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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

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A Boscawen NH police officer is the subject of a lawsuit alleging he used excessive force when he slammed a man’s face into a wall then into his patrol car’s fender, knocking him unconscious, while transfering him to jail. The officer claims the man was kicking and pretty much fell but the man’s lawyer claims that video from the jail contradicts the officer’s account of what happened. 4

The Pennsylvania state police are being sued by a man who was shot by a trooper after a car chase. Dashcam footage recorded during the chase captured one trooper saying he wanted to “tune up” the man they were chasing.

An Anchorage AK police officer has been convicted on 18 of 2 sexual assault and official misconduct charges for raping 6 women while he was on-duty. The jury didn’t convict him on two charges related to the alleged rape of a seventh woman.

A Broussard LA police officer who was assigned to work as a school resource officer has been charged with 4 counts of molestation of juvenile and oral sexual battery of a 15-year-old girl.

A Bullitt County KY jail deputy has been arrested on sexual abuse of a victim under 12 and 1st degree sodomy charges over allegations that he sexually abused a girl from the time she was 11 until she turned 13.

Two Forest Park IL police officers were found to have used excessive force in a $5, judgment given to a man who claimed officers beat him during arrest and then needlessly tasered while he was handcuffed inside a holding cell. 3

San Bernardino CA has settled a lawsuit for $35, to a man shot three times in the leg by a police officer. The settlement agreement came after a civil jury verdict ruling it was excessive force.

A Sallisaw OK police officer who was already charged with cattle rustling has been fired and is now accused of falsely claiming that his accuser shot him after he accidentally shot himself.

A Houston TX police officer has been suspended while investigated for shooting two men while off duty at a bar where he says he saw the men and two others beating his friend and that the men attacked him after he identified himself as a police officer. For now, the investigation is focused on determining if he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the shooting. 1

The Charlotte NC police department and chief are the subject of two lawsuits alleging that the police chief knew that one of his officers had a history and pattern of abusing young women, including his 15-year-old girlfriend who filed a protection order against him, and had even personally intervened in two case to save that officer’s job before he went on to sexually assault at least seven women while on duty. 3

An Oviedo FL police officer is on administrative leave after accidentally shooting a fellow officer’s radio while they were arresting a DV suspect.

An Appling County GA deputy sheriff has been charged for being an accessory after the fact to a drug crime for his actions that allegedly hindered a drug case that he did in exchange for cash.

A Harahan LA police officer is facing federal charges for the misuse of grant money and is apparently cooperating with the ongoing investigation into that department. 1

The Indianapolis IN police are being sued by a woman who was badly injured in a crash with a suspect during a high-speed chase. She claims that the pursuit, which was in a residential area, was overly reckless.

An Irondequoit NY police officer, who is the son of the now-convicted former police chief of Greece NY, has been convicted of official misconduct, criminal falsification & computer trespass.

A Tulsa OK police captain has been reassigned and is under investigation for refusing to ask his officers to attend an Islamic Society’s police appreciation day event because he doesn’t believe in Islam.

A Murphy NC police officer has been arrested on assault charges in an alleged domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend.

Four Manhattan Beach CA police officers have been fired for the cover up of a hit & run accident where alcohol use was suspected to be involved. One of the officers fired was the driver and was eventually charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

The Utah State Police are refusing to elaborate on why a now-former trooper who was under investigation after shown on video punching a female motorist is no longer employed as a trooper. 3

A Jersey City NJ police officer is under investigation after accused of speeding while off duty when he wrecked into 7 cars in an accident that left an 82yr-old woman dead.

A Little Rock AR police officer is on paid leave while under investigation after arrested on drunk driving charges.

A Rhode Island state trooper was sentenced to community service and has been suspended for a year without pay after pleading to charges related to an alcohol-involved accident with another police officer.

A Haywood County TN deputy who was recently rehired thanks to an arbitrator’s ruling after failing a drug test has now resigned after being arrested on drunk driving charges after he crashed into a car he was pulling over while on duty then got out and started yelling at the women in the car.

An Omaha NE police sergeant has been arrested at a casino on public intoxication & disorderly conduct charges. Apparently he was being aggressive with security staff who were trying to determine if his wife was drunk when officer’s came and asked him to leave. He allegedly refused, at which point the police tried to arrest him but he allegedly resisted. After finally arresting him the officers found out he was a police officer, which is when he allegedly started demanding a little professional courtesy and told them he gave plenty of officers a pass and that they should do the same for him.

A lawsuit against the Suffolk County NY sheriff’s department revealed a disturbing recording of a call between a sheriff’s sergeant and a captain which appears to confirm claims made in the suit that a detainee died as a result of a brain injury sustained when a deputy slammed him to the ground. This despite the sheriff’s department claims that the man fell when he tried to throw a punch while in custody. 5

A Texas state DPS trooper has been indicted on an aggravated assault by a peace officer charge on allegations that he beat a suspect after a high speed car chase which resulted in that man being hospitalized. 1

A Macon GA police officer has resigned after being arrested on rape charges. He was arrested shortly after being interview by police on allegations that he sexually assaulted a 19-year-old woman while on duty.

A Jacksonville FL police officer was sentenced to three and a half years in prison as part of a plea deal to a sexual battery charge which dropped several other charges stemming from his sexual assault of a teen girl inside his home while his children slept.

A Massachusetts state trooper has been found negligent to the tune of $15, by a jury decision for hitting a woman with his motorcycle during the Boston Marathon. Police initially tried to blame the woman and charged her over the incident but the jury didn’t award her for the false arrest allegation, just the accident.

A Baltimore County MD deputy was arrested on multiple charges for allegedly pointing a gun at a motorcyclist during an alleged road rage incident.

Lexington TX city officials are creating a review board to investigate allegations against that town’s police chief that including abuse of power, sexual harassment, and that he cheated on exams for officers. 3

Albany NY police are investigating photographs that appear to show officers in uniform drinking while holding firearms. The pictures came out in the course of an officer’s domestic violence case that resulted in his acquital and the police union is demanding that someone be arrested… though not any of the cops shown in the photo. The union insists that whomever took the photo and whoever released it should be charged.

Meanwhile, police unions in Arizona have begun the push for new state laws which will restrict how law enforcement agencies can investigate and discipline police officers as well as what information about disciplinary records can’t be shared with the public.

A Jacksonville FL police officer was fined $1, and had his license suspended 6 months over an off duty accident in an unmarked cruiser that killed a motorcyclist.

A Post Falls ID police officer was fired after pretending to fire his taser at a friend while he was responding to a call at a physical therapy office.

An Orange County FL deputy was relieved of duty after being arrested on DUI charges while off duty.

A Toledo OH police officer who serves as the city council sgt-at-arms was arrested for disorderly conduct when police responded to a domestic dispute call and found him arguing with his wife in the middle of a road while their car blocked a lane.

A Ventura Co CA deputy accidentally discharged his rifle insid his apartment and that round went into a neighboring apartment, slightly injuring a couple inside with flying glass from their sliding door.

The police chief of Wayne NE and one of his lieutenants have been suspended pending possible disciplinary action for unspecified reasons.

A Vermont State trooper is on leave while under investigation over unspecified sexual misconduct allegations made by a teen girl.

A St Petersburg FL police officer has been suspended for 1 day on allegations that he was sending explicit text messages to a married woman while he was on duty and that he had sex in a public place after work.

A LaFayette TN police officer has resigned after accused of lying to detectives during an internal investigation into allegations that he had sex in his patrol car.

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