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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Fairfax County Police Officer Larry A. Jackson award for false arrest. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Keokuk Co IA sheriff was able to get his DUI charges dismissed in special deal as well, but he will still lose his license for refusing to take a breath test. [0] bit.ly/wKF9sW

The officer Christian Chamberlain Award for “Fuck you, I’ll get away with it anyway” Fairfax County police . Police brutality

British Columbia police commission is fighting a ruling blocking them from investigating a brutality case they say was mishandled by a neighboring agency that investigated it. [4] bit.ly/yeHZkQ

New York NY cop is being accused of posting racist tirades online in a lawsuit filed by buskers claiming that same cop repeatedly harassed them. [2] bit.ly/zR1cYK

New Westminster BC cop returns to duty after spending 4 years on paid vacation leave over a criminal assault & illegal entry criminal charges that ended up ending in a pre-trial sentencing deal. [0] bit.ly/AjpCf8

The officer Christian Chamberlain Award for “Fuck you, I’ll get away with it anyway” Fairfax County police . Police brutality

Syracuse couple files complaint of police misconduct with Citizen Review Board, Syracuse police

Syracuse, NY -- A Syracuse couple has filed a complaint about police misconduct at the Occupy Syracuse site with the Syracuse Police Department and the newly reorganized Citizen Review Board.

Adam C’DeBaca, 28, and his wife, Risa, 27, alleged that a city police officer threw them against a car Jan. 19 during the eviction of the Occupy Syracuse encampment.

The C’DeBacas were first to file a complaint with the Citizen Review Board since it reorganized. Their complaint was filed Jan. 27. The Citizen Review Board has scheduled a hearing for Thursday, Adam C’DeBaca said.

The couple also filed a complaint with Syracuse Police on Friday, when C’DeBaca said they met with Police Chief Frank Fowler.

No charges were filed against the couple, who are supporters of Occupy Syracuse.

The C’DeBacas’ complaint accuses a Syracuse officer of causing bruising on Risa C’DeBaca’s arm. Adam C’DeBaca said he was not injured.

Fairfax County Police Officer “Crazy Moe” Mohammed Oluwa Jihad on your ass. Fairfax County Police. Police Brutality

Judge: Police brutality suit can continue

A police brutality lawsuit filed in 2010 against nine Elmira City police officers by an Elmira family will not be thrown out of court, the federal judge hearing the case has ruled.

But the judge has issued a new deadline for the exchange of evidence and wants the defendants to pay the fees incurred by the December filing of the motion to dismiss the case by the officers' attorney.

U.S. District Magistrate Judge Marian Payson has set Friday as the new deadline for Elmira attorney Bryan Maggs, who is representing the officers, to receive certain medical authorizations from Rochester attorney Kevin McKain, who is representing the James Piper family, of 319 E. Miller St.

On the same date, Payson has ruled, Maggs is expected to notify the court if an agreement has been reached on the amount he is to be reimbursed for filing the motion to dismiss, because of a violation of the court's orders regarding the exchange of evidence.

The brutality charges stem from the officers responding to a fight that occurred during a New Year's party Jan. 1 2009, at 317 E. Miller St. Joseph Piper, 22, at the time, was charged with resisting arrest and was later found guilty in Elmira City Court.

But the family's suit claims that as police tried to quell the situation, they "mentally and physically" assaulted Piper's father, mother and brother, and repeatedly used an electric Taser device on Piper and his father, James, while they were "immobilized and defenseless."

Fairfax County Police Officer Larry A. Jackson award for false arrest. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

MOBILE, Alabama -- Fairhope’s insurance carrier agreed last week to pay $50,000 to settle a police brutality lawsuit filed by an 85-year-old man who claimed an officer assaulted him in 2009.

Andy Rutens, an attorney hired by Alabama Municipal Insurance Corp., said part of the settlement will reimburse Medicare and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for treatment that plaintiff Dorsey Henderson received after the incident.

Rutens said Fairhope officials did not admit wrongdoing and, in fact, believe Officer Trent Scott acted appropriately. He noted that Henderson withdrew his claim against the officer earlier this year.

"An internal affairs investigation found no wrongdoing," he said. "Officer Scott used proper techniques and immediately provided proper care as soon as (Henderson) hurt his arm and shoulder."

Keith Landers, an attorney for Henderson, said his client is very elderly.

"In the end," he said, "I think the integrity and respect he wanted was restored."

The lawsuit contended that Scott told Henderson that there was "no such thing as a citizen’s arrest in Alabama," and said, "Get out of the way, old man," after Henderson subdued a driver who had attempted to run away from a wreck across from Henderson’s home on Thompson Hall Road in May 2009.

Henderson’s wife, Dorris Henderson, watched from her wheelchair on her front porch as Scott wrenched her husband’s right arm, slammed him face-first into their gravel driveway, then struck his head, back and neck, the lawsuit said.

It also contended that Scott waived off an ambulance as Henderson sat handcuffed with a broken nose following the altercation. A superior officer called for the ambulance to return, and paramedics took Henderson to the hospital.

City officials maintained that Dorsey Henderson, a retired Army intelligence officer and veteran of 3 wars, failed to obey a lawful command by the officer. 

2514-Fairhope,Alabama settles police brutality lawsuit for an easy $50,000

Fairhope, Alabama could consider itself one of the luckiest cities in America this week after a potential multi-million dollar lawsuit netted the plantiff a mere $50,000. In 2009 following a car wreck in which the driver attempted to flee, 85 year old Dorey Henderson placed a citizen's arrest on the driver. Henderson saw the wreck, across the street from his house. Police officer Trent Scott arrived and informed Mr. Henderson there was no such thing as citizen's arrest in Alabama "old man." Actually, there is, if you believe a felony has been committed - in all states except North Carolina. Then, as Mr. Henderson's wife, in wheelchair, watched, police officer Trent Scott, in plain English, roughed up an 85 year old man. The city of Fairhope settled the lawsuit with the understanding of no admittance of guilt. We nominate The city government of Fairhope, Alabama as one of the luckiest 10 small cities in America along with a blue ribbon for all the old geezers in the city.

Fairfax County Police Officer Larry A. Jackson award for false arrest. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Chicago to pay $6.2M in protest settlement

CHICAGO, Feb. 10 (UPI) -- Chicago has agreed to pay a total of $6.2 million to about 850 protesters wrongfully arrested or detained after a 2003 demonstration against the Iraq War.

The city agreed to the payouts in the settlement of a 9-year-old class-action lawsuit protesters brought after mass arrests by the Chicago Police Department, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Plaintiffs who had been arrested, charged and had to go to court will get up to $15,000. Those arrested and released without being charged will get up to $8,750 and those detained at the scene will get up to $500.

A federal appeals court judge ruled last year the arrests were unjustified because police allowed the demonstration to take place without a permit, but then arrested people for participating without giving a clear order to disperse or giving them a chance to leave.

"This case is important not only to the class members and their attorneys, but also for civil liberties, as it scores a significant victory for the right to demonstrate in Chicago," attorneys from the People's Law Office said in a statement.

More than 10,000 people participated in the demonstration and shut down Lake Shore Drive during rush hour before police trapped them at Chicago and Michigan avenues and arrested more than 500 while detaining 350 others.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said the city has learned lessons from the lawsuit it will apply during the G8 and NATO summits in the city this spring.

During Occupy Chicago protests, McCarthy said, "there were very clear warnings given" protesters by police.

"[Protesters] were videoed so that they're on tape, so that we can say, 'Yes, we have issued these warnings,'" he said. "And then people received individual warnings. So we've certainly learned the lessons of the past as far as moving forward and what it is we need to do."

This week’s candidates for the Brian Sonnenberg Peaceful Resolution to Conflict Center Award. Fairfax County Police. police brutality

Ex-Riviera Beach cop arrested for allegedly slapping his wife

RIVIERA BEACH — A former Riviera Beach Police officer was arrested on Sunday after he was accused of slapping his wife in the face.

Clifford B. Giltman, 53, will be released on his own recognizance from the Palm Beach County Jail today. He is facing domestic battery charges.

Giltman was arrested after a Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy responded to the couple's home Sunday morning. The wife, identified as 43-year-old Michelle Giltman, told the deputy that she and her husband were arguing over her son's cellphone when he slapped the left side of her face three times, according to the probable cause affidavit.

The deputy noted in the affidavit that Michelle Giltman's face had a "red mark and puffiness on the left side."

Giltman denied hitting his wife, and instead accused her of striking him in the face and shoving him out of her way, the affidavit stated.

This morning, during Giltman's first appearance hearing, Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Ted S. Booras released Giltman on his own recognizance, but ordered he have no violent contact with his wife