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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Fairfax County Police search for missing dog "We rook everywhere" says generic asian guy

And now a word from White Trash guy

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Idiots of the week. Fairfax County Police

Isle of Wight VA sheriff’s captain resigns after pleading guilty to conspiracy charge, gets suspended sentence [0] bit.ly/tztTTb

•Cleveland Co OK now-former deputy has been charged with perjury over testimony at the trial of man who was charged with obstruction. [0] bit.ly/uUWEfl

New York NY police accused of continuing to block journalists from covering protest-related police activity despite promises that the mayor and chief notified officers they faced disciplinary action for doing so. [5] abcn.ws/uJ80yz

Jackson Co GA deputy was fired after arrested for attempting to flee a Madison Co deputy during a traffic stop [0] bit.ly/rXwOt3

Manalapan NJ cop will be fined and forced to resign in a plea deal he accepted for driving while intoxicated and assault by auto charges. [0] on.cpsj.com/sttKCT

Houston TX vice cops are accused of falsely arresting an activist on video for asking a cop for his name during a strip club raid. [3] bit.ly/rG04TG

 Colorado State Patrol is being sued by a family alleging that troopers covered for a sheriff who left them injured in a car crash. [3] bit.ly/vM11v1

I'm sure it was an accident, happens all the time

Ottawa Co MI settled a lawsuit for a confidential sum to a college student accidentally shot in the chest during a drug raid on his dorm room targetting his roommate. [3] on.wzzm.com/u6ruDw

OccupySeattle port protest

Seattle WA police are investigating allegation that a cop repeatedly punched a minister in the face while arresting him at the recent #OccupySeattle port protest. There have been a lot more allegations stemming from the violence that occured during that protest, including accusations that a flare was thrown at the police line by an undercover officer who infiltrated the protest but that claim is more difficult to substantiate. [3] bit.ly/vU5cHc

Houston TX police accused of over-charging Occupy protesters with felonies in an effort to intimidate them following an incident where protesters linked themselves together with PVC pipe that resuted in police and firefighters covering them with a tent while they removed the PVC. [0] bit.ly/v0R9yh

a pattern of discrimination against Hispanics

Maricopa Co AZ sheriff’s department was also found to have problems after a lengthy DOJ pattern and practice investigation in another highly critical report citing a pattern of discrimination against Hispanics and a systematic disregard for constitutional rights. [0] bit.ly/u7uUJa

Rape, sexual assault by your local police. Fairfax County Police

Alameda Co CA deputy was arrested after an investigation into allegations that he raped a woman in September [1] bit.ly/sybJxO

Texas state liquor control board was sued by a female agent alleging sexual harassment over a series of incidents that ultimately resulted in 4 officers being fired and 2 others disciplined. [2] bit.ly/u8WW5i

Mishawaka IN cop makes deal w/city, agrees to resign in exchange for the city dropping actions involving on-duty sex allegations against the officer. [1] bit.ly/v5J914

Henderson Co NC documents show a $5,000 deductible was paid for an alleged secretive sex harassment settlement involving the sheriff who has refused to admit that the claim or settlement happened. [3] http://avlne.ws/rDLOVS

Franklin Co VA deputy was charged with sexual battery & indecent exposure for allegedly sexually assaulting a female detainee he was transporting to jail. [0] bit.ly/sJIYfg

Dartmouth MA cop on leave while investigated by state police concerning undisclosed misconduct allegations that were only described as “serious”. [3] bit.ly/tkMGVN

The Officer Jeffrey Hand Award for Creative Income Production. Fairfax County Police

New York NY cop was arrested on grand larceny & forgery charges following a massive identity theft bust. [0] on.wsj.com/sbbVoo

Eaton Co MI deputy faces embezzlement charges for allegedly keeping money paid by out-of-state motorists that he stopped. [0] bit.ly/s8QKPc

Harris Co TX all constable offices are now under investigation by the county DA after the FBI siezes files in an investigation into the precinct 1 constable’s office [1] bit.ly/v6DLH1

Shinnston WV cop was sentenced to a $100 fine after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor for trying to pass a counterfeit $100 bill [0] bit.ly/vFCNo6

2 Talbot Co GA deputies plead guilty to extortion in a scheme to split cash & drugs confiscated from traffic stops based on tipoffs from an informant they shared the loot with. [0] bit.ly/tVrNvw

4 Connecticut state troopers are under investigation on allegations they filed fraudulent applications for disaster relief food stamps. [0] bit.ly/vxUhK8

Kings County CA deputy resigned after he was arrested on embezzlement, fraud, theft & evidence planting charges in a sting operation set up after the department recieved allegations of criminal activity. [1] bit.ly/rClYFS

Monett MO cop was suspended while investigated over allegations involving up to $15k in church funds that were reported missing. [1] bit.ly/sp0g5y

Caddo OK police chief charged w/embezzlement for allegedly trading firearm he took from evidence for 9mm handgun [0] bit.ly/rPKIx7

Johnston Co NC deputy fired after arrested for misd larceny when he was caught stealing shoes from a store [0] bit.ly/sGtMzg

 US ICE agent convicted on federal obstruction & other charges for lying about “informant” to get a consulting gig [0] lat.ms/urfduD

 Grayson Co TX deputy indicted on theft charges a week after fired for stealing over $20k in property from evidence [0] bit.ly/vqEYyu

Langston OK deputy police chief was arrested on allegations he accepted bribes in return for assigning a man as a reserve officer. [0] bit.ly/t8yxVT

Revere MA cop who was caught accepting a bribe has been sentenced to 4 months prison for lying to feds during police corruption investigation. [0] b.globe.com/uHuxiq

Charleston Co SC deputy was fired & arrested on official misconduct & grand larceny charges for stealing cash during warrant searches. [0] bit.ly/tIkrMF