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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Photograph the Police: Philly officer charged with assault in 2011 event

Photograph the Police: Philly officer charged with assault in 2011 event: PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A Philadelphia police officer has been suspended with intent to dismiss following charges of simple assault and of...

Police Misconduct USA and the Fairfax County Police: The epidemic of drugged and drunk cops

Police Misconduct USA and the Fairfax County Police: The epidemic of drugged and drunk cops: Clay County, Florida: A deputy has been charged w driving under the influence after he was involved in a traffic crash. He was placed on ...

Police Misconduct USA and the Fairfax County Police: Common thief

Police Misconduct USA and the Fairfax County Police: Common thief: Update: Chicago, Illinois: An officer pleaded guilty to charges that he extorted a tow truck driver and also sold firearms to a convi...

Police Misconduct USA and the Fairfax County Police: Tulsa Cop Convicted Of 1982 Crossbow Murder Denied...

Police Misconduct USA and the Fairfax County Police: Tulsa Cop Convicted Of 1982 Crossbow Murder Denied...: Governor Mary Fallin decided Wednesday not to grant early parole to a former Tulsa police officer convicted of murder.  News On 6 An...

Todays sexual assault charges against your police: Sacramento police officer accused of rape has cour...

Todays sexual assault charges against your police: Sacramento police officer accused of rape has cour...: SACRAMENTO, CA - A former Sacramento police officer accused of raping a now 78-year-old woman was back in court Wednesday. Gary Baker,...

Todays sexual assault charges against your police: Suspicion of oral copulation by a

Todays sexual assault charges against your police: Suspicion of oral copulation by a: Imperial County, California: Sheriff’s deputy was arrested today on suspicion of oral copulation by a public official against the victim’s...

Cops and the women they abuse: Cop held a knife to his wife’s neck during an argu...

Cops and the women they abuse: Cop held a knife to his wife’s neck during an argu...: Washington Co, Pennsylvania: A state trooper is facing charges after police said he held a knife to his wife’s neck during an argument at ...

Your average cop is a common thief

Sacramento, California (First reported 03-25-13): A police officer was sentenced to one year in jail for falsifying drunken driving reports and lying at a State Department of Motor Vehicles administrative hearing. The judge said that he was particularly disturbed by how the officer’s actions threatened the integrity of the criminal justice system and violated due process of the accused. http://ow.ly/kjg2H

New York, New York: A veteran police officer is accused of filing phony tax returns for himself and others. He was charged with filing fraudulent tax returns over 5 years. http://ow.ly/kipd8

Beaverton, Oregon: A police officer was arrested on accusations that he lied to obtain public assistance, including food stamps. http://ow.ly/kiA6U

Prince George’s County, Maryland: A now-former police officer was sentenced to 20 years in prison, but will serve only seven, for allegedly selling seized guns. He had been assigned to a task force that seized guns from people unqualified to own them. Prosecutors say he then sold some of those guns to known criminals over the course of up to three years. http://ow.ly/kiGRZ

Cop sentenced in N.Y. for steroid exports to Canada
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A Niagara Region police officer has been sentenced in Buffalo, N.Y. to one year plus a day in jail. Const. Geoff Purdie also received two years-probation for exporting anabolic steroids from Buffalo into Canada.He was arrested in April 2012. Immediately after sentencing, Purdie was suspended without pay. Niagara Regional police say Purdie's future employment status will be addressed "pursuant to the discipline process according to the Police Services Act." Niagara police chief Jeff McGuire, who was in court during sentencing, said his force will work to "restore the trust that has been damaged."

Arrest of Texas Soldier Raises 2nd Amendment and Police Misconduct Issues

An incident involving a veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the Temple, Texas, police has started a row over the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and accusations of police misconduct.

Texas vet arrested for "rudely display weapon"
According to an interview in the National Review, C.J. Grisham, an army veteran, was hiking with his teenage son in rural Texas, helping him earn a hiking merit badge that would earn him the status of Eagle Scout. Grisham was carrying an AR 15 for protection, he says, against feral hogs, cougars, and other predators as well as a concealed handgun that he had a permit for. He and his son were stopped by a Temple policeman and, while the meeting began cordially, it soon spiraled out of control. According to Grisham's account, partly disputed by the police but supported by an accompanying video of the incident, the police office had an issue with Grisham's carrying a firearm, which he had a legal right to do. The police office and Grisham had an altercation that involved, Grisham says, the officer suddenly grabbing at his rifle then pulling his own weapon. The police claim that the officer asked for Grisham's weapon, but was refused. The incident ended with Grisham being relieved of both of his weapons and his concealed carry permit and being placed under arrest. Grisham maintains that the police officer's actions were contrary to the law.

An anti-gun prosecutor
The remarkable incident, considering the popularity of firearms in rural Texas, might be explained by a local prosecutor named Ken Kalafut, according to a story about the incident in the Daily Caller. Kalafut is described as an Obama supporter and is suspected as being the "bandleader of gun control efforts" in the local community. Kalafut was involved in a similar incident involving a Fort Hood soldier named Nathaniel Sampson who was arrested for taking a concealed handgun into a hospital where his wife had been taken for treatment. The Sampson case was finally dropped after a 10-month process because the hospital, contrary to Texas law, failed to post signs that concealed handguns were prohibited on hospital property. Kalafut is reported to have considered charging Sampson with intoxication, but that gambit fell apart thanks to a recording of a 911 call made by Sampson at the time that showed him to be "stone-cold sober."
Grisham has a legal defense fund
In the meantime, Grisham has set up a legal defense fund that as of this writing has raised more than $25,000. Grisham's charges have been reduced from resisting arrest, a Class A misdemeanor, to interrupting, disrupting, impeding and interfering with a peace officer while performing a duty, a Class B misdemeanor. The police also retain possession of Grisham's rifle and pistol, which he would like to be returned. Grisham is characterizing his legal fight as a battle for his Second Amendment rights.

DC Officer's Stepson Charged With Killing Him

 UPPER MARLBORO, Md. April 23, 2013 (AP)
Police in Maryland said Tuesday that a 27-year-old man accused in the fatal shooting of his stepfather, a District of Columbia police detective, has surrendered to authorities.
Prince George's County police said Tuesday evening that Antwan James surrendered and was being held at police headquarters. He is accused of killing 46-year-old D.C. police Detective Joseph Newell on Monday night following a dispute over yard work at their home in Upper Marlboro, Md.
Authorities say the entire incident was captured by surveillance cameras at the home.
Police said James, a former District of Columbia firefighter, was charged in a warrant with first-degree murder. Authorities had been searching for him after they said he ran away after the shooting.
Before the shooting, Newell had asked James to help him with some yard work, and James refused, Assistant Police Chief Kevin Davis told a news conference.
As Newell stood on a stepladder outside his garage while screwing in a light bulb, James approached him from behind and shot him in the back, Davis said. He fell to the driveway, and James stood over Newell and fired several shots, Davis said.
"It was an execution," he said.
Police have found no motive other than the argument over yard work, Davis said.
"It's as simple and tragic as that," he said.
James had been living with his stepfather since he was fired from the fire department sometime in the past 18 months, said Davis, who had no details about what led to the firing.
Newell had been with the Metropolitan Police Department since 1989 and investigated dangerous assaults, MPD Assistant Chief Peter Newsham said. Newell was married and had two teenage daughters in addition to his stepchildren, Newsham said.
Online court records from Maryland show James was charged last month with violating his probation on a second-degree assault charge. He also received probation before judgment in an unrelated drunken-driving case, records show.

This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police: Cop sentenced in rape case

This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police: Cop sentenced in rape case: PORTALES, N.M. - A cop who had sex with a teenage girlwho was a student at the high school where he was assigned is going to prison. Vic...

This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police: Birmingham police officer Curtis denied bond/ chil...

This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police: Birmingham police officer Curtis denied bond/ chil...: BIRMINGHAM, Alabama - A judge today denied a request for bond for a Birmingham police officer, who faces arson and child pornography c...

This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police: cops, rape and kiddie porn

This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police: cops, rape and kiddie porn: New Orleans cop charged with forcible rape A New Orleans cop assigned to the Uptown-based Sixth District has been arrested on charges of...

This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police: cop accused of rape sends pictures of his genitali...

This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police: cop accused of rape sends pictures of his genitali...: Update: Minneapolis, Minnesota (First reported 04-22-13): An officer already facing allegations that he raped a juvenile girl was arrested...

Todays sexual assault charges against your police: A police officer has been sentenced to 10 years i...

Todays sexual assault charges against your police: A police officer has been sentenced to 10 years i...: Update: Delcambre, Louisiana (First reported 12-12-12): A  police officer has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for second-degree kidna...

Todays sexual assault charges against your police: he assistant police chief allegedly harassed a wom...

Todays sexual assault charges against your police: he assistant police chief allegedly harassed a wom...: Lake City, Iowa: The assistant police chief allegedly harassed a woman with hundreds of text messages, sent photos with offensive commen...

Cops and the women they abuse: domestic battery.

Cops and the women they abuse: domestic battery.: Orange County, Florida: A sheriff’s deputy was arrested on charges of domestic battery. Officers said they observed him scream obscenities...

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"So lets kill another hour standing around and then go to lunch and talk about how overworked we are"

Officer Joe Torrin voted best looking Policeman on the Fairfax County Police Force, Congrats!

Supreme Wizard and Imperial Commander of the Fairfax County Police, Lt. Colonel Edwin C. Roessler Jr orders $10 million in new door knobs for the McLean Police Station. Cites Jelly donut problem as motivation.

Pictured above, man believed to be Supreme Wizard and Imperial Commander of the Fairfax County Police, Lt. Colonel Edwin C. Roessler Jr

Inspired by the new $20,000,000 dollar roof for the Fairfax County Police Station in McLean (That’s twenty million dollars of your money. Think about it while you sit in traffic because we don’t have enough roads) Acting Police Chief and imperial commander of the Fairfax County Police Air Force, Navy and secret drone program, has authorized the purchase of $10,000,000 in new door knobs for the station.

“The problem is jelly donuts” the actor in chief lisped “The cops eat one after the after and leave jelly stains on everything they touch. Well, I hope those are jelly stains. At least that’s what I’m telling myself…it’s just so icky-poo”

The Chief Actor also commented that the donuts also leave white stains all over the cop’s ill-fitting and oddly colored pants.  

Roessler, a life long government worker, said he intends to pay for the door knobs by “Putting in a request to the guy who picks cash from the magic money tree”  

When asked to comment on the expense, Fairfax County Supervisor Gerry Hyland said “If any cop wants to take a steam bath with me, call me”

Appeals court: Police can't hold someone cited for infraction

The decision by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals clears the way for a man arrested for trespassing to obtain financial compensation from San Francisco for being hauled to the police station and searched before being released. (Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)
SAN FRANCISCO -- Police in California may not take into custody someone cited for a mere infraction unless the person lacks identification or refuses to sign a written promise to appear in court or provide a fingerprint, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.
The decision by the U.S. 9thCircuit Court of Appeals clears the way for a man arrested for trespassing to obtain financial compensation from San Francisco for being hauled to the police station and searched before being released.
An infraction, which is less serious than a misdemeanor, is punishable by a fine and does not appear on a criminal record.
Wednesday's ruling stemmed from the 2000 arrest of Erris Edgerly after San Francisco police spotted him standing inside a playground near a housing project where he did not live. The fenced playground had “No Trespassing” signs at each entrance.
The police did a pat-down search and then took Edgerly to a police station, where he was searched again. No contraband was found, and police released him with a citation for trespassing. He was never prosecuted for the alleged offense.
Edgerly sued San Francisco and its Police Department for false arrest and an illegal search in violation of his civil rights. A district judge ruled that Edgerly’s arrest was proper, and a jury determined he had not been strip-searched.
In overturning the lower court’s decision on the arrest, a three-judge 9th Circuit panel said California’s penal code does not permit someone to be taken into custody for an infraction unless the person lacks identification or refuses to sign a paper to appear in court or provide a fingerprint.
The ruling, written by Judge Raymond C. Fisher, directed the district court to permit Edgerly to have his claim for damages heard by a jury.

police officer arrested for attempted murder

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- Flager Beach police officer has been arrested for attempted murder, after investigators say he shot a Flagler County firefighter during a road rage incident Friday evening.

Police say Nathan Juratovac, 40, was driving north on US 1 with his wife and child, when he fired multiple shots into another vehicle driven by 30-year-old Jared Parkey. Parkey was hit twice and airlifted to UF and Shands Jacksonville where he was questioned by police. He was later released. Parkey's wife was also in his vehicle, and was not injured.

The investigation into what sparked the shooting is still ongoing, but Cpl. Catherine Payne with the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office tells Action News the preliminary findings lead them to believe it started with road rage.

Juratovac's wife, who is a Corporal with the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office Traffic Division was not on duty at the time. Payne confirms she is not facing any charges and was one of several witnesses questioned.

Neighbors who watched the investigation unfold Friday tell Action News they never imagined a former police officer was involved.

"It's really not that important to waste your whole life on getting mad at a car beside you," said Paula Sims. "My thoughts and prayers go out to both families because we'll never know what happened on the road last night and it's really sad. The whole thing is very sad."

Jared Parkey turned down Action News' request for a statement, but a friend confirms he is home recovering. He has been employed with the Flagler County Fire Department for five years.

It is unclear if the two men knew each other prior to the shooting Friday.
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Hazlet, New Jersey: An officer in training was charged with driving while intoxicated after a car accident. He allegedly struck three cars parked in a driveway. ow.ly/jIvMi

Lorain, Ohio: An officer was suspended without pay for two, 12-hour shifts this year in connection with an incident involving a DUI accident. He refused to take a field sobriety test at the scene, and was cited for failure to control and driving under the influence. ow.ly/jI3wV

Waikiki, Hawaii: An officer was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant, and has been placed on restricted duty in the police department’s specialized services division. ow.ly/jGein

Louisville, Kentucky: A grand jury indicted an officer on charges of wanton endangerment, official misconduct, and driving while under the influence. The officer admitted that he had been drinking and initially lied to police officers when he claimed he wasn’t driving the car. ow.ly/jGdOc

Update: McAllen, Texas (First reported 03-07-13): A seventh former deputy of a sheriff’s department appeared in court on drug conspiracy charges in a federal investigation. He is the latest member of the department who prosecutors say helped steal or protect drugs to be resold by a trafficker. ow.ly/jHUl0

Ottawa, Kansas: A sheriff has been accused of tipping off his lover about a meth investigation. The sheriff and his lawyer say the allegations are untrue. The prosecutor wrote that he “willfully engaged in misconduct while in office.” http://ow.ly/jFx3j

Blytheville, Arkansas: A Criminal Investigation Division officer was arrested after an incident at a bar which resulted in public intoxication and disorderly conduct charges. He is on administrative leave as a result of the charges, pending the outcome of an internal investigation. ow.ly/jFnm2

State Police sergeant arrested, charged with drug distribution
MONROE—An eighteen-year veteran State Police sergeant was arrested Monday by troopers from the agency's Bureau of Investigation and charged him with a variety of criminal violations including narcotics distribution, according to Superintendent of State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson. 
Edmonson disclosed the details of the arrest after flying to Monroe Tuesday afternoon to personally take possession of the sergeant's badge, credentials and state-issued weapon. At the time of his arrest, Thomas was immediately suspended from duty pending the outcome of an administrative investigation. 
Troopers arrested 42-year-old Ronald Thomas of Monroe without incident Monday afternoon and booked him into the Ouachita Parish Jail Monday evening where he is still being held. Prior to his arrest Thomas had been assigned as the evidence custodian for northern Louisiana investigative operations. 
After consulting with District Attorney Jerry Jones and his staff, Thomas was charged with payroll fraud, malfeasance in office, conspiracy to distribute cocaine, distribution of cocaine, and obstruction of justice. 
Edmonson said that several months ago, information was developed during the course of another investigation suggesting Thomas' possible involvement in illegal activity. After months of accumulating evidence in furtherance of the allegations troopers moved quickly Monday to make arrests. Troopers executed a search warrant on Thomas' property and seized nearly $50,000 in cash and a stolen weapon. Other items have also been seized and are currently being processed. 
"I want to emphasize that it was State Police troopers who learned of Thomas' misconduct, it was troopers who aggressively pursued this high priority investigation, and it was troopers who arrested the sergeant and booked him. We have no reluctance whatsoever identifying police misconduct and taking appropriate action, even if it happens to be one of our own officers," Edmonson said. 
"Thomas has dishonored his oath, his organization and more importantly the community he swore to protect. We will push for the strongest possible punishment," Edmonson said. 
Investigators also arrested 38-year-old Leonard Dunn of Monroe. Dunn was charged with 3 counts of distribution of marijuana and 1 count of distribution of hydrocodone. Thomas apparently had conspired with Dunn to sell large quantities of cocaine in northeast Louisiana. Thomas also apparently made attempts to warn Dunn that he was being investigated and instructed Dunn to destroy evidence and dispose of money. 
"Our work is not yet done. This investigation continues to evolve and other arrests are possible. While we have no reason to believe that any other troopers are involved, we will nevertheless go wherever the facts take us. We will be unrelenting in pursuing anyone else who might have been involved in the illegal activities," Edmonson said. 
While drug evidence was utilized in furtherance of this criminal investigation, no State Police cases have been compromised as those evidentiary items were from fully adjudicated cases and the evidence had been set aside for destruction, according to investigators. 
"We are confident that no on-going criminal cases awaiting trial have been affected by Thomas' misconduct. We have also ordered an immediate inventory of the evidence most recently under Thomas' supervision and control. That inventory will be conducted by personnel from the State Police Crime Lab. I have also directed a thorough a review of internal procedures to address any potential vulnerabilities in our evidence system," Edmonson said. 
If convicted on all charges Thomas faces up to a $76,000 fine and 92 years in prison. If convicted on all charges Dunn faces up to a $65,000 and 40 years in prison

Officer Charged in Robberies of Drug Dealers
The officer, Jose Tejada, 45, is accused of taking part in three robberies or attempted robberies in 2006 and 2007, while he was assigned to Harlem and in uniform, federal prosecutors said on Wednesday. He also supplied the crew with police uniforms, paraphernalia and police vehicles, the authorities said. He is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, conspiracy to distribute drugs and unlawful use of a firearm. 
Officer Tejada, the police said, was arrested as part of an “ongoing Internal Affairs Bureau investigation.” He is the second officer with the department charged in the more than 100 robberies of drug dealers that began in 2001 and that “netted more than 250 kilograms of cocaine and $1 million in narcotics proceeds,” according to prosecutors. He has been suspended from the department, a spokesman said. 
Emmanuel Tavarez, 33, who joined the department in 2002, was sentenced to 25 years in prison last May for his role in the same crew, court documents show. An auxiliary officer, and 21 other members of the crew, have also been arrested, according to the documents. 
The police spokesman declined to provide any further information on the investigation. 
Prosecutors said Officer Tejada used his status to demand access to a home in the Bronx that he believed housed drug dealers and their supply. In fact, an innocent family of three lived there, prosecutors said, and they were held at gunpoint while Officer Tejada and two others searched their home. They called 911, according to the court documents, to report what had happened. 

Wolford suspended for 24 hours; Police officer disciplined for crash, not paid for two, 12-hour shifts 
LORAIN — Police Officer James Wolford was suspended without pay for two, 12-hour shifts this year in connection with an incident in December 2011, according to police records.

Wolford violated Lorain Police Department standards of conduct for the incident, and he was to serve the suspension on Feb. 21 and 22, according to a disciplinary letter from Lorain police Chief Cel Rivera.

On Dec. 20, 2011, Wolford crashed into an Ohio Edison van parked near his Oak Drive home in Lorain. He refused to take a sobriety test on scene and later at the station. Witnesses testified at a hearing that he smelled of alcohol and had an unsteady gait. Wolford was cited for failure to control and driving under the influence, according to police records. In July 2012 Wolford pleaded no contest and was found guilty of reduced charges — a physical control violation and failure to control, according to court records.

Wolford also was fined $1,239 and was required to attend a three-day educational program on drinking and driving and to be on probation for a year, according to court records. The failure to control charge carried a $150 fine and two points on his driver’s license.
Wolford was placed on a temporary administrative license suspension and did desk duty after the incident, police have said.

The work disciplinary action took place this year because Wolford was on extended family medical leave and the disciplinary action was delayed until his return to duty, Rivera wrote. His predisciplinary hearing was Jan. 21. Wolford has had several other run-ins with the law while on the Lorain police force.

In January of 2011, Wolford was suspended for six days for making false accusations against a superior officer, Capt. James McCann has said. In 2009, Wolford was demoted from sergeant to patrolman and suspended for 25 days after the department had received citizen and internal complaints, revealing multiple violations. While handling a domestic violence complaint between a mother and her son in October 2007, Wolford told the 17-year-old boy “if you were my (expletive) son I would hit you upside the head with a two-by-four,” according to a letter from then Lorain Safety Director Phil Dore to Wolford. 

The national plague of drunk and drugged up cops

Update: Robbins, Illinois (First reported 12-28-12): The police chief, who retired after being charged with his second DUI in the past three years, is continuing to be paid by the government into next month, records show. ow.ly/jtCat
Update: Williamson County, Illinois (First reported 03-11-13): A 23-year veteran sheriff’s deputy, who was arrested on DUI charges, resigned. It was his second DUI. ow.ly/jyj3C

Miami cop convicted in civil rights case sentenced to four years in prison
Former Miami Police Sgt. Raul Iglesias will serve four years in federal prison after his conviction for stealing drugs from traffickers, planting cocaine on suspects and lying to federal agents.
He will surrender to begin his sentence on April 26.
In January, a jury convicted Iglesias, 40, of two counts of civil rights violations, along with conspiracy to possess and possession with the intent to distribute cocaine and crack cocaine.
Jurors also found him guilty of obstruction of justice and making false official statements. U.S. District Judge Cecilia Altonaga on Friday also sentenced Iglesias to an additional three years of supervised release.
A second detective, Roberto Asanza, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drug charges stemming from the same investigation. During a tense trial attended by his supporters — members of Miami’s police union — Asanza testified against Iglesias, as did four detectives who worked on his Crime Suppression Team.
Federal prosecutors painted Iglesias, a former U.S. Marine, as a rogue sergeant who over the course of five months in 2010 planted cocaine on a suspect, stole drugs and money from dope dealers, and lied about a box of money left in an abandoned car as part of an FBI sting.
According to court documents, Iglesias had faced a recommended sentence of up to six years.
Prosecutors wanted a stiff sentence, saying Iglesias refused to take responsibility for his actions, blaming other cops and after his conviction engaging in a letter-writing “smear” campaign against those who testified against him.
Iglesias’s “abuse of his badge and his supervisory authority as sergeant in charge of a [crime suppression unit] team made it possible for him to easily steal money and drugs, distribute drugs to [confidential informants], and plant drugs to frame a citizen,” prosecutors wrote in court filings. “He further abused his position of authority by using his subordinates as pawns in his crimes.”
A harsh penalty would “send a clear message” to potentially crooked cops, federal prosecutor Ricardo Del Toro wrote in a sentencing memo.
But Iglesias’s attorney, Rick Diaz, argued for probation, saying that the ex-sergeant had already lost his career.
“He really poses no danger to the public,” Diaz wrote in a court document.
Iglesias was sentenced as the Miami Police Department has been beset by a string of misconduct allegations against its cops.
Earlier this month, two Miami cops were arrested on federal ID-theft and tax-refund fraud related charges. A group of cops also have been charged in connection with an alleged protection racket for a Liberty City gambling house.
So far, 11 cops have been relieved of duty, and two others were also charged.
In another case, Miami Cop Luis Hernandez was arrested by state authorities in January for allegedly raping a woman he was supposed to transport to jail. He has pleaded not guilty.

Honolulu cop charged with drunk driving
A Honolulu Police lieutenant was arrested early Saturday morning on suspicion of drunk driving. Police say Lt. Colin Wong crashed into a parked car near the Modern Hotel in Waikiki around 2:30 Saturday morning. He was off-duty at the time.
Wong was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant and for refusing to submit to a breath or blood test. He's a lieutenant in the police department's specialized services division and specifically the SWAT team. He was charged Saturday morning and was released after posting a $1,000 dollars bail.

Cop charged in drug-buying scheme
An East Texas cop has been charged with using his law enforcement position to acquire hydrocodone by fraud.
Federal prosecutors say 32-year-old Canton cop James Melvin Bradshaw faces six counts of acquiring a controlled substance by misrepresentation. Bradshaw was arrested Thursday — a day after being indicted — and made an initial court appearance in Tyler.
The indictment says Bradshaw allegedly used his job to obtain hydrocodone by fraud, deception or misrepresentation from people with legitimate prescriptions six times last year.
Prosecutors and Canton police on Friday didn't immediately provide additional details on the case.
If convicted, Bradshaw faces up to four years in prison on each count. An attorney for Bradshaw couldn't immediately be located.

Officials: Palmer cop charged with drunk driving no longer with department
The veteran Palmer Township cop arrested last year for drunken driving is no longer with the department, township officials confirmed Tuesday.
Senior patrolman Susan Siegfried, 49, of Easton, was on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation but left the department on Monday, Township manager Christopher Christman said.
Christman said that because it is a personnel matter he could not say whether she resigned or was fired.
Last month, Siegfried, 49, of Easton, was placed in the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program for first-time offenders. She had a blood-alcohol content four times the legal limit after she crashed into a tree in the township on Nov. 24, police said.
Police said her sport utility vehicle went off the road in the 300 block of S. Nulton Avenue and hit a tree. Siegfried was found outside the vehicle and appeared to be drunk, police said.
Police did not detail whether Siegfried suffered any injuries, but said she was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment.
She was charged with drunken driving and traffic violations

Palmer Cop Charged with DUI Leaves Force
Veteran Palmer Township cop Susan Siegfried is no longer on the force, Chief Larry Palmer said Tuesday.
A veteran Palmer Township cop charged with DUI in late November is no longer with the force, township officials said Tuesday.
Susan E. Siegfried, 49, of the 300 block of S. Nulton Avenue in the township, had been placed on administrative leave following a night of drinking in which she had blood-alcohol content four times the legal limit, court records indicated at the time of the incident.
Township officials Tuesday would not confirm a report that Siegfried had been fired.
"Since it is a personnel matter I cannot speak to that," Palmer Police Chief Larry Palmer said. "She is no longer with the force."
Chief Palmer passed on inquiries to Township Manager Christopher Christman.
"I can only confirm that she is no longer employed with Palmer Township," Christman said. "As this is a personnel matter, I cannot comment any further on this topic."
Siegfried was placed in the state's ARD program by Northampton County Judge Emil Giordano on Feb. 25. The Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program is for those facing first-offense charges.
Siegfried had admitted to a night of beer drinking, but said she couldn't recall what happened when the Jeep Wrangler she was driving slammed into a tree not far from her home, shearing off the tree completely and uprooting it, court records indicated.
At the time, her blood-alcohol content was 0.32 percent – four times the legal limit, court records stated.
Siegfried had been charged with two counts of DUI – one for property damage and one for the 0.32 percent blood-alcohol content. Both DUIs were first-time offenses. She was also charged with careless driving, Palmer police said in a statement in late November.

Former HPD cop charged with 2nd DWI in 6 weeks
HOUSTON -- The suspected drunk driver who slammed his car into a light store last week appeared in court on Monday.
Harold Clayton is a former cop. The 60-year-old retired from the Houston Police Department four years ago.
He’s now accused of two drunken driving offences in the last six weeks. The first was February 1. The latest was last Thursday night when witnesses say he drove his Tahoe through the front windows of the Lighting Gallery on FM 1960, backed in and out several times trying to get out and then fled the scene.
In court on Monday, Clayton said nothing to the judge
“Mr. Clayton is not going to have anything to say at this point," said his attorney, Doug Murphy.
Defense attorney Doug Murphy said medical issues may have something to do with Clayton’s recent DWI troubles.
"The cop has been retired four years and has had a number of medical problems,” said Murphy. “At one point, he was hospitalized for over a month in a coma."
That hospitalization was two years ago.
Clayton is free on $5,000 bond and was ordered to not consumer alcohol.
He was also ordered to use an at home testing monitor four times a day and enroll in a substance abuse evaluation program.
"He has got some medical problems that we are trying to get to the bottom of,” said Murphy. “The customary protections are in place and we will deal with those as things progress."
Meanwhile, the owners at the Lighting Gallery are still trying to pick up the pieces from last week’s accident. As clean up and rebuilding continues, the business plans to reopen its doors on Wednesday.