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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

And now a word from our Chief

Queen live

Firstly, let me say this; I don’t think me or anyone else should be sued for defecation and also firstly, although I do know who Captain Hopson, I have absolutely no idea who Major Crimes, although I have to say that a really really really bad name for a cop.  
I’m so fuck’n confused.

Now firstly, the way I understand this is that Captain Hopkins is suing me firstly for defecation and she’s also and she is suing some guy named Anonymous Accuser because he also defecated on her while they were both riding on the department's intranet.

Firstly, what has that got to do with me? Also, I checked and there is nobody on the police department named Anonymous Accuser….so there……but there is a guy named “Anonymous Source” who I guess works as  Narcotics officer  but lives in Cayman Islands at the Bank of Switzerland Apartments of something like that. We pay him $2,000,000 a year. I guess most of that is for commuting expenses. The guys in narcotics told me it was a secret.

I still don’t understand where Major Crimes comes in on this but Captain Hopalong wants to sue either him or this Anonymous Accuser guy because he accused Hopson of coaching a job candidate.

Firstly, let me say this about that, Captain Hop…something can coach, play or referee anyone as long as its on county time….no, wait, I go that backwards…..well anyway, its not my money…

Now Captain Hop thing there…… says that I retaliated against a female police captain….let me say this firstly….who is this new women in the mix and I never had sex with that woman…I mean…if she’s a female cop, so would you? Even I have standards, low ones, but still.  

And now, firstly, really screwing this up is Captain Hopkinsons lawyer, Glasberg, who asked "Does the sun rise in the east?"…this is not the time or the place for astrology questions, Goldberg.

would also like to take a moment firstly to address this writer Will Sommer…and that sounds like a porno name you ask me and I know cause like, I watch a lot of porno, but anyways…if you would stop writing about these things, people won’t read them and I wouldn’t have these problems…….look how about a nice ride in a cop car with a guy named Officer Friendly? That’s not his for for real name so its okay, he won’t like put his hand on your lap and ask about gladiators or nothing like that…well, I'm pretty sure he won't....also, first bloody car accident we get, we call you first……just like we do with the tv channels…so whatta say?    

chief demands shorter podiums and insists he really is a navy guy admiral

Idiots at work

Brought to you by the Fairfax County Police…… you just don’t find that kind of stupid just anywhere

Child abuse

Mustang OK cop charged with domestic abuse for allegedly beating his 12-yr-old stepdaughter with a paddle so badly that it left imprints of the paddle’s engraved name on her back. [0] bit.ly/sFKwnI


Middleburg Heights OH sued by family of man who died after tasered 7 times during traffic stop, one of which lasted for 23 seconds. [3] bit.ly/uTaS3Z


Jefferson Parish LA deputy was found guilty of kidnapping and raping a woman after detaining her during a traffic stop. [0] bit.ly/tD1LwO

Assaulting and beating unarmed citizens and then hiding behind the law

Buena Park CA settles an excessive force lawsuit for a confidential sum to a man claiming cops beat & bludgeoned him for giving a cop a “man hug” to show there were no hard feelings when he was kicked out of a theme park when the woman he was with held his place in line while he used the restroom during an 1.5 hour wait for a ride. [3] bit.ly/uYCICm

Omaha NE police sergeant was convicted on a terrorist threat charge in a split jury decision that exonerated him on gun charge, both involving a road rage incident. [0] bit.ly/uOoAh3

Annapolis MD settled an excessive force lawsuit for $6,500 to a man claiming police dragged him from his car during a questionable search for drugs that only turned up open container violations. [0] bit.ly/uwEBan

5 Knox County TN deputies were demoted to corrections officers for turning off their dashcam audio when they they decided to inflict an unspecified “punishment” on a teen for speeding. [1] bit.ly/u4SmGG

San Francisco CA sheriff’s officers are being implicated in the incident that left a USMC vet seriously injured with a head wound during #OccupyOakland when police launched tear gas rounds at protesters. While San Francisco Sheriff’s deputies may have fired the rounds that caused injuries, they apparently did it under direction of the Oakland PD, although that department is prohibited from firing into crowds with such weapons… but they shouldn’t be able to get around that by getting other departments to come into the city to do it for them. [3] bit.ly/t9hfa1

Palm Springs FL & Palm Beach County FL sued by a homeless man who lost an eye and a chunk of his ear when SWAT officers shot him in the head with rubber bullet rounds. Police responded to a call from an assistance agency he called because they thought he was illegally staying in the brush by a church but he apparently had permission to be there. [3] bit.ly/sgRNy4

 Philadelphia PA cop is under investigation after being accused of intentionally using his police cruiser as a weapon by pinning a man against a wall during a chase, leaving him seriously injured. [1] bit.ly/sapihi

 Tulsa OK cop fired for using excessive force then threatening his fellow officers in an attempt to obstruct the subsequent investigation into the incident [0] bit.ly/rrogdd

2 San Francisco CA cops were fired. The first was fired for using excessive force then falsely arresting a witness to the incident. The other for unauthorized use of a police database. [2] http://bit.ly/tZJPGM

Los Angeles County CA memos indicate that the sheriff there was warned about brutality and accountability problems in his jails by his own commanders 2 years before the problems came to light and triggered a federal investigation. [3] lat.ms/rp73Bi

Drunk/ Drugs

Tucson AZ police sgt arrested on DUI charge when he responded to a call for SWAT officers while off duty in his personal car [0] bit.ly/tI2B5O

 2 New York NY cops suspended for 30 days each after both were arrested on DUI charges in seperate incidents. One crashed into a parked car while the other was found passed out in his car [0] nydn.us/trrihq

Draper UT cop got a “plea in abeyance” deal that will clear his criminal record after he was arrested for smoking heroin in his cop car [0] bit.ly/rrStdV

Miami FL cop arrested at gunpoint on reckless driving charge after he was chased by a state trooper for doing 120 on the way to his 2nd job [0] sunsent.nl/rWwmTu

 Portsmouth VA cop arrested on drunk driving charges after a minor off-duty fender bender [0] bit.ly/sNTexu

 Sugar Land TX police capt arrested on drunk driving charges after trying to drive through an accident scene [0] bit.ly/v1Zgry

Control the press, control the news

Tennessee State trooper arrested an reporter who was on assignment during a police crackdown on #OccupyNashville protests and then allegedly threatened another reporter who questioned the arrest after vouching for that reporter.  While the police eventually charged him for public intoxication they never tested him and a recording of the arrest appears to contradict that charge. [4] bit.ly/s0az9g

Common thief

16 New York NY cops were arraigned on varied charges as part of a corruption probe that began with ticket fixing allegations that allegedly involved over 500 officers in that department. One of the officers was also indicted on drug charges, another for leaking details of the investigation to the police union, and four others for covering up an assault case against a fellow cop. [0] bit.ly/vSIqjj

East Washington PA police chief was arrested by FBI agents on unspecified charges rumored to involve political corruption [2] bit.ly/v7T7p0

Harrisburg PA police are being sued by a man after cops siezed up to $43k from his home during a fruitless search for gun. The warrant only specified a search for a gun but police grabbed the cash by insisting it was drug related even though there were no drugs found and no charges filed. Police eventually returned some money but not all, according to the plaintiff. [0] bit.ly/vdOQ2M

Daviess County IN deputy was indicted on bribery and other charges on allegations he helped a woman avoid drug charges in exchange for sex. [0] http://trib.in/s8qtGj

2 Harris Co TX precinct 6 constables accused of timesheet fraud & altering public records to cover it up [3] bit.ly/uyBXiZ

…but you don’t understand, I’m above the law

Macungie PA police chief says that small town’s mayor has no right to see police disciplinary records in a legal battle that could affect how police departments are managed and held accountable across the entire state. [0] bit.ly/uN07Qk

2 Tuckahoe NY cops won’t be facing charges for helping a NYPD cop avoid DUI charges in an incident that was uncovered as part of that ticket fixing probe. Prosecutors there say they couldn’t build a case because the officers invoked their right to remain silent and, while they say the officers may still face internal discipline, their lawyers say that’s not going to happen either. http://is.gd/tdFtLG

During the arraignments, several New York NY cops jeered prosecutors and cheered for the indicted officers, all insisting that fixing tickets is a privilege of being an officer. One assumes that they were also cheering for the officers indicted on drug charges, obstructing the investigation, and the four indicted for covering up an assault case for another cop as well. Odd how few people seem disturbed when cops support suspected criminals and boo those trying to bring them to justice. [4] bit.ly/tkb7mh

False arrest

Tallahassee FL police sued by a tech worker claiming he was falsely arrest based on an intentionally misleading warrant once police found a decades old check made out to him at the scene of a church robbery. The check was an already endorced and paid check from the 80′s from when the man did some work at the church. The arrest affects his ability to work in the tech field where they do check for arrests in background checks and because the [3] bit.ly/tYs4Xh

Toronto ON cop was found to have falsified evidence and his testimony after his partner contradicted his story about a traffic stop that led to a drug arrest. [3] bit.ly/rVGJf9

Family violence

Dallas TX police officer was arrested on a misdemeanor family violence assault charge, though we can’t determine more yet because the only site listing it was a subscription site. [1] dallasne.ws/u5AYUh

White trash on parade

Philadelphia PA cop suspended w/intent to fire after he was arrested along with his girlfriend for an alleged altercation with 2 women [0] bit.ly/vY0R9m

Pueblo CO cop avoided prosecution on a trespassing charge for barging into a home uninvited in search of her husband. Her record will be cleared after completing a pretrial diversion program. [0] bit.ly/tEOmXH