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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Idiots at work, compliments of the Fairfax County Police Department

The more we use the words Fairfax County Police Department, the more the name gets out there

This week’s child molestation charges against your local police department

North Brookfield MA cop was arrested on multiple charges over allegations that he raped a 15yr-old family friend and sent her obscene pics of himself in text messages. [0] http://bit.ly/vAFPUU

Elgin ND now-former police chief who is also a former judge has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for molesting a girl from the age of 12 to age 17. [0] bit.ly/rNMvXw

Lansing KS DARE cop who was also the 2008 cop of the year for that department has pled no contest to child enticement charges after he was caught in an undercover sting operation. [0] bit.ly/w3pdmI

St John the Baptist Parish LA school cop has been indefinitely suspended w/o pay after he was accused of inappropriately touching a female student. [0] http://bit.ly/uc9kJL

Alpharetta GA police are accused of refusing to file a report claiming that a councilwoman’s husband, who also chairs a police charity organization, assaulted a 4yr-old girl in the park. [0] bit.ly/txzpxN

Roosevelt UT police are accused of using excessive force when they peppersprayed fans who were doing a traditional dance after a high school football game. The spray also hit other fans, players, adults, and even a 4-year-old child. [0] bit.ly/qmsUJr

Nelson Co VA deputy fired after arrested on abduction, discharge of firearm, assault & other charges in a DV case [0] bit.ly/qW4Xs0

Slapp’n the old wife around

Cheyenne WY cop sentenced to 4mo in jail on a misdemeanor false imprisonment involving a domestic dispute with his wife. He was acquitted on the other felony charges he faced. [0] bit.ly/v4YZim

Winsboro LA cop was fired after arrested on a domestic violence battery warrant while he was on duty. His girlfriend was apparently hospitalized after the alleged incident. [0] bit.ly/sTORfq

McDowell Co WV deputy arrested for domestic assault, harassment, possession, & brandishing gun outside 911 center [0] bit.ly/oDH9eg

Cherokee Co SC deputy fired after arrested on criminal domestic violence charge involving incident with his wife [0] bit.ly/oGtlEZ

Bristol CT police lieutenant charged w/disorderly conduct after investigation into unspecified domestic incident [1] bit.ly/nk8vCM

Braintree MA cop charged with illegal possession of an assault weapon that was found during an investigation into a domestic dispute [0] bit.ly/smLnPQ

Cops and women, a strange twisted relationship

Yuma AZ cop was indicted on bribery & obstruction charges for allegedly extorting sex from a woman in exchange for police assistance when she required help from the police. [1] bit.ly/rpfgST

Honolulu HI cop who is accused of raping a mentally disabled shoplifting suspect was suspended w/o pay but hasn’t been charged despite word leaking out that he told his fellow cops he had sex with the woman and that he failed a polygraph test about the alleged incident. He allegedly insists the sex was consensual. [4] bit.ly/to2XVo

Peel Regional ON police officer has been charged with sexual assault after investigation into complaint about an on-duty incident that was filed in July [1] bit.ly/v8Il8U

6 Miami-Dade FL cops accused of going too far by ransacking woman’s home in heavily armed raid over unverified tip [1] bit.ly/rA28hR

Los Angeles CA police sgt arrested for burglary, crashed car after woman maced him when she found him in her home [0] bit.ly/scWRXm

Tampa FL police sued by lawyer claiming he was falsely arrested & injured for offering legal services to 2 women who were being detained at a restaurant [2] bit.ly/vfUVVJ

Sioux City IA officer, alleged to be a narcotics detective, is shown on a YouTube video (above) repeatedly punching & choking a woman during an arrest on unknown charges. A commenter claiming to know about the case says it’s from an incident in August that resulted in a lawsuit. [3] http://t.co/3Dh8qThO

San Jose CA is settling a lawsuit for $100k to a man who was struck in face after cuffed and a woman he was with who was falsely arrested as a passenger during a DUI stop. [0] bit.ly/opO64e

South Bend IN cop was charged with official misconduct & battery on allegations he sexually assaulted 2 women while on duty. [1] bit.ly/ricOue

Elkins WV cop revokes police cert in plea deal for harassment, dropping felony & misd kidnapping & DV charges [0] bit.ly/noIjCB

Yuma AZ cop fired and may face charges for abuse of authority involving unspecified on-duty sexual activity [1] bit.ly/ppzyWo

Fife WA police lieutenant was suspended while investigated for unspecified misconduct, possibly sexual harassment [2] bit.ly/qwsH6C

Drunk/Drugs and other white trash behavior we’ve come to expect from this segment  

Warsaw NC cop was fired after his supervisor smelled alcohol on his breath while he was on-duty, even though the officer tested under the legal limit. [0] bit.ly/vaKVlQ

Fairfax Co VA police officer was charged with driving while intoxicated after crashing into a utility pole while off duty [0] wapo.st/rYUTWL

Milwaukee WI cops face minimal punishment for drunk driving even when taxi drivers usually lose their licenses for the same crimes as detailed in part 2 of a local paper’s onging series about police misconduct, transparency and accountability in that city. [2] bit.ly/v8Ue9a

Indianapolis IN police are being accused of giving a police lieutenant special treatment when he was found drunk in his truck while armed in the parking lot of an apartment complex that he didn’t live at. Residents who called police about the people parked in a truck who didn’t belong there complain that he wasn’t detained when anyone else clearly would have been arrested. [3] bit.ly/uRv69f

Jefferson City MO cop is on paid leave after arrested for drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident. [2] bit.ly/uNnn47

Maui HI cop resigns as part of plea deal that will clear drug charges from his record after 5 years of probation [0] bit.ly/rrcm4i

Yakima WA cop sentenced to 30days home detention in plea deal reducing DUI charge to negligent driving [0] bit.ly/tWq3Kh

Good, serves him right, should have gone into another line of “work”

Baltimore MD settled suit for $290k to an ex-police chopper pilot claiming he was retaliated against and forced out for reporting departmental waste and safety issues. [0] bit.ly/uKaqLg

Cops and animals…who is the animal?

New York NY police are being sued by a couple claiming a cop smacked their Pomeranian mix dog out of their 20′ high window during a raid on their apartment in search of a relative. While police admit that is what happened and that the dog didn’t pose a real threat by itself, they say the officer needed to take control of the situation by shutting the yapping dog up somehow, but didn’t intend for the dog to go flying out the window by smacking it. The couple also claims some items were stolen during the raid but police deny that claim. [3] nydn.us/v6sZtZ

Beating unarmed citizens

Baltimore MD settled a lawsuit for $45k to a man who suffered broken arm when arrested by 2 cops on charges that were eventually dropped. It’s sad when excessive force is such a common problem in a city that newspapers bury these reports as a small blurb within an article about something else like it’s an everyday thing. [0] bit.ly/uKaqLg

Orlando FL settles suit for $24k to a man who was tasered twice & peppersprayed several minutes after he turned around and grabbed a cop who shoved him from behind then apologized because he didn’t realize it was a cop. [0] thesent.nl/sHQtXW

Antioch CA settled a class action suit for $360k to low-income African American renters who targeted for more aggressive enforcement activities by police, allegedly just because they were poor and black. [0] bit.ly/rwtA85

Oakland CA police and police from surrounding agencies are being accused of using excessive tactics and force against #OccupyOakland protesters in a series of teargas volleys and raids on encampments that continued late into the night. One video, shown at top above, shows protesters carrying off an injured man they claim is a veteran who was hit in the head with a less-than-leathal projectile. Meanwhile, in the video below that, a protester testifies how they came under fire while trying to tend to an injured woman who wasn’t moving after yet another volley of teargas and other ordinance. A screenshot after that, taken from 3:20 into this video, shows the injured woman that he’s talking about. The last image shows a man claiming that he was hit in the head with a rubber bullet, keep in mind that aiming for the head with any type of less-than-leathal ordinance is generally against policy for most agencies. [3] bit.ly/rsKIkE

Murray Co OK deputy with history of violent behavior has been fired after an investigation into new complaints. [1] bit.ly/rPmRdF

Downey CA police have apparently shot an unarmed man to death after mistaking him for robbery suspect. Police claim they shot him while chasing him when he turned around in a “menacing manner”. However, family claim he was with his wife at a gas station and crossed the street to get cigarettes. [3] http://is.gd/3IuG3a

Santa Barbara CA cop accused of excessive force by witnesses who say the officer repeatedly punched and tasered a compliant suspect in a parking lot during a traffic stop as the man begged bystanders for help. [4] bit.ly/pUPLLf

3 Aurora CO cops are the subject of a lawsuit claiming they used excessive force and broke his wrist while he was unconscious on his bed following a siezure after his family called for medical assistance. The then allegedly dragged him out in front of his family into the cold while he was only wearing underwear. [3] bit.ly/nJT5Zg

Mountain View CO cop is accused of roughing up a motorist after the officer crashed into his car with his cruiser. The same officer is apparently the subject of another excessive force case as well. [3] bit.ly/qLlxxZ

Walsenburg CO cops are being sued by man claiming cops taunted him after tasering him twice while he was face-down and already cuffed. [3] bit.ly/qVoYri

Orlando FL cop sued by a man alleging the officer punched, maced, tasered & arrested him for asking a security guard why girlfriend was being detained at a theme park they were visiting. She apparently touched a “cast member”. [3] thesent.nl/nTNoBM

5 current New York NY cops and 3 ex-cops arrested in sting on allegations the belonged to gun smuggling ring [1] nyp.st/s3jPlM

San Jose CA police accused of refusing to repair home after damaging it w/tear gas grenades in warrantless raid [4] cbsloc.al/szHhmj

San Ramon CA cop to plead guilty to stealing cash from gangs & sold drugs, agrees to testify against former boss [0] bit.ly/s6g07p

Franklin Co NC sheriff indicted on embezzlement charges involving over $200k in funds meant for drug enforcement [0] bit.ly/v0NXNS

Ocala FL cop arrested at work by the FBI on federal fraud and identity theft related charges [1] bit.ly/uYWMRX

El Paso TX police detective arrested by military police for DUI while armed inside Fort Bliss military base [0] bit.ly/vKh16y

Houston TX police dept’s mobile blood alcohol testing vans no longer trusted by Harris County prosecutors [3] bit.ly/vCPwGQ

Columbia MO cop fired last mo in excessive force case now implicated in 2 more misconduct investigations including another excessive force case. [0] bit.ly/qzlKkV

Vermont State police agree to change policies in settlement for unspecified sum for tasering mentally disabled man [0] bfpne.ws/mZa3N0

Nashville TN police & US ICE agents sued by ACLU over alleged warrantless raid on an entire apartment complex. [3] bit.ly/r3pbUH

Columbus OH cop under investigation after anti-abortion protesters claim he assaulted other cop called to help them [0] http://bit.ly/ns2CkP

Milwaukee WI newspaper spent over $7,500 to examines records of 93 cops disciplined for criminal acts since 1979, finds lax discipline [3] bit.ly/pJr78y

Toronto ON cop charged with perjury for allegedly covering up his brother’s role in the execution-style murder of a millionaire [0] bit.ly/r10Q2l

US FBI are being accused by the ACLU of creating assessment maps targeting communities for investigation via large-scale racial profiling [3] bit.ly/o2WvSh

Torrance CA settles suit for $120k to man involved in altercation with police sergeant in a police station lobby when he went there to ask police for more traffic enforcement in his neighborhood after his child was hit by a car. [0] bit.ly/nnxaIh

Los Angeles Co CA sheriff accused of training his deputies to illegally search people who are caught photographing things officers deem aren’t art while in public. [3] bit.ly/ps2jtk

Lewiston ME police were reprimanded by a judge for sloppy evidence handling & losing evidence that resulted in charges being dropped against a robbery suspect. [1] bit.ly/o5veTI

St Petersburg FL police detective pleads guilty to wire fraud for extorting money from informant to help w/charges [0] bit.ly/o6KKwW

Douglas Co SD deputy indicted on theft by deception charges in Minnesota involving insurance application fraud [0] bit.ly/orpHIq

Denver CO judge threatens to send US Marshals to get disciplinary records as police defy order to release them, they finally released the records later in the day but the lawyers who requested them are bound by a confidentiality agreement to keep them a secret except for how they are used as evidence in their police brutality lawsuit. [5] bit.ly/nwYniv

Oxford Twp NJ cop w/history of misconduct gets probation & will never be cop again in plea deal involving two cases [0] bit.ly/qYq7R7

Eugene OR cop pleads no contest to .15BAC DUI charge but dept & prosecutor refuse to release arrest report to paper [4] stjr.nl/qVmZKG

Washington DC cop was sentenced to 15yrs for acting as lookout during a botched armed robbery attempt on a drug dealer that left one person dead [0] wapo.st/qE0r0X

New York NY undercover cop sparked a confrontation at protest against the NYPD stop-and-frisk policies when he tried to arrest a photojournalist that he shoved without cause [4] bit.ly/r5PX9Y

Beaufort Co SC deputy arrested on allegations he was sending inappropriate text messages to a 15yr-old girl [0] bit.ly/p8huUm

Columbia SC cop arrested on allegations he had sex with a 17yr-old prostitute while in uniform then left in his police cruiser afterward [0] bit.ly/nltk68

Forsest City IA cop charged w/arson & burglary after admitting to setting fire to a police station & stealing a rifle [0] bit.ly/o6yWhn

Tempe AZ cop sentenced to probation for stealing items from evidence including gift cards and a refrigerator [0] bit.ly/oxZwJW

Barre MA cop convicted on 5 of 7 counts of perjury involving his testimony at the trial of his girlfriend [0] bit.ly/qfOh8r

Philadelphia PA cop convicted on misd theft charge for stealing $825 from an open safe while responding to call at a bar [0] bit.ly/pCFA6g

Florida Highway Patrol officer fired after arrested on drunk driving charge after alleged hit & skip crash w/tree [0] bit.ly/owtND0

Cape Breton NS cop charged w/assault & unlawful confinement involving multiple unspecifed incidents [3] bit.ly/q4brKM

Mint Hill SC cop fired for lying when he claimed he retreived equip from ex-cop he supervised who now faces charges [0] bit.ly/n1DyNA

2 Miami-Dade FL cops, a detective & major, face suspensions & demotions over unspecified misconduct allegations [2] cbsloc.al/nhYjyt

Orange County FL sheriff’s department is being sued by barber shop owners claiming deputies conducted warrantless raids on black-owned shops under the guise of “license inspections” [3] bit.ly/vQkQWS

Pittsburgh PA settles false arrest lawsuit for $60k to 2 college students who say they weren’t even part of the G20 protests when they were thrown to ground & arrested by police while trying to get back to their dorm. [0] bit.ly/uLBXH3

2 Baltimore MD cops plead guilty to extortion charges in that city’s towing scandal, bringing the total to 9 officers who have pled guilty so far. [0] bit.ly/vkH8IJ

Hudson County NJ deputy was charged with obstruction for trying to stop two officers from arresting two of her friends after a bar brawl. [0] bit.ly/un0Cbp

Baltimore MD police detective was charged with felony & misdemeanor counts of presenting false insurance disability claims [1] bit.ly/uR4KmX

New York state police investigation finds that a trooper was speeding when he ran red light without using his emergency lights or siren in a crash with a taxi that left 2 injured. [1] bit.ly/smLnPQ

Neptune Beach FL cop who helped that city develop anti-gambling regulations was arrested for his alleged role in a gambling ring. [0] http://bit.ly/v63ryM