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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

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The idiot cop report

A Kershaw County SC deputy has been convicted of violating a handcuffed detainee’s rights when he repeatedly beat him with a baton, breaking his leg in the process as seen on the surveillance video shown above.

A Goodwater AL police officer shot a man twice inside a courtroom after he became angry when the judge refused to allow him time to call his wife to get money for the fine he was sentenced to over a dispute he had with a neighbor. While the officer and a lawyer claim the man attempted to reach for a gun that the judge pulled on him, other witnesses claim that the man, who’s leg was in a cast and used crutches, was not posing a threat when shot. No matter which way you look at this one, it’s a bit crazy for a court of law.

Four Ottawa ON police officers are the subject of a lawsuit alleging that they injured a man during arrest for drinking in public even though he claims he wasn’t drinking. Then, allegedly, they mistreated him in jail by stomping on his head and kicking him in the crotch and ribs when they threw him head-first into a cell. Assault on an officer charges against him were later dismissed.

Three Las Vegas NV police officers were found to have used excessive force by a federal jury that awarded a $2,100,000 judgment to a man who had to have four operations on his neck after he was choked and pepper sprayed by the officers after one of them tripped when he went to detain him and they mistook it for a struggle.

A Lawrence MA police officer was sentenced to 10-12 years in prison after found guilty of repeatedly raping a woman he offered a ride to in his cruiser while it was parked behind the police station.

A Fort Valley GA police officer was arrested on enticing a child for indecent purposes & violation of an oath of office charges when he was caught trying to arrange to have sex with what he thought was a juvenile in an undercover sting operation.

A Provo UT police officer has been sentenced to 180 days for forcible sex abuse & obstruction for coercing a woman to lift her shirt and allow him to grope her under threat of arrest.

A Paterson NJ police officer was arrested on possession and distribution of child pornography charges after a 3-month long investigation.

A Jeffersonville IN former police officer‘s fight to get unemployment benefits after he agreed to resign while under investigation has revealed that he was under investgiation on allegations that he had been blackmailing a young woman into having sex with him over traffic tickets and that he had been recorded leaking information to a drug dealer. Allegations which, under agreement in exchange for his resignation, were kept secret and for which he never faced charges for.

A Nicholas County WV deputy has been arrested on three wanton endangerment charges for firing his gun inside his apartment in the presence of two other adults and an infant.

A Fort Worth TX police officer has been suspended for 30 days after he admitted to breaking a man’s nose at a party he was hosting because the man kept talking to the officer’s girlfriend. He is still the subject of a criminal investigation over the incident.

An Orange County CA deputy who had already been charged with domestic violence has been arrested again for violating the protection order and bail conditions by attempting to obtain a fully automatic weapon from a friend and for allegedly attempting to contact the victim.

A Coles County IL chief deputy had resigned before he was arrested on allegations that he threw an unspecified female down and kicked her during a domestic dispute at his home.

An Orange County CA deputy has been suspended after he was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse for allegedly injuring wife during a dispute.

The police chief of Bristol CT has been suspended while he’s the subject of an unspecified investigation that was requested by the mayor’s office.

A Gallatin TN police commander has been suspended for 5 days over racist remarks he made describing certain state troopers & state agents.

An Ottawa ON police officer has pled guilty to discreditable conduct for harassing and stalking a female officer that he broke up with.

An Ottawa ON police officer was arrested and charged with uttering threats after he was accused of threatening his ex-wife.

A Harford County MD sheriff’s major has been sentenced to 18 months in jail after pleading guilty to theft and official misconduct charges for shoplifting on two different occasions. The major made over $107,000 per year on just his base salary.

A Macomb County MI deputy was sentenced to a fine after he pled guilty and payed restitution for stealing from the department’s teen explorer program.

A Liberty County TX sheriff’s captain has been convicted on mail fraud and firearms charges for selling about 100,000 rounds of police-issued hollow-point ammunition in order to purchase guns that he sold through his personal business, some of the leftover ammo was sold along with the guns he sold as well.

Two New York NY police officers face numerous charges on allegations that the wrote numerous fake tickets in order to pad their overtime and keep their assigned patrol duty that was considered “cushy” because they didn’t have to answer radio calls while doing it.

And finally, the Toccoa GA police department is under investigation after an officer allegedly stopped the police chief’s daughter on suspicion of DUI outside of town, waved off a responding deputy, but then never arrested her even after she failed a breathalyzer test.

A now-former Fulton County GA deputy sheriff has been convicted on manslaughter and other charges for trying to shoot a prostitute who fled when he attempted to rape her then shooting her pimp to death

Santa Ana CA police have been sued by the family of a man shot by a police officer who claimed that it was self defense because the man was armed with a knife. However, the suit comes after an autopsy showed the man died from a gunshot wound to the head, from behind. Lawyers for the family also claim a reluctant witness said the man had his hands up when he was shot.

A Toronto ON police officer has been charged with a second assault with a weapon charge, both of which stem from alleged beatings that occurred during the G-20 protests last year.

An Escambia County FL deputy has been charged with felony assault for slamming a handcuffed detainee to the floor then dragging him to a booking area as captured on a jail surveillance camera, shown above.

A Fort Myers FL police sergeant is the subject of a lawsuit alleging he beat and choked a handcuffed and shackled suspect during an interrogation when the man refused to divulge any information to detectives.

A Toronto ON police officer has pled guilty to a threat of bodily harm charge for slapping a handcuffed detainee then threatening to taser his testicles if he didn’t tell him where a suspect was. He then threatened to taser another man’s testicles if he didn’t answer the same question.

A Longwood FL police officer has been arrested on six felony charges including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, kidnapping and burglary on allegations he drove to his estranged wife’s home in his police cruiser while in uniform, hit a man in the head with his service pistol, then threatened to kill them both and then commit suicide. His wife is also a police officer with the same department.

A Newark NJ police detective has pled guilty to official misconduct for beating a handcuffed detainee so badly he suffered a fractured eye socket and a broken jaw, all allegedly because he asked to speak to a supervisor.

New York NY police are being sued by a man claiming he was subjected to a cavity search in public while he was detained in a case of mistaken identity when he walked into a store to buy something during an ongoing drug bust.

A Memphis TN police officer has resigned before he was officially arrested for robbing two Hispanic men during a traffic stop. The charges were filed after he signed a statement admitting to the act.

A Toronto ON police officer has been charged with criminal harassment on allegations he repeatedly harassed a woman on a commuter train.

A Louisiana State trooper was arrested after he was involved in an unspecified altercation outside of a nightclub while he was on medical leave for unspecified reasons.

A Lafayette Parish LA sheriff’s lieutenant has been fired over allegations of sexual harassment that were made as part of a now-settled lawsuit which resulted in an unspecified payment to a female sheriff’s deputy.

A Broward County FL deputy has become the eight sheriff’s employee arrested as part of an ongoing jail misconduct probe. He’s accused of accepting money in exchange for smuggling goods into the jail for inmates.

A San Francisco CA police officer has been arrested on allegations that he stole the registration sticker from a motorist he pulled over then put that sticker on his own personal car.

Before I close for the day, I did want to mention that the Houston Texas police department finally released a controversial video from an incident last year where a 15-year-old burglary suspect was hit by a police cruiser and surrendered before several officers began repeatedly stomping on him, kicking him, kneeing him, and punching him. Ultimately, four officers were criminally indicted, three were fired, and five received 2-day suspensions, all of which are in our database so this isn’t an additional report but worth mentioning. I cannot embed the video as of this moment