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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

idiots on the public dole

Idiots at work, or why we need to over see the cops

Gainsville FL settles suit for $30k to woman claiming false arrest by cop now convicted of coercing sex from women [0] http://ow.ly/1sptbg

North Courtland AL cop fired & charged w/2 counts vehicular homicide for unmarked cruiser crash that killed couple [0] http://is.gd/vcWjx4

Troy NY cop charged, fired & now subject of lawsuit claiming he groped a woman while working security at store [2] http://is.gd/GYElCw

2 Baton Rouge LA cops subject of suit alleging they falsely charged fellow cop for buying prescription drug online [3] http://ow.ly/1spnH7

New York NY police sued by bicyclist arrested by plain-clothes cop after cop almost hit her w/car door [3] http://is.gd/2dqQUJ

Galveston TX police sued by man claiming cop needlessly beat him 30 minutes after he was cited for noise complaint [0] http://is.gd/DWXHlR

Carter County MO chief deputy charged w/burglary & receiving stolen property, says indicted sheriff told her to [0] http://is.gd/vlg0qc

Memphis TN idiot cop charged w/sexual exploitation of minor for sending nude pics of self to 15yr-old girl [0] http://is.gd/XlVRQA

4 Chicago IL cops w/now-disbanded SOS unit indicted on civil rights charges for home invasions & illegal searches [3] http://is.gd/heg269

Philadelphia PA settles suit for $1.2mil to family of unarmed man w/o record fatally shot in head by police [3] http://is.gd/lwJKOj

Albuquerque NM cop indicted on murder & evidence tampering charges involving the death of his wife 3yrs ago [0] http://is.gd/oR8H9s

Henderson NV police lt demoted after taking plea deal to reduced trespassing charge after arrested for solicitation [0] http://is.gd/C3sEI0

Orange Co CA deputy pleads guilty to 12 felony counts including drug trafficking & 2 DUI crashes within 33mins [0] http://is.gd/1OoSEE

Kansas City MO police investigating incident where police dog attacked innocent 56yr-old woman outside her home [0] http://is.gd/DZjadN

Elyria OH idiot cop given 5day suspension for punching suspect who was handcuffed to hospital bed [0] http://is.gd/WaZDtj

Hampton IA police chief resigns after suspended for unspecified reasons, officials refuse to give explanation [3] http://is.gd/nrTPvw

Springdale AR police sued by 52yr-old woman claiming she was falsely arrested for DUI after she had brain surgery [1] http://is.gd/Wmx3gj

Stockton CA settles 2 lawsuits, $375k to man left quadriplegic from taser fall & $550k to couple falsely arrested [0] http://is.gd/aa80oi

2 Pittsburgh PA idiot cops are under investigation over a videotaped incident, shown above, where a fan being thrown out of a baseball game was tasered then repeatedly hit with batons. [3]

Wichita KS intends to settle a lawsuit for $37,500 to a man claiming idiot cops repeatedly tasered him and kicked him during an arrest for passing bad checks. The suit also alleged that officers laughed at him and denied him treatment when he requested medical care but that jail officials sent him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with several broken ribs and other injuries. [4]

A San Francisco CA idiot cop was fired after the city made a $50,000 settlement last year to a man whom the officer called “boy” then shoved against a wall in an incident caught on video which proved he lied on his arrest report. [0]

Lodi CA police are being sued by a man who was arrested for attacking an officer who claims that a police dog bit him in the face and cause serious injuries while he was already subdued and handcuffed. [0]

A Durham NC police sergeant has been arrested on kidnapping & sexual assault charges involving an alleged but unspecified on duty incident. [2]

A Medford OR idiot cop resigned after being charged with sexual abuse and contributing to the sexual delinquency of a 17-year-old girl. [0]

A Columbia TN police captain has resigned after an investigation over text messages he sent to a teen girl who was in that department’s explorers program. [0]

A Greenwood IN idiot cop has been suspended 30 days for threatening men and pulling his gun when he was confronted about leaving an infant in his car while he went to get a drink. [0]

The now-former police chief of Perkins Twp OH has been sentenced to 1 year for selling firearms purchased by the township and keeping the money for himself. [0]

A now-former Rosebud TX police chief was convicted on evidence tampering charges involving a drunk driving accident investigation. [0]

A Jackson MS idiot cop was fired after being arrested on a possession of narcotics charge during a traffic stop in Texas. [0]

A Broward County FL sheriff’s sergeant was arrested along with his wife on oxycodone trafficking & prescription fraud charges. [0]

A Smyrna GA idiot cop was fired after being arrested for possession of marijuana & possession of a firearm during a crime. [0]

A Miami-Dade FL idiot cop was arrested on drug possession charges after allegedly caught buying cocaine. [0]

A Fort Dodge IA idiot cop resigned after becoming a person of interest in an unspecified criminal investigation. [2]

A Salem OR idiot cop resigned after being named as the subject of an unspeciified ongoing criminal investigation. [2]

A Medford OR idiot cop was sentenced to community service and probation after convicted on perjury charges. [0]

An Ephrata WA idiot cop received a deal that dismisses vehicle theft charges in exchange for his voluntarily revoking his police certification and ending his career as a idiot cop. [0]

A Monmouth County NJ deputy pled guilty to stealing $75,000 from the estate of his elderly aunt which was supposed to pay for her nursing home bills and for using a coworker’s credit card without permission. [0]

A Wake County NC deputy was charged with embezzlement and possession with intent for allegedly stealing $6,000 and 80g of marijuana. [0]

A Los Angeles County CA deputy was sentenced to 3 years after pleading to embezzling $500,000 in towing fees while he was impound supervisor. [0]

A San Antonio TX idiot cop was found guilty on a drunk driving charge and may lose his state police certification over it. [0]

A US BIA police chief for several New Mexico pueblos was arrested on drunk driving charge by state police [0]

A Louisville KY cop was sentenced to 3 days of house arrest and had his license suspended for 30 days after pleading guilty to a DUI charge. [0]

6 Birmingham AL cops subject of suit alleging they beat & kicked compliant man that they detained but never charged [4] http://ow.ly/1ssWz7

Toronto ON idiot cop charged w/assault involving 61yr-old man who suffered unspecified fracture in holding cell [2] http://ow.ly/1st4XW

RCMP officer in Prince George BC on desk duty while investigated for tasering an 11-year-old boy [1] http://ow.ly/1ssV16

Troy MT police chief faces state board disciplinary hearing for misconduct including $100k brutality settlement case [0] http://ow.ly/1ssUWj

University Park TX cop who used to be Sulphur Springs police chief charged w/sexual assault of a girl under 14 [1] http://ow.ly/1ssUya

Cleveland OH police accused of failing to properly investigate case before wrongfully arresting innocent couple [3] http://ow.ly/1st2PT

New Orleans LA cop arrested & resigns after admitting to pulling guns & threatening man at gas station while off duty [0] http://ow.ly/1st6zP

Detroit MI loses $2+mil lawsuit to 50yr-old injured by speeding cop who ran red on dashcam, given ticket in coverup [3] http://ow.ly/1st7AB

Los Angeles CA police lose $2mil lawsuit to 2 cops claiming retaliation for complaining about ticket quota [3] http://ow.ly/1st0Th

Laredo TX idiot cop sentenced to 24yrs after convicted on drug trafficking charges stemming from FBI sting [0] http://ow.ly/1ssUun

Greenville NC idiot cop on admin duty after arrested for resisting an officer after cops responded to fight call [1] http://ow.ly/1ssW6b

Bothel WA police investigating photo taken by woman w/disabled son of police cruiser parked in handicap spot [0] http://ow.ly/1st0Qa

Two Denver CO idiot cops have been fired by that city’s manager of safety for lying on their reports about an incident caught on one of the city’s surveillance cameras that shows the officers shoving women with their batons then pepperspraying one woman who was already subdued as well as a nearby crowd. The police chief only recommended a suspension. [0]

Five Birmingham AL idiot cops were ordered to be reinstated by a county review board after they were fired for their roles in a videotaped incident where they beat a man who was already unconscious when he was ejected from a car when he crashed during a chase. [0]

Seattle WA prosecutors were forced to drop charges against three men who were accused of assaulting a drunken off-duty idiot cop who they say they attacked because he was attacking a woman outside of a bar. The charges were dropped because the officer refused to testify because he’s under investigation when he was caught on dashcam video kicking one of the men in the head while he was laying prone while being arrested by responding officers. [0]

A Spokane WA International Airport idiot cop is the subject of a lawsuit alleging he used excessive force on 71-year-old woman over a parking ticket. This is the second such suit against the now-former cop, the other one was settled out of court for an unspecified sum. [3]

A US Border Patrol agent was indicted on drug trafficking charges after he was allegedly caught near the Mexico border with 745 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle. [0]

A Revere MA idiot cop was arrested on bribery charges by the FBI after he was caught in a sting operation accepting a bribe in exchange for interfering with a criminal case. [0]

A LaFollette TN idiot cop received a pretrial diversion deal that will wipe his record clean of the bribery and official misconduct charges he faced for accepting a bribe in exchange for interfering with a criminal case. [0]

An Ashville NC police sample audit of 1097 pieces of evidence revealed that 115 of those items were missing including 88 drug & money packets in addition to 27 firearms. The sample audit was part of an ongoing audit sparked by missing evidence. [0]

The New York NY police department is under investigation over allegations of widespread ticket fixing as a “professional courtosy” that extended to officers as well as their family and friends. The investigation may involve hundreds of officers in multiple precincts. [1]

A Pittsburgh PA police detective was sentenced to probation over an off-duty road rage incident where he was accused of breaking a motorist’s window, choking him, and pointing a gun at him after a minor fender bender. [0]

A Macon GA idiot cop was suspended after arrested on family battery charges involving an incident with his 15-year-old daughter. [0]

Two Golden Beach FL idiot cops were fired and charged with felonies on allegations that they were double-dipping by working security jobs while on duty. [0]

A Cleveland OH idiot cop resigned prior to a disciplinary hearing he faced for working off-duty jobs without authorization and working off-duty jobs while on paid sick leave. [0]

A Columbus OH deputy police chief is under investigation for allegedly lying under oath when he testified that he had permission to testify in his uniform while on the stand in a criminal case. [0]

Asheville NC settled a lawsuit for $48,000 to a female officer claiming her supervisor sent her sexually explicit and racist text messages. [2]

A San Diego CA idiot cop is under investigation on allegations he left the scene of an accident he caused while under the influence which resulted in a female motorist being injured. [2]

A Sauk County WI deputy was arrested on a drunk driving charge and a related weapons charge while off duty. [0]

A Mesa County CO deputy is under investigation pending blood test results after stopped by the state patrol for a suspected DUI. [1]

And finally, a Rogers MN police sergeant is suing the town alleging that they violated her rights when they released a photo of her when they announced her suspension. [2]

2 New Orleans LA idiot cops found guilty of obstruction & civil rights violations for beating a man to death [0] http://ow.ly/1suB6Z

Saanich BC constable found grossly negligent for 2004 shooting death, district to pay $353k to victim’s family [0] http://ow.ly/1suQ4v

RCMP officer in Edmonton AB sentenced to 3mo house arrest after pleading to assault for attacking detainee on video (above) [0] http://ow.ly/1suPLv

Seattle WA undercover idiot cop charged w/assault for repeatedly kicking compliant teen on video (above) in October [0] http://ow.ly/1suPff

San Bernardino CA loses $2mil jury award to family of mentally ill man who died after police tasered & restrained him [0] http://ow.ly/1suMPS

Lubbock TX settles suit for $17.5k to woman repeatedly tasered for refusing to get out of car during traffic stop [0] http://ow.ly/1suMFF

Ada County ID deputy under investigation after woman filed tort claim alleging he sexually assaulted her on duty [0] http://ow.ly/1sux6b

Orlando FL award-winning gang cop arrested on battery & false imprisonment charges in incident caught on video [0] http://ow.ly/1suZXS

El Paso Co CO sheriff & FBI subject of suit by wrongfully convicted man claiming investigators withheld evidence [3] http://ow.ly/1sv8Vu

South Beloit IL police release video showing then-interim chief grab cuffed woman by throat which sparked state probe [0] http://ow.ly/1suVzo

5 Albuquerque NM cops accused of violating rights for damaging man’s home & kicking him during raid over false report [2] http://ow.ly/1suZJX

Walton Co FL deputy found guilty of agg child abuse for fracturing 3mo-old daughter’s skull & leg when he threw her [0] http://ow.ly/1sv8Id

Montgomery AL cop sentenced to 40yrs after pleading guilty to robbing Hispanic motorists he would pull over at night [0] http://ow.ly/1suQdM

Houston TX police accused of hiding open containers & threatening witnesses of cop’s suspected DUI crash into bus [5] http://ow.ly/1sv7Fm

2 Saskatoon SK cops berated by judge for relying on “spidey sense” when they detained & illegally teen w/o cause [0] http://ow.ly/1suHd3

Maricopa County AZ sheriff accused of mispending $99.5mil from jail & inmate services funds over the last 8yrs [4] http://ow.ly/1sv27K

Baton Rouge LA cop arrested on allegations he stole $15k in cash that was seized in drug case to feed own addiction [0] http://ow.ly/1suUMj

Edmond OK idiot cop charged w/grand larceny after investigation into allegations he stole $8000 from evidence [0] http://ow.ly/1sv3iV

San Diego CA police sgt charged w/felony stalking & misd phone harassment on allegations involving female officer [1] http://ow.ly/1suZ80

3 Illinois Metro Area Narcotics Squad cops arrested for bar brawl w/bouncers for refusing to leave gentleman’s club [0] http://ow.ly/1suV0w

Trenton NJ idiot cop investigated for remarks about internal affairs during his officer of the year award speach [1]http://ow.ly/1suJ76

Granby CT police captain on leave while the subject of unspecified criminal investigation by state police [2] http://ow.ly/1suJ33

2 Pasquotank County NC deputies under investigation for allegedly misusing county gas cards to fuel personal cars [0] http://ow.ly/1sv2Rt

Suprise AZ cop charged w/DUI & endangerment for crash while driving son to school after allegedly taking depressants [0]http://ow.ly/1suV8W

Sully Co SD sheriff sentenced to sobriety program, community service & apologize for rudeness to trooper in DUI plea [0] http://ow.ly/1sv2D8

St Joseph MO idiot cop fined $500 after pleading guilty to drunk driving charge from when she hit parked car [0] http://ow.ly/1suH5w

Warr Acres OK police investigate photo taken of police cruiser in handicap parking space by wife of handicapped man [0] http://ow.ly/1sv1zb

West Richland WA and Benton County WA settled a lawsuit for $350,000 and $35,000 respectively to a man who suffered a fractured skull & brain damage when he fell after being struck with a taser when he refused to drop his cigarette. [0] http://ow.ly/1sw6Ud

A Merrillville IN idiot cop is the subject of a lawsuit by a man who claims he lost his eye when the officer struck him while transporting him to jail. [3] http://ow.ly/1svGEz

A Newbury MA police sergeant has been charged with assault and for falsifying a police report after a year-long investigation into allegations he punched while he was already on the ground. [1] http://ow.ly/1svCLU

A Toronto ON idiot cop is facing disciplinary action after an investigation found he used excessive force on a restrained man last year. [2] http://ow.ly/1svD5I

An Irondale AL police sgt is the subject of a suit alleging he arrested a woman & confiscated her camera for taking pic of officers making an arrest. [5] http://ow.ly/1svzsk

Portland OR loses suit for $82k to woman roughly arrested for asking cop for his card when video contradicted report [3] http://ow.ly/1sw59U

Vallejo CA cop under investigation after arresting man in own garage for videotaping cops making arrest across street [3] http://ow.ly/1svVJ0

Harris County TX deputy pleads guilty to extortion charge after arrested for protecting ecstasy dealer & taking bribe [0] http://ow.ly/1svTyB

Summerdale AL ex-police chief subject of secret service probe after counterfeit cash found in his SUV when fired [0] http://ow.ly/1svRpJ

Fort Worth TX cop on restricted duty after arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after stopped for drifting [0] http://ow.ly/1svPX1

Pine Lawn MO police sued by ex-cop claiming he was fired for cooperating w/fed probe into chief who shot fleeing man [4] http://ow.ly/1svN14

St Petersburg FL cop suspended 2days for disabling his cruiser’s GPS unit, was accused but acquitted in hit&run case [0] http://ow.ly/1svMWN

Hamilton ON idiot cop suspended after arrested during large meth & steroids trafficking sweep [0] http://ow.ly/1svD0j

Slidell LA police sgt arrested on simple battery domestic abuse charge over alleged incident w/wife [0] http://ow.ly/1svCSh

Bridgeton MO idiot cop pleads guilty to bribery & obstructing a fed investigation for laundering drug money [0] http://ow.ly/1svz3w

Roswell NM idiot cop fired after arrested on drug & identity theft charges using stolen IDs to buy drugs [0] http://ow.ly/1svyGv

Peel ON idiot cop arrested on fraud charges for allegedly staging car crashes for insurance money [0] http://ow.ly/1svVRD

Clayton Co GA police investigate why cop wasn’t cited for not having insurance when he rear-ended female motorist [1] http://ow.ly/1svTte

Albany NY police union leader caught on video coaching cop about his DUI, complains about prosecutor being tough [0] http://ow.ly/1svREL

Gary IN lost a $850k jury judgment to a 63-year-old man who lost an eye when a cop struck him in the head with a baton during an arrest. [3] http://ow.ly/1swtDH

A Seaside CA cop already facing sexual assault charges involving 2 women now faces 33 counts involving 5 alleged victims, including one juvenile. [0] http://ow.ly/1swDKT

A Chicago IL police sergeant was arrested on official misconduct & battery charges for repeatedly slapping cuffed man on video, shown above. [0] http://ow.ly/1swwJc

An Oklahoma City OK police sergeant who is already under investigation on child molestation allegations has now been arrested on separate kidnapping charges and police report they had to use a taser during the arrest. [0] http://ow.ly/1swrV7

In the above reader-submitted video, seven New York NY police are shown arresting a man when he legally refused to hand over his ID when confronted for joking around with a bicyclist they stopped to give a ticket to. [3] http://ow.ly/1swQfD

Michigan State police have allegedly told the ACLU that they must pay $500,000 if they want to find out what troopers are doing with cell phone data extraction devices when they have been demanding motorists hand over their phones during traffic stops. The ACLU has been trying to find out due to 4th amendment violation concerns. [5] http://ow.ly/1swOTJ

The Iowa Civil Rights Commission entered a secretive settlement deal with an unnamed police department which will keep allegations of racial profiling and the identity of that department a secret from the public. [4] http://ow.ly/1sx28v

A Bosque Farms NM cop who apparently filed a sexual discrimination claim was subjected to a raid by police who say the officer is under investigation for “embezzling documents”. While the report doesn’t question the allegations, they seem highly suspicious. [5] http://ow.ly/1sx1Z9

A Salisbury PA police K9 officer was suspended for 2 days without pay over unspecified “neglect of duty” allegations and officials are refusing to specify. [3] http://ow.ly/1swOFh

A Rockmart GA idiot cop has been placed on unpaid leave after arrested on a cruelty to children charge involving unspecified allegations by state investigators. Oddly, the report keeps referring to the officer as a former officer, though he was just now placed on unpaid leave. [1] http://ow.ly/1swOvi

A Los Angeles County CA deputy was found guilty of kidnapping, falsely imprisoning & assaulting his ex-girlfriend with a firearm after breaking into her home and laying in wait for her. [0] http://ow.ly/1swDEX

The now-former Phoenix AZ Pulbic Safety Director has retired in midst of a probe over his use of allegedly fudged crime data to secure a $1.7mil federal grant. Interestingly, I’m a bit curious if he’ll now have two pensions since he was given the title of Public Safety Director, and salary for it, while pulling in a pension after retiring as police chief of that city. [0] http://ow.ly/1swJh4

The police chief of Bancroft MI has been suspended while the subject of an investigation stemming from an unspecified but “serious” complaint. [2] http://ow.ly/1swCFV

Several Mobile AL idiot cops are under investigation on allegations they were working extra jobs while on duty [0] http://ow.ly/1swN1j

A Chilliwack BC RCMP idiot cop is facing drunk driving charges after crashing into ditch while off duty. [0] http://ow.ly/1swwrw

A Harris County TX deputy is accused of visiting a drug house then having sex with a prostitute before he was fatally shot by a pimp as part of an alleged plot between the two to rob the off-duty officer. Yes, what he was doing was a crime which is why the report is here… but, ultimately and ironically, he ended up the victim of a crime instead. [0] http://ow.ly/1swYf5

a University of Houston TX idiot cop’s body tested positive for cocaine use in an autopsy performed after her fatal on duty crash while responding to a call. [0] http://ow.ly/1swC10