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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed November 11-15 cop violenceFairfax County Police.

So far, November has been a busy month for the police

Its time for a national conversation on the national police problem

A Huron County Ohio deputy has resigned after an investigation into allegations that he “field-goal kicked” a detainee in the face while he was on the ground, causing the man to be hospitalized when he began suffering seizures in the back of the officer’s cruiser.

Orleans Parish LA deputies are the subject of a lawsuit by a public defender who alleges he was choked and repeatedly kicked when a judge ordered his arrest for demanding that a man who was confirmed by prosecutors to be innocent be released. The judge said that since the man was the brother of the man who was wanted that he thought keeping him in jail might convince his brother to turn up then told the lawyer to go find him in jail… and allegedly ordered his arrest. Police claim the lawyer assaulted them.

Mankato MN police & Blue County MN deputies are accused of excessive force & false arrest after video contradicts their arrest reports.

3 Philadelphia PA cops are accused of using excessive force by a witness who claims they repeatedly beat, maced & tasered a mentally ill man they confronted for refusing to leave the front of a building after a security gaurd asked him to.

Del Norte County CA settled suit for an unspecified sum they claim was under $10k to a man claiming a cop used excessive force with his taser during an arrest

A New Mexico State cop was arrested on allegations he assaulted the Chavez County District Attorney

A Coral Gables FL police lieutenant is the subject of an arrest warrant after he was caught on surveillance video shoving a resort employee across a parking lot in an attempt to coax him into fighting and, after failing to do that, punching the man in the face for a perceived slight he thought the man intended while the officer was off-duty.

At least one Miami Florida cop is under investigation after a YouTube video came to everyone’s attention that shows an officer repeatedly punch a man who was being held down by several other officers. No word on what sparked the incident.

A Bennettsville SC cop is under investigation by the state over unspecified allegations of excessive force.

Put-In-Bay Ohio police are being accused of a demonstrating a pattern of excessive force as illustrated by how one man was face-planted into the pavement outside a medical center after he had been treated. The report describing that event also alleges that even the town’s EMTs have been complaining about having to deal with injuries associated with frequent uses of excessive force and that the police chief is refusing to do anything about it.

The Franklin County Ohio sheriff’s department is the subject of a class action lawsuit alleging that the policy towards taser use in jail is excessive and violating the rights of prisoners in that staff are deploying the device as a compliance tool even in non-threatening situations.(aggression and violence involved)

Assault/False arrest/ Theft
2 Pittsburgh PA cops have been charged on allegations they falsely arrested 2 men, stole $700 from them & then filed false reports to cover it. .(aggression and violence involved)

Two Anne Arundel County Maryland cops are the subject of a lawsuit filed by a deaf man who claims they used excessive force and falsely arrested him for assaulting an officer after he had called police to report a robbery at his home. The man could only communicate with officers via written notes and he, as well as an EMT at the scene, claim that the officer tackled him and arrested him when he claims he was assaulted when the man tried to give the officer a note by pressing it against his chest. .(aggression and violence involved)

A New Haven CT asst police chief is allegedly under investigation after being accused of illegally taking a man’s iphone, erasing videos he took of police during an arrest, and then arresting him for interference. .(aggression and violence involved)

Sexual assault
The Sacramento County California sheriff is being sued by 4 female deputies claiming sexual harassment, discrimination & retaliation against them for filing a complaint about it. (Aggression against a woman involved)

An Orange Texas police captain has been indefinitely suspended after an investigation into the shooting death of a man outside an auto parts store when he had a dispute with employees about a return.

A Portland Oregon cop who fatally shot an unarmed man in the back while he was attempting to surrender has been fired and three other officers each received 80 hour suspensions for their roles in the incident, one of which had repeatedly shot the man with beanbag rounds before he was fatally shot. .(aggression and violence involved)

A now-former Alabama state trooper has accepted a plea deal that reduced murder charges down to 2nd degree manslaughter over the 1965 shooting death of a man following a civil rights protest march which ultimately helped galvanize the civil rights movement of the time. .(aggression and violence involved)

The Collier County Florida sheriff and Prison Health Services, which is the contractor responsible for medical services there, are being sued by a woman who lost her baby in the jail due to the denial of medical care that had been prescribed for her and that she began to suffer septic shock because the dead fetus was left inside her long after she should have been induced. (Aggression against a woman involved)

A Philadelphia PA cop has been sentenced to 2-4 years after pleading guilty to forcing a female prisoner into performing sex acts on him in a jail cell. (Aggression against a woman involved)

The Sansom Park TX police chief and 3 of his officers resigned in the face of being fired after a list of 60 allegations of misconduct were reported by other cops in the department including excessive force incidents and allegations that one cop was showing other officers pictures of a rape victim’s injuries for fun. (Aggression against a woman involved)

Lazy Government mentality
Two Milwaukee Wisconsin cops have been suspended for 15 days without pay for failing to investigate and report a sexual assault claim made by a woman who was found naked and had led police to the knife used by her attacker. They allegedly told her to get dressed and go to the hospital instead. . (Aggression against a woman involved)

Indecent exposure
A Pawtucket Rhode Island cop has been arrested on indecent exposure and disorderly conduct charges after a couple of women claim that they saw him masturbating in his truck while he was driving alongside them on the road. The officer claimed that he wasn’t masturbating, he was just peeing in a jar. (Aggression against a woman involved)

Raleigh North Carolina cop has been arrested for attempting to obtain a controlled substance by fraud after he allegedly used information he uncovered while responding to a call to try and get a fraudulent prescription filled.

A Cincinnati OH cop is under investigation for bilking a grocery store out of $3,000 by charging for hours he didn’t work as a security guard in an off-duty assignment.

Two East St Louis Illinois cops are under investigation on allegations they stole benefits from state employment security agency.

Narcotics/drug dealing
A New York NY narcotics officer has been arrested after he was allegedly caught trying to buy $40,000 worth of rave drugs so that he could sell them himself.

A Baton Rouge LA cop has been arrested on possession of drugs without a prescription & obtaining drugs by fraud charges

A Lake County FL deputy has been sentenced to 3 years after pleading guilty to smuggling drugs… and sausage biscuits into jail.

A McCall Idaho police detective who recently resigned for unspecified reasons is now the subject of a tort claim, the precursor to a lawsuit in some states, alleging that he intentionally outed an informant to drug dealers and bragged about it while she was receiving death threats because of it. .(aggression and violence involved)

A Rochester Minnesota cop has resigned after pleading guilty to tipping off drug dealers about pending investigations and moving money for dealers.

A Baltimore Maryland cop has been fired for looking up a license plate number as a favor to a suspected drug dealer… that license plate happened to belong to an undercover officer.

A Calhoun Georgia cop has been arrested on felony theft charges after an investigation into narcotics fund discrepancies.

Three Prince George’s County Maryland cops arrested by federal agents as part of an ongoing corruption investigation. Two were arrested for assisting with the trafficking of bootleg goods while the third was arrested on cocaine trafficking allegations.

Illegal use of firearms
A Cañon City Colorado cop has been sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to a firearm-involved road rage incident where he was accused of pointing a firearm at a motorist while off-duty. .(aggression and violence involved)

A Blackshear Georgia cop has been suspended without pay after he was arrested on charges related to the illegal sale of firearms along with two pawn shop employees.

An Indianapolis Indiana cop who fired his gun inside his police cruiser during a fight with his girlfriend has taken a plea deal that resulted in his being sentenced to 90 days of home detention. (Aggression against a woman involved)

Stupid use of firarms
2 Kansas City MO cops are under investigation for opening fire on an unarmed man in a van after mistaking the van’s backfire for gunshots, nobody was injured.(aggression and violence involved)

Regular stupid
Two Dallas Texas narcotics officers are under investigation over an alleged fist fight that was allegedly sparked by one of the officers using racial slurs and calling the other officer an “uncle tom” for agreeing to help a white officer. .(aggression and violence involved)

Lake City FL cops are being accused of posting messages online telling new chief to “take her black ass back to Tallahassee” because they feel she doesn’t listen to the white community. (Aggression against a woman involved)

Shoot myself in the foot stupid
The newly-elected sheriff of Marshall County Tennessee has issued an apology after a memo he wrote was leaked in which he threatened to fire anyone who criticized him and informed all his officers that a person he promoted didn’t get promoted just “because he’s screwing the sheriff’s daughter.”

The Los Angeles California police department has been warned about racial profiling by the US DOJ who referred to a recording of cops discussing how they can’t do their jobs without profiling and that it’s no big deal.

Cop stupid
Albany Oregon police are the subject of a tort claim alleging they failed to properly verify that they had the right man when they arrested and jailed a county IT worker in a mistaken ID warrant arrest for a man with a different middle name who was born in a different state.

An Orlando Florida cop has been sentenced to 2 years in prison for embezzling $200,000 of FEMA and city funds. The judge explained that he gave the officer a light sentence just because she was a cop.

Civil Rights Violations
Two Jackson Wisconsin cops are shown on video arresting copblock founder Adam Mueller on a bench warrant for an unpaid traffic ticket while threatening to confiscate the filmer’s (Pete Eyre of Copblock as well) camera. After a plain clothes officer finally relents with the threats the video then shows the officers cuff and drag Adam to an unmarked car but doesn’t show any active resistance on the part of Adam… yet that didn’t stop the officers from charging him with resisting arrest and obstruction. Watch the video at their site .(aggression and violence involved)

The sheriff of San Saba County Texas is facing a possible criminal investigation after several tourists and residents of San Saba city filed complaints against him alleging mistreatment and unfounded traffic stops. .(aggression and violence involved)

Polk County Georgia deputy has been fired for what the sheriff there described as “slandering the department” via comments the deputy made on an internet discussion site. Officials are refusing to say what the discussion was about but it appeared to be related to allegations of infidelity by certain sheriff’s department staff members.

Providence RI police are being sued by the ACLU alleging free speech rights violations and for failing to investigate the related complaint regarding a woman who was ordered to leave a public sidewalk while handing out political fliers.

A Portland Oregon police captain has been suspended for 80 hours and ordered to participate in “tolerance training” after an investigation into how he erected a tribute to Naz war criminals in a park then hiding it, with the help of city officials, when he was being sued for using excessive force on anti-war protesters. .(aggression and violence involved)

The police chief of Natalia Texas has been fired while he was the subject of an unspecified investigation being performed by the Medina County sheriff’s department.

A Lafayette Louisiana police corporal has been placed on paid leave while under investigation over an unspecified complaint. While officials refuse to release any details the officer was the subject of two previous excessive force lawsuits, one of which is still pending. .(aggression and violence involved)

The former head of internal affairs for the Galveston Texas police department has been suspended for unspecified reasons while the police chief has fallen into quite a bit of controversy himself. The chief blames a lawsuit filed against him by his officer as the reason why he won’t disclose why the officer was suspended.

Witness intimidation/ obstruction
The Phoenix Arizona police union and a number of officers are the subject of an investigation on allegations of witness intimidation and obstruction involving their support of a cop charged with murder for the on-duty shooting death of an unarmed man which was exposed by another officer at the scene. It’s unclear if the investigation will last long since the prosecutor investigating the allegations lost an election to an opponent who was heavily supported by that police union. .(aggression and violence involved)

A Mukwonago Wisconsin cop has been charged with felony misconduct in office on allegations that he forged his girlfriend’s court-ordered breathalyzer tests.

The police chief of Center Colorado has been charged with official misconduct while one of his officers who was already charged in an excessive force case for repeatedly tasering a suspect has been hit with more charges including witness intimidation, retaliation, and harassment.(aggression and violence involved)

An Ambridge PA police sergeant has been sentenced to 6 months in a halfway house for beating a prisoner in a holding cell then conspiring to destroy a video of the incident. .(aggression and violence involved)

And speaking of, an Ambridge PA police lieutenant has been sentenced to probation for destroying that video of the sergeant beating the detainee in a holding cell. .(aggression and violence involved)

An Attleboro MA cop, who is the now-former chief’s son, has been suspended while investigated for failing to report his use of a taser on a suspect. .(aggression and violence involved)

A Los Angeles California cop has resigned on allegations he accessed a police database in order to find info about witnesses in a murder trial on behalf of the man who was convicted, who also happened to be his girlfriend’s brother. .(aggression and violence involved)

A Lakewood Washington cop has resigned in the face of possible termination over allegations he used his badge to get out of trouble when police responded to a disturbance he caused at Oktoberfest. .(aggression and violence involved)

Drunk Driving
Two Portland Oregon cops are on desk duty after their separate drunk driving arrests, one of which involved a two-car accident.

A Mora County New Mexico deputy resigns after crashing his patrol car on duty then refusing to take a breathalyzer. He blamed his dashboard computer for distracting him

A Jupiter FL cop is the subject of an internal investigation after prosecutors refused to charge him for a suspected on-duty DUI, it’s not the first time he got out of DUI charges.

An Easton PA off-duty cop has been charged with DUI when he tested at .22 BAC after stopped on erratic driver complaint called in by a witness.

Possession, forgery, and prescription drug fraud.
An Indianapolis Indiana cop who was recently in the news for crashing his police cruiser while allegedly under the influence has now been charged with possession, forgery, and prescription drug fraud.

An Allen County Ohio deputy is facing possible disciplinary action after being arrested on domestic violence charge in a dispute with his wife. (Aggression against a woman involved)

A Daytona Beach FL cop has been arrested after firing a shot inside his home when his wife tried to called police to get him help after his suicide threat. He then allegedly threatened to kill any cops who came in response to the call. (Aggression against a woman involved)

A Vian Oklahoma assistant police chief has been arrested for domestic violence and public intoxication after he allegedly got kicked out of a bar by bouncers, threw a cellphone at his girlfriend, then grabbed his gun from his truck and told her he was going to teach those bouncers what a real cop was. .(aggression and violence involved)

An Iva South Carolina cop has been arrested on assault charges after he and a woman he was with allegedly hospitalized two women in their home, leaving one with cracked vertebra and leaving the other unconscious. All this was apparently before he resigned over allegations that he was making threatening calls to his estranged wife. . (Aggression against a woman involved)

Creepy behavior
A McKeesport Pennsylvania cop has been charged with official oppression and trespassing after he allegedly broke into a woman’s home after she left by using a key hidden under the welcome mat and then making a copy of that key. When he was confronted about it he denied it at first but then excused it by saying he was “just being stupid.” (Aggression against a woman involved)

A Bainbridge Island Washington cop is the subject of a lawsuit filed by a female civil rights lawyer who claims that she was sexually battered, subjected to excessive force, then falsely arrested when she tried to give her husband advice during a traffic stop for speeding. The officer allegedly dragged her to the back of his cruiser and dry humped her while searching her, then choked her when she cried out. A second suit has been filed over the case in an attempt to gain the re-release information related to the case. (Aggression against a woman involved)

A Broome County NY deputy has been sentenced to probation in a plea deal for public lewdness & official misconduct, that deal dropped a number of felony charges he also faced. (Aggression against a woman involved)

A New Martinsville West Virginia cop has resigned and had to pay a $300 fine after pleading guilty to stalking his ex-girlfriend. (Aggression against a woman involved)

A Plymouth Connecticut cop has been suspended for 90 days without pay after an investigation into allegations that she was harassing a married state trooper she used to have an affair with. The harassment included allegations she ran over his mailbox and dumped garbage on his lawn in addition to the misuse of police databases. .(aggression and violence involved)

A Freehold Twp New Jersey cop who made over $98,000 last year has been arrested on allegations that he stole $498 worth of flooring materials from a home improvement store.

An Indianapolis IN cop is under investigation after a woman & her boyfriend claimed they were robbed by man who flashed badge. Police first thought it was an impersonator but now it appears they believe it’s one of their own officers. (Aggression against a woman involved)

Child Molestation
A San Antonio Park Texas cop has accepted a deal by pleading no contest to an indecency with a child charge for molesting a 16-year-old girl over a period of 2 years. (Aggression against a woman involved)

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