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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

CHief Rhorerer-er defends Police "Woman" from charges

The Chief said "....just because she  looks a little dyke-ish and has a man-hater haircut and in a job that requires angry people, does that make her a lesbian? Of course not, I lean, look at me, Gay-guy mustache and all, does that mae me Gay?"

 At that point an answer was shouted out from the audience


First dates can soooooooo awkward

......and then hide behind the law. Fairfax County Police

Las Vegas NV cop who beat & arrested a man for videotaping cops from his own yard has been fired after a 9-month long investigation into that incident. [0] bit.ly/tubdWE
West Fargo ND police officer arrested on disorderly conduct charge over an unspecified assault incident [3] bit.ly/vMk30P
Sandusky OH cop with a history of misconduct won an arbitrator ruling that will let him get his job back after he was fired for lying during an investigation. [0] bit.ly/uvmiP4
Hollywood FL police are being sued by 2 retired Montreal QC cops alleging officers used excessive force on them then falsely arrested them in what they claim was a case of discrimination against French Canadians. [3] sunsent.nl/uLU1eV
Fort Worth TX cop is being investigated after a video on YouTube appears to show him hit an Occupy protester in face with a flagpole and arrested him for assaulting an officer after the protester’s flag allegedly brushed his face. [0] bit.ly/swql3i
 Worcester MA police are the subject of a 2-part series detailing the anatomy of a coerced false confession. [0] bit.ly/vv497m
Sedgwick County CO sheriff is the subject of a recall effort claiming he has encouraged bullying by his officers after a deputy allegedly beat a 63yr-old man during a traffic stop [0] bit.ly/vwFnYS
Mermentau LA police chief was arrested on felony battery & unlawful entry charges involving an incident between her and an unspecified acquaintance. [1] bit.ly/t4Y2NG

This week’s candidates for the Brian Sonnenberg Peaceful Resolution to Conflict Center Award. Fairfax County Police

Alice TX cop was arrested following a standoff with a SWAT unit after he fatally shot his wife in the head then kidnapped their 8yr-old son. [0] bit.ly/tBjeSx
Canton OH cop was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence for allegedly beating, throwing & kicking his girlfriend several times during a domestic dispute several months ago. [1] bit.ly/rITPnI

Little Rock AR cop was arrested on aggravated assault on a family member for allegedly punching his wife in the face in front of their kids in an argument over a hunting trip. [0] bit.ly/uNadLp
Dallas TX cop subject of warrant on domestic violence charges, police conducted a raid on his apartment looking for him but he wasn’t there. [0] cbsloc.al/ttLTXW
Phoenix AZ cop was arrested on felony charges for allegedly assaulting his wife & discharging his firearm during a domestic dispute [0] bit.ly/rpSt91
Lancaster KY cop was arrested on DV assault charged on allegations he injured his 16yr-old daughter in an unspecified altercation [1] bit.ly/vmHDCm
Norwalk CT police detective on leave after arrested on disorderly conduct charge involving a domestic dispute with his wife [1] bit.ly/rFJwWg


Pawtucket RI cop won a “Law Enforcement Bill of Rights” commission hearing that will get him his job back even after he was convicted of indecent exposure. [0] bit.ly/s16bQe

Hey Kids! Its New Yera's At the Rhorerer-ers House

The Officer David Scott Ziants Award for Citizen Motivation. Fairfax County Police

Las Vegas NV cops who fatally shot a veteran after boxing his car in are under investigation, one of those officers apparently has a history of disciplinary issues. [1] bit.ly/rYreXr
Morrow Co OR deputy sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to murdering a pregnant bartender whose body was found at a farm owned by his family. [0] bit.ly/tuWqCY
North Chicago IL police are being sued by the family of a man who died a week after police allegedly beat & tasered him beyond recognition. The family’s lawyer also claims that the man’s mother has been receiving death threats over the case, which the city claims to be investigating. [3] bit.ly/rG21Xr
Oakland CA cop who shot a person with a beanbag round while he was doing nothing more than videotaping police at #OccupyOakland has been reassigned along with that officer’s supervisor while both are under investigation over that incident. [3] bit.ly/sesv17
Baltimore MD settles suit for $375k to then family of a man who fatally shot in the back while he was running away from a cop who, a witness claims, had already patted him down and knew he was unarmed. [0] bsun.md/tEOSzO
Chicago IL settled four lawsuits for a total of $3.85 million [0] trib.in/rUUt83 including:
 - 2 fatal denial of medical care in custody lawsuits for $1mil and $2mil
 - 1 false arrest lawsuit for $560k
 - 1 excessive force lawsuit involving two victims for $290k

Dunce 101 Fairfax County Police

Houston TX cop is the subject of a review after mistakenly shooting a Harris Co deputy in the leg when he mistook the officer for a suspect during a flawed drug sting. [1] bit.ly/urKWdB
Delray Beach FL cop wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and late for work while doing 70 in a 45mph zone when he wrapped his cruiser around a tree and died. [0] sunsent.nl/vprxFl
Holyoke MA cop suspended 5 days & must repay $2k to dept for losing sniper rifle he left in back of truck [0] bit.ly/vbt5Y5
Los Angeles CA USD school police officer was sentenced to 2yrs for faking his own shooting in an incident that snarled traffic during a 10 hour manhunt… He’ll likely only serve nine months of that sentence. [0] bit.ly/vQCOlI
Broward Co FL deputy was convicted of grand theft & insurance fraud in a strange scheme to recoup the cost of Def Leppard tickets he couldn’t used due to a lack of a babysitter. [0] thesent.nl/rrUJbc