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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

And now a word from Nervous Black Guy. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Nervous? Nervous don’t begin to explain it.

I will admit that I have, in my day, dated some of these white trash women who work here. It was a learning experience for me. As an example, did you know trailer trash   idea of an extended orgasm is holding back until she gets her pants off? I remember all their bra sizes since its the same as their IQ’s. I dated this one hillbilly cop, she bragged that she gets discount coupons from the abortion clinic. She used to buy her teeth through the mail.

And now a word from Nervous Black Guy. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Am I nervous? Hell yeah...I work on the set of the Beverly Hillbilly's...white trash with guns below the Mason-Dixon, of course I'm nervous.

You know most of these crackers think Hamburger Helper is one of the major food groups.

Some old trailer park trash cop died the other day, a lot of these clown brought their six-packs to the grave side service.

You ever look inside their cars? The dashboard doubles as a religious shrine.

Man, you know they all Hillbillies here. I mean, they live in Prince William County because they want to.

This week’s candidates for the Brian Sonnenberg Peaceful Resolution to Conflict Center Award. Fairfax County Police. police brutality

Dallas TX cop was arrested on a felony wanton endangerment charge in Kentucky after discharging a round from her gun into the ground near the father of her child in an apparent domestic dispute. [1] bit.ly/tRzf7S
 Sweetwater TN cop is on paid leave while investigated over an alleged but unspecified domestic violence incident at his home. There were no charges filed at the time. [2] on.wbir.com/vmPg0G

rape by your local police Fairfax County Police, police brutality

2 West Tawakoni TX cops were fired and are the subject of a lawsuit alleging they took turns raping an intoxicated woman inside the empty police station then telling her to tell her friends it was just a joke. [2] bit.ly/tEhuNp

Run children! run! Its the police. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Ringling OK reserve officer who was apparently the former police chief has resigned as part of a suspended sentence plea deal on a harassment charge for repeatedly pulling down the pants of a 17-year-old girl who worked next to his pizza place. After the sentencing he expressed his dismay that the town didn’t stand behind him in this case despite his many years of service to the community. [0] bit.ly/tPHIl5

The officer Walter R. Fasci/ Sean McGlone award for sober living. Fairfax County Police.Police brutality

Pine Bluff AR cop is under investigation on suspicion that he was on sleep medication when he crashed his car, leaving his son, whom he apparently dropped off at the hospital in an attempt to cover up what happened, fighting to keep his vision. [0] bit.ly/ukjhWo

Harvey IL police officer was arrested on a drunk driving charge after crashing into a stopped car while driving at a high rate of speed. [0] bit.ly/rQv0yT

Indianapolis IN cop was arrested for DUI while on unpaid leave pending termination for another incident where he crashed his police cruiser while under the influence of pain medication. [0] bit.ly/vT5YJR

Raleigh NC cop arrested on drunk driving charge after a fellow cop spotted him hit a curb. He tested at a .14 BAC. [1] bit.ly/t8JwwL

The Officer Jeffrey Hand Award for Creative Income Production. Fairfax County Police. Police Brutality

Miami-Dade FL police major who was recently demoted to captain is now facing a criminal investigation for using $23k in funds paid for NFL security details to bankroll unofficial police sports teams. [1] bit.ly/uT50Lv

Thug 101

Ogden UT police chief was fired for violating federal Hatch Act during his campaign for state senate. [0] bit.ly/tjmLbS

Idiot of the week award

Grand Island NE police are investigating how a witness to a stabbing incident was left alone in an interview room for 22 hours. [0] bit.ly/uPejVZ

The officer Christian Chamberlain Award for “Fuck you, I’ll get away with it anyway” Fairfax County police . Police brutality

6 Fayetteville NC cops are under investigation after witnesses claim they beat and repeatedly tasered a delusional man who is now on life support. They were responding to a call about the man repeatedly calling 911 because he was paranoid after he was apparently mugged twice and stuck in that city on his way home from Florida. [1] http://bit.ly/v49p90

Gadsen AL settles suit for $50k to a man who suffered fractures when he was punched while cuffed by a cop on video. The single council member who voted against the settlement said he thought the only fair settlement would be $5.00 and a bus ticket out of town. [0] bit.ly/t0hxHI

Van Zandt Co TX deputy was fired after arrested on an aggravated assault charge for hitting a cooperative teen in the head with a flashlight. [0] bit.ly/rOLjbM

The officer Christian Chamberlain Award for “Fuck you, I’ll get away with it anyway” Fairfax County police . Police brutality

Yet another video out of Seattle WA shows 4 cops, 2 of whom were already under investigation over another incident at the time, dragging a man out of his car and apparently kicking him in the crotch during a traffic stop for speeding because he called 911 on the cops because he was worried they weren't cops because they started swearing at him and provoking him right from the beginning of the stop. Police allegedly found marijuana in the trunk afterward but that evidence was thrown out because it was ruled an illegal search. The officers weren't disciplined for excessive force or for not turning on their microphones as demanded per policy, but were given a talking to about their abusive language, apparently caught on the 911 call. [3] bit.ly/srZx0q
Connecticut state police accused of excessive force in a fruitless drug raid that left a 54yr-old man injured and his apartment in shambles. Radley Balko breaks down the incident and coverage at the link. [4] bit.ly/tZHoNU
North Chicago IL police face more brutality complaints in two separate incidents. One man claims a police dog broke his leg and police refused to stop it until they kicked him in the head because he ran from them. Another person claims police repeatedly tasered him while he was prone on the ground and mocked him when he asked why they were doing it. [3] bit.ly/sxT9ib
 Sedgwick Co CO deputy who was implicated in 2 brutality cases has resigned while under investigation for allegedly beating a 63-year-old handicapped man during a traffic stop. This came shortly after the sheriff narrowly avoided a recall effort by residents upset with an apparent increase in bullying behavior from officers. [0] bit.ly/rVE4uq
RCMP Mountie was docked 10 days pay after convicted in two different excessive force cases involving the abuse of detainees in jail, including one who was handcuffed. He was sentenced to probation for those charges. [0] bit.ly/uz49Pu
Kansas City KS cop is on leave after being charged with aggravated assault for shooting an occupied vehicle near his home while off duty in an unspecified incident. The officer was arrested earlier this year but not charged following an FBI investigation and filed a lawsuit complaining of excessive force in that arrest. [1] bit.ly/viyqRY
 Los Angeles Co CA sheriff says he's formed a task force to investigate claims in an LA Times investigative report that his department wrongfully jailed people at least 1,480 times in the last five years. [0] http://lat.ms/ur957M
Quartzite AZ police lost an appeal over the arrest and conviction of a man for apparently doing nothing more than pointing at them and saying things they didn't like at a council meeting in that town where the police chief declared martial law because of negative news articles covering his alleged abuses of citizens there. [4] bit.ly/vpKRZ4

The Fairfax County Police Officer Jeffrey Hand Award for Creative Income Production. Fairfax County Police. Police Brutality

3 Union City TN cops & an Obion Co TN deputy have been suspended in relation to the arrest of a Union City cop on theft charges, apparently for knowing about what he was doing but not doing anything about it. [1] bit.ly/v61yDB

The officer Walter R. Fasci/ Sean McGlone award for sober living. Fairfax County Police.Police brutality

Marion Co FL deputy resigned during an internal investigation triggered when he was stopped for suspicion of DUI but never charged. In his resignation he admits to having an alcohol problem caused by ADHD and apologized for the incident. [0] bit.ly/sdMa9P

 St Louis MO police refuse to say why they didn't try to test a cop for alcohol despite smelling it on his breath after his wrong way crash into an on-duty cop's cruiser that injured that cop and his own passenger. [3] bit.ly/uk3Fx3

Big Sandy TX police officer was arrested on drunk driving charges by a Texas state DPS trooper. [0] bit.ly/tga46v

Tell me this guys head isn't shaped like a pear...go ahead....tell me

From the diary of nervous black guy:

This place makes me sooooooooooooooo nervous …..Shit….why I take this job? Surrounded by 1,000 white boys with guns. So many white people here, if it snows they all disappear. And you talk about cracker motherfuckers, they study for blood tests….and they still fail.

Crackers…you know what the difference is between a cracker and a snake? One is an evil, dumb, cold-blooded, venomous, slimy creature of Satan, and the other is a snake that’s what the difference is.

And they all named Billy Joe Bobby some shit.

I says to one of them the other day “So, Billy Bob Joe…. what’s you gonna do for Halloween?” and he says “Pump Kin” and then laughs and slaps and knees really hard and says over and over and fucking over “Git it…pump kin?  Git it?” and then he stops laughing and says “Yeah, I’m a gonna get together wif my suster”

Then his other front tooth fell out. His family tree is a straight line. I’ve explained to him twenty times already that a tee shirt is underwear.

One day he introduced me to his father, man’s carrying tow sheep under his arm. I said “What does your pappy do for a living?” he he says “He a pimp”  

This place makes me sooooooooooooooo nervous …..Shit….why I take this job?

and no a word from Fat Rhorer-er look alike guy. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

"My favorite color is three"

and now a moment with white trash guy.......

Got me one a them christ mass cards from the kin

Just say'n, that's all, just say'n Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Idiots of the week award. Fairfax County Police

Madison WI settles suit for $10k to a gun rights group over an incident where cops citing 5 people who openly carried their firearms into a restaurant. [0] wdhne.ws/w48wKY

Ohio Court of Appeals ruled against the Columbus police department by deciding that officers cannot use a “welfare check” as an excuse to pull motorists from their cars and then search their vehicles. [0] http://bit.ly/v8IfN6

The officer Christian Chamberlain Award for “Fuck you, I’ll get away with it anyway” Fairfax County police . Police brutality

Phoenix AZ police have been implicated in video for participating in the death of a man in jail despite their apparent attempts to distance themselves from the incident by claiming the altercation that cost the man’s life happened after they transferred custody over to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Dept. This was alleged by a police lieutenant from a different agency who is running for Maricopa County Sheriff in an op-ed he wrote after reviewing the video, shown above. In that video an officer alleged to be a Phoenix PD cop puts the victim in a choke hold without any apparent threat from that victim, at least not any physically visible threat. [3] bit.ly/vdY3BA

Jacksonville FL cops are being accused of attacking a teen after mistaking him for an assault suspect, then assaulting and arresting his family members when they tried to stop the beating. It’s also being alleged that the police confiscated an unrelated woman’s camera and arrested her for videotaping the incident. [5] bit.ly/vwED6H

The officer Walter R. Fasci/ Sean McGlone award for sober living. Fairfax County Police.Police brutality

Fort Worth TX cop was arrested on allegations he was driving while intoxicated and that he and his passenger, a convicted felon, stopped and fired rounds at street signs and street lights.[0] bit.ly/tgLuIO

New York NY police are investigating why it took 9 hours to do BAC test on cop who critically injured his partner in a suspected alcohol-related accident. [1] bit.ly/u7ISKJ

Fairfax County Police Kill Cookie Monster

An argument over a donut leads to slaying.
Cop given “a good talking too” for his role in the murder.

Cookie Monster, a blue furred Muppet and cast member of the long running children’s television show Sesame Street was shot and killed today by an unnamed member of the Fairfax County Police.
 Witness said the shooting developed after Mr. Monster ran into the Dunkin Donut’s Shop in Fairfax yelling “Me want cookie!”  and wrestled a French Cruller from the officers grasp. The office then shot Mr. Monster
…… 82 times
.........through the heart.

“The kitchen door swung open and my weapon went off” the unnamed officer told investigators who declared him innocent a week before they reached the scene of the crime.

According to witnesses, Mr. Monster’s last words were "Om nom nom nom"

Chief Rhorer er-er told the press “Attacks by Blue furred Cookie Monsters are daily hazard to working members of the force,  last year some….like….one million, yeah...one million Fairfax County Police officers were injured in Cookie Monster related incidents……there’s one that lives under my bed at night. He doesn’t think I know here’s there…but ooooo, oooooo I know, I know….ha!....anyway…. I gotta go, I'm on a curfew”   

The county's Internal Audit Office, charged with police oversight, said they would look into the incident “When hell freezes”  
Mr. Monster  had been arrested in July of 2011 in a domestic violence incident which his agent said was caused by a blood imbalance due to diabetes "You eat cookies all day" the said  "And the sugar makes you crazy"

Several months later, Mr. Monster was charged with illegal possession of a weapon when he involved in a  gun waving incident after he was accidentally served a low cal dessert in a Reston restaurant.




and now a word from old whatis....


he officer Walter R. Fasci/ Sean McGlone award for sober living. Fairfax County Police.

New York NY cop arrested on DUI & vehicular assault charges after an alleged drunk driving crash that left his partner in coma and injured one other person. [0] cbsloc.al/thmxMM

St Louis MO cop was arrested on vehicular assault charges after hitting an on-duty cop’s cruiser while drunk and off duty, injuring two people. [0] bit.ly/tUc3FZ

New York NY cop was arrested on DUI & leaving the scene of an accident charges after he refused to take a breath test when he was caught. [0] http://cbsloc.al/thmxMM

Stockton CA police lieutenant was given a disciplinary demotion but the department refuses to divulge the reasons for that demotion. [2] bit.ly/trQZPQ

slappin the old wife around. Fairfax County Police


Lorain OH cop was arrested on a domestic violence charge for allegedly punching his girlfriend in the head several times because she left a fast food restaurant before he placed his order. [0] bit.ly/sCpRSz

And now a word from whats his face


Hey GI, this number one big funny, Asian people man eat Rhorerer family.Police brutality

Wishing the Fairfax County Police an interesting year ahead

A moment with White Trash Guy

Meet the lil woman

Officer “Crazy Moe” Mohammed Oluwa Jihad's on your ass award. Fairfax County Police

New Castle PA settles suit for unknown sum to man roughly arrested w/o cause & his daughter tasered for complaining [3] bit.ly/vK77wL
Sharon Hill PA cop arrested on multiple charges after body slamming man & a woman then filing a false report about it [0] bit.ly/vcFmA4
Windsor ON police chief suddenly retires amid growing complaints of brutality and alleged cover ups [3] bit.ly/uH7uiH
New London CT police subject of suit by man left paralyzed when shot by cop after rolling truck in police chase. The man’s lawyer claims photos of the shooting incident show the suspect didn’t pose a threat at the time he was shot. [0] bit.ly/uDnbGX
Terra Alta WV is being sued by a man claiming the police chief used excessive force on him while falsely arresting him on obstruction charges for plowing snow from an intersection in front of a church at the request of a pastor. [4] bit.ly/tlyiGD
Columbia MO settles suit for $250k to a man who suffered broken vertebrae and head injuries when an officer shoved him into a wall on video (shown above). That officer was later fired over the incident. [0] bit.ly/vidDoo
DeKalb Co GA sued by man alleging he suffered jaw fracture when a cruiser he was cuffed in stopped suddenly while he was not seat belted in. [3] bit.ly/ucib8p
Talbot Co GA cop pleads guilty to extorting money through threats of force and under color of law. He’s 1 of 3 who were charged in that case. [3] bit.ly/uS6Msk

The officer Christian Chamberlain Award for “Fuck you, I’ll get away with it anyway” Fairfax County police

Vancouver BC rehires cop convicted of assaulting bystander with a baton and swinging at others on video while responding to a call about a fight. The judge that convicted him later reversed the conviction because he felt the officer was really really sorry about it… wonder if he does that for all the accused people brought in front of him? [0] bit.ly/sU8fjP

Long Beach CA cop is being accused of using excessive force by at least one witness who described and Occupy protester being tackled, choked out, then punched in the head for smoking a cig near a park. Police claim it was justified but more information coming out appears to be contradicting those claims. [3] bit.ly/shjuTr

Christian Co KY deputy arrested for assault & official misconduct in an alleged incident with scant details which appears to involve him driving a around in his cruiser with a friend while off duty where he and his friend happened upon someone they attacked. His friend is still wanted on assault charges as well. [2] bit.ly/utv6PJ

Fond du Lac WI settles suit for $20k to reporter who sued city for refusing to release files in brutality case [4] fondul.ac/rpX2Xo

Seattle WA audit finds that officers aren’t turning on dashcams as mandated by policy, though the audit will result in no disciplinary action. This comes after the US DOJ found patterns of excessive force and a lack of accountability and an independent report that resulted in similar findings. [3] bit.ly/tblp35

Suffolk VA cops accused of racial profiling

Suffolk VA cops accused of racial profiling & illegal search by rapper who posted video of incident on Facebook [2] bit.ly/sXQo2k

The Officer Jeffrey Hand Award for Creative Income Production. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Charlottesville VA cop arrested on embezzlement charge for allegedly stealing $10k from church where he was pastor [0] bit.ly/rYY09I

2 Grayson Co TX deputies fired for unspecified violations a week after deputy indicted for stealing from evidence [2] bit.ly/vx0G6Z

Dallas TX cop resigns after arrest on false report charge for lying about stolen lawn equip to get insurance payout [0] bit.ly/uw1ZoT

Weehawken NJ police sgt pleads guilty to stealing up to $700k from that dept by diverting funds to fake businesses [0] bit.ly/soKGvH

Run children! Run! It’s the police! Fairfax County Police

Slaton TX cop sentenced to 70mo for downloading child porn, resigned after feds conducted search at his home [0] http://bit.ly/sR940Z

Marblehead OH cop gets suspended 30day sentence for allowing underage consumption in hotel, resigned after charged [0] ohne.ws/sxcbfQ

Stockton CA USD cop files bizarre “unlawful discrimination” complaint against the mom of 5-year-old he zip-tied at school [5] bit.ly/sqQv7j

Idiot of the week award. Fairfax County Police

San Antonio TX cop assigned to watch Occupy protesters to ensure they don’t sleep in park caught sleeping in photo [0] bit.ly/sNFezM

Lubbock Co TX deputy fired & arrested for failing to secure service weapon after 5yo son shot 4yo brother with it [0] bit.ly/rZ7ehr

Orange Co FL deputy is under investigation for loaning a friend his badge & ID so he could get better seats at a concert. His pal was arrested and he admitted to giving him his badge, but later denied it… It looks like it pours in Orange County as well since this is the 4th deputy in a week to face misconduct allegations. [0] thesent.nl/rDe9dz

The officer Walter R. Fasci/ Sean McGlone award for sober living. Fairfax County Police.

LaPorte Co IN sheriff’s capt demoted to sgt & gets probation in plea deal reducing DUI charge to reckless driving [0] bit.ly/rSpo2Y

Maine state police sgt arrested on charged with drunk driving after pulled over by trooper while off duty [1] bit.ly/smP3Js

Harvard MA police officer arrested on drunk driving charges while on family medical leave [0] bit.ly/uqrLzA

Creepy Cop Behavior. Fairfax County Police

Eden Prairie MN police sgt was demoted for using a police database for personal reasons to look up info in a creepy stalker-like fashion on a former female cop. [0] bit.ly/tV9LBJ

Palm Springs FL police chief on leave while investigated over unspecified claims of inappropriate conduct w/female officer [2] bit.ly/txKq0G

Indianapolis IN cop gets probation on multiple counts of arson for setting a string of apartment building fires. [0] bit.ly/swdTQp

New Mexico state police sued by 2 women alleging now-former female trooper sexually battered them during an invasive strip search. Police aren’t saying why that officer is no longer with the department. [3] is.gd/yYbOws

Officer David Scott Ziants Award for Citizen Motivation. Murdered by your local police. Fairfax County Police

Maricopa Co AZ sheriff’s dept released video footage (above) from jail surveillance cameras showing how a detainee was taken down and tasered multiple times before he was dragged into a “safe room” where he was stripped and left motionless on the floor. That man later died and the incident is under investigation, as we tracked previously. [NA] bit.ly/ugdKjX

Albuquerque NM is being sued by the family of a man armed only with a spoon when he was fatally shot by a cop that was hired despite his history of questionable shooting incidents. [3] bit.ly/rxM6tr

Snyder TX is being sued by the family of a man who died of a heart attack claiming that cops responding to their 911 call requesting medical assistance forced them to stop CPR on their dad until paramedics arrived. [3] bit.ly/tL5LrM

Riverside Co CA deputy charged with murder for fatally shooting a man in a bar during an off duty dispute [0] bit.ly/sTHt6j

Slappin the old wife around. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

RCMP Mountie in Kelowna BC was demoted after being sentenced to probation for beating his wife then drawing his gun in front of their kids. [0] http://bit.ly/sU8fjP

Orange Co fL deputy arrested on battery charge involving dispute w/wife, 3rd deputy arrested in a week [0] bit.ly/vUdlzw

Barre MA cop sentenced to 2yrs for perjury during grand jury & trial testimony involving his ex-girlfriend [0] bit.ly/sDL7ZR

Pennsylvania State trooper arrested on DV-related assault, harassment & resisting arrest charges involving wife, he was apparently tasered during the arrest. [0] bit.ly/sWtuu8

This weeks Weasel Award. Fairfax County Police

Howard Co IN deputy accused of lying about on-duty crash that seriously injured 2, troopers accused of cover up [4] bit.ly/sV6vmZ

White trash guy presentsthis week’s White Trash Award. Fairfax County Police

Yuma Co AZ sheriff fires female deputy for calling 911 on Yuma cop who wouldn’t leave her home, cop not punished [5] bit.ly/vl96LS

The reason we have a police problem in America. Fairfax County Police.

Seattle WA cops shown on video mocking jogger who was critically injured after struck by semi-truck [3] bit.ly/s0YatO

The Officer Jeffrey Hand Award for Creative Income Production. Fairfax County Police

Detroit MI cop charged for stealing $14k from funds for families of fallen officers, other accused of check padding [0] bit.ly/tZLH89

Union City TN cop arrested on false report & insurance fraud charges involving an ATV he reported stolen [0] bit.ly/seZRla

Washington DC cop convicted of attempting to receive stolen property after caught in a sting operation [0] wapo.st/u2kiss

Mass Bay Transit Auth MA cop suspended after caught mailing dead rats to a man who didn’t pay escorts that the officer was allegedly protecting and providing transportation for. [0] cbsloc.al/utk4n8

Shelby Co TN deputy sentenced to 2yrs for lying to a judge and fellow officers in an effort to get an inmate out of jail [0] bit.ly/tTwf1K

Warren AR cop arrested on abuse of public trust for allegedly seeking and accepting bribes to fix tickets [0] bit.ly/uhiJUr

The officer Walter R. Fasci/ Sean McGlone award for sober living. Fairfax County Police.

Memphis TN cop accused of selling painkillers while on duty arrested after trying to purchase mass amount of pot [0] bit.ly/sI32nf

Vigo Co IN deputy arrested on allegations he was illegally obtaining painkillers, sometimes while on duty [0] bit.ly/vXkvaL

Lorain OH cop suspended after arrested for suspicion of DUI following off-duty crash into parked utility van [0] bit.ly/uvFZaY

Plainview TX narcotics officer indicted on felony theft, forgery & official misconduct charges [0] bit.ly/rA0oHt

Earlville IL cop charged w/selling pot while on duty takes plea deal to reduced official misconduct charge [0] bit.ly/uGBgze

This week’s candidates for the Brian Sonnenberg Peaceful Resolution to Conflict Center Award. Fairfax County Police

Pendleton WA police officer on administrative leave while investigated for his role in an alleged off-duty bar fight [1] bit.ly/rylQap

Daytona Beach FL cop was cited for disorderly conduct after swearing at cops when he kicked out of an hotel when police responded to a noise complaint[0] bit.ly/vALSzZ

Officer David Scott Ziants Award for Citizen Motivation. Fairfax County Police

Fresno CA cop found to have used excessive force in mixed civil jury verdict for fatal shooting of unarmed man [0] http://bit.ly/rwKcGX

Riverside Co CA deputy held for questioning after admitting to fatally shooting man in bar following a dispute. Witnesses cited in a different article described the incident as malicious violence. [1] http://bit.ly/vDKyrg

Seattle WA independent review of officer-involved shooting incidents last year resulted in similar findings as the recent DOJ probe that the city and department refuted until today when those additional findings were released as well. Interestingly, the mayor did an about-face and is promising to implement reforms immediately… we’re not holding our breath just yet though, the problems in Seattle are systemic and cultural, reinforced by decades of city officials being too afraid of the police union to implement any meaningful changes. Unfortunately, failed promises of reform are nothing new in this town. [0] bit.ly/tJeQbK

Gladstone OR cop fired for unspecified “serious allegations” of misconduct unrelated to a murder for hire plot that he/she is under investigation for [2] bit.ly/vkf7zL