. On June 25, Diana Abbassi testified, she saw the unknown man in her house. He didn't take anything. After Soto-Ramirez was arrested in November, Abbassi said she picked him out of a photo lineup. Stott said she couldn't say whether prosecutors would seek to indict the three when the grand jury meets next month; an indictment is allowed under Virginia law even if the cases are dismissed at preliminary hearing. Four other New Yorkers face pending conspiracy charges in Fairfax for their alleged involvement in the ring, officials said.



Fairfax police combat citizens using cell phones!

                      In other news; Board of Supervisors insist Fairfax Police are not mentally retarded

cop misconduct National Misconduct News Feed for Friday, November 19, 2010:

Cop stupidity cost to the taxpayers today $380,000...in one fuck'n day! Over $70,000,000 for the month of November (Figure does not include out of court settlements)

A DeKalb County GA deputy has been sentenced to 65 years in prison for murdering his wife then murdering a day laborer in an attempt to pin the murder on him. (Aggression/violence towards women)

A Brighton Alabama cop has been found guilty of murdering a 27-year-old computer engineer while he was off-duty. (Aggression/violence towards women)

A Plano TX narcotics cop claims that he was trying to use his gun-mounted light when he accidentally shot a suspect to death.

Sexual assault
A Spencer IA cop has pled no contest to a 4th degree sexual assault charge in an unspecified incident. He was sentenced to a fine and is cleared to return to work. (Aggression/violence towards women)

False arrest
Five Jackson MS cops are under investigation for after a store owner’s surveillance video appeared to support his claims that the cops harassed them then falsely arrested them for assaulting a cop after they had asked the cops why they were harassing and searching their customers. (Aggression/violence)

A Cape Coral FL cop has resigned while his union was appealing his termination over a number of excessive force claims and two excessive force-related lawsuits. (Aggression/violence)

A Prince George’s County Maryland cop is under investigation after he apparently chased a man and instigated an altercation inside a courthouse because he overheard the man tell a friend on the phone that he was happy a cop who is facing corruption charges was going to remain in jail until his next hearing. (Aggression/violence)

A Plattsburgh NY cop has been arrested on assault and criminal mischief charges involving a domestic incident with his girlfriend. (Aggression/violence towards women)

Domestic violence
A Jacksonville FL cop is on unpaid leave after he was arrested and jailed for violating a domestic violence protection order. (Aggression/violence towards women)

A Grants NM cop has been charged with battery on a household member after a domestic dispute involving a fellow cop following a night out at the bar. (Aggression/violence towards women)

A Greenwood IN cop is facing potential disciplinary action after he apparently pulled a gun on a man who confronted him about leaving his baby alone in a car while he was apparently drunk. (Aggression/violence)

Involuntary manslaughter
A Clovis NM cop is under investigation after allegedly causing a fatal accident when he ran a stop sign in his cruiser.

An East Orange NJ cop has pled guilty to insurance fraud for setting fire to his own car in a bid to get insurance money because he was frustrated it was worth less than what he owed on it.

A Provo UT cop has been charged with theft & possession of controlled substances on allegations that he attempted to fraudulently obtain prescription drugs using information he gained while responding to a call at someone’s home. The cop sparked suspicion by returning to the home for “follow-ups” and the victim caught the cop in the act by setting up a surveillance camera.

A Moss Point MS cop has been fired for offering to rip up a woman’s traffic ticket in exchange for sex behind stadium. (Aggression/violence towards women)

A Phoenix AZ cop has accepted a plea deal that greatly reduced the number and severity of charges he faced for shaking down suspected drug dealers.

A Henry County VA deputy has received a suspended sentence and a fine for a perjury charge after lying to grand jury that was investigating misconduct at the jail.

A Dallas TX cop has been suspended for 15 days for failing to show up at a DUI trial where he was set to testify and then lying about the reason why.

Civil right violation/Assault
Laguna Beach CA and Orange County CA settled a lawsuit for $380,000 to an innocent man who was tasered in his own bedroom shortly after he was awakened by deputies who entered his home in a case of mistaken ID, confusing him as a suspect then falsely arresting him when they figured out he wasn’t their man.

Regular old idiot cop behavior
Mufaula OK cop sergeant has resigned before a termination hearing that was scheduled in response to an unspecified state investigation.

cop misconduct National Misconduct News Feed for Friday, November 19, 2010:

Cops and kids...run children! run!

A Fredricktown MO cop captain has pled guilty to 22 charges including statutory sodomy and sexual exploitation of minor for molesting children after scout meetings. (Aggression/violence towards women)

A Huntersville NC cop lieutenant is on paid leave after being arrested on an indecent liberties with a minor charge. (Aggression/violence towards women)

Kids and Cops...Run Children! Run!

A Seattle WA cop already under investigation over a video released by the press yesterday showing him kick a teen in the crotch, face, and chest is the subject of more scrutiny after reporters uncovered another video filmed right after that incident which shows the undercover cop punch a man who was trying to record what was happening on his cell phone. (violent/aggressive behavior)

A Windsor Locks CT cop has been charged with manslaughter for fatally hitting teen with his car. The incident is still under investigation to determine why responding officers didn’t perform sobriety tests since a video shows the officer had been drinking prior to the crash. (Alcohol/drug related)

A Mentor OH cop received a suspended sentence & probation for headbutting and beating a little league coach while at a game. (violent/aggressive behavior)

A St Louis MO cop lieutenant and one of her officers are both under investigation and the subject of a lawsuit filed by a teen girl who alleges that the lieutenant had her arrested on false charges because she didn’t like her seeing her son. Furthermore, once the complaint was made to cop, the lieutenant’s son is accused of badly beating the girl, hospitalizing her for several days, when he attempted to coerce her into changing her story so his mom would lose her job. ((violence/aggression towards women)

National Police Misconduct News Feed for Thursday, November 18, 2010:

A Fort Worth TX narcotics officer has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty in the middle of his trial for intoxicated manslaughter over a fatal DUI-related crash. (violent/aggressive behavior)

A Fond du Lac WI cop is under investigation for throwing a handcuffed mentally challenged man into a table, causing the man to suffer a gash on his head.

Civil rights violation
At least three Eugene OR cops are the subject of a lawsuit alleging that dashcam video proves a man was falsely arrested for threatening to file a civil suit against cop who had made him sit in the wet mud for nearly an hour while detained. Allegedly, a cop supervisor showed up and told the officers that, since he was going to file a complaint, they would be screwed if they didn’t arrest him.

Unlawful restraint & trespass
A Hartford CT cop has resigned as part of his sentence which includes 4 months of house arrest for his unlawful restraint & trespass conviction in a DV-related case.

A Monroe County NY sheriff’s captain has been indicted on 1 computer tampering, 3 rape and 13 official misconduct charges revolving around allegations she had sex with inmates

A Vidalia LA cop chief has pled guilty to making false statements to federal agents who were investigating illegal gun sales.

A Minneapolis MN cop chief is being criticized in a report by that city’s review board for only disciplining 6 of 11 cops who had sustained findings of misconduct after investigations. The chief claims he decided not to discipline them because the cases were too old.

A Berkeley County WV deputy has resigned after admitting to stealing oxycodone from evidence. However, this information only made it out to the public because the cop had to tell a judge about it when asking him to exclude that information from another man’s trial since it may affect that case.

A Newburgh NY cop has been indicted on felony charges over his own hit & run accident that he attempted to cover up by himself and even collected insurance money from.

A Bridgeport CT cop lieutenant has been fired & 4 other officers suspended for up to 1 year for their roles in a “sordid” cover-up of a fellow officer’s DUI-related hit&run accident.

A Cincinnati OH cop has resigned as part of his plea deal which reduced charges for intentionally torching his car to get insurance money.

Four Phoenix AZ cops have been indicted on fraud & theft charges as part of fraud probe involving 25 other officers who are currently under investigation

Sexual Stalking
An Oceanside CA cop is the subject of a lawsuit alleging he sexually harassed a nurse who was hired to do DUI blood draws for the department. The officer was fired after an investigation into the complaint. (violence/aggression towards women)

Domestic assault
A Forsyth County NC deputy has been placed on leave after he was arrested on domestic assault charges for allegedly throwing a pumpkin at his wife during an argument. (violence/aggression towards women)

General/typical white trash behavior
4 Rialto CA cops have been disciplined, but the department refuses to say how, after an investigation into allegations of on-duty group sex sessions with strippers that was sparked by a lawsuit by one of the women involved and caused two other cops to resign. (violence/aggression towards women)

Seattle WA cop officials say they are investigating whether there was some sort of cover-up which prevented cop commanders from being told about the video before the media told them about it, especially since the department had the video for nearly a month. If this kind of logic is difficult to grasp, think of it this way, the cop wants the cop to investigate the cop for failing to investigate the cop

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed November 11-15 cop violenceFairfax County Police.

So far, November has been a busy month for the police

Its time for a national conversation on the national police problem

A Huron County Ohio deputy has resigned after an investigation into allegations that he “field-goal kicked” a detainee in the face while he was on the ground, causing the man to be hospitalized when he began suffering seizures in the back of the officer’s cruiser.

Orleans Parish LA deputies are the subject of a lawsuit by a public defender who alleges he was choked and repeatedly kicked when a judge ordered his arrest for demanding that a man who was confirmed by prosecutors to be innocent be released. The judge said that since the man was the brother of the man who was wanted that he thought keeping him in jail might convince his brother to turn up then told the lawyer to go find him in jail… and allegedly ordered his arrest. Police claim the lawyer assaulted them.

Mankato MN police & Blue County MN deputies are accused of excessive force & false arrest after video contradicts their arrest reports.

3 Philadelphia PA cops are accused of using excessive force by a witness who claims they repeatedly beat, maced & tasered a mentally ill man they confronted for refusing to leave the front of a building after a security gaurd asked him to.

Del Norte County CA settled suit for an unspecified sum they claim was under $10k to a man claiming a cop used excessive force with his taser during an arrest

A New Mexico State cop was arrested on allegations he assaulted the Chavez County District Attorney

A Coral Gables FL police lieutenant is the subject of an arrest warrant after he was caught on surveillance video shoving a resort employee across a parking lot in an attempt to coax him into fighting and, after failing to do that, punching the man in the face for a perceived slight he thought the man intended while the officer was off-duty.

At least one Miami Florida cop is under investigation after a YouTube video came to everyone’s attention that shows an officer repeatedly punch a man who was being held down by several other officers. No word on what sparked the incident.

A Bennettsville SC cop is under investigation by the state over unspecified allegations of excessive force.

Put-In-Bay Ohio police are being accused of a demonstrating a pattern of excessive force as illustrated by how one man was face-planted into the pavement outside a medical center after he had been treated. The report describing that event also alleges that even the town’s EMTs have been complaining about having to deal with injuries associated with frequent uses of excessive force and that the police chief is refusing to do anything about it.

The Franklin County Ohio sheriff’s department is the subject of a class action lawsuit alleging that the policy towards taser use in jail is excessive and violating the rights of prisoners in that staff are deploying the device as a compliance tool even in non-threatening situations.(aggression and violence involved)

Assault/False arrest/ Theft
2 Pittsburgh PA cops have been charged on allegations they falsely arrested 2 men, stole $700 from them & then filed false reports to cover it. .(aggression and violence involved)

Two Anne Arundel County Maryland cops are the subject of a lawsuit filed by a deaf man who claims they used excessive force and falsely arrested him for assaulting an officer after he had called police to report a robbery at his home. The man could only communicate with officers via written notes and he, as well as an EMT at the scene, claim that the officer tackled him and arrested him when he claims he was assaulted when the man tried to give the officer a note by pressing it against his chest. .(aggression and violence involved)

A New Haven CT asst police chief is allegedly under investigation after being accused of illegally taking a man’s iphone, erasing videos he took of police during an arrest, and then arresting him for interference. .(aggression and violence involved)

Sexual assault
The Sacramento County California sheriff is being sued by 4 female deputies claiming sexual harassment, discrimination & retaliation against them for filing a complaint about it. (Aggression against a woman involved)

An Orange Texas police captain has been indefinitely suspended after an investigation into the shooting death of a man outside an auto parts store when he had a dispute with employees about a return.

A Portland Oregon cop who fatally shot an unarmed man in the back while he was attempting to surrender has been fired and three other officers each received 80 hour suspensions for their roles in the incident, one of which had repeatedly shot the man with beanbag rounds before he was fatally shot. .(aggression and violence involved)

A now-former Alabama state trooper has accepted a plea deal that reduced murder charges down to 2nd degree manslaughter over the 1965 shooting death of a man following a civil rights protest march which ultimately helped galvanize the civil rights movement of the time. .(aggression and violence involved)

The Collier County Florida sheriff and Prison Health Services, which is the contractor responsible for medical services there, are being sued by a woman who lost her baby in the jail due to the denial of medical care that had been prescribed for her and that she began to suffer septic shock because the dead fetus was left inside her long after she should have been induced. (Aggression against a woman involved)

A Philadelphia PA cop has been sentenced to 2-4 years after pleading guilty to forcing a female prisoner into performing sex acts on him in a jail cell. (Aggression against a woman involved)

The Sansom Park TX police chief and 3 of his officers resigned in the face of being fired after a list of 60 allegations of misconduct were reported by other cops in the department including excessive force incidents and allegations that one cop was showing other officers pictures of a rape victim’s injuries for fun. (Aggression against a woman involved)

Lazy Government mentality
Two Milwaukee Wisconsin cops have been suspended for 15 days without pay for failing to investigate and report a sexual assault claim made by a woman who was found naked and had led police to the knife used by her attacker. They allegedly told her to get dressed and go to the hospital instead. . (Aggression against a woman involved)

Indecent exposure
A Pawtucket Rhode Island cop has been arrested on indecent exposure and disorderly conduct charges after a couple of women claim that they saw him masturbating in his truck while he was driving alongside them on the road. The officer claimed that he wasn’t masturbating, he was just peeing in a jar. (Aggression against a woman involved)

Raleigh North Carolina cop has been arrested for attempting to obtain a controlled substance by fraud after he allegedly used information he uncovered while responding to a call to try and get a fraudulent prescription filled.

A Cincinnati OH cop is under investigation for bilking a grocery store out of $3,000 by charging for hours he didn’t work as a security guard in an off-duty assignment.

Two East St Louis Illinois cops are under investigation on allegations they stole benefits from state employment security agency.

Narcotics/drug dealing
A New York NY narcotics officer has been arrested after he was allegedly caught trying to buy $40,000 worth of rave drugs so that he could sell them himself.

A Baton Rouge LA cop has been arrested on possession of drugs without a prescription & obtaining drugs by fraud charges

A Lake County FL deputy has been sentenced to 3 years after pleading guilty to smuggling drugs… and sausage biscuits into jail.

A McCall Idaho police detective who recently resigned for unspecified reasons is now the subject of a tort claim, the precursor to a lawsuit in some states, alleging that he intentionally outed an informant to drug dealers and bragged about it while she was receiving death threats because of it. .(aggression and violence involved)

A Rochester Minnesota cop has resigned after pleading guilty to tipping off drug dealers about pending investigations and moving money for dealers.

A Baltimore Maryland cop has been fired for looking up a license plate number as a favor to a suspected drug dealer… that license plate happened to belong to an undercover officer.

A Calhoun Georgia cop has been arrested on felony theft charges after an investigation into narcotics fund discrepancies.

Three Prince George’s County Maryland cops arrested by federal agents as part of an ongoing corruption investigation. Two were arrested for assisting with the trafficking of bootleg goods while the third was arrested on cocaine trafficking allegations.

Illegal use of firearms
A Cañon City Colorado cop has been sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to a firearm-involved road rage incident where he was accused of pointing a firearm at a motorist while off-duty. .(aggression and violence involved)

A Blackshear Georgia cop has been suspended without pay after he was arrested on charges related to the illegal sale of firearms along with two pawn shop employees.

An Indianapolis Indiana cop who fired his gun inside his police cruiser during a fight with his girlfriend has taken a plea deal that resulted in his being sentenced to 90 days of home detention. (Aggression against a woman involved)

Stupid use of firarms
2 Kansas City MO cops are under investigation for opening fire on an unarmed man in a van after mistaking the van’s backfire for gunshots, nobody was injured.(aggression and violence involved)

Regular stupid
Two Dallas Texas narcotics officers are under investigation over an alleged fist fight that was allegedly sparked by one of the officers using racial slurs and calling the other officer an “uncle tom” for agreeing to help a white officer. .(aggression and violence involved)

Lake City FL cops are being accused of posting messages online telling new chief to “take her black ass back to Tallahassee” because they feel she doesn’t listen to the white community. (Aggression against a woman involved)

Shoot myself in the foot stupid
The newly-elected sheriff of Marshall County Tennessee has issued an apology after a memo he wrote was leaked in which he threatened to fire anyone who criticized him and informed all his officers that a person he promoted didn’t get promoted just “because he’s screwing the sheriff’s daughter.”

The Los Angeles California police department has been warned about racial profiling by the US DOJ who referred to a recording of cops discussing how they can’t do their jobs without profiling and that it’s no big deal.

Cop stupid
Albany Oregon police are the subject of a tort claim alleging they failed to properly verify that they had the right man when they arrested and jailed a county IT worker in a mistaken ID warrant arrest for a man with a different middle name who was born in a different state.

An Orlando Florida cop has been sentenced to 2 years in prison for embezzling $200,000 of FEMA and city funds. The judge explained that he gave the officer a light sentence just because she was a cop.

Civil Rights Violations
Two Jackson Wisconsin cops are shown on video arresting copblock founder Adam Mueller on a bench warrant for an unpaid traffic ticket while threatening to confiscate the filmer’s (Pete Eyre of Copblock as well) camera. After a plain clothes officer finally relents with the threats the video then shows the officers cuff and drag Adam to an unmarked car but doesn’t show any active resistance on the part of Adam… yet that didn’t stop the officers from charging him with resisting arrest and obstruction. Watch the video at their site .(aggression and violence involved)

The sheriff of San Saba County Texas is facing a possible criminal investigation after several tourists and residents of San Saba city filed complaints against him alleging mistreatment and unfounded traffic stops. .(aggression and violence involved)

Polk County Georgia deputy has been fired for what the sheriff there described as “slandering the department” via comments the deputy made on an internet discussion site. Officials are refusing to say what the discussion was about but it appeared to be related to allegations of infidelity by certain sheriff’s department staff members.

Providence RI police are being sued by the ACLU alleging free speech rights violations and for failing to investigate the related complaint regarding a woman who was ordered to leave a public sidewalk while handing out political fliers.

A Portland Oregon police captain has been suspended for 80 hours and ordered to participate in “tolerance training” after an investigation into how he erected a tribute to Naz war criminals in a park then hiding it, with the help of city officials, when he was being sued for using excessive force on anti-war protesters. .(aggression and violence involved)

The police chief of Natalia Texas has been fired while he was the subject of an unspecified investigation being performed by the Medina County sheriff’s department.

A Lafayette Louisiana police corporal has been placed on paid leave while under investigation over an unspecified complaint. While officials refuse to release any details the officer was the subject of two previous excessive force lawsuits, one of which is still pending. .(aggression and violence involved)

The former head of internal affairs for the Galveston Texas police department has been suspended for unspecified reasons while the police chief has fallen into quite a bit of controversy himself. The chief blames a lawsuit filed against him by his officer as the reason why he won’t disclose why the officer was suspended.

Witness intimidation/ obstruction
The Phoenix Arizona police union and a number of officers are the subject of an investigation on allegations of witness intimidation and obstruction involving their support of a cop charged with murder for the on-duty shooting death of an unarmed man which was exposed by another officer at the scene. It’s unclear if the investigation will last long since the prosecutor investigating the allegations lost an election to an opponent who was heavily supported by that police union. .(aggression and violence involved)

A Mukwonago Wisconsin cop has been charged with felony misconduct in office on allegations that he forged his girlfriend’s court-ordered breathalyzer tests.

The police chief of Center Colorado has been charged with official misconduct while one of his officers who was already charged in an excessive force case for repeatedly tasering a suspect has been hit with more charges including witness intimidation, retaliation, and harassment.(aggression and violence involved)

An Ambridge PA police sergeant has been sentenced to 6 months in a halfway house for beating a prisoner in a holding cell then conspiring to destroy a video of the incident. .(aggression and violence involved)

And speaking of, an Ambridge PA police lieutenant has been sentenced to probation for destroying that video of the sergeant beating the detainee in a holding cell. .(aggression and violence involved)

An Attleboro MA cop, who is the now-former chief’s son, has been suspended while investigated for failing to report his use of a taser on a suspect. .(aggression and violence involved)

A Los Angeles California cop has resigned on allegations he accessed a police database in order to find info about witnesses in a murder trial on behalf of the man who was convicted, who also happened to be his girlfriend’s brother. .(aggression and violence involved)

A Lakewood Washington cop has resigned in the face of possible termination over allegations he used his badge to get out of trouble when police responded to a disturbance he caused at Oktoberfest. .(aggression and violence involved)

Drunk Driving
Two Portland Oregon cops are on desk duty after their separate drunk driving arrests, one of which involved a two-car accident.

A Mora County New Mexico deputy resigns after crashing his patrol car on duty then refusing to take a breathalyzer. He blamed his dashboard computer for distracting him

A Jupiter FL cop is the subject of an internal investigation after prosecutors refused to charge him for a suspected on-duty DUI, it’s not the first time he got out of DUI charges.

An Easton PA off-duty cop has been charged with DUI when he tested at .22 BAC after stopped on erratic driver complaint called in by a witness.

Possession, forgery, and prescription drug fraud.
An Indianapolis Indiana cop who was recently in the news for crashing his police cruiser while allegedly under the influence has now been charged with possession, forgery, and prescription drug fraud.

An Allen County Ohio deputy is facing possible disciplinary action after being arrested on domestic violence charge in a dispute with his wife. (Aggression against a woman involved)

A Daytona Beach FL cop has been arrested after firing a shot inside his home when his wife tried to called police to get him help after his suicide threat. He then allegedly threatened to kill any cops who came in response to the call. (Aggression against a woman involved)

A Vian Oklahoma assistant police chief has been arrested for domestic violence and public intoxication after he allegedly got kicked out of a bar by bouncers, threw a cellphone at his girlfriend, then grabbed his gun from his truck and told her he was going to teach those bouncers what a real cop was. .(aggression and violence involved)

An Iva South Carolina cop has been arrested on assault charges after he and a woman he was with allegedly hospitalized two women in their home, leaving one with cracked vertebra and leaving the other unconscious. All this was apparently before he resigned over allegations that he was making threatening calls to his estranged wife. . (Aggression against a woman involved)

Creepy behavior
A McKeesport Pennsylvania cop has been charged with official oppression and trespassing after he allegedly broke into a woman’s home after she left by using a key hidden under the welcome mat and then making a copy of that key. When he was confronted about it he denied it at first but then excused it by saying he was “just being stupid.” (Aggression against a woman involved)

A Bainbridge Island Washington cop is the subject of a lawsuit filed by a female civil rights lawyer who claims that she was sexually battered, subjected to excessive force, then falsely arrested when she tried to give her husband advice during a traffic stop for speeding. The officer allegedly dragged her to the back of his cruiser and dry humped her while searching her, then choked her when she cried out. A second suit has been filed over the case in an attempt to gain the re-release information related to the case. (Aggression against a woman involved)

A Broome County NY deputy has been sentenced to probation in a plea deal for public lewdness & official misconduct, that deal dropped a number of felony charges he also faced. (Aggression against a woman involved)

A New Martinsville West Virginia cop has resigned and had to pay a $300 fine after pleading guilty to stalking his ex-girlfriend. (Aggression against a woman involved)

A Plymouth Connecticut cop has been suspended for 90 days without pay after an investigation into allegations that she was harassing a married state trooper she used to have an affair with. The harassment included allegations she ran over his mailbox and dumped garbage on his lawn in addition to the misuse of police databases. .(aggression and violence involved)

A Freehold Twp New Jersey cop who made over $98,000 last year has been arrested on allegations that he stole $498 worth of flooring materials from a home improvement store.

An Indianapolis IN cop is under investigation after a woman & her boyfriend claimed they were robbed by man who flashed badge. Police first thought it was an impersonator but now it appears they believe it’s one of their own officers. (Aggression against a woman involved)

Child Molestation
A San Antonio Park Texas cop has accepted a deal by pleading no contest to an indecency with a child charge for molesting a 16-year-old girl over a period of 2 years. (Aggression against a woman involved)

Cops and animals. A strange, strange relationship

Three Des Moines Washington cop’s actions are the subject of an investigation after they fatally shot a family’s pet Newfoundland that had escaped and was reported for wandering in traffic. Witnesses allege that the dog was no threat at the time.

A Liberty Twp Ohio cop has been fired on allegations he abused his position in order to harass and threaten his neighbors for filing complaints about the 23 dogs he had at his home.

Cops & Kids...Run children! Run!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed November 11-15

Cops & Kids...Run children! Run!

Montgomery County Maryland has settled a lawsuit for $400,000 to the family of a 12-year-old child who was left with severe brain damage and quadriplegic after he was hit by an off-duty officer in a police cruiser who was speeding on his way to his second job. The family says that it doesn’t even put a dent in the millions they’ll have to spend taking care of their child’s medical bills.

A Seattle Washington undercover cop has been suspended reassigned while under investigation after he was shown on surveillance video in a convenience store kicking a 17-year-old boy in the leg, groin and head while he appeared to be complying with commands. The boy was arrested on suspicion of being involved in a drug-buy bust that went bad when the targets of the sting allegedly attempted to rob the undercover cop who was attempting to buy drugs.

A New Castle Indiana police detective has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to producing child pornography by taking explicit photographs of a 16-year-old girl.

Thomasville Alabama police department is the subject of a lawsuit alleging that the department violated state laws and a juvenile suspect’s rights when they released his name for publication in the local paper’s police blotter, causing him to be expelled from school. As a side note, we published the report on our site as we do on occasion when we are notified of a credible misconduct claim that hasn’t been published elsewhere.

A Volusia County Florida deputy received a sentence of community service in a plea deal for beating a 16yr-old police explorer after the boy egged a car belonging to a party guest at the deputy’s home.

A North Miami Florida cop is on leave while he’s the subject of investigation on allegations that he had sex with multiple high school students. Officials are trying to downplay it by saying that the case is just based on rumors about one girl, but it’s unclear why investigators are suspecting that he might have had sex with multiple students.

Gresham Oregon police, along with school district, are the subject of a lawsuit alleging, among other things, that officers used excessive force when they performed a leg sweep takedown on a 3rd grade special needs student after the boy was locked out of the classroom for refusing to finish his math assignment.

A Park Ridge Illinois police lieutenant has been indicted on battery charges on allegations he beat two 15-year-old kids while they were handcuffed for vandalizing his car.

A Santa Rosa Co FL deputy has been convicted on 3 counts sexual battery on minor. He originally faced 120 counts involving 3 kids but he’s still facing trial on other charges.

A Sumter County SC deputy has been sentenced to 12yrs after pleading guilty to having sex w/14yr-old that he plied with alcohol.

An Ohio State Univ cop has been sentenced to 121 days for child endangering in a plea deal that reduced his original felony gross sexual imposition of a child under 13 charge.

2 San Jose CA cops have been forced to be rehired by an arbitrator’s ruling after they were fired for covering up a DUI accident by a fellow cop who injured a teen girl.

The Pennsylvania State police are being sued by an ex-internal affairs head claiming they retaliated against him for investigating a police commander for his alleged role in covering for his friend who was under investigation for child molestation.