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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

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Idiots at work

 Costs to the public this week in suits by your local idiots $4,600,000

Excessive force

Los Angeles Co CA sheriff’s dept is being investigated by the FBI over allegations of excessive force by deputies at county jail including one incident allegedly witnessed by an ACLU lawyer who claims a detainee was beaten into unconsciousness then beaten some more. [0] lat.ms/o4uslS

Vancouver BC cop is accused of using unnecessary force on actor DJ Qualls as he was trying to point out an assault suspect to officers after a bar fight he wasn’t involved with. The officer was accused of telling him “you think you’re fucking better than me?” during the incident where the actor wasn’t charged. [3] bit.ly/mT5Tcc

2 Bexar Co deputies sued alleging they physically abused then taunted 2 Las Vegas gaming executives after falsely accusing them of scalping. They were eventually released without charges after employees at the venue informed officers they were guests. [3] bit.ly/n8g83T

Shake down
El Paso Co CO sheriff agrees to stop questionable raids on businesses in an effort to collect outstanding fees. The collection of fees is normally a civil court process and the raids have been likened to a strong-arm collection tactic after officers were accused of taking cash from one business. [0] http://bit.ly/qEiZHE

Houston TX cop sentenced to 20yrs prison after pleading to stealing over $800k from police union over 7yr period [0] bit.ly/pUpuCD

Broward Co FL deputy arrested on grand theft & official misconduct charges for robbing undercover posing as dealer [0] bit.ly/n4LafH

New Paltz NY cop indicted on felony grand larceny & workers comp fraud charges involving over $50k [0] bit.ly/psx7Cz

Civil right violation
2 Pierce Co WA deputies found guilty of perjury for lying about entering a home without a warrant in order to seize a firearm. They claimed the man brought the gun out to them when they asked for it. [0] bit.ly/r8rHy2

Eureka CA jury awards $4.5mil to family of man who died after badly beaten by 2 cops then denied medical care [0] bit.ly/n7R1c0
Los Angeles Co CA monitor report finds 1/2 of people shot for “reaching for waistband” were unarmed, numbers rising [0] lat.ms/nNU0CC

Drugs/ Drunk
3 Houston TX cops apparently chatted on cruiser laptops about being high after eating arrested teen’s pot brownies [0] bit.ly/nQUH9C

Milwaukee WI cop sentenced to 2yrs after sting op caught him taking $1k to help transport 4lbs cocaine & drug money [0] bit.ly/nav9ji
Lying/Typical punk attitude
Austin TX cop suspended 90days, lied before video showed him being rude to resident who called about discarded hypo [0] bit.ly/ny2F4O

East Point GA cop fired & charged w/theft by taking, violation of oath & false statements on unspecified allegation [2] bit.ly/nNuNlS

Fabricated evidence
Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC police sued by man claiming cops fabricated evidence to falsely imprison him for 12yrs [0] bit.ly/qqS2Lm

2 New Orleans LA cops get probation/suspended sentences for roles in false arrest & false report, both resigned [0] bit.ly/pgOZzz

Witness retaliation
Hackensack NJ cop suspended w/o pay after charged w/witness retaliation, lying to investigators & hindering arrest [0] bit.ly/q9v2Hg

Once again, proof, they’re cops because Walmart isn’t hiring
Atlanta GA cop pulls gun on motorist when he mistakes man’s Toyota Camry for his Ford Explorer police SUV [0] bit.ly/nSvcjQ

Wrongful termination
Escondido CA settles suit for $20k to non-profit hired for FHA study but fired for criticism of police checkpoints [3] bit.ly/oDc0ho

Kids and cops…..strange, just strange
Albuquerque NM settles class action suit for a rumored $150k by 13yr-old arrested by school cop for minor outburst [3] bit.ly/qermCk

Child molestation
Salinas CA cop sentenced to 6 months jail after pleading no contest to molesting a 12yr-old Nepalese girl who, to compound insult to injury, was forced to attend counseling with the officer after the incident. [0] bit.ly/r9OiBc

Windermere FL police chief takes plea deal on 4 counts, dropping most serious charges for hindering child sex case [0] thesent.nl/nFx9yo


Cops and women…strange, strange relationship

Central Michigan Univ MI cop charged w/official misconduct for talking drunk college students into exposing breasts [0] bit.ly/r5UhsH
Nashville TN cop arrested on agg assault charges for attempting to strangle girlfriend until her dog saved her [0] bit.ly/q3fWu8

Honolulu HI cop suspended while under investigation after accused of raping a mentally disabled shoplifting suspect [0] bit.ly/oiNN1S
Dalworthington Gardens TX cop arrested on allegations he sexually assaulted woman after arresting then helping her [0] http://bit.ly/oJvUdH
Excessive force against female protesters
Cowlitz Co WA deputies are accused in a lawsuit of encouraging the use of excessive force against female protesters by private security at a union strike/protest. The deputies are accused of fist bumping and cheering at the security officers when they removed the protesters, injuring some of the women. [3] bit.ly/ox4hrJ

Sexual assault
Dallas Co TX deputy constable was sentenced to 1year in jail for unauthorized use of a vehicle but only received probation for 2 sexual assault and 2 bribery charges, apparently because he’s ill. [0] bit.ly/qWv0TB
2 Bradenton FL cops subject of complaint by homeless man alleging they demanded ID w/o cause & threatened arrest [3] bit.ly/qxWvKv