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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

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Idiots at work....or what happens when white trash gets a government job

Assault and being an idiot at the same time
Aransas Pass TX police are accused of beating & tasing a man in an apparent case of mistaken ID then planting drugs in order to cover for it, this according to sworn statements by several witnesses to the incident. [5] bit.ly/p2jJb4

Clarksburg WV cop was fired & indicted for battery & neglect of an incapacitated adult over an on-duty videotaped altercation [0] http://bit.ly/qgTzMt

Detroit MI cop accused of beating & pistol whipping a man so badly while off duty at a teen girl’s party that an environmental cleanup crew had to be called to clean up all the blood. [3] bit.ly/qpAROm
Evergreen AL cop suspended pending possible firing for allegedly tasering woman after she was strapped into a restraint chair then laughing about it with other officers [0] bit.ly/r2LFAN

Chicago IL cops are being sued by a man who lost everything after he was tasered & peppersprayed during his arrest that resulted in him being jailed for 8mo before he was finally acquitted [3] bit.ly/rquynD
Niagara Region ON police officer charged w/assault in off-duty altercation involving female cop & security guard [1] bit.ly/pBBgwl
Monroeville OH cop charged w/disorderly conduct for beating a Huron Co deputy he caught w/his wife at his home [0] bit.ly/ozxLpT

Revere MA cop pleads guilty to lying to the FBI in sting operation where he accepted $200 bribe (Via MassCopBlock) [0] bit.ly/rajFC1
Catoosa OK police chief resigns after placed on admin leave for unspecified reasons officials refuse to disclose [3] bit.ly/qzYccI

Montesano WA police chief sentenced to 6mo jail for using police dept credit cards for personal purchases [0] bit.ly/pIfjQu
New Orleans LA police captain sentenced to 11yrs 4mo on wire fraud conviction for his role in kickback scheme [0] bit.ly/oz6irs

Denver CO police are being forced by a civil review board to rehire 2 cops who were fired for beating 2 men on video then filing false reports about what happened. The review board apparently offered no explanation for their ruling. [0] http://is.gd/dm1t3A
Fairbanks AK cop faces confidential disciplinary action for his role in off-duty altercation w/woman at movie [1] bit.ly/pps1Tm

New Orleans LA cop fired on allegations he was untruthful about altercation w/student where a witness alleged that the officer kicked the boy in the head while he was on the ground. [0] bit.ly/p9TGDV
Broken Arrow OK settles suit for $20k to man claiming cop beat him during DUI arrest, cop claimed he fell [0] bit.ly/nHMOJy

Fuck the public, I’m special
Philadelphia PA cop says he’ll keep being aggressive despite being the subject of 9 complaints, 2 suits & 3 brutality findings in 4yrs [0] bit.ly/o29dBF

Hit & run
Washington Twp NJ cop arrested for hit & run accident that left seriously injured man lying in a parking lot [0] bit.ly/nCdXKc

Cops and animals; strange, strange relationship
Miami-Dade FL cop shoots family’s dog to death in their own backyard after he was warned not to go there by a neighbor while the officer was responding to a false burglar alarm [0] bit.ly/nF0ygV

Harlingen TX police are accused of needlessly shooting a pet dog then arresting the owner for “entering a crime scene” by approaching where police fatally shot his dog. [3] bit.ly/pbtWkJ

Santa Fe NM sheriff sentenced to 3mo jail for stealing $75k worth of equipment from dept & selling it on eBay [0] bit.ly/o4b8Gv

14 Chicago IL cops face firing & 19 face suspensions for abusing that department’s generous sick leave policy which gives all officers a year’s worth of paid sick leave for every two years they work. [1] bit.ly/oOX9vb
US Mint police officer pleads guilty to stealing $2.4mil worth of error coins that he then sold to coin dealer [0] bit.ly/qA31km

Tempe AZ cop takes plea deal to evidence tampering charges for stealing items, including a refridgerator, from evidence [0] bit.ly/oveg16
Rome GA now-former cop charged w/theft for allegedly stealing $25k earmarked for needy children from police union [0] bit.ly/rt6MiM

Daytona Beach FL cop charged with theft on allegations he stole diamond earring from inmate he transported [0] bit.ly/oxIjDg
Franklin Twp NJ cop pleads to record tampering charge for stealing $11k via falsified timesheets & pay records [0] bit.ly/ploNHU

St Louis MO police sued by ACLU in effort to enforce ruling requiring city to release records about ticket scandal [4] bit.ly/ohGm7t
Waynesboro GA police major suspended 5days w/o pay for alleged dishonesty & violation of public trust.

5 El Paso TX cops resign after investigation into overtime pay irregularities involving state DUI enforcement fund [2] bit.ly/oEH5hi
Sartell MN cop resigns before investigation into unspecified complaint is completed, claims resignation was planned [4] bit.ly/oJ16dn


Eureka CA cop sentenced to probation in plea deal for felony heroin possession, vandalism & DMV record disclosures [0] bit.ly/qXevab
Poughkeepsie NY cop pleads guilty to 3 felony charges for compromising drug investigations in exchange for cocaine [0] bit.ly/rdYiH3

Chicago IL cop who was arrested for DUI allegedly told his arresting officers “some day you could be real police officers like me” [0] bit.ly/q9a5aK
Boynton Beach FL “cop of the year” allegedly fled country to Brazil after arrested for selling over 500g of meth [0] bit.ly/nuKV2W

Avon Park FL cop gives up police certification in deal dropping felony charge for false report in shooting case involving his girlfriend during an apparent drug deal. [0] bit.ly/nII1Ty
New Hanover Co NC deputy resigns after arrested on drunk driving charges at DUI checkpoint over Labor day weekend [0] bit.ly/pIfdux

McLennan Co TX deputy on admin leave after arrested on drunk driving charge during traffic stop [0] bit.ly/pIJ02n
Campbell Co TN deputy fired while under investigation by state police for crashing into a house while off duty [1] bit.ly/ppJhbw

Spousal abuse
Well, on the bright side, at least the cops dead…………Birmingham AL police officer shot his wife to death with his service weapon then radioed police before killing himself in their apartment while their young children were home [0] bit.ly/o9YGLe

Palisades Park NJ cop fired over alleged on-duty affair w/borough employee & violent dispute with his wife [0] bit.ly/qxu8BV
Tulsa OK police detective charged w/domestic assault for allegedly pepperspraying a woman who was living with him in the mouth and then pointing a gun at the man who brought her home.[0] bit.ly/pB50Dd

Road rage

Portland OR police sgt who used to head the police union is fired over 2 separate road rage incidents involving same woman [0] bit.ly/q3JJad
Campbell Co TN chief deputy fired over unspecified connection to deputy’s firing for crashing into a home off duty [3] bit.ly/pBZ7rw

In a disturbing update New York NY police are being accused of lying about what happened when an undercover cop fatally shot an unarmed man who saw the officer attacking a neighbor. A lawyer for the man’s family claims that video and witness statements are contradicting police claims that the man choked the officer, instead he claims he positioned himself between the two men to stop the fighting when he was shot. That lawyer also claims that a female relative, who happens to be a nurse, was arrested and assaulted when she tried to stop the man’s bleeding. [5] bit.ly/oBH9M9

The family of Kelly Thomas, the man who died after severely beaten and tasered by 6 Fullerton CA cops, released medical records from the hospital staff who treated him which cites the cause of death as blunt force trauma resulting in brain damage. The release was done due to the incredibly slow investigation by the Orange County prosecutor and the apparent foot-dragging by that county’s coroner in releasing the results of his autopsy. The story is still getting a lot of coverage but KTLA appears to have the most details.
Lancaster NY police are accused of using excessive force in the death of a man who was repeatedly tasered. A witness claims that the man was on the ground and compliant when he was being tasered. [3] http://bit.ly/rmm8rx

Columbus GA police officer apparently shot a carjacking victim to death while chasing bank robbery suspect who jumped in his truck [2] bit.ly/q9qNal
Chicago IL settles suit for $1.3mil to family of man who died in custody by choking on drugs after 5 cops beat him for violating policy requiring they take people to the hospital instead of the jail when this happens then lying to cover for it. Instead video showed the officer stop on the way to the jail then used his foot to shove the man’s body back in the cruiser when he slumped out while the officer opened to the door to check on him. [3] bit.ly/qH1DkV

New York NY police investigate how undercover cop fatally shot a man who intervened in a drug arrest after he mistook the officer for a mugger who was attacking his neighbor [3] bit.ly/orQ0uF
Racial profiling
Toronto ON cops are being accused of racial profiling and false arrest when they stopped a black man because of his limp then arrested him on allegations he assaulted an officer by pushing him with his right arm…. an arm that has been paralyzed ever since he suffered a stroke which also caused his limp. [4] http://bit.ly/nMrWre

Racist behavior
Pennsylvania State Police sued by trooper alleging he suffered retaliation for filing racial harassment complaint [3] bit.ly/qGvc3z

Child molestation….again…this is a weekly thing
Coon Rapids MN now-former cop was arrested on allegations that he repeatedly molested a young boy from the age of 6 until he was 13 while before he retired [0] bit.ly/oCkJku

Atlanta GA Citizen’s Review Board is alleging that they have documented a disturbing pattern of illegal strip searches and body cavity searches performed in public by police, including at least one incident where an underage teen’s genitals were groped. [3] bit.ly/qQqnGe

Norton KS police officer received a diversionary sentence deal that will ultimately clear his record if he doesn’t get into trouble again after he was originally charged for raping 2 women. The prosecutor insists such a deal for a felony offense is normal. [0] bit.ly/nPWWHc

Chicago IL cop at center of the SOS corruption scandal has been sentenced to 12yrs for his role in the robberies of suspected dealers and innocent people as well as his plot to kill a cop he thought helped with the investigation against them. [0] trib.in/pAo22x

False arrest
BART CA police are accused of detaining & arresting dozens of people who were inside their designated “free speech area” during a protest at a station. Those detained or arrested apparently included protesters, journalists & students alike. [0] bit.ly/nKNSyr

Palm Beach Co FL settles suit for $600k to man & his son allegedly arrested on false felony charges by 2 deputies [0] sunsent.nl/mRI22u
2 Will County IL deputies sued by woman alleging she was mistreated & denied medication after she was wrongfully arrested on DV charges, charges that were dropped when her boyfriend admitted to making up the allegations. [3] bit.ly/qacDTJ

4 Joliet IL cops are accused of false arrest & falsified reports in a lawsuit by a man who was jailed for 5 months until drug charges against him were dismissed [3] bit.ly/qacDTJ
Univ of Pittsburgh PA settles ACLU suit for $48k to man arrested for using cell to record police questioning friend [0] bit.ly/mUVOaD

Idiot 101
Hartford CT police investigate traffic stop that resulted in unwarranted towing of state treasurer’s state-owned car [0] bit.ly/qHimP4

Memphis TN cops face discipline for injuring a mentally disabled man during wrong-door raid (via TheAgitator) [0] http://bit.ly/qmptGu

Some may see this as bad news while others……….
US ATF guns from failed Fast & Furious program connected w/another violent crime, 2 charged w/agg assault of cops [0] lat.ms/oTCfFe

 Lazy government worker
Cincinnati OH cop under investigation after motorist videotapes her asleep in cruiser w/emergency lights activated [0] bit.ly/rfYf6M

Lying at the public expense
Port Jefferson OH cop is now facing felony charges for lying when he claimed his cruiser was damaged during a car chase and gun battle with a suspect when he actually sideswiped a guardrail while speeding. [0] bit.ly/qbTzY1

A Memphis TN cop facing charges for lying about being shot by Hispanic man when he was allegedly shot by a woman he had a relationship with is now being accused of shooting himself in an effort to gain the attention of that woman’s underage niece. This one gets weirder as it goes on. [3] bit.ly/rruUSC

2 Montezuma GA cops & an Oglethorpe GA cop charged w/burglary on allegations they vandalized a home in Alabama [0] bit.ly/n5sB3k

Armed robbery
2 NYPD cops sentenced to 195mo & 75mo for roles in armed robbery of perfume warehouse [0] bit.ly/ptmRWy

Ontario police union lawyers urge cops to keep 2 sets of notes, one for themselves & scripted set for investigators [4] bit.ly/oxo6M1

Atlanta GA faces 2nd Atlanta Eagle bar raid lawsuit alleging dept failed to implement changes promised in 1st suit [0] bit.ly/pyMubM

 Withholding evidence
Houston TX police accused by ex-prosecutor of withholding evidence about DUI “BAT Van” problems [3] bit.ly/qUO7VJ

Creepy Cop Sex stuff
Venice FL cop sued by woman claiming he illegally entered her home, manhandled her & arrested her for resisting [2] bit.ly/mYbFyT

Hidalgo Co TX deputy arrested for unzipping pants, showing cuffed teen a condom & putting her hand on his crotch [0] bit.ly/ovysed
New Mexico state trooper fired over public sex photos now accused of sexually harassing woman he arrested for DUI [0] bit.ly/nr0BHP

Aurora CO accused of piling charges on woman falsely arrested while reporting sexual assault to keep her from suing [5] bit.ly/qAeGaF