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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Idiots at work

In an update to a report that we broke last year, two Hays County TX deputies are now being sued by an 8-year-old man who claims the deputies beat him and his son without cause. 3

A South Ogden UT idiot cop was arrested on 1 sodomy of a child charges on allegations that ranged over a number of years. The officer had resigned late last year while he was under investigation.

A Wichita KS idiot cop was arrested on sexual battery and indecent exposure charges in an unspecified case. 1

A Kingville ON idiot cop was charged with assault causing bodily harm for fracturing a teen’s arm while responding to a noise complaint. 1

A Newport News VA idiot cop has been charged with sexual battery and indecent liberties by a custodian charges on allegations involving a child who was visiting relatives. 1

An El Paso TX idiot cop has been suspended for 56 hours and is still the subject of a criminal investigation into an unspecified excessive force and false reporting incident. 3

A Searcy AR idiot cop who worked in a middle school has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for having illegal sexual contact with a 16-year-old girl that apparently began when she was in 8th grade. The officer was arrested after he was caught crawling through a window into the girl’s bedroom.

The police chief of South Beloit IL resigned that position but will still work there as a patrol officer after serving a 2 week suspension for allegedly putting his hand around a teen’s throat.

A Seattle WA gang unit officer is likely to be suspended for 3 days over a video last year that showed him yelling “I’ll beat the Mexican piss out of you” to a man on the ground who later turned out to be innocent. The video shows his foot grazing that man’s head while he stomped on his hand then another officer stomping on his leg. Police insist the stomping wasn’t a problem, just the language.

A Seguin TX idiot cop was sentenced to probation for evidence tampering in a plea deal which dropped child solicitation charges but only punished him for his efforts to hide the acts of child solicitation by deleting his cell phone text messages.

San Francisco CA police are accused of lying in their reports in order to justify two different illegal searches of hotel rooms that were captured on video which is claimed to prove that they perjured themselves. 4

A Kern County CA sheriff’s sergeant is on leave while he’s the subject of a criminal probe into unspecified allegations of obstruction & falsified reporting. 1

The police chief of Phoenix AZ may be on his way out according to some sources who say he’s already cleaned out his office. The chief is in some hot water now that an investigation was launched into how he came up with the number of border-related home invasion kidnappings and how that allegedly flawed and controversial data was used to get lucrative federal grants. 2

The police chief of Wayne OK was arrested on three counts of embezzlement on allegations he was using funds intended for child abuse victims to buy personal items. 1

A Miami FL idiot cop was arrested on grand theft and fraud charges for taking money from the non-profit police group that she led.

The police chief of Brigantine NJ retired as part of secret settlement deal made with the victim of his alleged sexual harassment. 3

A Pacific MO idiot cop was arrested on drunk driving charges after he was stopped for speeding while behind the wheel of an unmarked cruiser.

The police chief of Everett WA apparently broke his own rules when he suspended the investigation into one of his officer’s use of deadly force but now he’s accused of being less than honest about it after an attorney who deposed him alleged that the chief knew this wasn’t the first time something like this happened in that department. 3

Sherrill NY officials are citing state laws that they say protect the disciplinary records of cops from public records requests in their refusal to say why they fired their police chief.4

The police chief of Kalama WA has been placed on paid administrative leave for undisclosed reasons. 2

A New Orleans LA idiot cop has been placed on desk duty while he’s under investigation over videos and pictures of a woman wearing his uniform shirt in a couple different bars. 1

A Miami FL idiot cop who shot two unarmed men during a traffic stop is now the subject of a lawsuit filed by the passenger who claims there was no reason for the officer to open fire resulting in him suffering permanent injuries from three bullets while the driver was fatally wounded. Police union representatives and official still refuse to say why the officer shot the pair other than to suggest that something made him afraid for his safety. 3

An Escambia County FL deputy has been suspended after arrested on allegations that she injured her son when she hit him in the arm with her police-issue retractable metal baton.

An Orleans Parish LA deputy was arrested on an aggravated assault charge for brandishing her firearm at her own son on a school bus while she was in uniform.

A Memphis TN police sergeant was arrested after allegedly beating his wife then abducting her and their 3-week-old child before police stopped the car and the officer tried to flee on foot.

A now-retired Norfolk VA homicide detective was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison for taking bribes from drug dealers and then lying to federal investigators about it.

A Los Angeles County CA deputy is under investigation after he was accused of tainting prospective jurors by telling them that the trial they were about to be a jury on was a waste of time and that he knew the defendant was guilty which prompted the judge to dismiss the entire jury pool and ask for an investigation into the “unprofessional and inexcusable” behavior.

A Seattle Washington undercover idiot cop who was caught on surveillance video kicking a surrendering teen in the crotch then kicking him some more after he fell to the floor…and then was caught on cell phone video footage punching a man outside that store for trying to record what was happening……was apparently also caught on dashcam video, released today, stomping on a man’s head while he was being detained by police after those first two attacks……while the officer shown in these videos is still the subject of a criminal investigation but hasn’t been charged, the two men shown being arrested in these videos were acquitted of the crimes they were charged with today as well.

Denver CO is being sued by the family of a man who died after tasered and subjected to a choke hold in jail but lawyers for the family say the suit is about more than just that one death but about the pattern and practice of police brutality in that city and the unwillingness of that city to hold officers accountable for it. 4

A San Antonio Park TX cop was sentenced to 4yrs prison in a plea deal after giving a 14yr-old girl he repeatedly molested an STD.

The Inman KS police chief was sentenced to 2 consecutive life terms plus 5 years for sex crimes involving 4 kids ranging from 1 to 15 years old in age.

A now former Laurel DE cop who was already convicted of an on-duty sexual assault is now accused of another that allegedly occured in 24.

An El Paso TX idiot cop was arrested on sexual assault charges involving an on duty incident while he and his partner were responding to a family violence call.

The Kern County CA sheriff’s dept settled a class action suit for $7mil to detainees who were strip searched in groups in front of each other and who were strip and cavity search after they were ordered to be released.

A Cherokee OK cop was arrested on multiple charges alleging he coerced a woman into sex while on duty & ignored a call while doing so. Apparently he recorded the whole thing.

Albuquerque NM settled a lawsuit for $23, to the estate of a woman over allegations that idiot cops tampered with a crime scene, as documented by deputies at the scene, where a fellow officer, who was her husband, was suspected of murdering her.

A Sallisaw OK cop was arrested on multiple charges for falsely claiming man who accused him of cattle rustling had shot him when he actually shot himself.

A Cleveland OH idiot cop was charged with 6 misdemeanors on allegations she assaulted a handcuffed female detainee.

17 Baltimore MD idiot cops were arrested after an FBI investigation into a towing kickback scheme… 3

Meanwhile, 14 other Baltimore MD cops were suspended in addition to the 17 who were arrested on federal charges.

Weare NH police have charged a man with felony wiretapping for recording a cop by calling voicemail service during traffic stop 5

An Atlanta GA idiot cop is the subject of a criminal investigation on allegations he stole $2k from a diplomat’s bag at the airport

A Houston TX idiot cop is the subject of a federal probe while two pain clinics he owns are shut on allegations they were “pill mills”

A Montgomery AL cop pled guilty to theft charges for stealing from at least 4 Hispanic motorists during traffic stops.

Concord CA settles suit for $47k to a cop claiming he was retaliated against for siding with sexual harassment victims who sued the department.

A Mason County WV deputy was arrested on 2 counts of violating a domestic violence protection order

A Shreveport LA idiot cop was arrested on drunk driving charges after parking his patrol car in the middle of the road.

An Albuquerque NM idiot cop resigned under threat of firing after failing a breathalyzer during a random drug test when she came into work

A Newark NJ cop was arrested on bank fraud charges for allegedly conspiring with bank employee to secure a fraudulent $1.9mil loan

2 Horry County SC cops got suspended sentences in a plea deal on theft charges for claiming pay for special shifts they never worked

A Commerce GA cop was charged with invasion of privacy via use of computer for running tags on the state police database for personal use

The Fresno CA police chief is being sued by 2 deputy chiefs alleging he makes demeaning remarks about minority & female officers 2

An Ottawa ON cop was docked 48hrs worth of pay for harassing an ex-girlfriend cop via text messages & a coded message on a bedsheet

More Seattle WA idiot cops are supposedly under investigation after yet another video surfaced moths after an October incident which show some highly questionable use of force, all of which occurred on a single night. There were already 3 videos showing just one cop using force on three different people, two of which were acquitted of charges against them and one was never charged. The above video is a montage of all four videos involving that single event courtesy of KOMO 4 in Seattle. 5

Then there’s this one out of Toronto ON showing a idiot cop repeatedly punch a man who is on the ground, that man is now trying to get the charges against him stayed since he claims the video clearly shows officers were using excessive force against him during arrest. Toronto police claim they are now looking into the case. 3

Atlanta GA idiot cops are the subject of a suit filed by a man claiming he suffered a stroke after he landed on his head when cops yanked him from car under suspicion of drunk driving. However, tests at the hospital showed that the man had no alcohol or drugs in his system so charges were dropped… leaving one to wonder why cops yanked him out of the car. 3

Ottawa ON idiot cops are under investigation after a YouTube video got out showing an officer repeatedly punching a man during arrest. 2

Cary NC police are accused of using excessive force on a hostage when they threw him to ground and injured him when he was released by his kidnappers during a standoff… he claims that police didn’t do that to the other hostages. 3

2 Newark NJ cops are sued alleging they falsely arrested man walking to his car for refusing to show his registration and insurance, even though they had no cause to ask for those things. 3

The sheriff of Roanoke VA is being summoned to court to explain why she refuses to release the names of deputies being sued for allegedly beating a man in jail and why she won’t release any investigative files.4

The San Francisco CA police are sued by man who suffered a severe arm fracture when cops kicked him out of theater while claiming he was drunk, but never charged him. 4

A Dallas TX police spokeswoman was given a written reprimand after accused of flashing gun in road rage incident.

A Washington DC police detective gets probation for putting man in a chokehold while off-duty in a dispute over a parking spot then fleeing from cops as they arrived.

A Maryland State Transportation Auth idiot cop is being investigated for his alleged role in a tow scandal involving 31 Baltimore cops. He lost his job earlier over a different incident. 1

A Montgomery AL idiot cop has been indicted for allegedly using police database to steal identities in order to get himself some credit cards.

A Carteret County NC deputy sheriff has been sentenced to 18 months of prison and must repay $85k after pleading guilty to stealing drug funds.

A Montgomery County VA deputy was fired and arrested for allegedly stealing from the department and for delivering contraband at the jail. 1

A Philadelphia PA idiot cop was suspended with intent to dismiss after arrested for passing bad checks.

A Mitchell SD cop has certification revoked, a Tea SD cop resigned and a Centerville SD cop was suspended for shooting road signs while driving under the influence. 2

The Alorton IL police chief pled guilty to filing false tax returns from 1999-26, he will pay $25k as part of his plea deal.

The Vidalia LA police chief was sentenced to 6 months prison after admitting that he lied to fed agents about selling a fully-automatic machine gun.

A Sacramento CA police sergeant was sentenced to probation and a fine in his plea deal for shoplifting a razor and deodorant from a store.

A Houston TX idiot cop is being accused of hitting a former professional athlete in the head with his nightstick while the man was leaving a sporting goods store with his son. The man and several witnesses, including the store’s own security personnel, are claiming that the officer did so without any reason and some say he used a racial epithet afterwards when the threatened to kill the man. That same officer was involved in a highly questionable shooting incident just 1 months prior to this incident. 5

A Miami-Dade FL idiot cop was found by a judge to have violated rights of unarmed man she fatally shot in back as he tried to run away, the finding sends the wrongful death suit filed by the man’s family into mediation or settlement negotiations. A Webster TX idiot cop’s version of why he shot a woman in the face while he was responding to a call at a bar is being disputed by multiple witnesses. 1

Dakota County MN settled a lawsuit for $315, to a woman who suffered a broken leg when a deputy knocked her out when he shoved her into a wall while transporting her to a rehab facility.

Cash-strapped Bell CA settled a lawsuit for $75, to a woman who was sexually assaulted by an officer during a traffic stop. That officer is currently serving a 9-year prison sentenced after he was convicted of that crime.

Meanwhile, back in Bell CA, the police department is the subject of scrutiny over a memo that came to light which turned the practice of handing out tickets and making arrests a game, literally. Different types of tickets or arrests netted different scores in a baseball-like game where felony arrests were a home-run. 3

It didn’t help, again in Bell CA, that the police union is now under fire as well over their political campaign mailings featuring photos of uniformed idiot cops which apparently violate state laws that bar officers from using their position for political causes. City officials say they may start an investigation which can lead to disciplinary action for the officers involved while they also consider disbanding the police department due to a lack of funds.

An unknown number of Waynesville OH idiot cops are the subject of a lawsuit filed by a couple who claim that officers entered their home illegally on two occasions. The first time they claim they were forced to stand naked while officers searched their home and the second time the police chief let a woman into their home to retrieve property they say she wasn’t entitled to. 3

A Franklin IN narcotics officer who is the subject of a large number of allegations and is currently facing criminal charges is now the subject of a federal lawsuit alleging that he falsely arrested a man on drug charges which resulted in him spending 16 months in jail before the case was dismissed. 3

The police chief of Grand Isle LA is the subject of a lawsuit alleging that he tried to obstruct a criminal case against his fried who was accused of molesting a young boy on his houseboat. 5

An unknown number of Miami FL idiot cops are under investigation on allegations they roughed up and falsely arrested a woman because she asked an officer why he was being rude. That officer accused her of assaulting him and resisting arrest. 3

A Houston TX idiot cop was suspended after he reportedly threw a tear gas canister into a competitor’s booth during a cooking competition at a rodeo, resulting in several people, including spectators, becoming ill.

A Lee County FL deputy has resigned after an investigation into several allegations inlcuding that he had sex with a woman that he detained but never charged, that he took drugs from suspects and gave them to a woman later arrested on drug charges and that he lied about that and other incidents to investigators.

An Iberia Parish LA deputy was arrested on possession of drugs with intent to distribute charges after officers were tipped off that he was planning to smuggle drugs into the jail and sell to inmates.

An Auburn NY idiot cop was convicted on 29 charges including bribery and official misconduct for misusing his position to get free and discounted services and goods including one incident where he threatened to retaliate against a paving company he owed money to by falsely ticketing that company’s drivers.

An Inkster MI idiot cop accepted a plea deal to get a 9 day sentence on reduced charges where he previously faced the possibility of life in prison for felony perjury. He’s the second officer to plead in the case and cooperate with the prosecution of a prosecutor and judge in that case relating to their testimony in a drug case.

A Toronto ON idiot cop is facing an unauthorized use of a computer charge for running background checks on his neighbor whom he was having a dispute with at the time.

A Palm Beach County FL school district idiot cop was arrested for filing a false report about how his gun & equipment was stolen.

A Delray Beach FL assistant police chief resigned while he was being investigated for allegedly interfering with the arrest of his son.

A Detroit MI idiot cop was convicted on an aggravated stalking charge involving an assistant prosecutor who was her ex-girlfriend.

A McAllen TX idiot cop is on unpaid leave after he was arrested on a drunk driving charge.

Basalt CO settles suit for unspecified sum to man beaten & arrested by 3 cops over snide remark in bar 3 http://is.gd/BizvRp

Schenectady NY idiot cop fired after on paid leave for nearly 4 years over bar fight & fleeing accident scene http://is.gd/Wp1GV

Orange Cove CA cop on leave after arrested on domestic violence allegations involving estranged wife http://is.gd/XXr17V

Kingston NY police lt suspended on allegations of double dipping before suspension for theft allegations expired http://is.gd/445J2n

Orange County CA deputy sentenced to 19days jail for domestic violence & obtaining gun in violation of court order http://is.gd/L6K1JB

Linwood NJ police chief sued by 2 cops & family of murdered woman alleging he ordered cops to lie about incident 3 http://is.gd/vSqZvU

Windsor ON cop under investigation after pic on internet appears to show him plaing solitaire on patrol car computer 2 http://is.gd/uJlmyX

Baltimore MD to settle suit for $95k to man claiming he was tasered while cuffed & strip searched in public http://is.gd/SOZBRM

Trenton NJ idiot cop resigns after internal investigation into allegations he harassed 2 superior officers 1 http://is.gd/V82kOQ

North Charleston SC cop fired for allegedly breaking T-Mobile store window w/chair for not fixing his phone http://is.gd/jPdBph

New York NY now-former cop sentenced to 22yrs after pleading to transporting teens across state line for sex http://is.gd/de4GQT

Inkster MI police sgt takes plea deal reducing perjruy charge, agrees to testify against judge & cop in perjury case http://is.gd/hDQhDc

Buckeye AZ cop faces decertification hearing after fired for allegedly plagiarizing police reports 1 http://is.gd/apjAFH

Anchorage AK police sued by family of teen shot w/o warning in arm by cop mistaking bb gun for rifle 3 http://is.gd/KKrIoh

Horry County SC deputy will not be cited despite investigation indicating he caused on-duty accident that injured 5 1 http://is.gd/yHlPSd