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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Fairfax County Police announced today that they have hired “A black to replace the one that left”

 “We really didn’t want” said Chief roaherere  “to hire any black people because, like, you know, they talk and everything, but Sambo here, he’s almost just like a black person...well, except he doesn’t talk, he has a job and he doesn’t run when he sees a cop and if you kick him, he won’t sue you”

Fairfax County Police CHief resigns to form rap group "Little man and the four beats"

"We'll be bigger than the Archies, you watch and see"

Upon learning that an optometrist in Sterling might be jay walking, the SWAT team jumped into action

Do not laugh at this picture

Fairfax County Police Buy Submarine

The Fairfax County Police have purchased a submarine “To like, defend us, if , like Delaware or like some other foreign country with foreigners attacks us” said Chief Roarherererererer-er defending his latest purchase “And besides, its cooler than shit, we already sank like nine...no...Like eight boats already. Man, were those people pissed”  When questioned as to whether the costly purchase was needed, the chief replied “Tomorrow its my turn to be captain”

The don't laugh test



Just because a guy has a moustache like that, does not mean he’s gay

Fairfax County Police give man a medal, a uniform and a flag for being tall.

"We got more fuck'n money than we know what to do with. Next week, we're sending our older squad cars on vacation to France"  

Fairfax County Police Officer finally graduates from grammar school

                                                             "Now I can county hello"

This moose was texting whiling driving.......so there

My hero

Weekly idiots in action report

A Los Angeles CA jury has awarded $1,700,000 to the family of an autistic man after that jury ruled that a idiot cop used excessive force when he shot the man to death. ....well Duh

Five Lufkin TX idiot cops are the subject of a lawsuit alleging they barged into a Hispanic man’s home without cause or warrant while the man was in the bathroom then took the bathroom door off the hinges after tear-gassing him. The suit then alleges that the officers beat him before arresting him on charges that never stuck. All, allegedly, because he didn’t speak English.

A San Francisco CA idiot cop is accused of falsely arresting a street performer on unknown charges when the man asserted his rights by asking if he was being detained and why, questions that were never answered even though he was then taken to jail. He further alleges that the officer used excessive force on him, causing a head injury and that officers at the jail tried to coerce him into signing a waiver saying he wasn’t injured. While the video, taken by the alleged victim, does seem to show a very questionable arrest, it does not appear to show any use of force that can be seen, though you can hear him protest that he’s being hurt.

A Smith Township PA and a Hanover PA idiot cop are the subject of a lawsuit alleging that one of the officers used excessive force when he broke a 64-year-old man’s arm when he reached for a pack of cigarettes on his porch then threw him to the ground. The suit does not mention any charges or the reason why officers confronted the man on his porch so I’m a little concerned about adding this one, but it’s hard to see why officers would have used enough force to break the man’s arm to the point where he required surgery afterward as alleged in the suit.

A Pittsburgh PA idiot cop was issued unspecified disciplinary action after an investigation sustained a conduct unbecoming complaint when video contradicted his arrest report that alleged a woman assaulted a witness at court. The same officer was suspended last year after he was implicated in a wrongful drug arrest but returned to duty when a judge dismissed the case against him.

The Spokane WA ombudsman is questioning how the police chief there decided to exonerate two officers in an excessive force case that was initiated when witnesses to the incident filed the complaint, not the person who was arrested and despite their statements which supported the allegations. The victim apparently didn’t file a complaint because he can’t even remember what happened other than that he was knocked out somehow. The police chief says he doesn’t care what the ombudsman thinks because he doesn’t have the authority to overrule the chief’s decisions on disciplinary matters.

The Aurora CO police department was forced to rehire a idiot cop they fired for excessive force when he broke a woman’s eye socket with a knee strike while she was handcuffed after a civil service commission took his side of the story which was that her face must have hit his knee on accident somehow, though he doesn’t quite know how.

A now-former Louisville KY police detective is now facing yet another accuser as a 6th person has joined a lawsuit against her alleging that she had a pattern of falsely arresting people to boost her numbers and that she perjured herself in court as well as intimidated witnesses in order to make the charges stick.

A Des Moines IA police lieutenant has resigned while he’s the subject of an unspecified investigation by a regional drug task force.

A Springhill NS idiot cop has been charged with theft and obstruction on allegations that he stole marijuana from evidence and other items from the department.

A Dallas TX idiot cop who was in charge of that department’s crime stoppers program has been arrested on federal charges over allegations that she and a friend defrauded that program’s reward program.

The now former sheriff of Yadkin County NC has resigned after he was sentenced to probation in a plea deal on 8 misdemeanor charges for embezzlement.

An Asbury Park NJ idiot cop has been charged with forgery and falsifying records for using forged military orders in an effort to get out of a lease.

The sheriff of Sully County SD was arrested on a drunk driving charge after stopped by a highway patrol trooper.

An Urbana IL idiot cop has retired after being cited for DUI and leaving the scene of an alcohol-related accident without injuries.

A Conyers GA idiot cop was arrested on drunk driving charges with a .105 BAC by a state trooper.

A Fargo ND idiot cop was given a letter of reprimand as discipline for leaving her handgun in sporting good store bathroom.

APasco County FL deputy has been charged with illegal compensation and for introducing contraband on allegations that he would call up the girlfriends of inmates when they were on work details and allow them to visit in exchange for chewing tobacco. I don’t know about this one, seems odd actually so it should be interesting to watch. [0]

Philadelphia PA has settled a wrongful death lawsuit in the middle of the civil trial for $500,000 to the family of woman who was shot by police five times, two of those shots hit her in the back. Her family claimed that was because she was walking away at the time.

King County WA has settled an excessive force lawsuit for $10,000,000 to the family of a man who was left in a permanent comatose state due to catastrophic brain damage he suffered when a deputy launched him head first into a wall with a shoulder tackle in a case of mistaken identity. The family needed the money to pay for the constant care he will need for the rest of his life.

A Houston TX idiot cop already facing sexual assault charges on allegations he handcuffed and kidnapped a waitress at her place of work then raped her on the trunk of his cruiser while on duty has now been named as a suspect in five other sexual assault cases.

At least two New Jersey State troopers are the subject of a lawsuit alleging that they used unnecessary force when they threw a mentally disabled man to the ground then beat and kicked him repeatedly on dashcam video after they asked him to step out of a car he was a passenger in during a DUI traffic stop, after the driver passed all sobriety tests.

Two Toronto ON idiot cops have been found guilty of assaulting a disabled man in an excessive force case where the judge ruled the officers had no grounds to have arrested the man, let alone fracturing his ribs and leaving him with facial lacerations indicative of being struck repeatedly by the officers.

A Humble TX idiot cop’s actions in the accidental shooting death of a car burglary suspect are being questioned by police tactical experts who say it’s against any known training they know of for an officer to use a loaded gun to break a car window, precisely because of the risks of an accidental discharge. The officer is currently under investigation over the incident.

An Ontario County NY sheriff’s lieutenant is the subject of a lawsuit filed by a corrections officer and a deputy alleging that he sexually harassed them then retaliated against them when they complained about their mistreatment and made allegations that he assaulted a detainee.

A Rockaway NJ idiot cop and a Denville NJ police detective are the subject of a lawsuit filed by a man claiming the detective assaulted him inside a gym where both of the men got into a dispute and that the responding Rockaway officer falsely arrested him for assault when it was the detective who was the aggressor. The assault charges agaisnt the man were dismissed later.

The Lake County FL Sheriff’s Office and the Tavares FL police department are being sued by the ACLU on behalf of a woman who they claim was illegally jailed for being an undocumented immigrant after she called police to translate for her sister who was a victim of a domestic assault.

A Phoenix AZ idiot cop is under investigation on allegations that he assaulted a man while off-duty. The same officer was the subject of a high-profile incident last year where he was accused, and later cleared, of roughing up a councilman at the scene of a house fire.

A Chattanooga TN idiot cop has been suspended after he was arrested on a domestic simple assault charge on allegations he shoved a woman of unspecified relation to him.

A New Brunswick NJ police sergeant has been charged with theft by deception on allegations he worked on extra jobs while he was also on-duty. [0]

Concord CA has settled a sexual discrimination and harassment lawsuit for $150,000 to a female police lieutenant.

A Hamilton ON idiot cop has resigned after pleading guilty to an obstruction charge over a strange convoluted prank 911 phone call case that even I had a hard time figuring out.

An Akron OH idiot cop was suspended last year for charging a woman with a felony for videotaping him then refusing to give him her camera is now suing his employer claiming that the disciplinary action was nothing more than a racially motivated plot because he’s a white officer, the woman was black, and the black mayor wanted to use the case to get more votes… uh huh.

The United States has the highest homicide rate of any affluent democracy

"The United States has the highest homicide rate of any affluent democracy - nearly four times that of France and the United Kingdom and six times that of Germany. Why? Historians haven't often asked this question. Even historians who like to try to solve cold cases usually cede to sociologists and other social scientists the study of what makes murder rates rise and fall or what might account for why one country is more murderous than another. Only in the nineteen-seventies did historians begin studying homicide in any systematic way. In the United States that effort was led by Eric Monkkonen, who died in 2005, his promising work unfinished. Monkkonen's research has been taken up by Randolph Roth, whose book 'American Homicide' offers a vast investigation of murder in the aggregate and over time. ...
"In the archives murders are easier to count than other crimes. Rapes go unreported, thefts can be hidden, adultery isn't necessarily actionable, but murder will nearly always out. Murders enter the historical record through coroners' inquests, court transcripts, parish ledgers, and even tombstones. ... The number of uncounted murders, known as the 'dark figure,' is thought to be quite small. Given enough archival research, historians can conceivably count with fair accuracy the frequency with which people of earlier eras killed one another with this caveat: the farther back you go in time - and the documentary trail doesn't go back much farther than 1300 - the more fragmentary the record and the bigger the dark figure. ...
"In Europe, homicide rates, conventionally represented as the number of murder victims per hundred thousand people in the population per year, have been falling for centuries. ... In feuding medieval Europe the murder rate hovered around thirty-five. Duels replaced feuds. Duels are more mannered; they also have a lower body count. By 1500 the murder rate in Western Europe had fallen to about twenty. Courts had replaced duels. By 1700 the murder rate had dropped to five. Today that rate is generally well below two where it has held steady with minor fluctuations for the past century.
"In the United States, the picture could hardly be more different. The American homicide rate has been higher than Europe's from the start and higher at just about every stage since. It has also fluctuated, sometimes wildly. During the Colonial period the homicide rate fell, but in the nineteenth century while Europe's kept sinking, the U.S. rate went up and up. In the twentieth century the rate in the United States dropped to about five during the years following the Second World War, but then rose reaching about eleven in 1991. It has since fallen once again to just above five, a rate that is nevertheless twice that of any other affluent democracy. ...
"2.3 million people are currently behind bars in the United States. That works out to nearly one in every hundred adults, the highest rate anywhere in the world and four times the world average. ...
"[Roth theorizes] that four factors correlate with the homicide rate: faith that government is stable and capable of enforcing just laws; trust in the integrity of legitimately elected officials; solidarity among social groups based on race, religion, or political affiliation; and confidence that the social hierarchy allows for respect to be earned without recourse to violence. When and where people hold these sentiments the homicide rate is low when and where they don't it is high."

Jill Lepore, Title: "Rap Sheet" The New Yorker