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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”



Fairfax police combat citizens using cell phones!

                      In other news; Board of Supervisors insist Fairfax Police are not mentally retarded

cop misconduct National Misconduct News Feed for Friday, November 19, 2010:

Cop stupidity cost to the taxpayers today $380,000...in one fuck'n day! Over $70,000,000 for the month of November (Figure does not include out of court settlements)

A DeKalb County GA deputy has been sentenced to 65 years in prison for murdering his wife then murdering a day laborer in an attempt to pin the murder on him. (Aggression/violence towards women)

A Brighton Alabama cop has been found guilty of murdering a 27-year-old computer engineer while he was off-duty. (Aggression/violence towards women)

A Plano TX narcotics cop claims that he was trying to use his gun-mounted light when he accidentally shot a suspect to death.

Sexual assault
A Spencer IA cop has pled no contest to a 4th degree sexual assault charge in an unspecified incident. He was sentenced to a fine and is cleared to return to work. (Aggression/violence towards women)

False arrest
Five Jackson MS cops are under investigation for after a store owner’s surveillance video appeared to support his claims that the cops harassed them then falsely arrested them for assaulting a cop after they had asked the cops why they were harassing and searching their customers. (Aggression/violence)

A Cape Coral FL cop has resigned while his union was appealing his termination over a number of excessive force claims and two excessive force-related lawsuits. (Aggression/violence)

A Prince George’s County Maryland cop is under investigation after he apparently chased a man and instigated an altercation inside a courthouse because he overheard the man tell a friend on the phone that he was happy a cop who is facing corruption charges was going to remain in jail until his next hearing. (Aggression/violence)

A Plattsburgh NY cop has been arrested on assault and criminal mischief charges involving a domestic incident with his girlfriend. (Aggression/violence towards women)

Domestic violence
A Jacksonville FL cop is on unpaid leave after he was arrested and jailed for violating a domestic violence protection order. (Aggression/violence towards women)

A Grants NM cop has been charged with battery on a household member after a domestic dispute involving a fellow cop following a night out at the bar. (Aggression/violence towards women)

A Greenwood IN cop is facing potential disciplinary action after he apparently pulled a gun on a man who confronted him about leaving his baby alone in a car while he was apparently drunk. (Aggression/violence)

Involuntary manslaughter
A Clovis NM cop is under investigation after allegedly causing a fatal accident when he ran a stop sign in his cruiser.

An East Orange NJ cop has pled guilty to insurance fraud for setting fire to his own car in a bid to get insurance money because he was frustrated it was worth less than what he owed on it.

A Provo UT cop has been charged with theft & possession of controlled substances on allegations that he attempted to fraudulently obtain prescription drugs using information he gained while responding to a call at someone’s home. The cop sparked suspicion by returning to the home for “follow-ups” and the victim caught the cop in the act by setting up a surveillance camera.

A Moss Point MS cop has been fired for offering to rip up a woman’s traffic ticket in exchange for sex behind stadium. (Aggression/violence towards women)

A Phoenix AZ cop has accepted a plea deal that greatly reduced the number and severity of charges he faced for shaking down suspected drug dealers.

A Henry County VA deputy has received a suspended sentence and a fine for a perjury charge after lying to grand jury that was investigating misconduct at the jail.

A Dallas TX cop has been suspended for 15 days for failing to show up at a DUI trial where he was set to testify and then lying about the reason why.

Civil right violation/Assault
Laguna Beach CA and Orange County CA settled a lawsuit for $380,000 to an innocent man who was tasered in his own bedroom shortly after he was awakened by deputies who entered his home in a case of mistaken ID, confusing him as a suspect then falsely arresting him when they figured out he wasn’t their man.

Regular old idiot cop behavior
Mufaula OK cop sergeant has resigned before a termination hearing that was scheduled in response to an unspecified state investigation.

cop misconduct National Misconduct News Feed for Friday, November 19, 2010:

Cops and kids...run children! run!

A Fredricktown MO cop captain has pled guilty to 22 charges including statutory sodomy and sexual exploitation of minor for molesting children after scout meetings. (Aggression/violence towards women)

A Huntersville NC cop lieutenant is on paid leave after being arrested on an indecent liberties with a minor charge. (Aggression/violence towards women)

Kids and Cops...Run Children! Run!

A Seattle WA cop already under investigation over a video released by the press yesterday showing him kick a teen in the crotch, face, and chest is the subject of more scrutiny after reporters uncovered another video filmed right after that incident which shows the undercover cop punch a man who was trying to record what was happening on his cell phone. (violent/aggressive behavior)

A Windsor Locks CT cop has been charged with manslaughter for fatally hitting teen with his car. The incident is still under investigation to determine why responding officers didn’t perform sobriety tests since a video shows the officer had been drinking prior to the crash. (Alcohol/drug related)

A Mentor OH cop received a suspended sentence & probation for headbutting and beating a little league coach while at a game. (violent/aggressive behavior)

A St Louis MO cop lieutenant and one of her officers are both under investigation and the subject of a lawsuit filed by a teen girl who alleges that the lieutenant had her arrested on false charges because she didn’t like her seeing her son. Furthermore, once the complaint was made to cop, the lieutenant’s son is accused of badly beating the girl, hospitalizing her for several days, when he attempted to coerce her into changing her story so his mom would lose her job. ((violence/aggression towards women)

National Police Misconduct News Feed for Thursday, November 18, 2010:

A Fort Worth TX narcotics officer has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty in the middle of his trial for intoxicated manslaughter over a fatal DUI-related crash. (violent/aggressive behavior)

A Fond du Lac WI cop is under investigation for throwing a handcuffed mentally challenged man into a table, causing the man to suffer a gash on his head.

Civil rights violation
At least three Eugene OR cops are the subject of a lawsuit alleging that dashcam video proves a man was falsely arrested for threatening to file a civil suit against cop who had made him sit in the wet mud for nearly an hour while detained. Allegedly, a cop supervisor showed up and told the officers that, since he was going to file a complaint, they would be screwed if they didn’t arrest him.

Unlawful restraint & trespass
A Hartford CT cop has resigned as part of his sentence which includes 4 months of house arrest for his unlawful restraint & trespass conviction in a DV-related case.

A Monroe County NY sheriff’s captain has been indicted on 1 computer tampering, 3 rape and 13 official misconduct charges revolving around allegations she had sex with inmates

A Vidalia LA cop chief has pled guilty to making false statements to federal agents who were investigating illegal gun sales.

A Minneapolis MN cop chief is being criticized in a report by that city’s review board for only disciplining 6 of 11 cops who had sustained findings of misconduct after investigations. The chief claims he decided not to discipline them because the cases were too old.

A Berkeley County WV deputy has resigned after admitting to stealing oxycodone from evidence. However, this information only made it out to the public because the cop had to tell a judge about it when asking him to exclude that information from another man’s trial since it may affect that case.

A Newburgh NY cop has been indicted on felony charges over his own hit & run accident that he attempted to cover up by himself and even collected insurance money from.

A Bridgeport CT cop lieutenant has been fired & 4 other officers suspended for up to 1 year for their roles in a “sordid” cover-up of a fellow officer’s DUI-related hit&run accident.

A Cincinnati OH cop has resigned as part of his plea deal which reduced charges for intentionally torching his car to get insurance money.

Four Phoenix AZ cops have been indicted on fraud & theft charges as part of fraud probe involving 25 other officers who are currently under investigation

Sexual Stalking
An Oceanside CA cop is the subject of a lawsuit alleging he sexually harassed a nurse who was hired to do DUI blood draws for the department. The officer was fired after an investigation into the complaint. (violence/aggression towards women)

Domestic assault
A Forsyth County NC deputy has been placed on leave after he was arrested on domestic assault charges for allegedly throwing a pumpkin at his wife during an argument. (violence/aggression towards women)

General/typical white trash behavior
4 Rialto CA cops have been disciplined, but the department refuses to say how, after an investigation into allegations of on-duty group sex sessions with strippers that was sparked by a lawsuit by one of the women involved and caused two other cops to resign. (violence/aggression towards women)

Seattle WA cop officials say they are investigating whether there was some sort of cover-up which prevented cop commanders from being told about the video before the media told them about it, especially since the department had the video for nearly a month. If this kind of logic is difficult to grasp, think of it this way, the cop wants the cop to investigate the cop for failing to investigate the cop