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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

This weeks weasel cops

Apparently cop unfamilair with the word “No”

Edmund Ansara police officer has filed a lawsuit against the City of Millville NJ claiming that he was wrongfully suspended for over a year. .The lawsuit stems from an incident on or about Nov. 7, 2011, when a Millville police captain allegedly ordered Ansara to void an otherwise valid traffic summons, according to the suit.Ansara’s attorney. He said that the woman who received the ticket is connected to either a Millville elected official or a former police officer, and the voiding of the ticket was done “as a favor for a connected friend.”Ansara did not name the official.

Federal authorities have charged another former Jackson Miss.  Cop with bribery.Robert Nikita Shegog was charged in a criminal information, a type of charge usually filed when a defendant plans to plead guilty. It says Shegog solicited and accepted bribes valued at more than $5,000 in transactions related to the department from December 2009 to September 2010. 

Joletta Vallejo a Wichita cop and two other people were charged with conspiracy and wire fraud after an internal investigation by police concluded that they were involved in scheme to keep the officer from losing her job, according to U.S. Attorne.

 A New York City cop named Edwin Vargas hired computer hacks that he was supposed to arrest to break into email accounts on his behalf. He used the network of hackers to obtain the login information of at least 43 different accounts that were tied to some 30 people; this included 19 cops he worked with.

 Chicago cop Harold Rodriguez has been accused of illegally arresting four men after they refused to pay him a bribe. The complaint says Rodriguez stole money from their wallets after they were arrested.

West Orange NJ police Lt. Richard Levens has been charged with theft and suspended.

 UNION SPRINGS, Sgt. Nathan Williams pulled over a Hispanic driver Williams suspected was drunk. During the course of the traffic stop, Sgt. Williams allegedly took the man's billfold and stole hundreds of dollars. Williams faces two charges; third degree theft and an ethics violation, a misdemeanor and a felony. 

Rick Earl a Pittsburgh cop, charged with insurance fraud almost two years ago lost some of his police powers, but he didn’t lose his job. Earle is being paid his full salary while serving probation.

St. Charles County Mo. sheriff’s deputy Christopher E. Hunt was found guilty in August of felony burglary for entering the home and misdemeanor counts of assault and property damage. He was sentenced to five years in prison

Logansport Ind. cop Carlos Leal was sentenced to house arrest after misusing a city-issued gas card. The judge sentenced Leal to one year and 180 days on house arrest. Leal can petition to serve the final 180 days on probation. He will also pay $1,630.30 in restitution to the Logansport Police Department.

Steven Buglio one of the two Vineland NJ cops who stole funds from the local police union they helped oversee has been sentenced to two years of probation. Vineland will also will pay $40,000 in restitution to Police Benevolent Association Local 266.

Antonio C. Martinez a Chicago cop who committed robberies with gang members while in uniform was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison. He pleaded guilty in November 2011 to racketeering, drug and robbery conspiracies, and was sentenced in Hammond, Ind. Court records show Martinez and another officer committed robberies on behalf of the Latin Kings — sometimes while in uniform and while driving police vehicles. They stole drugs, weapons and cash, and would sometimes get a cut of the money they stole, a written statement from the Department of Justice said.

A New Orleans police captain named Michael Roussel was convicted of plotting to arrange a contract to provide security for Entergy at inflated rates and then skim off the top has had his prison sentence reduced by more than three years.

Drugged up and drunk cops

An Atlanta cop was arrested for disorderly conduct while under the influence. According to reports, Officer Ronald Polzin was arrested while out with his friends after an alleged dispute with an Atlantic Station security employee. Officer Polzin has been relieved of duty and on paid suspension. The incident is being investigated.

A U.S. Virgin Islands police officer has been charged with drug trafficking. The case against Angelo Hill is part of an investigation into the director of the island's Department of Planning and Natural Resources, who was arrested on the same charge last week.

 He was buying illlegal drugs BUT he had a reason, so there you go.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's office says that Anthony Bialecki, a
 Milwaukee cop faces a charge of possession of a prescription drug without a prescription. A criminal complaint says that officers saw Bialecki buy Percoset for $40 from someone.Officers arrested Bialecki minutes later.The complaint says Bialecki admitted to buying the pills without a prescription, and that he was buying the Percoset to supplement his prescription for Vicodin.

Anchorage Police Department officials say a cop named Mark J. Moeller is facing misconduct charges after improperly trying to have a DUI case dismissed against a 23-year-old woman with whom he was having a relationship. 

Adam Conway, an off-duty Dallas cop was jailed in Rockwall on a DWI charge Saturday evening.

Springdale Ill. cop Jeremy Liotta is charged with possession of drugs and stealing his own police badge. Cops charged him with theft of the badge, impersonating a public servant, possession of pills and several vehicle registration violations.  According to the affidavit, Liotta told Harmar police his badge and other items were among his personal belongings “thrown into the bag by Chief (Joseph) Naviglia of Springdale Borough” when Liotta resigned from the force. 

Jeffrey Walker, a Philadelphia cop has been suspended with intent to dismiss after being charged in a scheme to rob drug dealers. Walker allegedly planted an ounce of cocaine in a drug dealer's car, had the car pulled over, took the drug dealer's house key, and later went to the jailed man's house where Walker allegedly stole $15,000 as the informer took five pounds of marijuana. 

The firing of Miami Beach cop Rolando Gutierrez who admitted drinking before work has been upheld by an arbitrator.

Michael Seadler, a Santa Clara cop was arrested after officers allegedly found him with cocaine inside his Dodge pickup. police were called by the mother of Seadler's son to check on Seadler because he was acting strangely when he dropped off his young son.