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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Mkes you wonder what they got on Griffin

Fairfax County executive proposes letting internal auditor oversee police conduct probes

By Tom Jackman, Monday, March 28, 9:49 PM

Fairfax County’s top administrator is proposing that the county’s internal auditor — rather than a committee of residents — review citizen appeals questioning the outcome of police misconduct investigations

The recommendation comes after a citizens’ group, formed after county officers killed two motorists, requested a more independent process that involved civilians.

Residents led by a retired D.C. police detective formed the Virginia Citizens Coalition for Police Accountability last year after two incidents on Route 1. In 2008, a teacher’s assistant died in a police crash; in 2009, an officer fatally shot unarmed motorist David Masters.

When a resident or fellow officer accuses a Fairfax officer of wrongdoing, the complaint is investigated by the police department’s internal affairs unit and resolved by the chief. Deemed personnel matters, the results of the investigations are rarely made public.

The citizens’ group, which found that Fairfax was the largest jurisdiction in the country without an independent citizen review board, recommended the creation of an oversight panel that includes county residents.

The coalition took its case to the Fairfax Board of Supervisors, which asked Police Chief David M. Rohrer and County Executive Anthony H. Griffin to look into the matter. After doing so, Griffin decided against a review involving citizens.

Instead, in a “board item” Griffin will discuss at a supervisors’ meeting Tuesday, Griffin proposes using the county’s internal auditor, Christopher Pietsch, who investigates citizen complaints about fraud and ethics in county government.

If complainants are dissatisfied with the police investigation, Griffin said, they could appeal to the auditor. He would review the police investigation and report to the county executive.

Griffin noted that the auditor already works with the police department on his investigations and is familiar with its procedures. He also noted that Pietsch reports to the county executive, “thus satisfying the independent third party review requirement.”

Griffin’s memo to the board cited a 1997 study of police review boards and said there were four models for review of police conduct: three involving citizens and one using an ”independent auditor.” He said there was “no strong evidence that a citizen review board provides additional value to a review process.”

Rohrer and the police officers’ union support the idea, Griffin’s memo said.

Rohrer did not want to discuss the idea until it was officially proposed on Tuesday. Griffin and union head Michael Scanlon did not answer requests for comment.

The citizens’ coalition was not happy with the proposal. Nicholas Beltrante, the group’s founder, called Griffin’s idea “a step in the right direction,” but also said “it falls short of the [coalition’s] recommendation for a citizens’ review board that would be comprised of Fairfax County citizens.”

Philip K. Eure, executive director of the civilian-run D.C. Office of Police Complaints, also helps run the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement. He called it “puzzling” that Fairfax never contacted the association for information on how a civilian review board might work.

Eure also noted that “since both the police chief and the internal auditor report to the same person, the county executive, questions could legitimately be raised about the auditor’s independence to offer frank assessments of problems within the police department.”


Idiots at work

US Border Patrol agent is being investigated after fatally shooting a man in the back as he was climbing the border wall. Investigators say there no indication the man assaulted him. [1] http://is.gd/NpPXpw

2 West Point GA cops received a reprimand after dashcam showed them use excessive force on 17yr-old girl who was recording them making an arrest. [0] http://is.gd/DVoviY

The now-disbanded Chicago IL police SOS unit is being sued alleging cops ransacked and illegally raided a home & threatened the 13yr-old sitter who was there. [3] http://is.gd/KXBxsy

An Aurora CO police officer was arrested on multiple felony charges on allegations he sexually exploited a 15yr-old runaway. [0] http://is.gd/nIZUoo

2 Newark NJ cops are being sued by the ACLU for illegally searching & arresting a 16yr-old honors student for videotaping them on a bus. [3] http://is.gd/VkOSpu

2 St Louis MO cops are under investigation after video contradicted their arrest reports which claimed that a motorist they arrested had tried to run them down with his car. [1] http://is.gd/GNV3lb

A Louisville KY lawsuit against a police detective over several alleged false arrests has been joined by 3 more alleged victims, bringing the total up to 9. [0] http://is.gd/AEhg0o

A Mansfield LA police sergeant who was fired 2 years ago over his problematic history of misconduct has been rehired by that department’s new chief who says the officer deserves yet another chance. [0] http://is.gd/s6PiTp

A Piscataway NJ police officer was fatally wounded after he opened fire at fellow officers with a submachine gun during a standoff sparked when the officer claimed he had hostages. [0] http://is.gd/razLVH

A Milwaukee WI police officer had his firing reduced to a 60 day suspension and 2 other officers were rehired after appealing their firing over some serious sexual misconduct allegations. [1] http://is.gd/p4fHtQ

A Houston TX cop w/14 career disciplinary actions has been suspended 20 days for failing to investigate the sexual assault of a minor. [0] http://is.gd/WAWAjn

South Shore KY police chief arrested on domestic violence charges after children say he threw table at their mom [0] http://is.gd/l11PwJ

2 Waukesha WI police officers resign in lieu of termination for smoking pot and other misconduct allegations [0] http://is.gd/el69Cg

2 Chicago IL police officers subject of suit alleging they ticketed car when it wasn’t even in the city [3] http://is.gd/IhBbHU

2 Kingsport TN cops face termination & 3rd resigns for keeping beer seized from teen party for personal use [0] http://is.gd/65j6Wn

Bedford County VA deputy arrested on drunk driving charges after caught driving wrong way on major freeway [0] http://is.gd/cLhn3y

Warren OH cop claiming he got death threat over pending excessive force suit is under investigation in unrelated case [1] http://is.gd/cqNI0U

Coral Gables FL police officer suspended after arrested on allegations that he assaulted pregnant sister-in-law [0] http://is.gd/EjHBbG

Forrest Co MS sheriff settles suit w/ACLU for undisclosed sum & reinstates deputy claiming he was fired for being gay [0] http://is.gd/P6JTFt

2 El Monte CA cops charged w/felony perjury for allegedly lying about carpool, their sex harassment suit due to start [3] http://is.gd/jtIK1p

A Las Vegas NV police officer has been accused of beating a man for videotaping police officers making an arrest across the street while he was on his own property. The officer is also accused of destroying the tape from the man’s video camera afterward. [3]

The police chief of Omega GA has been charged with aggravated assault on allegations that he severely injured a shoplifting suspect by beating him at a county jail and then releasing him afterward. [0]

A Sevierville TN police detective was arrested for DUI, vandalism and aggravated assault on allegations that he rammed a deputy’s patrol car then assaulted two deputies as they were responding to a call about a domestic dispute he was involved with. [0]

Broward County FL deputies and TLC reality show crews are being accused of pressuring and bribing suspects as well as crime victims into signing release forms for their show, including one account of a rape victim being pressured by a female deputy to allow her to be shown on the show. [3]

An Ames IA police officer received a deferred sentence for stealing from the department’s charity fund. He resigned after being arrested. [0]

The sheriff of Schuyler County IL is still under pressure to resign after apologizing for calling one of his coworkers “a little fag jew boy” on Facebook.

A Wausau WI police officer was sentenced to 14 days in jail for a 2nd offense DUI which occurred while he was on duty after fellow officers reported that he smelled of alcohol when he showed up to a crime scene. He resigned after being charged.

The police chief of Hampton IA has been placed on paid administrative leave without explanation and officials are refusing to comment other than to say his employment status will be decided next month.

The sheriff of Clayton County GA is being accused of firing one of his deputies because she refused to participate in a three-way along with him and another female deputy. Interestingly, that second deputy was recently indicted for videotaping a deputy in the restroom, but more interesting is that she’s still on the job while the deputy that reported her isn’t.]