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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 12-10-10

Its time to have a national conversation about the national police problem

Today's report on idiot behavior is brought to you by Police Chief Roarerereeer who wants everyone to know he not a paranoid nut case

                                               no, really, he isn't. No, really. We mean it.

Sexual assault and the usual atttacks on women.....ever notice there’s an awful lot of this where cops are concerned?

A Milwaukee WI cop has been fired for his behavior on a night that he was accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman then lying about the incident. Prosecutors didn’t file charges against him citing insufficient evidence to convict.

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC cop has been sentenced to 2-3 years in prison after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting 6 women while on duty, mostly during traffic stops.

A Woodstock GA cop is on administrative leave after he was arrested on domestic battery & obstruction of a 911 call charges.

Two New York NY cops are accused of beating then arresting a woman for disputing whether dog poop they ordered her to pick up really belonged to her dog.

A Nashville TN cop has been charged with aggravated assault for shoving a female detainee on video in a booking area, causing her to hit her head and fall.

A Fort Worth TX cop has been arrested on a sexual assault charge a day after he resigned while under investigation into those allegations.

A Denver Colorado cop is under investigation after being accused of roughing up a disabled woman who can barely see by slamming her into an elevator door then detaining her in cuffs before asking her if she learned her lesson… all because she didn’t let him into her apartment building fast enough. Part of the encounter was caught on video and appears to back the woman’s claims. No word on whether the officer’s partner is also being investigated for not doing anything to stop the alleged incident.

I’m a cop because Walmart isn’t hiring behavior

Two Jersey City NJ cops are facing suspension after they were caught on video stealing car keys from a valet kiosk and throwing them in the bushes during a fundraiser hosted by that city’s mayor while 300 officers were protesting outside over plans to lay off cops to balance that city’s budget.

The now-former police chief of Patagonia AZ and one of his officers has been sentenced to a fine for contempt of court after they charged a man with assaulting an officer, even though that officer wasn’t certified to be on duty.

Shiprock AZ police are being accused of wrongfully raiding an innocent family’s home using a vaguely-worded warrant that alleged the family was manufacturing and selling methamphetamine. Police found no evidence and no charges were filed, but the family says their reputations were ruined and the suffered trauma when they were held on the ground in front of their home with guns trained on their heads as neighbors looked on. They just want a public apology to clear their names but none have been made, in fact the police still insist they are making drugs despite finding no evidence to back that claim.

“La Buddy Fuckour”
A Bannock County ID deputy has been suspended while under investigation on allegations of embezzlement from that county’s Sheriff’s Deputy Association. According to the article, it’s not a union.

A Louisville KY cop has been indicted by a federal grand jury on bankruptcy fraud charges for altering a court order.

The police chief of Whitwell TN has resigned after an audit found discrepancies in his use of the city credit card.

A Selma AL cop has been arrested on a receiving stolen property charge after a gun that was reported stolen was found in his car.

An Ozaukee County WI sheriff’s lieutenant has been found guilty of felony theft charges for unauthorized use of a county credit card and for taking cash from a safe.

Fuck’n nut job
A Cresskill NJ cop is facing a disciplinary hearing over allegations that he wrote a racial slur on an EMT’s car then taped pictures of men kissing to his car and other similar allegations including that he cut the insignia from a firefighter’s shirt with a knife… while he was wearing it.

A US Federal Protective Service / Homeland Security officer has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for violating the rights of several people during illegal traffic stops that he didn’t have jurisdiction to make then filing false reports about them.

A Philadelphia PA narcotics strike force officer has been suspended while he’s under investigation for the 3rd on-duty theft allegation against him in the last 2 years. Apparently he has quite the reputation for it in the community and the latest claim is backed by witnesses who say they followed the officer when he arrested a relative and watched as he pulled into an abandoned area, took the cuffed man’s cash, then let him go before driving away.

An Oakland TN cop received probation after pleading guilty to falsely reporting that his badge stopped a bullet during a shooting incident he made up which resulted in two people being falsely arrested.

A Good Man
Joel Rosenberg, a well-known gun rights advocate and fellow blogger, was charged and arrested on a warrant over an incident a month ago where a Minneapolis Minnesota cop confronted him about him having a firearm while he was outside of the police chief’s office for an appointment. It’s being alleged that the charges are in retaliation for his filing a complaint over the incident because he claims he was following the letter of the law and had informed authorities he would be carrying before he entered the building as required by law.

A now-former Hunterdon County NJ prosecutor has filed a tort claim alleging that the state AG had him fired as part of a conspiracy to dismiss a slew of allegedly valid official misconduct charges against the sheriff and two of his deputies.

A Washington DC cop has been sentenced to spend 2 weekends in jail and probation for beating man in the head and hands with a baton in addition to striking a fellow officer in the back of the knee. Witnesses say the strikes were unnecessary as the man wasn’t being aggressive when he was hit from behind.

A Washington DC cop is accused of hurling slurs at a transgender woman then assaulting her while he was off-duty, which apparently prompted her to pepperspray the officer in self-defense. However, despite several witnesses confirming the victim’s story and saying it was the officer who initiated the incident, she was arrested for assaulting the officer.

A Clackamas County OR deputy has been arrested on assault & official misconduct charges for allegedly assaulting an inmate. No other details were available at the time

Whatever it was we all know it was stupid
An Altoona PA cop has been fired for unspecified reasons that officials insist don’t involve a grand jury investigation into 2 other officers over assault allegations.

This is what happens when government workers get together
Aurora IL police are accused of seizing $190,000 from an immigrant family without charging anyone with a crime in a highly questionable use of that state’s forfeiture laws. When ordered by a judge to return the money the police claim they handed it over to the state and they subsequently handed it off to… Homeland Security? Officials there are claiming to hold the cash over drug violations, again without any charges being filed whatsoever.

A Portland OR cop with an extensive history of misconduct allegations, many of which have ended with large settlement offers from the city, is now the subject of yet another tort claim alleging he falsely arrested man for questioning him. That officer was recently promoted to sergeant despite his history and over the objections of several groups and his alleged victims.

The police chief of Uplands Park MO has been charged with knowingly employing officers who lacked certification while two of those officers have been charged with serving has cops without certification. The case originated due to a fatal high-speed chase one of the officers undertook, that officer apparently had quite the criminal record prior to joining the department too.

Criminal recklessness
A Clark County IN deputy has been indicted on a criminal recklessness charge over an on-duty accident that left another motorist with a broken neck.

Pig .....
A Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC police detective has been suspended without pay with the intent to fire him after he admitted to disposing of notes he took during a murder investigation and for replacing those notes with ones he plagiarized from another officer during that murder trial.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 12-10-10

Its time to have a national conversation about the national police problem

Today's idiot behavior report is brought to you by Chief Roarererer who wants to remind you "If it concerns us and what we do.....Its a secret"

Our leader

The whole drunk/drugged up cop issue...which really is the cause of all these problems

A Flathead County MT deputy who was accused of hitting a man while he was backing out of a VFW parking lot has pled no contest to a DUI charge that came about when he was stopped later that night.

A New Orleans LA cop was sentenced to probation and has resigned in a plea deal for DUI and battery charges. The officer also gave a public apology to the arresting officer for spitting in his face while being arrested.

A Kern County CA deputy has accepted a plea deal for being under influence of meth while in possession of firearm… apparently because he was doing the meth while on-duty.

A Providence RI narcotics detective has pled guilty to conspiracy and other charges in a drug case involving 4 other officers and 20 other people.

A Sunset Hills MO cop has pled guilty to 4 counts of involuntary manslaughter and a felony assault charge over a fatal DUI accident that killed four teens.

A Dallas TX cop has been placed on administrative leave after being arrested on a drunk driving charge while off-duty.

A Cleveland OH cop has been charged with two drunk driving charges after crashing into another drunk driver while off-duty. Not quite sure how he got two charges over one incident though.

A New Haven CT cop remains on duty after being arrested on drunk driving charges when he was stopped for running a red light.


Wilmington DE has settled a lawsuit for an unspecified sum to the widow of a man who was shot to death by a cop because he wouldn’t remove his hands from his pockets during a raid… the suit alleged that he was unable to comply because he was already incapacitated by a taser at the time.

Three of the five New Orleans Louisiana cops on trial for their roles in the shooting death of Henry Glover have been found guilty. Glover was unarmed when he was shot at a distance in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Officers subsequently covered-up that death by burning a car he was transported in with his body inside and then falsified reports to hide what happened.

An Orange County FL deputy has been cited for failing to use due care and failing to use emergency lights & siren in a crash that left one person dead.

A Washoe County NV deputy has been charged with vehicular manslaughter for fatally striking a bicyclist with his patrol SUV while responding to a call without lights or sirens.

Attempted Murder

A Clackamas County OR deputy is the subject of a lawsuit alleging that he used excessive force when he tasered a mentally ill man in the chest then failed to assist him when he stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest due to the shock, causing him to suffer brain damage due to lack of oxygen.

Standard white trash-cop behavior

A Reedsburg WI cop has been cited for disorderly conduct after an investigation into his role in an off-duty bar fight.

A Houston TX cop has been suspended for 10 days without pay for posting on Facebook that she was going to arrest the next Honduran that she caught looking at her the wrong way and other apparently inflammatory content.

A Rhode Island State trooper has been sentenced to time served and must not try to regain employment as an officer in a plea deal for assaulting his neighbor twice in one day back in 2004.

A Sarasota FL cop has been fired on allegations that he misused police databases when he looked up information on a man who was involved in an ongoing dispute with the officer’s cousin and that the information he found was then used as part of a violent home invasion assault on that man. The complaint goes on to allege that the officer then lied about what he did when confronted by investigators looking into that home invasion.

A Volusia County FL sheriff’s captain has retired rather than face an investigation into why he drove his son away from a fatal accident that he caused while it was under investigation, which prevented his son from being tested for alcohol use.

Salt Lake City UT police are accused of falsely arresting a woman for hitting traffic cop. She claims the evidence shows she couldn’t have hit anyone due to the way her SUV was parked and the positioning of the police vehicles there. Apparently the traffic cop has a history of trying to file bad disability claims and she filed one over the alleged incident here too.

A Bossier Parish LA deputy has been suspended for 1 week without pay using her status as an officer to force a merchant into giving a relative a refund on an appliance that was bought at his shop, then giving him a fake name when he asked for it.

Cops and Kids...Run Children! Run

A Grants NM cop has been charged with felony child abuse, battery on a family member, and other charges stemming from an incident where he’s accused of hitting an 18-month-old child in the face at his home. EMTs who arrived at his home after the incident say the child had bruises and lumps from the alleged beating and witnesses claim this is just one incident in a pattern of abusive behavior from the cop

And now a special message to all those drunk cops on the Fairfax County Underground

Fairfax County Police

Cops and animals...a strange, strange relationship

The Fairview TN police department is the subject of an unspecified state investigation involving two now-former officers. It is rumored that the investigation into one of the officers has something to do with the death of a police dog.

Kids and Cops...Run Children! Run!

A Noel MO cop has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to possessing & producing child pornography. Police found out about his activities during an investigation into allegations involving him having sex with minors when they discovered photos he took of a minor having sex with an adult.

A Cicero NY cop has been arrested on allegations that he grabbed a 10-year-old child by the throat and dropped him on the floor after putting him into a headlock when the kid hit him with a lump of dough at a pizzaria.

An unspecified number of Chicago IL cops are the subject of a lawsuit filed by the grandmother of 3 teens who were allegedly beaten & peppersprayed after the family called to complain about a neighbor who assaulted one of them. One of the teens was hospitalized after having an adverse reaction to the pepperspray.

This is almost to good to be true

A New York NY cop has been arrested for drunk driving after he was spotted by police stumbling out of his car at Dunkin Donuts while he was off-duty.


Dear Diary

We really have to do something about this ugly female cop situation.

 To be clear, I’m not say’n their ugly, but in the past we did get a complaint that they makes blind kids cry. One broad got suspended by her supervisors for mooning people from her squad car. Turns out she just had her head out the window.

Then there was that other one that we had to move out of Robbery becuase she’s so ugly the banks kept turning off the cameras when she showed up. On the other hand, no one minds if our females officers park in handicap spaces.....it just seems fair. We gave one woman a dog to work with but it didn’t pan out. She threw the dog a stick once, an ugly stick, damn dog got it and beat her with it.

Which reminds me, we have to get the dog catcher to stop locking up our females officers as strays. On the other hand, when they get sick, we do take them to the vet, so it all kinda works out. We had one on the force who was so ugly her parents named her “Shit happens”. The hospital put tainted windows on her incubator. I heard her mother had to get drunk before she breast fed her.

 Then there was that time the ladies held their annual “Day out together” and went down to the national. Bastards refused to let em out. I should have known their was aproblem when we arrived and the zoo keeper thanked me for “Bring’n back the herd” Its sad, they’re all single. Hell, even the calendar wouldn’t give these women a date


Consider becoming a Fairfax County Policewomen

IT TAKES A BIG MAN TO BE A FAIRFAX COUNTY POLICE WOMAN.....................wait, that came out wrong....what we meant was....um...you know, not that Fairfax County Police women are man like....no, no, no,no, not at all....look, just because our women cops are ugly enough to model for death threats that doesn't mean all of our police women...well, no, actually I guess it does mean...anyway, besides, lots of women have to sneak up on a mirror and making an onion cry doesn't mean anything...onion get scared easy...anyway....