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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”


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Idiots at work

When White Trash gathers………..

It’s been six days since the last report of child molestation by a cop by here it is…..

Child molestation
Fairfax SC police officer was arrested for criminal sexual conduct with a child under 11. Apparently he accidentally called the girl’s mom on his cellphone as he was sexually assaulting the girl and the subsequent investigation indicates he had been doing this for years. [0] bit.ly/mTOT6S

New York NY police narcotics detective sued by a woman who was 13yrs-old when she says he forced her into prostitution and acted as her pimp. The officer recently served time for kidnapping. [0] bit.ly/q1dmuo

Peel ON retired cop who beat child porn charges now charged w/possession of several stolen police badges [0] http://bit.ly/mTkbAo

Morgan Co WV deputy sued by man shot 2x through closed door during domestic call, dashcam audio apparently contradicted the cop’s story but state police exonerated him in their investigation anyway. [4] bit.ly/nyE2uF

Sharpsburg PA secretly settle a lawsuit for an unspecified sum to the wife of a man she claims was killed when cops repeatedly tasered him at the station. [3] bit.ly/mTlPFs

Plainview TX police apparently reach secret settlement deal w/family in wrongful death lawsuit against 3 cops [3] bit.ly/nvrunH

Miami FL settles suit for $500k to woman who was kidnapped & raped by cop now serving 10yr sentence [0] bit.ly/qMFvjA

Martin County NC sheriff’s sergeant was fired and is now the subject of a state investigation after he was identified as a rape suspect shortly after police responded to a call from a woman claiming she was sexually assaulted. [0] bit.ly/rrPcI9

Oregon Co MO deputy arrested for apparently blackmailing a woman w/threats of arrest in exchange for $5k in cash [1] bit.ly/njM84u

Hanging Rock OH cop pleads guilty to theft in office & evidence tampering for taking cash for traffic tickets [0] bit.ly/py7Vyx

Williamsport PA cop sentenced to probation after convicted for tampering w/public records and obstruction [0] bit.ly/qhbvLF

West Chester OH cop indicted on unspecified felony obstruction & evidence tampering charges in ongoing probe [2] bit.ly/n7JcFq

Delavan WI cop charged w/obstruction for allegedly lying to Whitewater police looking for an assault suspect [0] bit.ly/qXHWNF

Domestic violence
El Mirage AZ cop arrested for assault & disorderly conduct involving 2 alleged incidents w/her domestic partner [1] bit.ly/oc1o6r

Ridgefield CT cop arrested on threatening & disorderly conduct charges involving dispute with ex-wife [0] bit.ly/pdzV8Y

Illegal gun sales
Bremerton WA infamous drug cop known for aggressively going after medical marijuana patients has pled guilty to making illegal gun sales & false income tax return charges. [0] bit.ly/nqblWi

Drugs/ Drunk
Kennett Square PA police chief investigated for leaving scene of crash he caused, says med condition confused him [1] bit.ly/qnyR5O

Miami Beach FL 4 cops demoted, 2 fired, 1 suspended for roles in on-duty partying that led to drunk cop’s ATV crash [0] bit.ly/pVAhxB

Dallas TX police officer placed on restricted duty arrested on drunk driving charges [0] bit.ly/p9xWAL

Central Saanich BC cop censured for trying to use his badge in order to get out of a DUI arrest [0] http://bit.ly/qMI0wp

Hoboken NJ cop arrested on DUI charges after crashing into several parked cars & landing his car on it’s side [0] bit.ly/nDYL5s

Idiot 101
Colorado Springs CO, El Paso County CO and the FBI are the subject of a suit filed by a 71yr-old woman claiming she suffered a heart attack when police threw a flash bang grenade into her home during what appears to be a wrong-door drug raid on her home during a large-scale drug raid sweep. [3] bit.ly/ruezwD

Wood Co WI deputy issued citation for rear-ending moped driver in police cruiser while looking at cell phone [0] bit.ly/rhAdCO

2 Pocatello ID cops sued by man who suffered hearing loss & a fractured skull when he was tasered when he allegedly tried to surrender during a traffic stop. [3] http://t.co/FPn7xHET

Waukegan IL police sued by man claiming he was intimidated and beaten for over 26 hours by police into making a false confession to a murder where DNA later implicated another man who went to prison for armed robbery. [4] trib.in/pgxJwu

Atlantic Beach SC hires a “gypsy cop” with an extensive history of misconduct who jumped around between 6 agencies and is currently still under investigation by one of them. The town apparently did it in an effort to save money. [3] bit.ly/pEPtRQ

South Bend IN cop and 9 St Joseph County IN officers are being sued by a man claiming a cop entered his home without a warrant, falsely arrested him, then was caught on video attacking him while he was cuffed at the jail. [1] bit.ly/oHgb4e

Memphis TN cop was arrested on simple assault charge for allegedly assaulting a female juvenile in a parking lot but police refuse to release any more information about the case or whether it was on duty or not. [1] bit.ly/qGP5Ss

Fullerton CA police are accused of beating & falsely arresting a college student then stonewalling the investigation long enough so he couldn’t sue due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.  [4] bit.ly/nXxauk

2 Los Angeles County CA deputies are being sued by a 61-yr-old man claiming they peppersprayed him and split his scalp open when hitting him with an unknown object during his false arrest after they called police over his friend’s dispute with a landlord who illegally threw her belongings into the street. [3] bit.ly/qpVAKi

Regina SK cop gets alt sentence that may clear his record in plea deal for using excessive force on man in custody [0] bit.ly/nr8QCS

Planting drugs
New York NY cop’s testimony alleges that the practice of planting drugs on suspects and innocent people in order to meet drug arrest quotas by padding numbers with false arrests was widespread at all levels in that department. [4] bit.ly/q2eV7k

Racial profiling
Glendale CA police subject of suit by ACLU alleging racial profiling & harassment of Latino students who were detained at school [3] lat.ms/pqBrT5

Powell OH police accused of racial profiling by a biracial couple after multiple questionable traffic stops near the daycare they own [1] bit.ly/nERRD0

New York NY police sgt under investigation after allegedly calling black officer “boy” on several occasions [0] bit.ly/nfwD7I

Breaking and entering
Penn Hills PA cop & Vandergrift Co PA constable sued by woman claiming they broke into her home without a warrant in search of her boyfriend who didn’t live there, over unpaid traffic tickets. [3] bit.ly/qJ1c2U

False arrest
Cambridge MA settles suit for undisclosed sum to Harvard prof claiming ex-wife’s cop pal had him falsely arrested [3] bit.ly/nws6lt

Escondido CA settles suit for unspecified sum to 1 of 3 teens claiming they were wrongfully accused of murdering a 12-yr-old girl after being coerced into making false confessions, the case was dropped when DNA evidence implicated another man. [2] http://bit.ly/pTSP2g

Weasel 101
Oakland CA police chief resigned after court ordered monitor filed critical report finding dept backslid on reforms [2] bit.ly/p8BY6O

Richland Co OH sheriff’s lt arrested for allegedly giving false info to get inmate transfered in exchange for bribe [0] bit.ly/oAuDRe

Lawrenceburg IN cop police captain suspended after charged w/official misconduct for campaigning while on duty [0] bit.ly/rs4R5b

Parker Co TX deputy sentenced to probation & fine for stealing over $11k from fund for family of fallen officer [0] bit.ly/oeOUW4

Citronelle AL cop faces trial on federal firearms charges on allegations he was stealing firearms from motorists [0] bit.ly/p3abAQ

False arrest
Denver CO settles class action suit for $200k to 93 people caught up in mass arrest during the 2008 DNC [0] bit.ly/oi355D

Attempted murder
Will Co IL sheriff & a sheriff’s detective were named in suit by a Lynwood cop wrongfully accused in a series of shootings last year [0] trib.in/o51Tx7

Disorderly conduct
Calhoun Co IL sheriff indicted on official misconduct & disorderly conduct charges in board of commissioners dispute[2] bit.ly/n6lX0W