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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Promote Carl Bigg

And now a word for Supreme Commander of Overhead and unneeded expense, Chief Rhoererer-er 

Just a while ago Carl Biggs’, a Fairfax County cop, was accused of with making up a report about his cruiser having been struck by a hit-and-run driver.  Biggs’ cruiser was the only car involved in the May crash in Annandale. His car hit a utility pole on Gallows Road.
Oh sure, I know what some people are saying “Another piece of lying white trash makes gets hired by the Fairfax County Police, fire him!”
But I say no, and trust me, I know a lot about white trash. I say we promote Carl Bigg to police chief and I say this for several reasons. The firstly reason is the guy acting a police chief wears a ridiculous hat. I don’t care if it does fit the shape of his head it’s still a ridiculous hat.

 Second firstly, promoting cops accused of having a complete contempt for the truth and for the law is what we do in Fairfax County.
Why look at me….and yes, we prefer the term little people….but anyway….when I was chief the police the cop murdered an eye doctor for gambling. And that wasn’t easy. First we had to set him up on the charges and then we had to call the SWAT team to shoot him dead…….do you have any idea how difficult it is to get the SWAT team to stop sitting around watching TV and eating pizza and actually go out and murder someone?
Then we gunned down a guy with mental health issues because he stole a plant. We won’t tolerate plant stealing.  
We set up an innocent man on child molestation charges even though we knew the witness against him was lying.
 After that we arrested a guy for not wearing clothes when he made coffee in his house….we actually had the time, money and man power to that.  
And it goes on and on but the point is despite that all that of this I was promoted to Chief of Axis powers or whatever I am, I forget. In competence pays and it pays very well here in Fairfax County.  
So for those reasons I say we promote Mr. Bigg to Chief of police…..the boy’s got potential.

The secret diary of Gerry Hyland: Here you go Gerry with a G, suck on this for a whi...

The secret diary of Gerry Hyland: Here you go Gerry with a G, suck on this for a whi...:   Every week we report on at least two or three children who are molested by police all across the United States. And those are just the ca...

Nicole Christian and questionable police work

  Every week we report on at least two or three children who are molested by police all across the United States. And those are just the cases that make it to the media. So with that in mind and recalling the Sean Lanigan case, we look at the Fairfax County cops arrest of a local swim instructor accused of inappropriately touching a child and have our doubts and if Fairfax County cop NICOLE CHRISTIAN is involved, than the police should drop all charges immediately because we have seen the results of her work. NICOLE CHRISTIAN is the cop who worked on the case the Sean Lanigan case.
Here’s a summary of what the Fairfax County Police did to Lanigan….and they got away with by the way.

Falsely Accused, Sean Lanigan Attempts to Reclaim His Life
After being exonerated of molestation charges last year, Virginia teacher Sean Lanigan said he felt "like someone lifted an elephant right off my back."
The courtroom erupted in cheers, and several people began to cry, including himself.
"I don't cry very often and I can say I shed a few tears in that moment when I was able to embrace my life," said Lanigan. "I thought, 'Ok, finally some justice was done, and I'm gonna get my life back.'"
But what seemed like the end was only another beginning.
Nearly a year after he was acquitted, the 43-year-old physical education teacher is still struggling to reclaim his reputation and repay 90 percent of his legal bills, especially now that he no longer has a fulltime job.
Last spring, Lanigan was in a different frame of mind, trying to find a way to explain to his children what he was going through.
In 2010, a 12-year-old female student falsely accused Lanigan of allegedly trying to lay on top of her in an equipment room.
One of Lanigan's three children is the same age as his accuser, and another is a year younger. 
"If you had asked me last May would I be standing in my shoes right now, still stressed out, seeing a therapist, worried about the situation, I would have said you're crazy," said Lanigan, who lives in Centreville, Va.
'I'm Going to Make Him Pay' 
Prior to being charged with two felonies, Lanigan had a sterling reputation at Centre Ridge Elementary School, where he worked for 13 years teaching elementary school P.E. He also coached a high school boys' soccer team and various club teams in the area.
Then in December 2009, after giving a verbal warning to a 12-year-old girl after she misbehaved on a school bus, the girl reportedly told her friends, "Mr. Lanigan's a jerk," according to court records reported by The Washington Post.
Then she said, "I'm going to make him pay."
The girl had been part of the Centre Ridge safety patrol team, a group of about 80 fifth and sixth graders whose job it is to make sure the other kids on the school bus are behaving.
As head of the safety patrols, Lanigan received an email from a worried parent saying the girl was bullying kids and using inappropriate language. Lanigan warned the girl that her behavior was inappropriate.
Ten days later he says the girl's behavior continued, and another teacher spoke to her.
Then, in mid-January, the girl and a friend of hers began telling people that Lanigan had tried to lay on top of her in the equipment room, on a stack of blue tumbling mats, saying he would "treat her like a queen."
The friend claimed to have witnessed the whole thing.
The accuser's name is not being used by the media because she is a minor.
Soon, Lanigan would face 40 years in prison.
After the school principal found out about the accusations, the police were called in.
And on Jan. 20 of last year Lanigan was pulled out of class, brought to the principal's office and subsequently interrogated for two hours. For the first half hour, however, he wasn't even aware as to why he was there.
"Half hour into it [detective] Nicole Christian said, 'You have no idea why you're here do you?'" Lanigan recalled. "I said 'No I don't. Please explain to me. What is going on here?'"
That's when he says they told him what he was being accused of.
He says the conversation ended when they asked him to take a polygraph test at which point he said he would willingly take one, but he also wanted to see a lawyer.
"They said if I didn't do anything I shouldn't need to talk to a lawyer," he said.
Shortly afterward, they took his keys and his school badge.
On Jan. 29, he was charged with abduction and aggravated sexual battery and he went to jail where he stayed for four days until he was released on $50,000 bail.
When Lanigan was in jail, police released his booking photograph, age and home address.
"It is usual protocol, but was it necessary?" asked Bill Cummings, a close friend of Lanigan's who has known him for 14 years.
That's the question that many are asking now that Lanigan's name and image has been tarnished.
"I'm doing whatever I can to help him with this intolerable situation. It's disgraceful how he's been treated by Fairfax county schools," Cummings said.
The first few weeks Lanigan was out of jail the community showered him and his family with support -- they brought over dinners, gift cards and even volunteered to watch the kids so he and his wife could have a date night.
Lanigan was well-known in his housing development, a community called Virginia Run.
For several years he dressed up as Santa Claus during the holidays, and showed up at the community center on a flatbed driven by draft horses.
Neighbors would stuff pillows in his Santa suit to camouflage his fit physique. He even played the roles of Great Pumpkin and Easter bunny.
When people heard about the charges against him, they began writing and calling Fairfax, Va. state delegate Tim Hugo.
"I had mothers calling me who said, 'We trust this guy,'" Hugo said, who was amazed at the community's passionate response. "There's not a person who has a bad thing to say."
So many people contacted Hugo that he, in turn, contacted the Fairfax County School District, but he says they told him it was an internal matter and they would not discuss it.
"I think what they've done to Sean Lanigan is unconscionable," said Hugo, who worries other male teachers in the school district feel wary, even paranoid. "The guy's been railroaded."
The school district is currently embroiled in another controversy regarding the closure of Clifton Elementary School.
A Clifton resident recently accused the school board of using email to secretly ask one another whether or not they would vote to close the elementary school, allegedly violating the state's Open Meetings laws.
"Fairfax can never admit they're wrong," Hugo said.
Paul Regnier, the Fairfax schools spokesman, did not respond to an interview request made Monday by ABCNews.com.
The school did, however, issue a statement to The Washington Post on Monday evening. They said the decision to transfer Lanigan to another school was standard practice in "any case involving a serious disciplinary proceeding," and he could "seek reimbursement of his legal fees from his teachers association."
Regnier didn't give any specifics about that reimbursement other than to say the teachers association insures members for up to $35,000.
During the probable cause hearing, the accuser actually admitted that Lanigan never actually laid on top of her. But the case still went to a grand jury.
"Nobody wanted to be attached to dismissing a charge against someone who was alleged to have molested a child," said Cummings.
The accuser reportedly said during the trial that she had always hated Lanigan, according to The Post. She also admitted to a Facebook posting where she called it all "a joke."
Although Lanigan's trial lasted only four days in May and the jury only deliberated for about 10 minutes before deciding he wasn't guilty, Lanigan wasn't allowed to return to Centre Ridge.
Instead, he was transferred to South Lakes High School in Reston, Va., where he was paid a fulltime salary to work five days out of 10.

The decision to go to South Lakes wasn't his, he said, it was a "take it or leave it" situation.
As the months passed, he put up a strong front for himself, and his family.
"I don't talk very often -- I don't chat, I have thick skin," he explained. "There's a lot of people who don't realize how emotionally torn up I've been."
After the trial, "Everyone I talked to said 'I'm so happy your life is back to normal.' My life is not normal."
One of the first Google search results under Lanigan's name pulls up the website badbadteacher.com.
Lanigan says kids still run up to him, saying they miss him.
"Sometimes it brings me to tears," he said.
Then, to his dismay, in March the school district notified Lanigan they would only pay for $60,000 of his legal fees -- he incurred more than $120,000.
And last month, he was destaffed from South Lakes -- a decision based on seniority and enrollment numbers.
The school simply didn't have the enrollment to staff nine P.E. teachers.
His wife Karin is working part-time in order to help take care of their children who range in ages from 8 to 14. She left her fulltime position when Lanigan was transferred to Reston.
Despite all of these hardships, the Lanigan family doesn't plan on leaving the area -- both Lanigan and his wife were born and raised in Northern Virginia and their parents are still there too.
Uprooting, he says, would be a major disruption.
Until The Washington Post's Saturday article highlighting Lanigan's present-day difficulties, several families in their housing development had assumed the Lanigan family was doing O.K.
But Beth Tweddle, 50, a neighbor who has known the Lanigans for more than 10 years, said his inner circle knew better.
The pain of being falsely accused hadn't diminished: she watched as Lanigan lost weight, his trademark "booming" laugh fading away.
 "After the exoneration we heard that laugh again," said Tweddle. "It was so great a year ago for it to come back again. But it's been diminished."
When asked if he would consider suing the accuser's family, Lanigan said, "I just don't know." 
Right now, he says, his focus is on trying to get his money back and securing a job.
The Lanigan family has taken out loans to make ends meet, so they've set up a fund to help pay off the legal bills.
Lanigan is also picking up work as a soccer trainer at a soccer club.
"Hopefully," Tweddle said, "Sean's laugh will be back soon."
For now, Lanigan and his wife are staying strong. They celebrated their 16th anniversary last Friday, and Lanigan says they're closer than ever: "one strong, unified mind."
"We've always taught our kids right and wrong, and … there are people out there that are trying to make this thing right," he said.

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Group calls penalty for Brooklyn Park cop too light

A Brooklyn Park police officer received a five-day unpaid suspension last month after an investigation of his activities, most while he was a member of the Metro Gang Strike Force, which was disbanded in 2009.
Sgt. Greg Burstad, who has returned to duty, had been on a paid leave since September while the Brooklyn Park department conducted the investigation, which stemmed from claims made in the settlement of a lawsuit against the Strike Force. They involved allegations from 2007-08.
The activist group Communities United Against Police Brutality, which submitted about 30 complaints against Burstad, held a news conference Monday in Brooklyn Park to protest his suspension as too light and to call for Chief Michael Davis’ resignation.
Three Brooklyn Park police officials spent nine months reviewing the complaints and found evidence to support eight allegations of policy violations, for which Burstad was suspended June 1-5, said Deputy Chief Jeff Ankerfelt. The policies involved conduct, use of physical force, filing reports and use of search warrants, Ankerfelt said. He said he couldn’t release details until the city’s attorney reviewed what data is public information.
He said Burstad, who resumed work the next day, is a decorated officer with the department since 2001, and had no previous disciplinary history.
Communities United President Michelle Gross said a week’s suspension “was nowhere near adequate.” She said that Chief Davis should resign and that her group has filed a complaint about him with city officials and the Minnesota Peace Officers Standards and Training Board.
Burstad, 38, couldn’t be reached for comment. Davis was out of town, but Ankerfelt said asking for his resignation “was unreasonable and unresponsible. … To suggest he didn’t take this seriously is inaccurate.”
He noted that the department interviewed all 30 complainants with Gross and attorney Phil Johnson present. He said investigators collected both the complainants’ version of events and all evidence available from the Strike Force civil case.
Ankerfelt said Burstad has done a great job of supervising the city’s community response unit. A department release said: “Several years have passed since Burstad was involved in the failures outlined in this investigation. He has since helped our department develop gang reduction and youth violence prevention efforts that have been progressive, well managed and professionally competent.”
Burstad has never been charged but was cited in the settlement of the civil class action against Strike Force officers. The state Public Safety Department disbanded the Strike Force in May 2009.

St. Pete Police Officer Fired, Two More Suspended

A St. Petersburg Police Officer has been fired and two more suspended following a shooting during the investigation of an occupied stolen car on April 15.

Officers Disciplined:
•           Officer George Graves, 30, was fired. He had been with the department since November 2008.
•           Officer Brandon Bill, 32, received an 80-hour unpaid suspension. He has been with the department since November 2008.
•           Officer Richard Bishop, 31, also received an 80-hour unpaid suspension. He has been a police officer since May 2011.
An internal investigation found Bill and Bishop were at fault for walking in front of the vehicle while leaving a position of safety and shooting at the moving vehicle.
Graves had several violations, including "serious neglect, incompetence, or inefficiency in the performance of assigned duties."
How It Happened?
According to police, Bill and Bishop approached the stolen vehicle unaware it was occupied. Once they realized it was, they drew their firearms and shouted commands at the occupants.
Police said the driver of the stolen car opened the door but then began to drive away. Bishop then walked in front of the moving vehicle and fired his gun at the driver while he was stumbling backward.
The vehicle then tried to turn north in the alley, located between 26th Street South and Auburn Street, but struck a tree. Bill moved toward the vehicle but as he approached, the vehicle backed up and hit Bill on the holster of his right hip.
After being hit, Bill was now stuck between the fence and the car. Bill said fearing he would be crushed, he began shooting at the driver's side of the car. Thinking Bill was in danger, officials said Bishop fired his gun a second time.
The vehicle continued to back out and left the alley.
Graves, who police said has taken a perimeter in the alley, heard multiple gunshots and left his vehicle. He saw the car leaving the scene and he fired his gun twice, police said.
According to police, the car stopped in another alley and the female passenger of the car was taken into custody and treated for a non-life threatening gunshot wound. The driver fled but was later captured.
Graves was cited for carrying two firearms, telling an inconsistent story to the department and carelessly shooting at a moving vehicle.
According to the police shooting review board, Graves "heard the initial rounds being discharged in the alley, but had no information of what had actually occurred. He was aware they were working a stolen vehicle as he had helped with the surveillance.

"His testimony was very inconsistent with the evidence of the case," the police report continued. "He fired two rounds at the vehicle, which was over 90 ft. away when he discharged his firearm, and the vehicle was traveling away from him in a 90-degree direction. No one was being threatened with death or great bodily harm at the time he discharged his weapon

Albuquerque officer accidentally shoots fellow cop

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Authorities say an Albuquerque police officer is recovering after another officer accidentally shot him when the fellow officer bumped into a wall.
Albuquerque police said the officer was shot Monday evening during an investigation into a possible gunman on the roof of a business.
Albuquerque police spokesman Robert Gibbs says when officers arrived to the scene they found people playing with a BB gun.
But as officers later searched the area, police say one officer bumped up against a wall and accidentally fired a shot, hitting another officer in the calf.

The officer was taken to University of New Mexico Hospital with a non-life-threatening injury. The injured officer is expected to make a full recovery.

Another San Marcos Police Officer Charged

A second San Marcos police officer has been charged with a crime this week -- this time the officer is accused of obtaining fraudulent prescriptions.
The San Marcos Police Department says Officer David Amerson turned himself in early Wednesday morning on two arrest warrants for obtaining controlled substances by fraud. The charges are second and third degree felonies.
Amerson surrendered at the Hays County Law Enforcement Center shortly before 6 a.m. and was released under $10,000 bond around 9 a.m., according to San Marcos police.
Officials say the charges stem from an investigation by the Hays County Drug Task Force in conjunction with the Texas Department of Public Safety.
Amerson was relieved of duty May 23 and placed on administrative leave pending the internal and criminal investigations, officials say.
Another San Marcos police officer -- Cpl. James Palermo -- was arrested Tuesday afternoon. He is accused of beating a suspect on May 29.