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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Idiots at work

New York NY police are being accused of making random arrests during an OWS protest by an actress who complains that an officer was rude to her and shoved her when she tried to approach a police van containing a girl she says was wrongfully arrested and wasn’t associated with the protest. [3] bit.ly/rEcfTX

Soda Springs ID cop was arrested for battery & disturbing the peace following a domestic dispute with his girlfriend on New Year’s Eve. [1] bit.ly/uKW2ay

Hattiesburg MS settles suit for a confidential sum to a man claiming 4 cops beat him with guns and flashlights after they failed to find drugs in his car during a traffic stop and demanded he tell them where the non-existent drugs were. [3] http://hatne.ws/sayiil

3 Collegedale TN cops are being sued alleging they illegally entered a home, beat & tasered a man inside, then arrested him on a stand-alone resisting arrest charge. [3] bit.ly/u2OzGV

East Lambert NC cop resigns and has been charged for allowing firefighters to repeatedly use his taser on a student at a Christmas party, the officer was on duty at the time and the firefighters were charged with assault as well. [0] bit.ly/vt9cEc

Lowell MA police settle wrongful arrest suit for $50k to a city councillor. The settlement includes the cop’s apology & a promise of reforms by the department. [0] bit.ly/rZsSnO

Leland NC police chief fires cop he was accused of punching at a bachelor party, officials won’t give reason [4] bit.ly/vOBzBV

Goodyear AZ cop says he was fired in retaliation for testimony against cops in a cover up case, police claim he lied to investigators looking into his claims ahead of a civil suit over that case. [4] bit.ly/uFeN45

West Palm Beach FL police captain fired over relationship w/subordinate officer & allegedly hosting on-duty party [0] bit.ly/tpa1OY

Kalamazoo MI cop suspended 14 days for lying about accidental discharge of firearm in friend’s apt to cover for him [0] bit.ly/sZaJFB

Mansfield OH cop on leave after named in suit alleging misuse of funds collected for sports booster club [0] bit.ly/rJ52mO

Drugged and drunk cops, part of the American national police problem

Harper Woods MI police detective slated to retire Friday involved in suspected alcohol-involved accident [0] bit.ly/vX2yTW

New York NY police sergeant is being investigated after passengers recorded him being cuffed & kicked off a bus for being drunk [0] bit.ly/uh7xTR

Gage Co NE deputy pleads to reckless driving after Beatrice NE cop stopped him for .08 DUI but never charged him [3] bit.ly/ssjZbK

Delaware River Port Auth NJ cop arrested on DUI and reckless driving charges after alleged hit-and-run accident [0] bit.ly/vmN7PU

New York NY state trooper suspended but not charged after breaking into home while he was drunk & assaulting the homeowner inside who was trying to protect his family. [1] bit.ly/w0dSFD

Oregon State trooper resigns after pleading guilty to official misconduct & possession of meth charges. He was sentenced to probation as part of that plea deal [0] bit.ly/smpPDd

Houston TX police account of why on of their possibly drunk off-duty police officers fatally shot a man at a Denny’s restaurant is being contradicted by witnesses who claim the man who was shot had surrendered. [3] bit.ly/sLrBL9

Phoenix AZ cop & his friend were arrested on aggravated assault charges after both of them pulled guns on bouncers who maced them for brawling with other patrons. [0] bit.ly/tQ9s5c

Weasel 101. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Bridgeport CT police forced by arbitrator to rehire a police lieutenant fired for covering up boyfriend cop’s hit & run crash. They were allowed to demote her though, after giving her back pay. [0] bit.ly/u1NHTy

Child molestation by your local police. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Cincinnati OH records reveal cop fired in October had asked prostitute for child porn while he claims it was all a part of an unapproved investigation he was conducting. [2] bit.ly/usNQYO

Broward Co FL deputy under investigation on allegations he molested an 8yr-old autistic daughter of a fellow deputy [0] bit.ly/u3ngDb

Miami-Dade FL cop gets probation in reduced charge plea deal for molesting young girls during traffic stops, prosecutors offered the reduced charge deal after one of the teens was caught making false claims against a family member. [0] bit.ly/vHZppB

Washington DC Airport Authority police officer was arrested on an unspecified solicitation of a minor charge. [1] on.wusa9.com/tVdfSK

Springfield MA cop charged w/rape & indecent assault after 3mo investigation into allegations made by an 18yr-old girl [1] bit.ly/vbOurQ

Murder by your local police. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Georgia trooper was speeding with his emergency lights on but witnesses say they didn’t hear a siren when he ran a red light and crashed into an SUV in an accident that killed an Atlanta Braves trainer’s wife. [1] http://bit.ly/sUz0Oe

Rape by your local police. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Darby Twp PA cop arrested on multiple charges including rape, stalking & assault on allegations he was using his position as a police officer to prey on women. [0] bit.ly/uxcl9n

Tough guy. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Tulsa OK cop is accused of shooting a chained dog to death while responding to DV call at another address [3] bit.ly/siO8k2

Creepy cop behaviour. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Navajo NM now-former cop indicted on federal civil rights charge for groping handcuffed woman in custody [0] bit.ly/tUnsU6
Valencia Co NM deputy faces discipline for giving false names & unspecified mistreatment of female resident [2] bit.ly/uhtFzu
Canal Fulton OH cop has resigned in order to stop an investigation into unspecified misconduct that followed a “last chance” agreement he signed as a result of a previous incident. The officer appears to have skipped around other departments prior to this agency, interestingly enough. [2] bit.ly/tENEuF
Winnebago Co IL sheriff’s sergeant was suspended on unspecified misconduct allegations for the 3rd time in 14 months. While the reason for this suspension was not divulged yet, one of the others appears to have involved allegations of sexual harassment. [1] bit.ly/vx619A
Clyde NC police chief suspended for 1 month w/o pay, city refuses to say why citing privacy protections for cops [3] bit.ly/uB5ZLk

WATCH: A New Anthem for the Occupy Movement: #FilmThePolice

The above image, which depicts Lt. John Pike of the UC Davis Police pepper spraying students engaged in an Occupy protest, has become infamous in the past month. The photo and accompanying video have been viewed by millions, and even become the subject of a popular internet meme.

There's something else going on in this photo, however... an overlooked detail that I believe makes it even more important and iconic. Look at all those cameras!

At no other time in history have citizens had such powerful tools for mass media communication at their disposal. As a direct result, the images that ignite change and expose oppression are being captured and disseminated faster than ever. The old protest chant "The Whole World is Watching!" is truer today than ever before.

In this spirit, and in memory of victims of police brutality like Oscar Grant and Aiyana Jones, I reached out to several fellow rappers and frequent collaborators to create "FILM THE POLICE," a song to remind and inform people of their right to document police activity at any time, anywhere.

Reaction to the video has been bigger than any of us predicted. Logging 70,000 views in its first week online, it's been shared and endorsed by Anonymous Central, several national and international Occupy groups, and a roster of humbling names that includes Michael Moore, Billy Bragg, and Davey D among others.

The video, compiled in the space of a week on a shoestring budget, is a perfect example of the point being demonstrated: We are the 99%, and We are the New Media.

Thanks to everyone that's shared and endorsed this video in the past week, and to the Huffington Post for giving me this space to respond!


B. Dolan - "FILM THE POLICE" ft. Toki Wright, Jasiri X, Buddy Peace, Sag...