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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Fairfax County Police Kill Cookie Monster

An argument over a donut leads to slaying.
Cop given “a good talking too” for his role in the murder.

Cookie Monster, a blue furred Muppet and cast member of the long running children’s television show Sesame Street was shot and killed today by an unnamed member of the Fairfax County Police.
 Witness said the shooting developed after Mr. Monster ran into the Dunkin Donut’s Shop in Fairfax yelling “Me want cookie!”  and wrestled a French Cruller from the officers grasp. The office then shot Mr. Monster
…… 82 times
.........through the heart.

“The kitchen door swung open and my weapon went off” the unnamed officer told investigators who declared him innocent a week before they reached the scene of the crime.

According to witnesses, Mr. Monster’s last words were "Om nom nom nom"

Chief Rhorer er-er told the press “Attacks by Blue furred Cookie Monsters are daily hazard to working members of the force,  last year some….like….one million, yeah...one million Fairfax County Police officers were injured in Cookie Monster related incidents……there’s one that lives under my bed at night. He doesn’t think I know here’s there…but ooooo, oooooo I know, I know….ha!....anyway…. I gotta go, I'm on a curfew”   

The county's Internal Audit Office, charged with police oversight, said they would look into the incident “When hell freezes”  
Mr. Monster  had been arrested in July of 2011 in a domestic violence incident which his agent said was caused by a blood imbalance due to diabetes "You eat cookies all day" the said  "And the sugar makes you crazy"

Several months later, Mr. Monster was charged with illegal possession of a weapon when he involved in a  gun waving incident after he was accidentally served a low cal dessert in a Reston restaurant.




and now a word from old whatis....


he officer Walter R. Fasci/ Sean McGlone award for sober living. Fairfax County Police.

New York NY cop arrested on DUI & vehicular assault charges after an alleged drunk driving crash that left his partner in coma and injured one other person. [0] cbsloc.al/thmxMM

St Louis MO cop was arrested on vehicular assault charges after hitting an on-duty cop’s cruiser while drunk and off duty, injuring two people. [0] bit.ly/tUc3FZ

New York NY cop was arrested on DUI & leaving the scene of an accident charges after he refused to take a breath test when he was caught. [0] http://cbsloc.al/thmxMM

Stockton CA police lieutenant was given a disciplinary demotion but the department refuses to divulge the reasons for that demotion. [2] bit.ly/trQZPQ

slappin the old wife around. Fairfax County Police


Lorain OH cop was arrested on a domestic violence charge for allegedly punching his girlfriend in the head several times because she left a fast food restaurant before he placed his order. [0] bit.ly/sCpRSz