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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Say kids! Lets hear for the Fairfax County Police!

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At last, photo of chief's "life partner"

Idiots at work

Nashville TN cop was found guilty of 2nd degree murder in the shooting death of his wife that he claimed was accidental [0] bit.ly/n8DcyS

Las Vegas NV loses lawsuit for $2.2 million to the family of a man killed in a crash with a cop who was speeding w/o lights or siren [0] http://bit.ly/nZCbPY

Austin TX settles a lawsuit for $750k to the family of an 18yr-old who was shot to death after being startled while sleeping in a car by an off-dute cop who was working security. [0] bit.ly/pD5QHJ

A Washington DC cop is under investigation on allegations she failed to take action after witnessing a murder committed by a man she was involved with. [0] bit.ly/nG3l8t

Child molestation/ child porn
Jacksonville FL cop arrested on capital sexual battery & molestation charges involving 2 girls, one of which was under 12yrs-old [0] bit.ly/qF2toU

White Co GA deputy was arrested on production of child pornography charges on allegations that he filmed at least one 7-year-old girl. [0] bit.ly/nX5SEY
Pinellas Co FL now-retired deputy arrested for allegedly molesting 5-10 yr-old girl 35yrs ago while deputy. While this one seems odd, the arrest was made after the alleged victim’s account of what happened 30-35 years ago was corroborated by others. [0] bit.ly/oDwEj0

Ohio County WV now-former deputy was convicted on 2 counts of sexual assault on a 14yr-old girl back in 2003. He later left that agency and began work in a Chicago suburb then as a Washington DC cop when he was arrested. [0] bit.ly/pJD7BS

Brown County TX sheriff’s dept, a Texas Ranger & a state trooper are being sued alleging they let a cop continue molesting a teen just so they could catch him in the act in order to get an airtight case against him. [3] bit.ly/ouyvq2

Findlay OH police sgt sentenced to 60 days for impersonating his stepdaughters online, transmitting nude pics of them to others, and using police databases to look up info on their friends. [0] http://bit.ly/mYQ8dC


Breathing while being an idiot
Trenton NJ cop investigated for refusing to render aid to stop fight because he was working off-duty security job [0] bit.ly/peV3oa

Reading OH cop under investigation & may be reprimanded after boy snaps photo of him driving while texting on duty [0] bit.ly/oo58RM

Cops and animals, a strange, strange relationship
Lebanon OH police policies are being criticized as possibly being in violation of state laws after a police officer fatally shot a family’s pet cat in the head after a neighbor called to complain when it snuck out [0] bit.ly/oSnPh5

Brigantine NJ now-former cop charged with stealing funds from police union while he was treasurer [1] bit.ly/ohNMP0

Redmond OR police lieutenant sentenced to 90days & loss of his police certification for selling firearms he stole from his dept [0] bit.ly/q1SCpJ

Orland Hills IL sued by ex-cop claiming he was fired in retaliation for reporting an alleged ticket fixing incident to the FBI [3] bit.ly/n85ViT

Lincoln Parish LA deputy arrested for allegedly misusing his status as an officer to coerce someone into selling him a car at reduced price [1] bit.ly/r0zdaq

San Mateo Co CA sheriff sued by a mentally disabled man who spent 40 days in jail after he was coerced into making false confession over a phoned-in bomb threat that phone records proved he never made. [3] bit.ly/mOFdrN
Cook County IL jury acquitted a woman on wiretapping charges that were filed against her for recording her interview with two internal affairs officers who were trying to deter her from filing a complaint against an officer she accused of groping her while responding to her domestic disturbance call. Oddly, the status of that complaint is sealed so there’s no way to know if the officer was even investigated and it doesn’t sound like the two IA cops were investigated for trying to deter a complainant. [0] http://bit.ly/qIgtLx

Sexual assault
Phoenix AZ cop who is the mayor’s son was suspended for 4 days for inappropriately touching female city worker and having sex with another while on duty [0] bit.ly/reZpYt

The New York NY cop who was recently arrested for raping a schoolteacher at gunpoint may now be a possible suspect in 2 other unsolved sexual assaults. [0] nyp.st/r1KeTh
Country Club Hills MO cop was charged w/corruption by a public servant on allegations he coerced a DUI suspect into sex as a way to get out of the charges. [0] bit.ly/ons1YL

A Canton OH cop who made national news earlier this year for a videotaped traffic stop where he threatened to kill a passenger, then again in another video involving similar threats, is now the subject of a third video showing him making death threats during a questionable traffic stop. Apparently he’s had over a dozen complaints but the police chief insists he didn’t know the guy was a problem until now. [0] bit.ly/opJtWY

RCMP officer in Enfield NS was arrested after violating probation by allegedly uttering death threats to his wife [0] bit.ly/mSFToN

Cordova IL cop arrested for intimidation when he supposedly told a businessman that he would make sure his 911 calls were ignored if he didn’t fire two employees he had a problem with. [0] bit.ly/qllM9M

Drunk /Drugs
Jacksonville FL cop is suspected of driving drunk after he was involved in an accident on the way home from work in his police cruiser. Troopers say they smelled alcohol on his breath and found beer spilled on the floorboard of his cruiser. [0] bit.ly/p2cp4h

Washington DC cop was arrested on DUI & assault with a deadly weapon charges after he allegedly crashed into a car containing a group of transgendered women who previously rebuffed his offers of money in exchange for sex then opened fire on them, injuring two. [0] http://is.gd/AA4amc
Rapides Parish LA sheriff’s narcotics supervisor was charged w/malfeasance relating to unspecified activities he had with 3 female suspects [2] bit.ly/oiBWiu

Rutherford County TN deputy resigned while under investigated for allegedly pointing a gun at a man in a taxi while he was drunk [0] bit.ly/qE1Vao
Broward County FL deputy arrested on possession charges after allegedly caught buying steroids in an IHOP parking lot [0] bit.ly/phtjrr

Earlville IL cop resigns after an arrest last year for allegedly selling marijuana on duty & official misconduct, and arrest we certainly didn’t see reported until now. [0] bit.ly/nnnbg7
Philadelphia PA cop pleads guilty to conspiracy & possession of steroids w/intent to distribute as part of a steroid ring which also involves 2 other officers still facing trial. [0] bit.ly/p2jMim

Columbus NM police chief pleads guilty to corruption, conspiracy & gun smuggling charges in a scandal that also involves that town’s mayor and 13 others [0] bit.ly/qpW56z

 Bank robbery
Carbondale IL cop sentenced to 30yrs prison for robbing a bank using his service weapon along with an accomplice [0] bit.ly/olKSiQ

Monroe Co NY deputy arrested on allegations he sexually abused a woman then choked her teenage son in seperate incident. [0] bit.ly/oXAA3E

Ocala FL cop fired for pattern of complaints & discipline now including a DV incident that is currently under investigation [0] bit.ly/r9I9oW

Dallas TX cop arrested on family violence assault & interfering with an emergency call charges involving a domestic dispute with his wife [0] dallasne.ws/qHFw4Q

Baltimore Co MD police sgt who is the head of that police union got a plea deal for an assault charge that returned his police powers and will eventually clear his record of the conviction if he doesn’t violate probation. [0] bsun.md/qBQdl6

Portland OR police capt with a history of disciplinary issues is now under investigation for an alleged off-duty road rage incident in Idaho where he displayed a gun. [1] bit.ly/nVOdU0

Monroe LA cop indicted for mail fraud & false statements, he allegedly sold about $193k in stolen goods on eBay that were shoplifted by an accomplice then lied to federal investigators about it. [0] bit.ly/n1IOG5

 Illegal Immigration
An Anchorage AK cop was sentenced to 3mo prison & $10k fine for fraudulently staying in US using a stolen passport [0] onforb.es/ouiRR6

Excessive force
A Woodford County IL deputy and at least 1 of 4 Washburn IL cops have been suspended while under investigation for two alleged excessive force incidents in 1 day including an incident that left one man hospitalized in critical condition. [2] http://on.msnbc.com/preNXL

Columbia Heights MN cop is accused of bodyslamming a man into the pavement which left him with a brain injury but the officer claims that he just fell because he was drunk. However, the family claims that tests at the hospital found no traces of alcohol or drugs and the man’s injuries, including facial and neck fractures in addition to lower back injuries, seem too excessive to be attributed to a simple fall. [4] http://bit.ly/p4yen9

A Stanislaus County CA deputy is the subject of a suit by a homeless woman claiming excessive force was used and policies ignored when the deputy’s police dog attacked her and left her with serious arm injuries after a chase sparked when police threatened to have her truck, that she lived in, towed. The K9 handler and his partner have apparently been involved in a number of questionable police dog attacks. [3] bit.ly/puHT5C

Pittsburgh PA cop was found liable for unjustifiably dragging a man from a car & tasering him. However, the same jury that found him at fault only awarded him $269 to cover his initial medical bill. [0] bit.ly/q9WmrE

Baltimore MD settles suit for $30k to a woman who was injured while she was being arrested when she tried to stop her grandson who was yelling at police while they were arresting a suspected drug dealer. [3] http://bit.ly/qAZeCM

Civil rights violation
An investigative AP report reveals info on New York NY police department’s secret spy agency that may be violating civil rights in their anti-terrorism espionage efforts which were apparently assisted by the CIA. [5] nydn.us/qqQsE7

Tulsa OK cop was found guilty on 7 perjury & 2 deprivation of rights charges in a police corruption trial but the same jury found a second officer involved in that case not guilty. [0] bit.ly/n1Uj63

Hollister CA police sergeant charged w/felony for allegedly embezzling $102k from the police union he lead until retiring [0] bit.ly/nYamEo

Hit and run
Washington Twp NJ cop was alleged to be behind the wheel of a car in a hit & run accident that left a pedestrian critically injured [2] bit.ly/pMuO7x

Cop impersonating a cop
Delaware River & Bay Authority police officer is accused of impersonating a state trooper & stealing another driver’s ID in an apparent road rage case [0] bit.ly/oeDZtS

Henry Co GA cop was among 7 arrested on burglary charges for stealing over $700 worth of items from a home they mistakenly thought was foreclosed [0] bit.ly/qaqqVR

Cops taser fun.

Tampa FL settled a lawsuit for $35k to the man shown above who suffered severe facial injuries when he was tasered because he couldn’t understand the commands police were giving him. Charges against him were eventually dismissed. [0] bit.ly/p7zpZ2

Welcome to El Monte!

6 El Monte CA cops are accused of using excessive force in an incident that left the man shown above nearly blind when almost every bone in his face was broken. The claim filed by his lawyer also alleges that police held his 3-year-old nephew at bay with a gun or taser when the child tried to stop it. [3] bit.ly/qXFWHb