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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Idiots at work


2 Fullerton CA police officers have been charged for their roles in the beating death of Kelly Thomas in July of this year. The Orange County DA described the incident when laying out the charges against one officer for 2nd degree murder and involuntary manslaughter and another for involuntary manslaughter and use of excessive force. Four other officers involved in the incident are still on paid leave pending the results of an internal and federal investigation.

Cops and Kids…a strange, strange relationship

Gurnee IL cop was sentenced to 6 years prison for molesting a 10-year-old girl and threatening his ex-wife’s boyfriend with a gun. The deal dropped molestation charges involving another child. [0] bit.ly/pbnFch

Sanger TX cop on leave after being arrested on witness tampering & solicitation of a minor charges. [1] bit.ly/nO8cQ4

Isle of Wight County VA deputy under investigation by state police on allegations he downloaded child porn [0] bit.ly/nOHiAJ


Des Moines IA poised to settle a lawsuit for $500k to a couple who were peppersprayed & beaten with batons by two cops during a traffic stop [0] bit.ly/pw1lyc

Louisville KY cop under investigation over a YouTube video showing him hitting a man in the head w/flashlight during an arrest [1] bit.ly/pmiDZE

Belleville IL cop arrested on battery charges for allegedly grabbing & throwing man who asked for his supervisor [0] bit.ly/nlZPAY

Ontario Provincial police are investigating officers after a judge rebuked cops for the 2nd time in two months over allegations of excessive force in two different cases. [2] bit.ly/pUm8IL

Columbia MO cop fired after caught on video shoving a detainee against a wall in a holding cell [0] bit.ly/qXWmZn

Silence the press and you can get away with anything

Milwaukee WI police sgt was caught on video harassing a news station’s photojournalist at the scene of a house fire before knocking him to the ground and arresting him. [3] bit.ly/olcUUa

We ain’t got no answer, there Judge

Oakland CA police ordered by judge in charge of Riders settlement agreement to explain recent misconduct issues ranging from a report alleging officers may be drawing their firearms too hastily to questions of accountability. [1] bit.ly/pPuggZ

Cops seem to hate women…I wonder why

Alorton IL Public Safety Director who is also a Fairmont IL cop was arrested for allegedly pulling over a woman while he was off duty and out of his jurisdiction in a police cruiser then demanding oral sex from her under threat of arrest. [0] bit.ly/nlZPAY

Shelby Co OH sheriff arrested on sexual battery charge involving allegations made by former female deputy [1] bit.ly/nmzp3J

Bunnell FL cop is the subject of a suit alleging he created a fake sex ad on Craigslist using dept computers in order to harass ex-wife’s friend. He resigned prior to any disciplinary action for that incident. [0] bit.ly/psYTuU

Sumter SC cop suspended w/o pay while under investigation for allegedly punching his estranged wife, who is also a cop, in the face. [0] bit.ly/qd6DPk

Today’s Weasel Report

Chicago IL cop was charged with felony perjury over her false statements in a road rage incident where she got into an argument with people in a funeral procession after weaving in and out of it while she was late going to work. She had one woman arrested and convicted for assaulting her but video emerged afterward that contradicted her account and led to the conviction being overturned. [0] http://t.co/1ByKLQ1Q

Yakima WA refuses to release details on 3 cops facing possible termination. Reliable sources apparently say one falsified info on a search warrant and two others for falsified expense reports. [3] bit.ly/nXrjfQ


17 New York NY cops may be indicted as a result of investigation into ticket fixing and other related allegations [0] nydn.us/q519eV


Prince George’s Co MD cop pleads guilty to federal charges related to cigarette smuggling scheme [0] wapo.st/okXrkK

Harris Co TX Precinct 6 constable is apparently under investigation over allegations of misconduct involving a charity he runs [3] http://bit.ly/qMEnPr

East St Louis IL cop arrested on allegations he accepted unemployment benefits when he was employed [0] bit.ly/o51uZk

Wathena KS police chief opts to retire to halt unspecified investigation after told he would face internal charges [4] bit.ly/pZg0WZ

Washington Park IL cop arrested for allegedly stealing bullet proof vests from his department [0] bit.ly/nlZPAY

Fairview Heights IL cop arrested for allegedly stealing a cell phone from a crime scene then using it as her own [0] bit.ly/nlZPAY

Excessive force

Pittsburgh PA police sued by professor claiming she suffered hearing damage from a sonic crowd control weapon that police used during the G20 protests there. [0] wapo.st/oZpHdI

St Cloud FL cop fired after arrested on allegations that she beat her boyfriend then kicked cop responding to call [0] thesent.nl/pPahqt

Horry Co SC officials ask state to investigate county police officials over various allegations of misconduct [3] bit.ly/mSgc8M


 North Carolina Wildlife Resource officers accused inhumanely shooting man’s deer to death over lack of a proper permit [0] bit.ly/olk29I

Drugs/ Drunk

2 Colorado Springs CO cops accused of lying about drinking during bar sting after video contradicts testimony [3] bit.ly/qmMuWI

Lyons GA police chief arrested on allegations of marijuana distribution, violation of oath & theft by conversion [0] bit.ly/pBEut9

Getting away with murder