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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Village People singing guy joins Fairfax County Police ...gets big bright hat

Village people guy and that kind of mustache DOES NOT mean he's a gay guy..........................................no really, it doesn't 

Okay its true, they hired me because I'm actually shorter then the lazy guy who runs the place

          You know, doesn't he kinda look like an elf?

another fuck'n award.....I mean....what the ...does this guy ever do any work?

So finally they called the fire department to show him how to unfold his hands...does this guy ever do any work?

So finally they called the fire department to help him unlock his finger...does this guy ever do any work?

No, lets go over this again, idiot, they go over your bald head not over your balls...moron

...yeah, Fairfax County Cops award themselves with more awards



Special Award: Occupant Protection  Fairfax County Police Department

idiots at work



Yet another video has surfaced showing deputy inspector Tony Bologna needlessly pepperspraying a second group of people on the same day that he peppersprayed at least 4 women without cause at the #occupywallstreet protests on Saturday. Instead the department, which had insistently claimed that officer Bologna, who has a history of excessive force allegations involving protesters, was justified in his use of pepperspray, has now promised to do an investigation before jumping right into denial mode yet again. [5] http://t.co/YIE6Y6Xy

 Clayton County GA police are being accused of intentionally failing to control a cop that is a accused of terrorizing that county’s citizens. The officer hasn’t faced a day of disciplinary actions despite an internal affairs record 500 pages long that includes a record-breaking 58 use-of-force cases and 12 excessive force complaints that include allegations that he pummeled a man with his fists and a baton while that man was passed out inside his own car due to a diabetic attack even though the man had stickers on his car to warn people about his condition. [3] http://t.co/sps6qIyg

Denver CO has offered to settle a brutality suit that threatened to force the department to release thousands of secret excessive force records, all in an apparent effort to keep that from happening. However, a second excessive force lawsuit against the same officer is threatening to do the same after the lawyers in that suit have requested the exact same records that a court was forcing the department to release in that other case. I foresee another quick settlement in Denver’s future. [3] http://t.co/rUPmY04G

Seattle WA police have been ordered to pay $20,000 in penalties for refusing to release internal investigation files relating to an excessive force lawsuit filed by a 72-year-old man who claims officers, cleared by that secret investigation, had abused him when they came to his business in response to a call from his health insurer who said he was suicidal because he sarcastically said “I might as well die now” while disputing his insurer’s refusal to pay for medication. [4] http://t.co/2Us61Wfc

Montreal QC cop was cited by an ethics commission for using excessive force when he repeatedly tasered a suspect which then resulted in the man’s death. A second officer was also cited for failing to stop that officer from repeatedly tasering that man. [0] http://t.co/sPawDkYi

Hate Crimes

 Morehouse Parish LA sheriff and 2 of his deputies are being sued on allegations that they conspired to intentionally falsely arrest and prosecute an innocent man in an attempt to cover for a hate crime committed by a deputy’s two sons. [4] http://t.co/DgSt6WEO

Attempted Rape

Farmington NM cop was suspended while he’s being investigated after a woman filed fore an emergency restraining order accusing that officer of raping her at her home. [1] http://t.co/7QbSKfAH

Creepy Cop behavior

A Memphis TN cop who shot himself in an attempt to endear himself on a teen girl he fancied has now been arrested by state investigators on false reporting charges and for solicitation to commit murder in an alleged plot to have someone kill that girl’s boyfriend as well. [0] http://t.co/8pWOWoN0

Hull MA cop sues alleging sexually harassed by the police chief two other senior officers but was told that she would be fired when she tried to report it to the city. [3] http://t.co/gtdl8Exi

RCMP gang cop in BC is under investigation after he was accused of hitting on a man’s girlfriend during a pretty questionable traffic stop. [0] http://t.co/o8nt3RKv

Primera TX police chief is being accused of sending a county constable unsolicited transgender porn images on his cellphone in an alleged rivalry over their battle to become constable. [0] http://t.co/1b51AjuE

Extortion, launder money & distribute drug

Whitley Co KY sheriff was sentenced to 15.5 years for conspiracy to commit extortion, launder money & distribute drugs. [0] http://t.co/5FJu2jxc


Indianapolis IN cop was found guilty of arson for setting fire to an apartment complex. He is still facing trial for four other acts of alleged arson as well. [0] http://t.co/bwYtqWNM

Wire fraud & ID theft charges

Montgomery AL cop sentenced to 48 months in prison on federal wire fraud & ID theft charges. He apparently used police databases to steal other people’s identities. [0] http://t.co/hXfg7pUt

Grand theft

West Palm Beach FL deputy has been charged with three counts of grand theft for allegedly selling a trailer home that wasn’t his. [0] http://t.co/dSjdAa4D


Lumberton NC cop arrested for embezzlement in office & several drug charges after a state investigation [1] http://t.co/1grN4S9u

Being an idiot
Anchorage AK police chief gets an official reprimand but no ticket for rear ending a motorist while he was distracted by his iPhone [0] http://t.co/K9LZxhYM

Idiots at work


New Orleans LA settles suit for an undisclosed sum to the family of a mentally ill man they claim wasn’t a threat when police fatally shot him 9 times.. [0] bit.ly/oLyWfM

At least one Cypress CA cop is accused of harassing the father of Kelly Thomas who was a mentally ill man who was beaten to death by Fullerton cops, two of which are facing manslaughter and murder charges. The interview where the allegations is discussed is at 2:45 in the following link [3] bit.ly/nvf9xH

El Paso Co CO deputy with two previous reckless driving convictions has been fired & faces charges for causing a fatal crash by running a red light [0] bit.ly/qgcUVX


Fairfax Co VA cop arrested on domestic assault & battery charges after altercation w/unspecified acquaintance [1] bit.ly/pFiKVG

Rome GA cop fired & another was given unspecified discipline for an incident where a 20-year-old man was left paralyzed from a broken neck after he fell down a cliff when he was tasered twice. [0] bit.ly/pFcvSe

 Navajo Nation AZ police officer was sentenced to 6 months jail & 6 months house arrest for beating & macing a handcuffed man in retaliation for a run in he had with the officer’s relative who is also a cop. [0] bit.ly/qhlO3o

 2 RCMP officers in Manitoba were found guilty of beating a handcuffed man. They claimed he injured himself. [0] bit.ly/nkrgnm

 Detroit MI sued by man claiming the officer’s report didn’t match video from the casino where the officer broke his nose after punching him twice in the face then broke his ribs with two punches to his back while they were escorting him out. [4] bit.ly/rqo6jT

 Las Vegas NV settles suit for $125k to a female defense attorney who was injured by an officer when he wrenched her arm behind her and up over her head because she was taking too long giving him her papers during a traffic stop for a u-turn she didn’t take. [3] bit.ly/pfMtA3

Dover NJ settles suit for $185k to a man who was 17 when he claimed that a cop beat him in a holding cell in retaliation when he mistook him for his brother who the officer claimed had hit him earlier that evening. [3] bit.ly/qMvQ0c

Arkansas State Univ cop arrested after alleged dispute with Jonesboro AR cop who was arresting his nephew, it’s unclear why the nephew was being arrested. [0] bit.ly/qhKU6c

Los Angeles Co CA report on jail by ACLU contains details on allegations of widespread abuses by sheriff’s deputies. That report contained 70 testimonies from civilians, jail employees and prisoners alike and will likely be used as the basis of a planned lawsuit. [3] http://nyti.ms/qgUaZm

Child abuse

DeKalb Co GA cop pleads guilty to several charges for molesting two 15-year-old girls at a school and for drug possession. [0] bit.ly/p0y7Ks

Oxford MS cop was suspended w/o pay after indicted on felony child abuse and sexual battery charges [0] bit.ly/ru5B4x

Kiowa Co CO deputy who was also a Lamar CO reserve officer was arrested on sexual assault on a child by a person of trust charge. [0] bit.ly/nKQT2N

Pennington Co SD deputy was sentenced to 30 years in prison for possession & manufacture of child porn. He allegedly used his position to gain access the kids he took explicit pictures of until a 6-year-old boy reported him. [0] bit.ly/rsAUif

Northside Independent School Dist TX police officer fired after arrested for causing bodily injury to a young child who was a relative. [1] bit.ly/p8oezq

Sexual assault

 2 Richmond VA deputies fired on allegations of “inappropriate contact” with female jail detainees, they may still face charges. [1] bit.ly/nGgWyn

Dallas TX cop resigns while investigated for allegedly coercing 2 female theft victims to show him their breasts [0] bit.ly/neMHBp


Romulus MI ex-police chief & 5 cops arrested for misappropriation of public funds involving a prostitution probe. Apparently it’s being alleged that the officers used public funds to pay for sex. [1] bit.ly/nTce81

Martins Ferry OH ex-police chief in jail for celeb surrogate burglary sentenced to 3 more years for stolen dpt guns [0] bit.ly/qkqpfW

Morganton NC cop pleads guilty for embezzling $9,000 from police union to pay for trips to beach & electronics [0] bit.ly/nQSJyj

Indio CA police chief fired for his role in multi-million dollar federal grant scandal that led to one conviction [0] bit.ly/oUuj51

Easton PA cop resigns while investigated for allegedly taking lost wallet but not reporting it or turning it over [0] bit.ly/nH4UEW


 Ohio state trooper resigns after arrested on fraud charges and is currently under investigation for alleged links to drug trafficking [0] bit.ly/oHMN0P

Daviess Co IN deputy suspended while investigated for an alleged by unspecified compromise of info in drug case [1] bit.ly/nOLuIA

Baltimore MD cop arrested for driving drunk, leading cops on high-speed chase, reaching for gun & resisting arrest [0] bsun.md/nSHMc0

New Castle NY sued by police lieutenant claiming he was retaliated against for investigating a sergeant who came to work drunk [4] bit.ly/r55lIj


Cicero IL cop sentenced to 2yrs prison after pleading guilty to leaking info to alleged mob racketeering bosses [0] bit.ly/puIYlT

Money laundering

2 of 3 Lake Co IN deputies charged w/money laundering & selling military-grade firearms on internet have accepted a plea deal [0] bit.ly/nv4VGC

Bribery & corrupt influence

Baton Rouge LA cop sentenced to 3yrs prison after pleading no contest to bribery & corrupt influence charges [0] bit.ly/o8IR5K

Los Angeles Co CA deputy resigns & may face charge for accepting $1500 to smuggle a cell phone into jail in a sting that was part of an ongoing FBI investigation into that jail. [0] http://lat.ms/nEfMQX

New York NY police recorded in wiretaps associated with the ticket fixing scandal there were apparently using racist remarks with such frequency that many other officers may face discipline for it and prosecutors are desperately trying to keep those recordings from being unsealed in court in fear of jeopardizing criminal cases where those officers were arresting officers. [3] nydn.us/p8HCbE

Standard Nazi behavior

New York NY cop accused of detaining & harassing tourist for legally taking photograph at 9/11 memorial [3] bit.ly/qE3D1d

Witness intimidation

Lynn MA cop found guilty of witness intimidation when he hit man w/car [0] bit.ly/p57RKZ

Control the press, control the bad news

 Pittsburgh PA police are being sued by a man who claims he was detained without charge for 12hrs at a G20 protest despite having press credentials [3] bit.ly/opcGxm

It was finally confirmed today that New York NY police detained a PBS WNET journalist for 9 hours during the “Occupy Wall Street” protests when he tried to to interview the women who were peppersprayed without cause in the above video that we first reported on this weekend. [4] bit.ly/ri5I8R

Cops and women…..a strange, strange relationship

San Diego CA police sgt gets probation in plea for stalking & harassing phone calls to female cop, still on duty [0] bit.ly/pTyknO

RCMP officer in BC is under investigation after being accused of repeatedly punching a handcuffed 17-year-old girl in the face in the back of his cruiser after police were called to help her. The girl was not charged with any crime. [3] bit.ly/q3XQ69