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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

What parts of the police department can be outsourced?

What parts of the police department can be outsourced or cut? Let’s start with the Fairfax County Police air force. ...yeah...they have a fuck’n air force. We’re firing teachers and cutting back hospitals services to the poor and they have a fucking air force.

elected weasels

 Stop the counties elected weasels from taking money from organizations that represent county workers.  Like the cops as an example.  It’s just plain common sense.    

Look at the policy.

Citizen’s complaints against individual cops must be permanently placed in their files and travel with them throughout their time as county government workers. (Yeah, your complaint against a punk cop gets tossed, its police policy....and yet people are surprised at what creeps we have working for us.  
Look at the policy.  

Stop the proactive police crap

Stop the proactive police crap. If we need you, we’ll call you.  Otherwise, just sit in your government owned cars, burn gas and sip coffee or anything else you want.  We don't care. We really don't.  Again, if we need you, we’ll call.

Don’t be a weasel

At this point, the Fairfax County Police office of internal investigations has no credibility. Its only purpose is to protect the department from embarrassment and to foil any outside investigations.

But we pay you to work for us...well to show up and drive around gas guzzlers all day...so we have a right to know what the hell it is your doing.

Create, within that office, a sub office of Citizens Concerns. That’s a nice, non-offensive name, but don’t underestimate the importance of nice, non-offensive names in the public relations war.

Under the office of Citizens Concerns, run a weekly public listing of cops that have been disciplined. You don’t have to publish their names, that’s just going to lead to all sort of trouble. Simply publish what action caused the discipline, what the outcome was and how many prior actions have been taken against the cop in question.

Post it on the county website. The first instinct of the police will be to agree to this and then weasel on it but hiding the report. Don’t be a weasel. Put down the donut and be a civic leader. Place the notices in a place people can find them, under a heading people can recognize.

Fire one cop, hire two teachers

If we’re going to pay these cops the kind of money we pay them, they should be required to hold at least an Assocaites Degree. On average, the cops earn about 20% more than teachers and for far, far less work, yet teachers are required to have at least a bachlors degree.

The Fairfax Police have never experience the brunt of citizen’s outrage

The Fairfax Police have never experience the brunt of citizen’s outrage, which explains most the arrogance of the Bozos who run the department. But all it’s going to take to unleash that outrage is one more suspicious shooting or one more badly executed (pun intended) pro-active police action like this remarkably stupid and probably illegal “war on distracted drivers” and the tinderbox could be lit.

Helping to start that fire is the thug attitude of the street cops that pry on Fairfax County and its citizens. The attitude comes from the top down, and not, as the department would like citizens to believe, from the bottom up. Combine the arrogance from the brass and the piss poor attitude from the much underworked and very, very overpaid street cops and you get the “US versus them” attitude that permeates the department and creates the air of secrecy and hostility that rules over the Fairfax County cops department.

Whatever the outcome of trying to calm the police down and bring them to the table of common sense, their budget has to be cut; their numbers have to be reduced. There is something wrong with a community that fires teaches to save money while the cops have enough manpower, money and time to randomly ticket citizens they think.....think, mind you.... are driving improperly. In budget cutting, release cops first, teachers later. This isn’t rocket science. One is an investment in our future the other is a pending lawsuit and another dead, unarmed citizen.

Here’s a solution

Here’s a solution to solving the punk problem with the Fairfax County Police. Issue the morons kevlar vests with a built in high-definition recording camera to take video footage of every encounter they have with the unsuspecting public. It should be streamed live to the public via the net.

Congratulations on joining the Fairfax County Police, you now have twenty years to dumb down your life

Law enforcement

Our hero...the guy with the beer not the idiot with the gun

The Police

The Police