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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

The Fairfax Couty Police...where a High School graduate starts at $65,000

     The Chief of the Fairfax County Police has ordered his officers to plant thousands of trees on county property as a source of generating revenue.

“I figure” said the chief on Monday “That if money grows on trees, then we’ll just plant our own trees and later on, when it grows or sprouts of whatever it does, like then we’ll be sittin pretty and I can finally start up that Tank and Artillery Corp I been thinkin about, you know.?

     When asked why he assumed money grows on trees, the chief, a life-long government worker replied “Where else would it come from?” he later added “We need more money to hire more people for roadblocks.” He said “Do you realize that there are still at least twenty cars in the county we haven’t stopped to make sure they ain’t not criminals?”

Idiots at work

  • 2 New York NY (Bronx) cops suspended after charged w/assault & official misconduct for allegedly beating informant [1] http://bit.ly/oQf6Wh

    • Kern Co CA deputy investigated for fatally shooting unarmed ex-NFL player in front of teen son in disputed incident [3] http://bit.ly/o7rQR4
    • Bayonne NJ settles suit for $100k to 2 men claiming 4 cops assaulted them & 1 watched but didn’t stop it [3] http://bit.ly/pIIgr7
    • Birchwood WI cop takes plea deal for reduced charges for molesting 50yr-old woman in her home while drunk [0] http://bit.ly/qgSue7
    • North Port FL police face 2 false arrest lawsuits, 1 stemming from illegal search & other for false DUI arrest [3] http://bit.ly/nWDZQc
    • Camden NJ cop investigated for allegedly enforcing non-existent law by ordering businesses to close for curfew [0] http://bit.ly/qoqOR4
    • Newark NJ sued by ex-cop claiming he was fired after he reported that a group of detectives were stealing money [5] http://bit.ly/rsArfl
    • Los Angeles CA cop suspended after turning self in on 9 prescription medication fraud charges [1] http://bit.ly/pRbbsE
    • Statesboro GA police officer resigns during unspecified investigation, officials refuse to comment [3] http://bit.ly/oN2743
    • Savannah-Chatham GA cop suspended after arrest on stalking charges what caught wating for woman outside her work [0] http://bit.ly/npFYtS
    • Ontario Provincial Police officer in Lambton arrested on drunk driving & flight from police charges [1] http://bit.ly/nmWkZD
    • New Mexico state police lieutenant arrested on drunk driving charge while off duty [0] http://bit.ly/piBQcK
    • Baltimore Co MD police lieutenant & wife charged w/trespassing after trying to forcibly take their dog from a shelter w/o paperwork [0] http://bit.ly/pCqV02