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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Thug report

A Maricopa County AZ deputy’s version of events in a fatal shooting incident are disputed by a witness alleging that the shooting was unnecessary.

Monterey CA & Monterey County CA are being sued by the family of man who died in a fire caused by flash-bang grenade during a questionable raid where he wasn’t even the real suspect.

2 Columbia MS police officers are accused of using excessive force and falsely arresting a man in court after a cop on the witness stand became enraged when that man’s friend called him a liar, the judge did nothing to stop it.

A Denver CO cop is sued alleging she used excessive force and falsely arrested a business owner who asked her to move her cruiser that was blocking his entrance. She happens to be the 2nd female Denver cop in trouble for excessive force who was also on the American Gladiator TV show

A Simi Valley CA cop who was the subject of a previous excessive force settlement involving his police dog is being sued again on allegations he intentionally and needlessly ordered his dog to attack a man he detained. The suit also alleges that officers took pictures of the attack and taunted the man with it in repeated attempts to intimidate him.

A Saguenay QC cop was arrested for violating bail conditions set after he was charged with several sexual assault and drug trafficking charges

A now-former Gallatin County IL sheriff was sentenced to 2 life terms in prison for dealing drugs on-duty and for plotting to kill the witnesses.

3 Chicago IL cops are being sued by an alderman alleging she was falsely arrested on DUI charges because she demanded a cop’s badge number when he blocked the road with his cruiser.

A San Bernardino County CA deputy was charged with DUI after a 2-car accident. Oddly, he was immediately released but the woman he hit was jailed even though she passed a breathalyzer 3 times. No explanation was given for that.

A Winter Haven FL police officer was suspended & arrested after caught stealing marijuana from evidence by a fellow cop

A Worcester MA police officer was convicted on federal conspiracy to distribute marijuana charges. Can’t give more details because the only site carrying the report was pay-per-view subscriber-based.

A Dakota County NE sheriff’s sergeant resigned while subject of federal investigation over unspecified computer crimes

3 Oak Hill FL cops are under investigation for cheating on tests while the police chief is also accused of covering it up

A Trenton NJ cop & 2 aides were charged with record tampering & falsified documentation for failing to check on a man who was later found dead in his cell from liver failure.

A now-former Santa Fe NM sheriff was arrested on 251 counts of embezzlement & 1 fraud charge for allegedly selling county equipment on E-Bay to pay gambling debts and other personal expenses.

An Ozaukee County WI sheriff’s lieutenant was sentenced to 6 months in jail & probation for stealing over $8k before he retired

An RCMP cop was charged with theft on allegations that he stole $40-$70 in change from a desk at a community policing office

A Salisbury MA police chief resigned while the subject of an ongoing investigation into unspecified misconduct allegations

And finally, a South Bend IN cop faces a 30 day suspension for interfering with the investigation into allegations he stole his ex-wife’s license plate

Cops and Kids, run children, run

A Lubbock TX police officer has resigned before he was arrested on 2 counts of sexual assault of a child and indecency w/child involving his 16 and 12-year-old adoptive daughters.

Liberty PA cop charged w/involuntary manslaughter after his 5yr-old son fatally shot self with the officer’s service weapon.

A Michigan State trooper is charged with 2 counts of 2nd degree criminal sexual misconduct with a girl under the age of 13

An Illinois State trooper has been sentenced to probation in a plea deal for reckless homicide for a 126mph on-duty crash that killed 2 teen girls. In the same case, an Illinois court awarded $8,000,000 to the parents of those teens

A Louisville KY cop was suspended 15 days for charging a 7-year-old boy with criminal mischief for hitting his truck with a ball even though there was no damage.

A La Crosse Co WI deputy charged with negligent homicide after crashing into a teen’s car with his cruiser at about 96mph.