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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

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idiots at work

Cops and animals, a strange, strange relationship

Aiken Co SC deputy claims he was frightened by family’s toothless arthritic elderly dog when he shot it to death [2] bit.ly/ndyAVU

Cops and Kids…..creepy creepy creepy

Royston GA police officer arrested on child molestation charges possibly involving multiple incidents [1] bit.ly/pJrJDN


Natchez MS cop sentenced to 2yrs prison for stealing credit cards from man he allegedly beat in back of cruiser [0] bit.ly/qgP9Lj

Maui HI cop sentenced to 18mo prison for stealing $1500 from motorist during a traffic stop and for extorting sex from a female detainee [0] bit.ly/pRvouD

Edinburg TX police sued by strip club owners after police confiscate cash & property in raid that found nothing [4] bit.ly/o2R5Lg


Baltimore MD cop pleads guilty to conspiracy & extortion charges in tow kickback scandal, 7th of 17 to plead so far [0] bsun.md/r6jreW

Drugs/ Drunk

Florida State trooper, Westchester Co NY cop & 3 TSA agents arrested for alleged roles in oxycodone trafficking ring [0] bit.ly/ospizf

Essex Co NJ deputy pleads guilty to laundering what he believed was drug trafficking money in sting operation [0] bit.ly/nDtcLP

Portland OR cop arrested on drunk driving charge after found passed out in car while off duty [0] http://bit.ly/qh0wzR

Key West FL cop suspended after arrested on drunk driving and hit & run charges after crashing into parked car [0] bit.ly/pWb56j

Mission TX police officer arrested on drunk driving charge after stopped by trooper for several alleged violations [0] bit.ly/qmYiOc

2 New York NY cops under investigation for sexually suggestive dancing on video during West Indian Day parade [0] nydn.us/pX7T5E

When idiots gather

Honolulu HI cop investigated after allegedly posting pic & making fun of badly burned theft suspect on Facebook page [0] http://bit.ly/pHlqCj

Haines FL sued by an innocent man who lost job and home after he was arrested, strip searched & jailed for 2 days due to a warrant made out to the same-name except that it was for a woman [0] bit.ly/qaOJil

Cops and women…..yeah, they hate em, but they’ll never admit it to themselves

Cuyahoga Co OH deputy charged w/menacing & public indecency for masturbating & chasing women in park on day off [0] bit.ly/nsG0LR

San Diego CA police sued by cop claiming detectives in sex crimes unit sexually harassed & retaliated against her [3] bit.ly/o8VSe1

Leland NC cop wins harassment complaint after repeatedly shot in a “private area” w/training ammo by fellow cops [2] bit.ly/qXgUT0

New Orleans LA cop sentenced to 210 years in prison after pleading guilty to 7 counts of rape, 6 of those counts involved the teen daughter of his girlfriend. [0] bit.ly/nY90Az

Montreal QC police under investigation over videotaped incident where woman was thrown into metal pole [0] bit.ly/pqwkzG

Doña Ana Co NM agrees to pay hospital bill for 19yr-old who was billed by the hospital that subjected her to a fruitless body cavity search that was ordered by the police. [1] bit.ly/nglAu3

Orleans Parish LA deputy arrested on agg rape, kidnapping & sexual malfeasance in office charges involving inmate [0] bit.ly/pyo9ji

2 McCracken Co KY deputies reprimanded and apologize to dad of teen girl used in drug bust without his consent [0] bit.ly/rlNigF

Cuyahoga Co OH deputy investigated after questioned for allegedly stalking women around park while on sick leave [0] bit.ly/oaBJij

Meigs GA cop fired after arrested on statutory rape charges following a local & state investigation [1] bit.ly/mRaC27

West Memphis AR cop arrested on domestic battery charge after teachers report suspicious marks on his stepchild [0] bit.ly/qoorD2

Perry Twp OH cop remains on duty after arrested on assault charge involving unspecified woman [2] bit.ly/olUHTr

White trash weekly update

Memphis TN cop arrested on domestic assault charge for allegedly hitting ex-husband in the back of the head [0] bit.ly/olYHcZ

Premeditated murder

Buena Vista MI police officer arrested on premeditated murder charges related to the strangulation death of a woman who was weeks away from giving birth to what police believe is his child. [0] http://is.gd/FZ2xEt (Corrected from being listed as “Saginaw County previously)

Just regular ole everyday murder

Northside TX ISD cop with a history of 16 reprimands is the subject of a lawsuit by the family of a 14-year-old student who was fatally shot in a questionable incident where the officer’s report was contradicted by a witness [3] bit.ly/nuVvtL

Technically not murder

West Covina CA settles suit for $1.5mil to family of man shot 15x by cops claiming he took the baton they beat him with and attacked them with it after they detained him for being suspicious [3] bit.ly/oDIada

Excessive/unreasonable force

Cottageville SC is citing budget pressure as their reason for firing a cop who had been fired or forced to resign from a number of other police departments for excessive force and misconduct who is now being investigated for fatally shooting that town’s ex-mayor with a shotgun. [2] bit.ly/qGwUwj

Charleston WV police are being sued for unreasonable force by the widow of cop who was killed by friendly fire during a car chase involving a man suspected of misdemeanor crimes. [0] bit.ly/q7MwyX

San Francisco CA cop was videotaped hitting a photojournalist’s camera twice during the latest BART police brutality protest [3] bit.ly/rhhUwv

2 Chicago IL cops sued by man claiming they beat him for taking photos of them dragging a man down street with their police cruiser. [5] bit.ly/pxNES7

First, kill the press, the cameramen and free speech

BART CA police considering restrictions on media coverage of protests after detaining journalists at last protest [5] bit.ly/q7p1bd

Chattanooga TN cop accused of having role in pressuring a bar to censor a band when they played song critical of cops [3] bit.ly/rmcQWw

Sacramento Co CA settles suit for $400k to 2 men whose drug convictions were overturned thanks to recording [3] bit.ly/ptyOIC

Good news for the good guys, bad news for the bad guys

US District Court for Eastern District New York overturns ruling allowing stopping & searching vehicles on hunch [0] bit.ly/p9qIn2


Washington Co NY settles claim for $83k to family of 83yr-old man struck by cruiser chasing car w/o lights or siren [0] bit.ly/n1g280

Obstruction of justice

Mission TX police labor lawyers say police chief got preferential treatment despite gun being stolen from car [0] bit.ly/rk7kWd

Seattle WA police sergeant retires ahead of disciplinary hearing over rubberstamped DUI arrest reports [0] bit.ly/qpR9I5

Waynesboro GA cop resigns after suspended for allegedly destroying drug evidence to give teen break at traffic stop [0] bit.ly/oVWDM0

Los Angeles CA USD cop convicted on false evidence & other charges for fake shooting incident that sparked lockdown and manhunt [0] bit.ly/mPTXDn

Edison Twp NJ settles discrimination & retaliation suit for $250k to cop suspended after complaint about fellow cop [0] bit.ly/n8TdW8