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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”


Timmy Hall's Funeral Procession Interrupted By Fairfax County Police

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WUSA) -- Fifty-three-year-old Timmy Hall was being laid to rest Thursday when the hundreds of mourners in his funeral procession were pulled over by Fairfax County police. Timmy Hall lost his life in a motorcycle crash a week ago.
Not only did police pull over the entire funeral procession, according to numerous witnesses, they threatened to use a taser on the dead man's brother.
What began as a funeral procession along the Fairfax County Parkway to honor 53-year-old Timmy Hall spiraled into a confrontation between Fairfax County Police and the bikers who were mourning his death.
"They showed him no respect. I don't think any family during this time should have to go through what we went through yesterday," said sister Teena Hunter.
With lights and sirens, the family says police pulled over the hearse and the rest of the procession, threatening to arrest some mourners.
Sister Bonnie Boyer told 9NEWS NOW, "They worked very hard to give Timmy a send-off showing their love. And to have this happen is an insult."
Timmy's brother, Rusty, admits he was exasperated and was blunt with police.
"I looked at one officer. I said, 'Thank you for pissing on my brother's funeral.' And then another officer pulled up. I said to him, 'Thank you for pissing on my brother's funeral.' He goes, 'Have you got a problem?' I said, 'I'm upset, this is wrong,'" said Rusty Hall.
Rusty Hall says he turned to walk away.
"My two nephews came up from behind and said 'stop, stop, don't do it!' And I looked back over my shoulder and the officer pulled a taser," said Hall. "Was getting ready to tase me, as I was walking away."
Many of the mourners believe they were singled out because they were riding motorcycles. Fairfax County Police dispute that.
"If there were 250 cars at that funeral, there would have been no problem whatsoever. There was 250 motorcycles. Most blatant abuse of profiling and power play I ever saw in my life. I couldn't believe it when I was watching it," stated Joe Long, a friend.
"My father deserved better than that. He was a great man to a lot of people. And to have this happen to him on this day of all days, it's just unexcusable," said Michael Hall, Timmy Hall's son.
Fairfax County Police now say they are investigating this incident. Timmy Hall's family and friends want a public apology.
A Fairfax County Police spokeswoman calls the incident a "misunderstanding" that began when the funeral procession left earlier than anticipated. That, she said, led it to being pulled over because the police escorts did not have time to get in position.