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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 12-03-10

Its time to have a national conversation about the national police problem


Key West Florida is likely to settle a lawsuit for $45,000 to a man claiming a cop used excessive force when he took him to the ground and he suffered a laceration and was falsely arrested on a stand-alone obstruction charge. An investigation sustained the man’s complaint and, while it was recommended that the officer receive a 3-day suspension and remedial training, it’s unclear if that’s how he was ultimately disciplined

York PA police accused of excessive force after video shows officer taking a swing at cuffed detainee http://is.gd/i9CFc

Beaumont TX cop found guilty of official oppression for needlessly tasering man twice during traffic stop http://is.gd/i9XLN

Tonawanda NY police captain sentenced to probation after plea deal for choking & hitting cuffed detainee w/flashlight http://is.gd/iaeGG

Cook County IL deputy suspended after arrested on allegations that he punched a woman in the head at a bar http://is.gd/i9SY2

Governemnt worker logic
A Dallas Texas cop who was once accused of putting a gun to a man’s head for urinating in public has been fired, not for that, but for double-dipping… he claims he’s being unfairly punished.

A Milwaukee Wisconsin police sergeant has been charged with driving while under the influence after he was stopped when police noticed his car swerving and found his 13-year-old daughter in the passenger seat while two other men were passed out in the back seat and covered in vomit. When questioned, the daughter said that she was driving them previously because they were all too drunk but then became lost which is when her father took the wheel.

Austin TX police SWAT officer arrested for drunk driving after wrecking unmarked patrol car in roll-over accident http://is.gd/i9E46

Porterville CA cop suspended for alleged DUI, found passed out in car on road, sgt investigated for not arresting him http://is.gd/i9EAu

Civil Rights Abuse
Atlanta GA settles suit for unspecified sum to patrons of gay bar detained during raid, promises unspecified reforms http://is.gd/iam88

2 Lucas Co OH deputies found guilty of rights violations & falsified documents in detainee’s death after sleeper hold http://is.gd/iaegI

Davie FL cop convicted of sexual battery for drugging & raping family member, but conviction may be overturned http://is.gd/i9Dmg

Cairo NY cop who also works at jail is arrested on workers compensation fraud charges http://is.gd/i9eKo

Kids and Cops: Run children! Run! Its the police!


Kansas City MO police accused of raiding home, throwing flash-bang past 2yr-old’s head, in search for man in jail http://is.gd/iaS9S

Cleveland OH settles suit for $110k to family of teen killed in “justified shooting” http://is.gd/iaLHF

Woonsocket RI cop sentenced to 1yr +1day after pleading guilty to beating teen at police station http://is.gd/i9fjw

Nogales AZ cop takes plea deal to 3 of 11 sexual conduct w/minor charges involving 16yr-old girl http://is.gd/i9KdL

Riverside CA cop sentenced to 1yr on 3 felony lewd acts on a child charges for repeatedly molesting teen relative http://is.gd/iafMP

El Paso TX cop fired & subject of criminal probe for alleged relationship w/15yr-old female student http://is.gd/i9VW0