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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Fairfax Police Chief: Video Cameras Make Review Board Unnecessary

Yeah, like the cops won't get around that one............the verbal abuse (of course the cops didn't torment and verbally dress down Michael Kennedy, we all know that right. The records on that incident are still stamped secret by the cops and, trust me, they always will be) or the beatings inside the McLean station (Yeah, we know about that one)  

 April 04, 2011 - In Virginia, members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors are considering a proposal to create a panel of citizens that would be able to conduct investigations of police misconduct. But the chief of police and the county executive are strongly opposed to the idea.

Police Chief David Rohrer and County Executive Anthony Griffin say one of the reason citizens don't need to be involved in oversight is the anticipated installation of cameras in police cruisers.

"The very fact that the citizens know that the encounters are being videotaped is a way to reassure the public that they have some measure of protection or proof of what happened," says police spokesperson Mary Ann Jennings.
But Fairfax County has a history of withholding basic information from the public, including video footage of an officer firing a fatal shot at an unarmed driver.
"Cameras in police cruisers are good ideas if there's a protocol that requires that they be on all the time and they are available to the public. But even then, it is not a substitute for a citizen review board," says Kent Willis of the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia.

The cameras would cost $3.7 million, and police won't say when -- or if -- the footage will ever be public.

Why don't we call the Board of Supervisors Rohers bitches and get it over with?

Supervisors Delay Decision on More Police Oversight

Leader of citizen's group blasts lack of public involvement

Oakton Patch
By Will Sommer
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March 31, 2011

The Board of Supervisors delayed action on a proposal to increase oversight of the Fairfax County Police Department on Tuesday, instead sending the proposal to the Public Safety Committee.

Under the proposal from County Executive Anthony Griffin, citizens who felt unsatisfied with a police investigation of a complaint about an officer or an officer-involved shooting could petition Griffin for a separate investigation by the county's Internal Audit Office.
Currently, most complaints and officer-involved shootings are only investigated internally by FCPD.
“I don’t believe that we have achieved consensus," Supervisor Gerald Hyland (D-Mount Vernon), the chairman of the Public Safety Committee, said, adding that he expected the board to eventually reach agreement.
Sending the proposal to the Public Safety Commitee would allow for more input from citizens and give the supervisors another chance to hear from FCPD Chief David Rohrer, according to Hyland. The board accepted his proposal unanimously.
The drive to provide other avenues for investigation into FCPD comes in the wake of several controversial shootings by FCPD officers, including the January 2006 shooting death of an unarmed man in Fair Oaks and the November 2009 shooting of an unarmed, bipolar man in Fort Hunt.
Nicholas Beltrante, a Mount Vernon resident and former homicide detective in Washington's Metropolitan Police Department, thought there was something wrong with the FCPD internal investigations of the shootings.
"There have been a number of shooting deaths of Fairfax County citizens which I did not feel were justified," he said.
In April 2010, he formed the Virginia Citizens Association for Police Accountability, which advocates for FCPD incidents to be investigated by a review board that includes county residents with no connection to the government, rather than the Internal Audit Office.
On Wednesday, Beltrante criticized how the Board of Supervisors is handling the investigation process.
“There is no citizen participation in the process,” he said. Beltrante said his group will now send letters to each supervisor asking for a meeting, although he says previous requests for a meeting with Hyland have gone unanswered.

How long will it take the idiot police to abuse this?

The Fairfax County idiot police department has purchased car mounted 26 cameras at a cost of  $598,000.00 of your money that they WILL USE to scan 98,000 license plates a week....98,000 license plates in a week.


FAIRFAX, Va. — Police in Fairfax County are helping people dispose of American flags no longer fit for use and blah blah blah......don't fall for it. Its a Public relations scam meant to protect the cops secrecy and $200,000,000 budget (While the county lays off teachers)

...and yet the Fairfax County "Secret" police don't need over sight, amazing

A San Juan County NM idiot cop has been suspended while under investigation over a dashcam video which shows him beat a man in the head with his flashlight. The investigation was sparked by a tort claim the man filed after charges against him were dropped when prosecutors reviewed the tape which appears to contradict the idiot cop’s claim that the man tried to disarm him. [2]

El Reno OK has settled a lawsuit for an undisclosed sum to an 87-year-old woman who suffered injuries after she was tasered in her bed by police who responded to a medical call. [2]

Waukegan IL police are being sued by a man claiming an unspecified number of officers beat him while he was cuffed then arrested him on false charges which were dismissed later. [3]

A West Memphis AR idiot cop has been indicted on allegations that he choked a man who came to the department and complained about a traffic ticket given to his daughter and called the officers racists. A civilian internal affairs officer was also indicted in the same case for allegedly intimidating witnesses. [2]

The police chief of Kaw City OK has been arrested on allegations that he molested a 13yr-old girl over a period of 3-4 years. [0]

A San Bernardino County CA idiot cop has been sentenced to 20 years on 15 of 24 counts involving 10 women that he sexually battered and coerced into having sex or exposing themselves for photos under threat of arrest. [0]

A Philadelphia PA idiot cop has pled guilty to helping a drug dealer rob an undercover officer posing as a drug courier. He pled guilty one day after his partner pled guilty to the same charges. [0]

A US Border Patrol agent was arrested on drug smuggling charges in Arizona but officials refuse to release his name. [1]

A Findlay OH police sergeant was indicted on felony theft, identity fraud & unauthorized use of police database charges. [0]

The now-former Pleasant Point ME police chief pled guilty to stealing over $33k from tribal accounts to use for gambling. [0]

A now-former Harahan LA idiot cop has pled guilty to overtime fraud using federal funds meant to assist crime victims. [0]

A now-former Durango CO idiot cop was sentenced to probation & 40hrs community service after pleading to disorderly conduct for bar fight [0]

And finally, a Spokane County WA idiot cop who is also the department’s lead firearms instructor was arrested on drunk driving charges in Idaho with a BAC of .19. [0]

McKinney TX police sued by student who suffered compound fracture over truancy ticket while leaving school sick [3] http://is.gd/1Ism0R

West Seneca NY cop sentenced to time served for beating man at bar over crude remark, faces sentencing in other case [0] http://is.gd/hkJPM6

Lockport IL cop sentenced to 6 years prison in plea deal dropping reckless homicide charges for fatal DUI crash [0] http://is.gd/mqObRl

Albany NY idiot cop suspended w/o pay while subject of investigation into unspecified disciplinary violations [2] http://is.gd/A88IhQ

Albuquerque NM cop accused of injuring unrestrained but cuffed man in cruiser when she rearended car while texting [0] http://is.gd/14lxsJ

2 Naperville IL cops sued alleging they painfully cuffed & groped woman until she let them search home w/o warrant [3] http://is.gd/f4oFXS

Philadelphia PA cop pleads guilty to helping dealer rob undercover cop posing as drug courier, partner to plead soon [0] http://is.gd/ZeYq0m

Danbury CT motorcycle cop suspended over alleged on duty hit&run crash and blaming damage on other cop [0] http://is.gd/La6AMt

New Westminster BC idiot cop convicted of assaulting newspaper carrier after consuming 20-25 drinks at bar [0] http://is.gd/D771ug

2 Richmond CA cops under investigation for allegedly hiring teen explorers & arming them for private security jobs [0] http://is.gd/bNLja7

Brookline NH police sgt fired for misusing department funds for personal items such as Ugg slippers [0] http://is.gd/iLulPX

Rockford WI cop who resigned in Jan faces charges for falsely reporting hit&run accident involving his car last year [0] http://is.gd/9gN48C

Buffalo NY idiot cop resigns after pleading guilty to tax evasion charges involving his used car business [0] http://is.gd/SPrKWx

Cincinnati OH cop arrested on obstruction & unauth computer use charges in unspecified organized crime unit case [1] http://is.gd/5dGwbD

Wood County OH idiot cop under investigation over allegations of inappropriate relationship w/middle school student [1] http://is.gd/oD4uNZ

Seattle WA police settle suit for $32k to public defenders assoc for withholding information about DV cases [4] http://is.gd/6NeuDa

Rutherford County TN idiot cop resigns during investigation after admitting to using cocaine [0] http://is.gd/6x6fdW

Kingsport TN cop suspended after arrested on domestic assault charge for shoving ex-girlfriend by throat [0] http://is.gd/FVaS5x

Orangeburg Co SC sheriff’s dept subject of state investigation into alleged financial irregularities [2] http://is.gd/0y8zGZ

Altamonte Springs FL police lt suspended 80hrs for demanding discount to haunted house for being a cop while drunk [0] http://is.gd/DSC4rO

A Fort Wayne IN idiot cop is the subject of a lawsuit alleging he released his K9 partner to chase down a suspect but the police dog attacked a 2-year-old bystander instead. [3]

A Memphis TN idiot cop was arrested on an aggravated child abuse charge after his 6-year-old daughter came to school with welts and bruises that allegedly came about from being beaten in the face with a belt and from being choked. [0]

A third Chicago IL idiot cop has been suspended during an investigation that began with allegations that his two partners sexually assaulted a woman who was drunk when they picked her up. While this officer wasn’t involved with this complaint, apparently there were others before this one. [1]

The police chief of Meriden CT and four of his officers are the subject of a corruption complaint filed by two other officers claiming a series of cover ups involving the chief’s idiot cop son including excessive force incidents that were kept quiet. [4]

A Milwaukee WI idiot cop was sentenced to 90 days in jail for threatening a couple with a gun while drunk. He previously tried to contest being fired over the incident as well but withdrew his appeal. [0]

New York NY police are being sued by a female security guard who claims that her ankle was broken by police when she was arrested for refusing to assist officers who were making an arrest. She refused to help because she was forbidden to do so according to her employer’s rules. [3]

A Howard County MD idiot cop is facing assault & resisting arrest charges after he allegedly punched a female officer in the head and yelled “I’m a cop” while the officer was trying to arrest his friend after an altercation outside of a bar. [0]

A Miami-Dade FL police sergeant was arrested on aggravated domestic assault with a deadly weapon and battery charges in an unspecified incident. [1]

The sheriff of Carter County MO and one of his deputies have been arrested on unspecified drug related charges. [2]

A Buffalo NY idiot cop was arrested on a theft charge while on sick leave after he was allegedly caught on camera stealing cash from a gym cash register. [0]

An Accomac County VA sheriff’s investigator received a suspended sentence after pleading guilty to theft charges for shoplifting energy drinks from a store. [0]

Hamilton ON has settled a lawsuit for an undisclosed sum to 11 female idiot cops & a non-sworn employee who all claimed that a police sergeant sexually harassed them. [1]

A West York PA idiot cop who was recently charged with a wiretapping violation while a Lancaster cop has now been charged with stealing a police radio that she kept from when she was a Susquehanna cop. [0]

Delaware State police have launched an internal investigation into the actions of a suspected plain-clothes trooper that were caught on video but the department refuses to say whether the officer really is one of theirs. [3]

And finally, a Blue Ash OH idiot cop was charged with reckless operation and driving under the influence while he was off duty. [0]

A US Border Patrol officer was arrested on allegations that he raped at least 2 women in different southern California cities. [0] http://is.gd/jLfTqI

A Tuskegee University AL idiot cop was sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to enticing & raping a 15-year-old. [0] http://is.gd/idWIjh

2 Kalamazoo County MI deputies are the subject of a lawsuit alleging that they broke a woman’s ribs when they took her down after mistaking her brown car for a suspect’s blue car that they were chasing. [0] http://is.gd/Vuwmo6

A Lane County OR sheriff’s sergeant has resigned after an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations involving teen explorers. [1] http://is.gd/1E94Px

A Nashville GA idiot cop was sentenced to 5 years in prison for soliciting sodomy from a 17-year-old boy and for violation of his oath. [0] http://is.gd/Lv4T3G

A Bollinger County MO idiot cop has resigned while under investigation for shooting a family’s pet chihuahua to death claiming it was being aggressive. [0] http://is.gd/2jZPlL

A Pittsburgh PA idiot cop is being sued by a 54-year-old man claiming the officer needlessly shoved him into wall during arrest & badly injured his knee which required multiple surgeries to repair. [2] http://is.gd/e98Ahw

A Poughkeepsie NY idiot cop has been indicted on multiple charges alleging he traded police information in exchange for cocaine. [0] http://is.gd/GXwDuq

A New Orleans LA police captain was convicted on 3 of 6 charges involving a FEMA security contract kickback scheme. [0] http://is.gd/sO0F4V

A Dekalb County GA idiot cop police chief pleads guilty to a bribery charge in a deal that includes his cooperation with an ongoing corruption probe. [0] http://is.gd/dgrUEx

The Albuquerque NM police are investigating a claim that a idiot cop rear-ended a motorist then left a fake report number before leaving the scene of the accident. [0] http://is.gd/wVtf67

The New York NY police counter-terrorism chief is being sued by a former subordinate claiming sexual harassment & retaliation. [3] http://is.gd/IeiyBo

A Marion County OR idiot cop was charged with several counts of official misconduct & theft for unspecified misuse of office resources. [1] http://is.gd/gvFJD4

An Elkins WV idiot cop was suspended after charged with felony kidnapping & misdemeanor domestic battery/assault involving an incident with his wife. [0] http://is.gd/WtOr6z

The Thompson GA police chief was reprimanded over an email response he sent to a critic calling that person a “dumb ass” and inviting that person to bring their ass to Thompson after that person wrote a letter about a lawsuit claiming an officer was fired for being pregnant. [0] http://is.gd/kCNLt7

A Manalapan Twp NJ idiot cop was charged with driving under influence over an accident last month that left him & one other motorist injured. [0] http://is.gd/wQD7P1

An Onley VA idiot cop was sentenced to 10 days in jail for causing an accident while under the influence of alcohol while off duty. [0] http://is.gd/0ZpudJ

An Albany NY police detective pled guilty to driving while impaired two weeks after his arrest on a DUI charge while driving a department-owned vehicle. [0] http://is.gd/h10pKq

And finally, the Rehoboth MA police chief was suspended 2 days after an investigation into an incident where he was found passed out in someone’s driveway. [1] http://is.gd/AgkGIP

Surveillance Video Is Shown at Rape Trial of 2 Officers


Published: April 7, 2011
They flashed across the gray screen for just a matter of seconds.
The woman briskly bounds toward a door, making a brief half-turn and gesturing to the police officer just behind her. A few steps back, another officer follows.
This was the surveillance footage that captured Officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata accompanying a woman into her East Village apartment, an encounter that would lead to her accusation that Officer Moreno had raped her while she was drunk, while Officer Mata served as a lookout.
The clip was played publicly for the first time on Thursday during the second day of testimony in the trial of the two officers in State Supreme Court in Manhattan. It captures the first of four visits the officers made to the woman’s apartment early on the morning of Dec. 7, 2008, after she left a party at a Park Slope bar held to celebrate her job promotion. The other visits were also captured on video, taken from a security camera outside a bar adjacent to the woman’s apartment building.
For the prosecution, the video establishes that the officers, for whatever reason, visited the woman’s apartment several times that morning. But the defense will use the woman’s appearance on the tape to suggest that she was not as intoxicated as the prosecution claims, since she appears to be walking on her own. That argument was bolstered by Andom Mangum, a 35-year old teacher, who testified that as he was leaving the building that morning, the officers were escorting the woman in, and that she walked up the stairs under her own power.
A friend, Joanna Kreling, testified that later that day, the distraught woman confided to her that she believed she had been raped by a police officer.
“She was extremely broken down and just emotional and crying,” Ms. Kreling said.
Ms. Kreling and two other friends accompanied the woman to Beth Israel Medical Center, where she received a rape kit. They decided to report what had happened to the district attorney’s office rather than call the police, Ms. Kreling said.
The woman continued to appear “devastated” at the hospital, Ms. Kreling said.
The woman “is a very vivacious, energetic person and, um,” Ms. Kreling said, her eyes watering and her face turning red, “she was not that person.”
But under cross-examination, Ms. Kreling revealed that the woman, while at the hospital, said, “I can’t believe he left me like that.”
The defense plans to argue that it would have made no sense for the woman to make that comment about someone who had raped her.
The officers are accused of rape, falsifying records, official misconduct, burglary and other crimes.
Officer Moreno’s lawyers have argued that their client established a rapport with the woman when he escorted her upstairs. He returned to the woman’s apartment at her request, and he kissed her on the shoulder, but they did not have sex, they say.