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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

idiots at work

  • Midland MI cop sentenced to 6-20yrs in no contest plea to charges for sexual assault of disabled crime victim [0] http://bit.ly/mjEKQU

  • Denver CO settles suit for $45k to firefighter choked by cop outside pizza shop for saying “way to protect & serve” [0] http://bit.ly/kYvPrk

  • Denver CO settles suit for $35k to man attacked by 2 cops on video while walking dogs for taking pic of traffic stop[0] http://bit.ly/kYvPrk

  • Barrow Co GA sheriff & Statham GA police subject of NAACP request for US DOJ pattern & practice brutality probe [0] http://bit.ly/jjkJk5

  • Worth Co MO sheriff charged w/violating the rights of 8 women by coercing them to expose selves & illegal searches [0] http://bit.ly/lR7hdx

  • Sanford FL cop suspended while investigation re-opened into incident on video when he threatened people in car w/gun [3] thesent.nl/kq4ENh

  • Oakland CA faces class action suit alleging mass arrest of 150 in police brutality protest last yr violated rights [0] http://bit.ly/izo2bn

  • 10 Utah police officers from various agencies have certifications taken or suspended for various acts of misconduct [0] http://bit.ly/imn7lE (Note: with these kinds of articles I have to sift through each individual case and only add the cases that we didn’t already track. 2 of the 10 I’ve looked at so far were already in our database as criminal charges.)

  • Maricopa CA police accused of retaliating against man who threatened suit over questionable impound practices [4] http://bit.ly/mR1MCl

  • Montgomery Co MD cop sentenced to 5mo home detention for using police database to help drug dealing fiance [0] http://bit.ly/j9l4g4

  • Cody WY refuses to say why police officer was fired & plans to keep council hearing secret, possibly violating law [4] http://bit.ly/lOSL7s

  • Rockaway Beach OR cop suspended while under investigation for unspecified allegations as high school softball coach [3] http://bit.ly/lToY4I

  • Boulder Co CO deputy subject of suit by bicyclist hit by cruiser that pulled out in front of her, deputy was cited [0] http://bit.ly/mBxMpr

  • Iowa LA police officer arrested on DUI charge after single vehicle accident in police dept take-home vehicle [0] http://bit.ly/iWGRaJ

  • Shawnee OK cop gets deferred sentence & fine for off-duty DUI charge that also cost him his job [0] http://bit.ly/jjrFFZ

  • Solon OH cop sentenced to 3days jail after pleading guilty to DUI from when he crashed into tree w/.238 BAC [0] http://bit.ly/iXHbOt

  • Honolulu HI cop sentenced to 30days for hitting 63yr-old pedestrian while driving under the influence [0] http://bit.ly/jn5QSq

  • Amherst Co VA deputy sentenced to probation after convicted of attempting to illegally obtain prescription drugs [0] http://bit.ly/m4bn1y

  • Sandusky OH cop faces discipline after cruiser crashed when he failed to shift to park before exiting to chase kids [0] http://bit.ly/jrzfH0