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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

How much you want to bet the cop gets away with it?

This is not an actual bet, if were the Fairfax County Police would laid down odds and when they lost.....they would shoot me and....THEY WOULD BLAME A CAR DOOR FOR THE SHOOTING



So once again, you wanna bet this cop gets away with threatening these kids?

Anyway, on to the story.....................................  

Cop Caught on Video Telling Teen ‘If You Fuck With Me, I’m Going To Break Your Legs’

“Can you tell me why I’m being arrested?” Hamza Jeylani asks an officer in a video captured on his cell phone.

“Because I feel like arresting you,” the officer, who the American Civil Liberties Union identifies as Officer Rod Webber, replies in the short video.

This exchange happens after Webber calmly threatens Jeylani, who does not appear to be offering any resistance whatsoever. “Plain and simple,” Webber tells Jeylani, “if you fuck with me I’m going to break your legs before you even get a chance to run.”

According to the ACLU, Jeylani and four of his friends — all of whom are black teenagers — were pulled over after making a U-turn in a parking lot in South Minneapolis. 

The four young men had been playing basketball at a YMCA. Despite Officer Webber’s statement that Jeylani was arrested because the cop felt like arresting him, the police claim that they suspected the four youth of stealing the car they were driving.

Jeylani, however, says that the driver of the car had documents showing that he owned the car. And the ACLU adds that “police said the stolen car they were after was a blue Honda Civic. The teenagers, however, were driving a blue Toyota Camry.”


“Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts… perhaps the fear of a loss of power.”

                                                                                                             John Steinbeck

Well let' see, we have weasel and a thief on the Board of Supervisors so I suppose this guy will fit right in

Fairfax County School Board Member, County Board 

Candidate Co-Founder of Quack, Anti-Vaxxer Group

by: lowkell

Fri Apr 10, 2015 at 17:30:00 PM EDT


The race to succeed Gerry Hyland (D) as Fairfax County Supervisor from the Mt. Vernon magisterial district is off and running, and there are four Democrats in the field. I don't support anyone in this race as of yet (and may never), but I've started looking into the candidates, one of whom is Fairfax County School Board member Dan Storck. According to Storck's website, he is "Co-Founder and Managing Member, National Integrated Health Associates." What is National Integrated Health Associates, you ask? I had never heard of it before (and barely knew a thing about its "co-founder and managing member," Dan Storck), so I checked its website. Here's what I found.
*The company claims to be "leaders in holistic integrative medicine and biological dentistry." Sounds innocuous enough, but start poking around the website, and you quickly get a different impression.
*In fact, these folks are vociferous "anti-vaxxers," who among other things tie vaccination to autism. See their page on vaccinations for more on this dangerous pseudo-science. Note that, according to the Centers for Disease Control, "There is no link between vaccines and autism." Period. Also, just for emphasis, "Vaccine ingredients do not cause autism."
*Despite the overwhelming benefit to humanity of vaccines, and the pandemics that would occur (which would kill untold numbers of people) if we stopped vaccinating people, the National Integrated Health Associates website states, "We support the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) effort and their accumulated expertise and information about vaccinations - the risks and benefits of vaccinations."
*The "National Vaccine Information Center," as this article in Slate explains:
...is a group that has an official-sounding name, one that might make you think their message is trustworthy.
Except, not so much. Or at all. Or really just the opposite.
NVIC is an antivax group, plain and simple. Despite hugely overwhelming tsunami-level amounts of evidence showing no link between vaccines and autism, they still think there is one. They go on and on about "vaccine injuries", yet actual severe side effects from vaccines are very rare, especially when you realize that many millions of vaccines are given every year. The NVIC relies on anecdotes of injuries as evidence, but that's very dangerous thinking. Stories and personal observations are a good place to start-it's how you might notice a connection between two things-but it's not where you end. You must apply rigorous testing to your ideas, so that you can make sure you're not seeing a connection where none exists.
Not good.
*Even worse: on the National Integrated Health Associates website, there's a page of links to all kinds of dangerous, pseudo-scientific nonsense. For instance, a document entitled "Seeking to understand: ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder)" argues absurdly that "only you can be your child's best doctor." No, sorry, that's what all those years of Medical School are for, and why we go to the doctor for diagnosis and treatment, not to Dr. Mom or Dr. Dad.
*The National Integrated Health Associates website further claims, outrageously: "welfare moms and school systems get extra money for medicating their kids - what a system!" Whoa -- "welfare moms?" The whole vaccination thing is a way for school systems and "welfare moms" to get money? Is this a bad joke?
*The website also asserts, completely falsely, that "Autism, ADHD, allergies and asthma (4 A's) and all the other brain disorders are due to neuro-immune dys-function due to too much neurotoxins and the inability of the child to adequately detox or remove these harmful toxins." It explicitly blames, again completely falsely, the "rapid rise in the vaccination schedules for infants in the last 30 years" for everything from autism to allergies to "leaky gut" to "Lyme, Candida, Herpes virus, Strep, staph, tetanus botulinum, mycotoxins from mold and others." Alrighty then...
*One of the National Integrated Health Associates' doctors was disciplined by the Maryland State Board of Physicians for having "incompetently managed 12 significantly ill patients." This same doctor previously had been "convicted and sentenced to two years' probation for marketing an unapproved medical device in interstate commerce." In addition, he "signed a consent agreement with the Maryland board under which he admitted to practicing medicine without a license and would pay a $15,000 fine." Oh, and New York State suspended this guy's license for basically being a total quack, practicing something called "orthomolecular medicine," which his website claimed (falsely) were "effective against ADD & ADHD; aging and longevity; alcohol and drug problems; allergies; Alzheimer's; arthritis; asthma; immune and autoimmune disorders; cancer; chronic cardiovascular problems and risk factor screening; chronic fatigue; chronic illness; chronic pain; depression; detoxification; diabetes; fibromyalgia; heart and vascular disease; heavy metal toxicity; hormonal problems; intestinal problems; lifestyle health issues; men's health problems; mental health problems; migraine; neurological disorders; osteoporosis; Parkinson's disease; sinusitis; smoking; sports nutritional medicine; and women's health problem." Craaaazy stuff.
We could go on all day here, but the bottom line is clear: the National Integrated Health Associates, co-founded and managed by Fairfax County School Board member (and current County Board candidate) Dan Storck, is a quack organization which strongly promotes dangerous "anti-vaxxer" pseudoscience. Why "dangerous?"  Because, obviously, failure to vaccinate children makes not just the unvaccinated children more vulnerable to potentially life-threatening diseases, but also other people (e.g., older people whose immunity might be compromised for whatever reason) as well. As this article puts it: "An epidemic of vaccination skepticism - largely based on unfounded and discredited anti-vaccine beliefs - has contributed to the growing public health crisis."
So here's the thing: Dan Storck is entitled to whatever beliefs he wants to hold, but for a member of the school board in Virginia's largest county to be peddling this dangerous, anti-vaccination pseudoscience seems to be relevant information that parents and voters might want to be aware of. In talking to people yesterday and today, what I'm hearing is that the public has NOT been aware of Dan Storck's anti-vaccination views. Perhaps if they had known, they might have reelected him anyway, but the issue apparently never came up, so we'll never know.
Anyway, now Storck's seeking a promotion to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, and it seems like voters should have this information before they go to the polls this June to select their Democratic nominee (Storck or one of the other Democratic candidates - Tim Sargeant, Jack Dobbyn and Candice Bennett) for this position. At that time, voters can make an informed decision as to who they want representing them on the Fairfax County Board, possibly for many years to come...
P.S. Also note that Storck's company believes herbs can cure Lyme Disease, that fluoridated water is heinous, that mandatory vaccines may violate your civil liberties, that wearing a bra or putting on deoderant can cause breast cancer, that kids with cancer shouldn't get chemotherapy, that women shouldn't get mammograms because they are worthless (they link to this article), that measles is "transmitted by the vaccinated," and...ok, I think you get the idea.

In Fairfax County, the cops are above the law and I can prove it. Can you prove they aren't?

and now a word from this guy............

Some of yous are ingrates and by that I do not mean to imply that you are that metal thing that you use to shred chicken parmesan on your spaghetti with, not that thing. Ingrate is a different thing from that thing. But we’re since you brought it up, you gotta be careful when you use that metal shredder thing because sometimes when the cheese thing is reel low like, you can scrap your knuckles with it like when you walk and it like hurts after a while, you know?

Cops will know what I mean.

That’s why sometimes I buy the cheese in the jar but they say that has sawdust in it. And you’re a cop I should explain….you should not eat sawdust.

Anyway, that whole chicken parmesan- spaghetti thing is a convalescent subject….I don’t either, the broad we hired to rewrite everything said I should use that word  convalescent, it means like when your old and become a vegetable and they put you in home.

Even though I was told not to say this, I say just eat food for white people and avoid that whole eye-talian thing and there you go.

Back to you ingrates who go like this all the time;

“Why has the cop who killed John Geer been arrested for murder?”

“Why hasn’t the cop who killed Sal Culosi been arrested for murder?”

“Why hasn’t the cop who killed David McMasters been arrested for murder?”

“Do you guys think you can get away with murder?”

Yeah, as a matter of fact we not only think we can get away with murder, we do get away with murder. I mean Whatta you blind? 


The Mount Vernon neighborhood delivered Gerry Hyland to the Board of Supervisors and if the ills of the police department can be placed at the feet of one person, it’s Jerry Hyland, a man with a cop fetish who bullied other members of the Board of Supervisors into giving the cops everything and anything they needed.
Hyland won’t be back, thank God, and now the people of Mt. Vernon have a chance to redeem themselves by electing an intelligent representative to the Board.
On the Democratic side there are four candidates

Candice Bennett (electcandicebennett.com)
Jack Dobbyn (www.jackdobbyn.com)
Tim Sargeant (www.timsargeant.com)
Dan Storck 

At a recent debate the candidates were asked if they supported the creation of an independent citizen police oversight board.

Wrong question.

Like the media, the person asking the questions is under assumption that the citizens should do the work that we pay our elected officials to do……keep the cops in line….by having us run an independent citizen police oversight board.

The question to the candidates should have been;

“What actions will you take to bring the Fairfax County Police into line?”

“Where do you stand on the use of body cameras for the Fairfax County Police?”

“How about the use of drones by the cops?”

“What will you do to address the cop’s epic budget in light of education and road funding in county?”

“Will you demand manslaughter charges against cops who willfully kill unarmed and otherwise innocent citizens?”

“What steps will you take to demilitarize the cops?”

“Where do you stand on bringing in a reform chief from outside the Fairfax County Democratic machine?”

“What is you stance on residency requirements for the cops?”

“Where do you stand on minimum education and IQ standards for cops?”

Three of the candidates in Mt Vernon….Candice Bennett (electcandicebennett.com)
Jack Dobbyn (www.jackdobbyn.com) and Tim Sargeant (www.timsargeant.com)
support creating an oversight board. It’s the right answer to the wrong question but at least it’s a start.

The fourth candidate Dan Storck, said he would await the recommendations of the current ad hoc police practices commission before deciding.  In other words, he is willing to be part of the fraud being carried off by Sharon “Show me money” Bulova.
Blaming the cops for idiot behavior is like shaming your dog for urinating in public. The cops and the dog are just doing what comes naturally.
We don’t need this problem handled and managed police commission, created by cops and their dummies on the board of supervisors in the spirit of damage control and not police reform. We don’t need it because we shouldn’t even have to deal with the cops….it’s not our job. What we do need is a panel to question the elected officials who are supposed to be watching over the cop’s behavior but haven’t done that, ever.
They…the elected officials… pull this crap…and get away with it, well, until recently anyway….because they know that at election time the machine will get the Post’s endorsements and not one arm of the press will ask them an embarrassing question. And they will get the Post’s endorsements, a big boast for their reelection, because they are democrats and self-professed liberals. But because their democrats it doesn’t mean they are able administrators and because they say their liberals doesn’t make them liberal.

On our end, we’ll do what we can to make sure Storck loses the primary because he’s too stupid to serve in public office.

In the column, writer John Lovaas is right on target. It’s encouraging to see some parts of the media understanding that problem isn’t within the ranks of the police department but rather with our elected leadership.

Column: Looking Ahead to the 2015 Elections in Fairfax County
By John Lovaas/Reston Impact Producer/Host
When we go to the polls in November, the ballot will include not only our state legislators, but also the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors (Chairman and 9 district supervisors) and School Board (12 reps-9 district members and 3 at-large).
I’ve been thinking. What if we rated, or graded, incumbents based on their actual performance? In the case of the Board of Supervisors (BOS), what if we rated them on how well they handled their most important functions. In the case of the BOS, that would be leadership in public education and public safety. Not only do those two functions impact us all, but they are also the two biggest chunks of the Fairfax County budget—an estimated 65 percent of the total.
It is still a little early. There are over five months until election day, Nov. 3. However, at this stage it does not look good for the incumbents. In public education, it is charitable to rank BOS collective performance any better than poor. Why? Because they are at loggerheads with the Superintendent and the School Board, and our schools are in decline. Fairfax teachers’ pay is no longer competitive in the region after several years of freezes. Morale is down and the best teachers are starting to leave. Class sizes are above optimal levels and growing. Summer school is zeroed out. Meanwhile, the Board voted themselves a fat $20,000 pay increase. If it weren’t for some blame for the School Board as well, it in fact would be fair to say the Supervisors are failing our kids. The BOS performance on the public safety side has been worse. The August 2013 police killing of unarmed John Geer was the latest example of the lack of police accountability and was briefly a national scandal. The Fairfax County Police kept the name of the killer and all facts of the case hidden from the public for 18 months until a court ordered the information released. The shooter is still on the job, has not even been charged. The Supervisors have averted their eyes and remained silent the whole time. The Geer killing was the most recent of several questionable killings by FCPD officers in recent years. Only a national epidemic of police violence with race overtones kept Fairfax County off the front pages.
In April, Chairman Bulova acted to create a Commission to review “Police Practices.” The Commission has broad representation and looks promising. But, it is oversized (36), with a large police contingent, and is due to complete its work just a month before the election. Thus, reforms, including independent investigation and oversight of police, are unlikely until after the elections--when the pressure is off. It may be that only change can bring reform.
The School Board might receive an interim grade of C-, only because they made good progress in setting later school start times for teens after a decade of foot dragging, and recently broadened anti-discrimination protections for students. These commendable actions only partially offset their dismal failure to recognize and support teachers, and their absolute chutzpa in granting themselves a 65 percent pay increase for next year shortly after stiffing teachers once again!
If the election were held today, this voter would have to pause before voting for incumbents on the Board of Supervisors. For the School Board, I might flip a coin or leave the block empty. If the incumbent is one of the five who voted for their pay raise, the challenger likely gets my vote. Incumbents still have five months to improve and maybe do some extra credit work before they can stand up to credible challengers.

This is what's wrong with your government...............

This is Dan Storck....yeah, he's a grown man who actually walks around like that...and he wants you to elect him to the board of supervisors......

When asked where he stood on bringing the Fairfax County Police under control, he said he would have to wait and see what the answer on that would be.... 

The cops have killed three unarmed citizens and gotten away with it. Their using drones on you and scanning MILLIONS of license plates and refuse to stop AND THIS GUY SAYS HE WOULD HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE WHAT TO DO.....


The Madison Way

By improvingpolice

For a great number of years, the following has been the way of the Madison, Wisc. police department. Leading the way were these two statements: one of vision, the other of mission.
We are a dynamic organization devoted to improvement, excellence, maintaining customer satisfaction, and operating on the principles of quality leadership. “Closer to the People; Quality from the Inside Out”
We believe in the dignity and worth of all people.
We are committed to: providing high-quality, community-oriented police services with sensitivity, protecting constitutional rights, problem-solving, teamwork, openness, planning for the future, continuous improvement, and providing leadership to the police profession.
We are proud of the diversity of our work force, which permits us to grow and which respects each of us as individuals, and we strive for a healthful workplace.
Whenever the actions, practices, or direction of the department were questioned, the above two statements and the values they represent was used as a template indicate what the department stood for; “On This We Stand.” It also let us know when we were not acting according  to our values..
In describing the Madison Way, the following points are primary:
•Hiring smart, educated police officers.
•Seeking diversity in the ranks.
•Using a unique leadership style called “Quality Leadership [see below].
•Continuously improving all work systems -- everything.
•Softly handling public protest.
•Assigning many officers to neighborhood-level, community-oriented responsibility and empowering them.
•Conducting on-going surveys of recipients of police services (“customers”) to know how they were doing.
•Pressing to be ever-closer to people served.
•Asking and generously listening to the community and those within the ranks on an on-going basis.
Principles of Quality Leadership
1. Improve SYSTEMS and examine processes before blaming people
2. Have a CUSTOMER orientation and focus toward employees and citizens.
3. Believe that the best way to improve the quality of work or service is to ASK and LISTEN to employees who are doing the work.
4. Be committed to the PROBLEM-SOLVING process; use it and let DATA, not emotions, drive decisions.
5. Be a FACILITATOR and COACH. Develop an OPEN atmosphere that encourages providing and accepting FEEDBACK
6. Encourage CREATIVITY through RISK-TAKING and be tolerant of honest MISTAKES.
7. Avoid top-down, POWER-ORIENTED decision-making whenever possible.
8. Manage on the BEHAVIOR of 95% of employees and not on the 5% who cause problems. Deal with the 5% PROMPTLY and FAIRLY.
9. Believe in, foster and support TEAMWORK
10..With teamwork, develop with employees agreed-upon GOALS and a PLAN to achieve them.
11.        Seek employees INPUT before you make key decisions.
12.       Strive to develop mutual RESPECT and TRUST among employees; DRIVE OUT FEAR.



The cops can scan 2, 700,000 license plates without getting out of their cars yet they can’t wear body cameras.

Where the hell are our elected officials on this? Where is Sharon “Show me the money” Bulova and her creepy undertakers smile? How about John Faust and his weasel excuses for the cops?  They are nowhere to be found and completely silent on the issue.

According to investigative journalist Stephan Gutowski, the Fairfax County Police, 90% of whom live outside the county, use 26 automatic license plate readers and as of May 2014 have scanned 2.7 million plates (In a general population of 1.1 million citizens)
You don’t think this dangerious? Well, think about this; in 2008 the Virginia State Police scanned plates of citizens who attended political rallies for Sarah Palin and Barack Obama. And then there’s the added question….are the cops selling this information to private companies?

Where the hell are our elected officials on this? Where is Sharon “Show me the money” Bulova and her creepy undertakers smile? How about John Faust and his weasel excuses for the cops?  They are nowhere to be found and completely silent on the issue.

The problem is that the Fairfax occupation force is collecting and storing that information without consent or knowledge of the citizens. True to their mission of secrecy with our money, the county police aren’t telling us who has access to those records and which (if any) of the plates have been used by the cops for any purpose whatsoever. This is, no matter what the cops have decided, unlawful search and seizure.

Where the hell are our elected officials on this? Where is Sharon “Show me the money” Bulova and her creepy undertakers smile?  How about John Faust and his weasel excuses for the cops? They are nowhere to be found and completely silent on the issue.

Scanning plates to compare them to a list of plates connected to an investigation is one thing, keeping that information under lock and key is a whole other issue. It’s no surprise that the FCPD chief, Edwin C. Roessler, probably the most unoriginal thinker to ever work in government, thinks the scanning scam is a good idea as a crime fighting tool and says that the police keep the information on record for a year so we shouldn’t worry about it, because, you know, the cops would never fuck you over.  The problem is Chief Roessler, who really should be replaced has no credibility in matters of the public trust as his miserable record in defending killers on his force proves.  

The occupation force has no means to prove that they have used the collected plates to solve a crime and yet they swear their not collecting this information for profit or to share with the federal government.  The cops have defended their position of spying on the public but explaining that “ many other jurisdictions retain ALPR data for up to two years”
Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Where the hell are our elected officials on this? Where is Sharon “Show me the money” Bulova and her creepy undertakers smile?  How about John Faust and his weasel excuses for the cops?  They are nowhere to be found and completely silent on the issue.

In 2014 then-Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli declared that it was unlawful for police to collect the data and keep in on file. The state police SAID they stopped it but the Fairfax County Occupation police, as always, decided they are a law unto themselves and continued collecting information on citizens.  

Earlier this year, the Virginia State Senate and House of Delegates unanimously voted in favor of Senate Bill 965 which allows the cops to use  Automatic License Plate Readers but stated very clearly that the cops would only be able to store those records for seven days, unless they were part of an active, ongoing criminal investigation.

So here we had a bill with overwhelming bipartisan support from the state congress so naturally the Governor Terry McAuliffe would sign it into law right?

McAuliffe cut up the bill and watered it down enough so that  allowed the cops to keep records for 60 days.

But why would he do that?

Because McAuliff and his millions of dollars and close friends in the national Democratic Party is feathering his nest for higher office and figures he’ll career will go further as a Law and Order man on the national scene.

 Like Sharon Bulova and John Faust, McAuliff has misread the public’s mood on the cops in the United States, especially with this new generation and their tech savvy and phone cameras who just aren’t going to put up with it.

4th of July DUI Checkpoint - Drug Dogs, Searched without Consent, while ...

Cleveland Reaches Settlement With Justice Department Over Police Conduct


CLEVELAND — Cleveland has reached a settlement with the Justice Department over what federal authorities said was a pattern of unconstitutional policing and excessive use of force, people briefed on the case said Monday.
The settlement, which could be announced as early as Tuesday, comes days after a judge declared a Cleveland police officer not guilty of manslaughter for climbing onto the hood of a car and firing repeatedly at its unarmed occupants, both of them black. The verdict prompted a day and night of protests and reignited discussions about how police officers treat the city’s African-American residents.
The details of the settlement were not immediately clear, but in similar negotiations in recent years, the Justice Department has required cities to allow independent monitors to oversee changes inside police departments. Settlements are typically backed by court orders and often call for improved training and revised use-of-force policies.
A spokeswoman for the Cleveland Division of Police referred questions to the mayor’s office, which said it would not comment on Monday. Dena Iverson, a spokeswoman for the Justice Department, also had no comment.
A Cleveland police officer who climbed onto the hood of a car after a chase and fired repeatedly at its unarmed occupants in 2012 was acquitted of manslaughter on Saturday by an Ohio judge.
By Reuters on Publish Date May 23, 2015. Photo by Tony Dejak/Associated Press.
The Justice Department opened an inquiry into the Cleveland Division of Police months after the 2012 shooting of the unarmed occupants in a car, and issued its report in December. Cleveland is one of several cities, including Ferguson, Mo., New York and Baltimore, that have become the focal points of a national debate over policing and race.
The Justice Department has opened nearly two dozen investigations into police departments during the Obama administration. Federal investigators found patterns of unconstitutional policing in cities including Seattle, Newark, Albuquerque and Ferguson. Federal authorities recently announced they would investigate the Baltimore Police Department after Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man, died of injuries he suffered while in police custody.
In Seattle, the Justice Department inquiry led local officials to overhaul training and focus on how officers can calm tense situations without using force. In Albuquerque, the city agreed to change the way police are trained, outfit officers with body cameras and improve how the department investigates police shootings.
Officials in Ferguson are negotiating a possible settlement over accusations that officers routinely violated the Constitution.
The Justice Department’s report on the Cleveland police was among its most scathing, finding that they engaged in a pattern of “unreasonable and unnecessary use of force.”
Investigators said police officers unnecessarily used deadly force; used excessive force against mentally ill people; and inappropriately used stun guns, chemical sprays and punches. It detailed tactical blunders by the police, and said officers too often imperiled bystanders when they used force.
The Justice Department also criticized a “structurally flawed” discipline policy that it said made it too difficult to punish officers for improperly using force.
The report highlighted one case in which officers kicked an African-American man in the head while he was handcuffed and on the ground, then did not report using force in the arrest.
“Supervisors throughout the chain of command endorse questionable and sometimes unlawful conduct by officers,” Vanita Gupta, the Justice Department’s top civil rights prosecutor, said in December. “Officers are not provided with adequate training, policy guidance, and supervision to do their jobs safely and effectively.”
The report was compiled too late to cover the death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was playing with a replica gun in a park in November when the police shot him. Prosecutors have yet to decide whether to charge Cleveland officers in his death or in the case of Tanisha Anderson, 37, who died after she was restrained face down on the pavement.
For Cleveland, a settlement averts a long and costly court fight and the appearance that city leaders are resisting change. Mayor Frank Jackson faces a recall petition from city activists who say, among other grievances, that he has not done enough to prevent police abuses. The Justice Department has called him a full partner in its effort to improve the police department.
On Saturday, demonstrators spent hours marching through Cleveland after a judge acquitted Officer Michael Brelo of manslaughter for his role in the 2012 shooting, which began with a car chase. Though several officers fired a combined 137 shots in the episode, Officer Brelo was singled out for manslaughter charges because he climbed onto the hood of the car after the pursuit ended and fired 15 shots inside the vehicle.
The car’s unarmed occupants, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, died from gunshot wounds. The judge ruled that the actions of Officer Brelo, who is white, were lawful.
Cleveland’s streets have stayed calm since Saturday, when the police reported 71 arrests, some on felony charges.
Dozens of protesters appeared in court here Monday on misdemeanor charges, some still wearing T-shirts with messages like “I Can’t Breathe,” a reference to the words Eric Garner in New York said as he died, or “Black Lives Matter.”
Most of the protesters arraigned Monday were charged with refusal to disperse, and 35 pleaded no contest to an amended charge of disorderly conduct, which carries no jail time. Twenty people pleaded not guilty and will contest the charges. One man pleaded guilty. More protesters are expected to appear in court on Tuesday.
Talis Gage, 31, a Cleveland native now living in a different part of Ohio, was among those who pleaded no contest and was released Monday morning. As with others who pleaded no contest, the judge sentenced him to time served and did not issue a fine. Mr. Gage said he joined Saturday’s protest because he believed that Officer Brelo was guilty of a crime.
“What happened was not justice,” Mr. Gage said outside the courthouse shortly after his release. “It was unfair for this man to walk away with no jail time at all.”

Mitch Smith reported from Cleveland, and Matt Apuzzo from Washington.