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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

chief accused of placing his girlfriend on the payroll

Chief rohehererer says....


He was in the way

Four Denver CO police officers may face an amended lawsuit alleging they have covered-up an excessive force incident through their testimony in a brutality lawsuit that was dismissed when all of the officers claimed they never saw one of them repeatedly beat a man on the leg with a baton until he suffered permanent damage from the injuries.

Salisbury NC has settled a lawsuit for $60,000 to a man who was shown on video being punched a number of timed by a police officer inside a nightclub where several officers were responding to a fight. The man who was hit didn’t appear to be involved with the fight and didn’t appear to be posing a threat. That officer later resigned over the incident.

Well first off, why the fuck are you living in a place called Choctaw?

A Choctaw County MS deputy has been indicted on deprivation of rights and falsifying documents charges for releasing his police dog on a man without just cause, allowing it to bite him several times, then filing a false report about what happened.

                                                      The alleged police dog

A Fredericktown MO police captain who was also a scout leader has been sentenced to three consecutive life terms in prison in addition to 22 additional years for repeatedly sexually assaulting two young boys who were brothers.

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A Miami-Dade FL police officer has been charged with lewd and lascivious molestation on allegations that he fondled two teenage girls during a traffic stop behind a store.

yeah, like everybody hasn't done that at least once

And finally, two West Palm Beach FL police officers were given a deal that allows them to avoid prosecution all together for vandalizing cars while they were drunk, but they still had to pay restitution and may face disciplinary action despite being returned to duty.

The idiots in action report

A Florida Atlantic University FL police officer is now facing murder charges after the escort that he shot in a dispute over payment for her services died in the hospital. He’s also currently in the hospital in critical condition after he attempted to hang himself in jail. Newer reports released since the incident paint a picture of an officer who left two other police departments due to allegations of misconduct.

Portland OR will have to pay a $30,000 jury award to a college student who was tasered twice by a police officer inside a Denny’s restaraunt when the officer was called to wake the kid up. Several witnesses disputed the officer’s version of events in that case where there was a gap in the surveillance video which would have shown what happened.

Montreal QC police have been ordered by a judge to pay a $4,000 civil judgment to a man who was injured by a police officer kicking open his door on his face when he went to detain the man in a case of mistaken identity.

The now-former police chief of Bordentown NJ has been sentenced to 17 years in state prison for conspiring to hire a convict to murder his wife.

The Franklin County OH sheriff’s office has settled a closely watched class action lawsuit that was joined by the US DOJ over the use of tasers against detainees in jail. The settlement requires the sheriff to institute policy permitting tasers only when a detainee presents a threat and so long as that detainee is not restrained.

Smith Twp PA and Burgettstown PA have settled a lawsuit for an unspecified sum to a couple who claimed that two officers raided their home and falsely arrested them using false statements to justify both.

A Madison WI police officer who was also a member of the Dane County drug task force has resigned following an investigation into numerous alleged policy violations that included “oppressive conduct”.
 Two New Orleans LA police officers have been fired. One officer was fired over allegations he would leave his duty area to have sex while on-duty and the other was fired over allegations that he robbed some motorist then beat him and pepper sprayed his girlfriend when confronted about it. That officer was charged for it but was not convicted at trial.

A Phoenix AZ police officer, who happens to be the mayor’s son, was already under investigation for allegedly groping a female city employee but is now facing another investigation over a number of unspecified allegations.

A Tallahassee FL police officer is the subject of an arrest warrant on allegations that he physically abused two women, one of which was his ex-girlfriend.

Two Newtown CT police officers have resigned while they were the subject of a criminal and internal investigation involving missing union funds.

Saginaw MI police officer has been awarded a $750,000 judgment over his lawsuit claiming that his supervisor sexually harassed him then retaliated against him when he rebuffed the advances.

A New Jersey state trooper has been indicted for doing work as an insurance investigator while he was on-duty.
 An East Orange NJ police officer has been sentenced to probation for setting his car on fire in a bid to get insurance money.