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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

4 NYPD Officers in Brutality Probe After Video Surfaces of Suspect Beating

The NYPD says it is conducting a brutality probe against four officers after a video showed a suspect being struck and kicked.
The officers were placed on modified duty after the footage surfaced last weekend on the Internet, reports The New York Post.

Police spokesman Paul Browne says the officers' guns and shields have been removed during the investigation.

The video shows 19-year-old Jatiek Reed appearing to resist arrest by throwing a couple of kicks and swats.

Then it shows Reed being struck with police batons and kicked. One officer holds him down.
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly called the video "troubling" at a news conference Wednesday.

Reed's mother told the Post that her son required staples in his head and arm.
Reed was arrested on assault charges. Information on his attorney was not available.

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Man Claims Police Brutalized Him Because He Bit A Cop's Finger

There's no question that police are authorized to use force, deadly force if the situation calls for it. But that use of force must at all times be proportional - and when it crosses that line, that's where we come in to report in complaints of police brutality. Indeed, stories pertaining to police brutality are nothing new on this newscast. In fact, we report about them almost too often - and just to make a quick note, this week alone we've received at least 2 complaints. Tonight there is one more story added to the list. 33-year old Justo Lopez had to be rushed to the emergency room at the KHMH last night after he claimed that he was beaten up badly by at least 5 police officers. Lopez told us he was wanted by police for questioning in connection with the shooting of 23-year old police officer Nigel White which happened on the 26 of March 2011 at the Police Sub-Station in Belama.

But while in police custody, Lopez claimed he was beaten up, tied down with duct tape and a pint bottle was even shoved down his throat. He told us he is innocent, and gave us his story from his hospital bed.

"I came in because I was in Canada for a while. When I came in I walked through the border, the police ask me to show them my ID. I told them that they don't need to see any ID because I know that they were looking for me. I went with them, they didn't do me anything. They took me to the Corozal police station. From there 2 BDF and 2 Dragon Unit officers brought me to Belize City. Everything went ok."

"They took me to the CIB office and they checked me in, and then they took me downstairs and locked me up. Then they took me back upstairs handcuffed. I met 4 of the officers up there, they told me to tell them where the gun is or they will kill me right now."

"After that, one of them knocked me in the back of my head. I was knocked out. When I woke up it's because I am in the room. They put duct tape on my head, and then they started to kick me in my stomach and my back. I told them that I didn't know anything, but they still beat me up."

"After that I told them that I will tell them where the gun is (crying). I told them that it was in my mother's yard by the septic tank. They told me that they will kill me and throw me in the Haulover river, and nobody will know where I am. When they reached in my mother's yard, I told them that the gun is in the septic tank."

"When they open the vehicle door I ran out. One of the officers grab me by the hair and started to punch me in the face. One of the officers pushes his big thumb in my mouth, I bite his big thumb and they start to beat me again more and more."

"Henderson, the boss, came out of his vehicle. I told him that the officers beat up. I told him that they hit me like 30-40 times in my face. I told him that they choked me."

This evening 7news contacted Police Public Relations Officer, Raphael Martinez who told us the incident did occur yesterday. He said Lopez took police to a house in Belama where he claimed a weapon was stashed in the yard. When they arrived in front of the house, Lopez tried to jump out the vehicle and when police held him down, he bit the thumb of a police officer and refused to let go. Martinez said that was when force had to be used on Lopez. Martinez also told us that the police officer also had to be taken to the emergency room where doctors treated him for - don't laugh - 4 teeth marks that were incised on his thumb. He was later released. The house Lopez allegedly took police to is the home of his mother. Neighbors from around the area say they did see police beating Lopez.

NLGSF Demands Action From The Monitor On Police Misconduct

January 30, 2012
National Lawyers Guild

NLGSF Demands Action From The Monitor On Police Misconduct

The National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (NLGSF) condemns Oakland Police (OPD) and Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) violence, mass arrests and abuses against Occupy demonstrators at Saturday’s demonstration. Police violently attacked activists with chemical weapons, so called Less-Lethal munitions, and physical assaults. Hundreds were arrested unlawfully, without opportunity to disperse, and then detained for many hours on the street and then in buses, in stress positions, and without bathrooms, food or water. Once in jail, protesters faced inhumanely crowded conditions, abusive treatment and were denied access to legal counsel. Many remain unaccounted for, though certainly arrested and awaiting booking two days after being detained.

“It is appalling that the OPD continues to violate the law and its own policies,” said Carlos Villarreal, NLGSF Executive Director. “The police instigated the confrontation by immediately attacking the march with chemical agents, flashbang bombs, and a volley of rifle or shotgun-fired projectiles.”

As of 11 a.m., Monday, January 30, the NLGSF can confirm that at least 284 people were arrested on Saturday during Occupy Oakland’s Move In Day. The NLGSF received many reports of assaults on protesters, including an incident in which police knocked one person’s teeth out with a baton strike to the face. Police reportedly threw others through a glass door, and down a flight of steps. A videographer was pushed to the ground and clubbed.

“OPD has shown itself incapable of handling crowd control in a legal, much less professional manner,” said NLGSF Attorney Rachel Lederman. “We would urge the appointed monitor to take action immediately to rein in this abusive conduct, which is leading to ever increasing liability for the City.”

Once in Alameda County custody, the arrestees have been held for a prolonged period under horrendous conditions, often remaining overnight in holding areas with no beds or blankets. Some arrestees were apparently held in a shower room. NLGSF has received many reports of injured persons being denied medical care and arrestees denied access to necessary medications. Women arrestees were forced to give urine samples in front of male officers, ostensibly for pregnancy testing.

Critically, arrestees were denied access to counsel. On Sunday night volunteer lawyers with the NLGSF were denied access to clients and told to return in the morning.

“OPD and Alameda County Sheriffs Department Officers are responsible for yesterday’s violence,” said NLGSF President Michael Flynn. “The NLG supports the Occupy Movement and will continue to push back against the violation of human rights by OPD and the misinformation from public officials that follows.”

NLGSF is currently litigating two lawsuits against Oakland and Alameda County based on similar abuses at a 2010 police brutality demonstration and the October 25, and November 2, 2011, OPD enforcement actions against Occupy.

The NLGSF is the Bay Area chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) – a bar association founded in 1937. The NLG is providing legal support to activists from coast to coast and has dispatched hundreds of legal observers to monitor law enforcement at the Occupy protests. More information is available at www.nlgsf.org.

Idiots at work

Palm Springs Calf. The state attorney's office reports that Palm Springs public safety officer Sean Grant, 44, of 230 Cypress Lane, was arrested Tuesday on charges of grand theft over $20,000 and uttering forged bills, checks, drafts or notes. He was released from jail less than an hour after his booking time on $8,000 bail. He faces a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Oakland Calf. A federal judge in San Francisco has concluded that an Oakland police officer who taped over his name badge during an Occupy Oakland protest and a lieutenant who failed to report the action engaged in "the most serious level of misconduct." U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson said in a Jan. 27 ruling that he is considering imposing sanctions on Officer John Hargraves and Lt. Clifford Wong, but has not yet decided whether to do so.

Seattle Wash. In response to several high-profile cases of alleged police misconduct, the City of Seattle is pushing a program to put body cameras on officers.

Belmont SC. Two former Belmont residents say that police unjustly handcuffed them and used excessive force when arresting them on trumped up charges. According to the suit, a Belmont police officer drove to Southridge Drive to serve a warrant on Michael Gutkowski in June 2008. Several neighbors and their children were outside and walked over to express concern about the matter when the officer called for backup. Five police cars came into the neighborhood in excess of 60 mph, according to the lawsuit.

Ex-cop convicted of joining drug conspiracy

More than 15 years ago, Chicago cop Glenn Lewellen arrested a young drug dealer on the Southwest Side, took him to a warehouse and made him an offer to switch sides and become a paid informant.

It was a lucrative offer — Saul Rodriguez would go on to earn more than $800,000 from the Chicago Police Department as he steered Lewellen toward large drug seizures.

But behind the scenes, Lewellen had hatched a secret, unauthorized deal with Rodriguez, authorities said. The drug trafficker would keep breaking the law and the cop would help him, joining Rodriguez's drug organization — which prosecutors contend was behind multiple violent kidnappings and robberies. Lewellen, they argued, also tipped them off when the feds got too close.

On Tuesday, following a two-month trial, a federal jury convicted Lewellen, a former narcotics officer, of joining Rodriguez's massive drug conspiracy, but it was unable to reach a verdict on a racketeering conspiracy charge despite deliberating over the course of two weeks.

As the verdict was read, Lewellen stared into the distance with a grave look on his face, and later gazed at his family in the gallery, at one point mouthing, "I love you."

His fate sealed, Lewellen slowly pulled his striped tie loose and slid it from around his neck. He then took off his suit coat and neatly folded it, handing it to his attorney. Moments later, he was taken into federal custody. Anxious family members leaned forward, waved and gave Lewellen a thumbs-up sign.

Lewellen, 55, who was a Chicago police officer from 1986 to 2002, faces a minimum 10-year prison term to up to life imprisonment. No sentencing date was set. Lewellen had been free on bond since the charges in 2010.

The charges linked Lewellen to some eight kidnappings and two robberies. According to the drug conspiracy charges against him, Lewellen also tipped Rodriguez off about a federal wiretap and testified in federal court against of one of Rodriguez's rivals, helping to secure a conviction.

With the split verdict, Lewellen's attorney, Andrea Gambino, said the jury did not necessarily find her client participated in any of the kidnappings, robberies or obstruction of justice allegations. She vowed to appeal the conviction.

"We are happy" that there wasn't a guilty verdict on the racketeering charge, Gambino said. "We are, of course, going to continue fighting. He is not guilty of the charges."

Four others were convicted of federal charges for their roles in the scheme. A sixth defendant was found not guilty on two counts, but the jury failed to reach a verdict on a racketeering count against him.

Rodriguez's crew was taken down in dramatic fashion in 2009 after the Drug Enforcement Agency set up a movielike sting. Rodriguez thought he and the crew were about to rob a Mexican cartel of $16 million in drugs, but federal agents had planted fake drugs in a van as part of a ruse.

A year later, Lewellen, by then owner of Lewellen Home Builders, a construction company that did developments in New Lenox and Mokena, was charged in the scheme. From there, federal agents backtracked to investigate the multiple kidnappings and robberies, locating victims.

Lewellen's conviction largely turned on the testimony of Rodriguez, who cooperated with the government and provided key testimony at trial. As a result, Rodriguez faces 40 years in prison.

The defense attacked Rodriguez as a serial liar of questionable credibility, saying he sneaked a cellphone into a federal jail and consorted with other high-ranking drug traffickers behind the government's back.

But prosecutors contended that Lewellen and the others on trial with him were involved in robbery, kidnapping and murder plots far too intricate for Rodriguez to have made it all up. There were simply too many victims and crimes for Rodriguez to "sit down and bang out a script," Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Block said in his closing arguments.

"Saul Rodriguez did not direct a play and cast six individuals into roles," Block told the jury. "The great frame-up doesn't work."

The jury also heard testimony from Fares Umar, another co-defendant who cooperated with the government. Umar described how he first teamed up with Lewellen, by coincidence on the day of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. He said they stopped a car and forced the men inside to drive to a home where Lewellen and Umar — joined by Rodriguez — found $60,000 in cash and two duffel bags stuffed with cocaine.

Lewellen wore his police star, protective vest and identified himself as a police officer, Umar testified.

"Glenn did the police thing," he told the jury.

Paterson cop arrested for domestic violence gets $6K in OT pay while on desk duty

PATERSON — A Paterson police officer who was arrested on aggravated assault charges in the fall has been paid more than $6,000 in overtime in the past three months while on desk duty, according to a report on PatersonPress.com.

Lt. Patrick Papagni, who allegedly pointed a gun at his girlfriend and dragged her out of her house, has been on desk duty since Oct. 12. His pay check has been supplemented by $6,173.38 in overtime in addition to $1,619.22 for working a night shift, the report said.

His case has yet to go before a grand jury.

Couple accuses HPD of police brutality


Crooked cops -- something you hear about in the movies. However, Annika Lewis and her husband, Sebastian Prevot, say the way the Houston Police Department treated them, was anything but "in-line."

Just days after a town hall meeting where community leaders encouraged citizens to record any police misconduct, Lewis and Prevot say they were victims of police brutality. Here's what they alleged happened, in a nutshell... Prevot was being pulled over by HPD for a traffic violation. Lewis says she was woken up by the sound of his screams and sirens outside of her window. She looked out to see five patrol cars and several officers beating and kicking her husband who was lying on the ground handcuffed. So, Lewis went back inside the house, grabbed her phone, and started recording. That's when Lewis says an officer grabbed her arm, took away her cell phone, and beat her.

She suffered a busted lip, swellings, cuts and bruises. After being thrown in the back of a patrol car, Lewis says police searched her house without consent, spoke to her children, put her phone on the dryer and left. When Lewis found her phone, she says police had removed her SD card.

Lewis says her husband was beaten so badly he had to have part of his ear stitched back on. HPD says Prevot tried to run after they attempted to pull him over -- he was taken into custody once he finally pulled over -- and suggests anyone who feels they've been treated unfairly by HPD can file a report.

It's all too similar to the Chad Holly case that created so much tension between HPD and the citizens of Houston. HPD has not responded to these specific allegations.

We don't know if Houston police actually caused the bruises, as the couple says, but these type of allegations certainly bruise their relationship with the community they serve.

Police pursuit ends with car on sleeping man

Bear in mind, this person was almost killed because the idiot police were chasing a car at top speeds through a crowded city over traffic violations....he got away anyway, so was it worth it? This is another reason we must have a national mandatory IQ level for the police. Pull federal funding from department that won't cooperate.   

Connecticut man woke up to a real-life nightmare early Tuesday morning when a car police were pursuing slammed into his apartment while he was sleeping and landed on top of him.

Just after 12:30 a.m., Hamden Police spotted a BMW wanted for motor vehicle violations and attempted to stop the driver.

Police pursued the car from Hamden to New Haven, through the Southern Connecticut State University campus and into the Newhallville section of New Haven.

Hamden Police made several attempts to stop the fleeing BMW, police said, but the driver lost control, crashed through a first-floor apartment at 91 Winchester Ave. and fled.

Michael Sweat, 34, a tenant, was trapped beneath the car for more than an hour as rescuers attempted to free him.

Sweat was taken to the Hospital of St. Raphael with second- and third-degree burns to his lower body and is expected to recover.

New Haven police were not involved in the pursuit, but are searching for the driver of the BMW who fled the scene. State police are also assisting in the investigation.

New Haven emergency crews and the building inspector are expected to remain at the scene for several hours to remove the car from inside the apartment and to determine if the multifamily house is structurally sound.