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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

BIG NEWS!!!!!!Fairfax County Police invesitgate Fairfax County Police for murder and Find Fairfax County Police NOT GUILTY!!!! Amazing

Fairfax County shields cops when public complains

Fairfax County provides its police with some of the most sweeping protections in the nation, using secrecy to shield officers from public complaints.But a vocal group of residents say that while cops benefit, the public is usually left in the dark. And that darkness can be an unbearable place, said Brook Beshah.
Beshah's 19-year-old son, Hailu Brook, was shot and killed by Fairfax police on Dec. 10, 2008, in connection with a McLean bank robbery.
According to police, a man matching the description of the bank robber fled the scene. When officers confronted Brook, he produced what appeared to be a gun. The cops fired, striking him in the upper body and killing him. Police later confirmed that Brook's gun was a toy.
"They could've apprehended him and tried him in court. They could've shot him in the arm, or the leg - not like he was a billboard," said Beshah, a former Ethiopian diplomat. "This is America -- not Africa, not Mexico."
After a nearly two-year investigation, Beshah was told that the department ruled the shooting of his son justified. His efforts to read the investigative report and watch in-car videos of that day's events were stonewalled. He was never told the officers' names, discovering them later in a local news blog story about the officers being awarded medals.
"I want to know the truth," Beshah said. "Whatever happened, my son was killed with excessive force."
But while Beshah and others like him long for a more complete picture of police actions, Fairfax officials say they are in accordance with a Virginia law that does not compel police to disclose detailed information about how it handles public complaints.
Virginia's Association of Chiefs of Police hails the law for allowing "one of the broadest exemptions for releasing information ... in all the states." Essentially, police departments have the right to release information at their discretion, on their timeline -- and Fairfax exercises that right liberally.
"Fairfax is more protective than most departments," said Edward Nuttall, general counsel for the Fairfax Coalition of Police. That secrecy is often a matter of safety for police whose jobs could make them targets, he said.
In contrast, Maryland's Montgomery County releases the names of officers involved in shootings as a matter of policy.
Frustrated with Fairfax police, Beshah joined with the Virginia Citizens Coalition for Police Accountability to demand more transparency from the department. In June, after more than a year of pressure from the coalition, the Fairfax County board rejected the idea of creating civilian oversight of the department, but did order its own audit of police procedures.
The coalition has made some progress. Late last year, department policy was changed to allow -- but not require -- the release of the names of officers involved in shootings, said spokeswoman Lucy Caldwell.
"At this particular time, we're looking at each case individually," Caldwell said. "We're weighing a variety of factors to decide if information will be released."

Idiots at work

·         2 Baton Rouge LA cops are shown on video repeatedly slamming a cuffed man on the hood of a cruiser after that man declared he wanted to file report. [3] http://bit.ly/q7QjXF

·         A Manheim PA cop was arrested on corruption of a minor charges on allegations of inappropriate contact with a teen girl over a period of 4 years. [0] http://bit.ly/qygwii

·         Adrian Twp MI police chief left dept under allegations of unprofessional conduct, but officials won’t say if he was fired or resigned. [2] http://bit.ly/qNfCrH

·         1 of 17 Denver CO cops on a Brady list for dishonesty, criminal records or disciplinary issues. However it appears that this info is not well shared with defendants and their lawyers. [3] http://bit.ly/qamxka

·         Detroit MI cop rescued from burning car by good Samaritan is suspended after testing positive for alcohol & drug use in that crash. [1] http://bit.ly/pTdQpy

·         Marinette WI cop cited for drunk driving after colliding with another motorcyclist while off duty a day after that town’s mayor got a DUI as well. [0] http://bit.ly/nDmaYQ

·         3 Humphries Co TN deputies & 2 Waverly TN cops investigated over dashcam video purportedly showing them strip & beat man for 14mins [2] http://bit.ly/qeFRtA

·         Pennsylvania settles suit for $50k to man claiming 2 troopers beat him at barracks after he called 911 for ambulance [3] http://bit.ly/nXuIXL

·         Jefferson Co AR p/t deputy working for judge sued alleging he beat a shackled juvenile over a comment [3] http://bit.ly/oRqX9g

·         Maricopa Co AZ settles racial profiling suit for $200k to father & son ziptied for 3hrs during immigration raid [0] http://bit.ly/pB6Gx5

·         Seattle WA cop charged w/assault for stomping on cuffed man’s head on video after cop’s drunken altercation at bar [0] http://bit.ly/nTrpeE

·         Inkster MI drunk off-duty cop may face suit but no discipline for beating man who followed him to report him for DUI[3] http://bit.ly/rrgSqk

·         Norfolk VA cop gets suspended sentence & community service for killing bicyclist in on-duty crash [0] http://bit.ly/oL9L0S

·         Peel ON Regional police face suit by woman mauled by police dog on nature trail by cops looking for suspects [2] http://bit.ly/qgwk1M

·         2 West Reading PA police sergeants under investigation that they tasered fellow officers & other people on video for fun [0] http://bit.ly/qQ9ACz

·         Norton KS cop to face trial on 2 counts rape, aggravated rape & aggravated sodomy involving 2 women at his home [0] http://bit.ly/nVn29c

·         Fort Wayne IN cop investigated for entering business w/o warrant & arresting business owner w/o charges [0] bit.ly/p8cKfm

·         6 Atlanta GA cops fired, 9 disciplined & 1 allowed to retire for roles in Atlanta Eagle gay bar raid & cover up [0] http://bit.ly/o253gS

·         East Haven CT cop on leave while investigated for allegedly waiting outside business & asking all Hispanic workers for immigration papers [0] http://bit.ly/p5Mp3T

·         Muscatine IA cop sentenced to 5yrs on drug & theft charges for cash missing from evidence & drugs found in car [0] http://bit.ly/qzoWK6

·         St Cloud FL cop resigns after arrested on stalking charges for series of texts & calls to estranged wife [0] http://bit.ly/plY24i

·         Raleigh NC cop, ex-union pres, fired after probe into unspecified sexual misconduct involving 2 other now-former cops [1] http://bit.ly/q4fX0y

·         Orleans Parish LA deputy arrested for allegedly smuggling “synthetic pot” & tobacco into jail [0] http://bit.ly/pQxYJu

·         4 Waterloo ON cops disciplined after admitting to roles in drug scandal that involved drug use at cop parties [0] http://bit.ly/r4XRIx

·         Las Vegas NV police detective arrested on DUI & criminal endangerment charges after high-speed crash in Montana [2] http://bit.ly/r7Ja7e

·         Salt Lake City UT cop may face charges after prosecutor says shooting of juvenile car theft suspect not justified [0] http://bit.ly/mYnmds

·         Paterson NJ set to settle suit for $710k to woman claiming a cop ruled unfit for duty sexual assaulted her in cell [0] http://bit.ly/oMkLho

·         Daytona Beach Shores FL loses suit for $200k to strippers & bartenders strip searched by male cops during raid [0] http://bit.ly/qfcNXc

·         Philadelphia PA cop w/history of false arrests & excessive force sued by man claiming she falsely arrested him [3] http://bit.ly/q55BEj

·         Boston MA cop reinstated after fired for infamous ’99 beating now faces firing for excessive force & lying about it [0] http://bo.st/o0GvCg

·         Liberty Co TX sheriff’s Capt sentenced to 1yr after convicted on federal firearms & mail fraud charges [0] http://bit.ly/nj6dK7

·         Tennessee state trooper convicted for official misconduct & delivery of drugs to informant posing as prostitute [0] http://bit.ly/qFJyzd

·         Major Co OK deputy arrested on stalking, computer crimes & child porn charges after protection order violation [0] http://bit.ly/oEJICn

·         Albany OR cop takes reduced charge plea deal during trial for sexually abusing another man at a party [0] bit.ly/pFuXLv

·         Boca Raton FL cop suspended 84hrs for porn on work computer, disciplined earlier for taking pics of his genitals [0] http://bit.ly/nICCIm

·         Mishawaka IN cop suspended on allegations that he had sex while on duty approx 16 times within one month [0] http://bit.ly/nU8ZBh

·         RCMP (Island District MB) cop investigated after leaving 10mo-old police dog in cruiser while boating on day off [0] http://bit.ly/p2MhUr

·         New Haven CT cop sentenced to 2yrs for hit&run motorcycle crash that left 14yr-old girl badly injured [0] http://bit.ly/raNOZA

·         Dallas TX cop arrested on DV & child endangerment charges for allegedly hitting girlfriend while she held baby [0] http://dallasne.ws/nY9R4d

·         NFTA NY police officer arrested on allegations he sent explicit image of self to a minor in attempt to solicit sex [0] http://bit.ly/r5qUbO

·         Brookneal VA police chief sentenced to probation after convicted of grand larceny resulting from undercover sting [0] http://bit.ly/qA9lxH

·         Osawatomie KS police sgt resigns before arrested on theft, evidence tampering & unlawful use of dept credit card [0] http://bit.ly/pRs7jc

·         Findlay OH cop pleads to unauth use of police database & attempted ID fraud by posing as his stepdaughters online [0] http://bit.ly/oF2JLB

·         Oklahoma City OK cop arrested on 3 felony & 10 misd charges for allegedly taking pay for hours not worked [0] http://bit.ly/nD6fRQ

·         Delta CO cop resigns after charged w/leaving the scene of a single car accident & careless driving [0] http://bit.ly/qOXMqa